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Question: City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro says his office continues to prosecute high-ranking white-collar criminals who victimize Honolulu businesses.
Q: Whatever happened to the lawsuit filed against Maui Island Air Inc. and the estate of Richard Rooney by the sister of a Maui County Planning Department employee killed in a plane crash on Lanai in 2014?
The idea for the city to save money by allowing local pig hunters to help cull feral pigs at the lush garden in Kaneohe hasn't been finalized. Since January 2014, the city Department of Parks and Recreation has been developing a Memorandum of Understanding that would allow local pig hunters to help control the feral pig population.
Was the Kaimuki High School graduate who was accused of killing a fellow Kaimuki alumnus in Los Angeles in May 2012 ever prosecuted?
Question: Whatever happened to the missing person's case of Kimberly Day Jacobs, who was last seen at her Waikiki apartment in August 2008?
Question: Whatever happened to the Kapoho Vacationland subdivision on Hawaii island, where a storm surge from Tropical Storm Iselle pushed debris into anchialine ponds?
Question: Whatever happened to proposed changes in state law on the use of cellphones while driving?
Question: Whatever happened to the student dormitories that the University of Hawaii-West Oahu agreed to provide for Hawaii Tokai International College's adjacent campus in the Kapolei area?
Question: Whatever happened to the Department of Education's plans to provide laptops for all Hawaii public school students and teachers?
Question: Whatever happened to the feral cat management program run by the Buildings and Grounds Management Office at the University of Hawaii at Manoa?
Question: Whatever happened to plans to relocate the National Guard's Hawaii Youth ChalleNGe Academy's facilities on Hawaii island?
Question: Whatever happened to the efforts to help wedge-tailed shearwaters on Kauai after a large colony on the island's south shore was killed by dogs and cats last year?
Question: Whatever happened in the investigation of the death of the Hawaii State Teachers Association Kauai office manager/secretary?
Question: Whatever happened to the National Marine Fisheries Service's plan to move young Hawaiian monk seals to the main Hawaiian Islands from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands for a temporary stay as a way to boost survival rates?
Question: Whatever happened in the aftermath of that helicopter crash-landing in downtown Honolulu on May 8, 2013?
QUESTION: Whatever happened to the plan to close five Hawaii post office branches? The U.S. Postal Service held meetings in September to gather public input regarding the proposal.
QUESTION: Whatever happened to Gov. Neil Abercrombie's 90-day plan to mitigate homelessness? ANSWER: The effort kicked off in May 2011 and concluded three months later as planned.
QUESTION: Whatever happened to the police investigation into the theft of more than 400 solar panels from a shipping container on military property in Aliamanu?
Question: Whatever happened to the case of a Hilo woman whose decomposed remains were found three years ago in a former sugar cane field in Hamakua?
Question: Whatever happened to the 83 artifacts recovered from the Kawaihae Caves Complex following a 2006 settlement that required Bishop Museum and Native Hawaiian group Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawai‘i Nei to share the $330,000 cost to recover the objects?
Question: Whatever happened to the complaints about ocean craft activities that used water jets to lift riders into the air and their potential impact upon reef and fish?
Question:Whatever happened to the matter of handling food purchases, revenue and inventory at cafeterias in Hawaii's public schools following an internal Department of Education audit last year that rated its food services program as "unacceptable"in the areas of oversight, monitoring and accountability?
Question: Whatever happened to the state's investigation into the Hawaii island reality TV series called "American Jungle" on the History Channel?
QUESTION: Whatever happened to debris from the March 11, 2011, tsunami in Japan traveling across the Pacific Ocean, and what about its effect on aquatic life?
Question: Whatever happened to Rusti, the 315-pound Sumatran-Bornean hybrid, who was brought to the Honolulu zoo in 1997?
Question: Whatever happened to former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle? Answer: The two-term Republican governor, who served from 2002 to 2010, is teaching a class on public policy at California State University, Northridge.
Question: What's the status of the state Department of Health's investigation of the dozens of cases of liver damage connected to use of OxyELITE Pro dietary supplement?
Question: What ever happened to the Illinois resident who had her dog taken away by her boyfriend, only to find eight years later that the animal had been left at the Humane Society in Kona on Hawaii island?
Question: Whatever happened to gifted pianist Chris Cerna, who regularly played at Macy's at Ala Moana Center?
Question: Whatever happened to establishing a permanent home for the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame?
Question: Whatever happened to the lawsuit against the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind over accusations that students were sexually assaulted?
Question: Whatever happened to the people who survived that horrible accident involving former University of Hawaii football star Colt Brennan?
Question: Whatever happened to the position the University of Hawaii at Manoa created last year during the “Wonder Blunder” mess, specifically, the position that was created for (former Athletic Director) Jim Donovan before he left? Was someone else found to fill the position or was it quietly eliminated?
Question: Whatever happened to the 16-year-old Big Island boy who was bitten by a shark?
Question: Whatever happened to the stone ahupuaa marker at Castle Junction that was vandalized in August?
Whatever happened to the promoters of the failed Stevie Wonder concert, who scammed the University of Hawaii out of $200,000?
Whatever happened to that tiny alien wasp that began attacking native wiliwili trees in 2005? At the time there were dire predictions about the state's wiliwili trees being wiped out.
What ever happened to the same-sex marriage lawsuit filed in federal court in December 2011 by a couple after the state refused to issue them a marriage license?
Question: Whatever happened to Senate and House bills that called for beer packaging to clarify where the beer was produced if its label gives the impression that the beer was made in Hawaii but it wasn't?
Whatever happened in the Amber Jackson murder investigation after her body was found in a remote, wooded area on Kauai three years ago?
Has the Marine sergeant suspected of killing a Las Vegas woman in May been prosecuted?
Whatever happened to Gary Modafferi, the prominent Honolulu defense attorney and former deputy prosecutor who pleaded guilty in 1998 to distributing crystal methamphetamine and three years ago was reauthorized to practice law in Hawaii?
Whatever happened to state House and Senate initiatives introduced earlier this year that sought to increase the monthly reimbursement rate for foster parents for the first time since 1990?
Whatever happened to Angela Madsen, the 53-year-old veteran who set out June 9 to become the first paraplegic to row a boat across the Pacific Ocean — from Santa Cruz, Calif., to Waikiki?
Whatever happened to Hawaii Pops, the new music organization announced by Matt Catingub in April?
Question: Whatever happened in the case of the skeletal remains of a man uncovered in a Nanakuli brush fire in 2010?
QUESTION: Whatever happened to the state-funded Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan that took in opinions of thousands of people in an effort to reassess public policy directions?
Whatever happened to the investigation of papaya farms that were vandalized on Hawaii island and Oahu in 2010 and 2011?
Whatever happened to plans for a new physical education building at King David Kalakaua Middle School in Kalihi? It was supposed to have been opened in fall 2012.
Whatever happened to plans to renovate the old Fisherman’s Wharf in Kakaako?
Whatever happened to Evan Dobelle and David McClain, the immediate predecessors to University of Hawaii President M.R.C. Greenwood, who announced last week that she will retire in September?
Question: Whatever happened to the arson case involving three boats owned by North Shore Shark Adventures that were destroyed in separate fires?
Whatever happened to a program on Oahu that sought to increase public awareness of coqui frogs by asking residents to step out at night, listen and report any sounds of the croaking critters?
Question: Whatever happened to the Filipino Community Center’s plan to install a photovoltaic system?
Whatever happened to the 20,000 tons of Oahu municipal waste that Hawaiian Waste Systems planned to ship to the U.S. mainland?
Question: Whatever happened to attempts to retrieve a voice recording of Hawaii King David Kala­kaua as he lay dying in a San Francisco hotel in 1891?
Whatever happened to Kathryn "Katie" McKenzie, the 11-year-old Kailua girl who was critically injured when a car plowed into her on a downtown Hono­lulu sidewalk in 1997?
QUESTION: Whatever happened to plans to repair the roof of Farrington High School’s auditorium, which collapsed last year?
Whatever happened to Justin Boulay, the convicted murderer from Illinois who was released on parole after serving 12 years in prison and moved to Hawaii?
Whatever happened to the development of the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center on Maui honoring Americans of Japanese Ancestry who fought during World War II?
Whatever happened with the National Children’s Study announced in October 2010 that would follow more than 1,000 Oahu newborns and soon-to-be-borns until age 21 to study how environmental and genetic influences affect American children?
Question: Whatever happened to the man who was accused of using a cellphone to record video of a girl and a woman using public restrooms on Hawaii island?
Whatever happened to the bike sharing program in Kailua that launched in May 2011?
Question: Whatever happened to the practice of attaching wheel-immobilizing “boots” on unauthorized parked cars at Leonard’s Bakery and at an adjacent building on Kapahulu Avenue?
Question: Whatever happened to the police investigation into finding the child whose six fingers were found in a plastic bag in a Dumpster near Aala Park in 2012?
Whatever happened with the state investigation of internal security breaches in the state Department of Taxation’s computer database discovered in 2011, and which resulted in disciplinary action against some employees?
Question: Whatever happened to the third bird that went missing from the Honolulu Zoo last March after vandals slashed open 24 bird cages?
Question: Whatever happened to the six individuals who were caught on a surveillance video camera allegedly stealing toys from Toys R Us at Windward Mall in December 2011?
Whatever happened to restoration efforts for the 134-year-old Falls of Clyde at Pier 7 in Honolulu Harbor?
Question: What is the status of the Kapiolani Park archery range, which the city closed indefinitely on April 24 after an arrow was found on a nearby tennis court?
Whatever happened to plans to repair the water control system at Lake Wilson, including the broken valve that was draining the reservoir in March 2011?
Question: Whatever happened in the search for the Waipahu mother of three whose family put out a missing person's plea in May?
Question: Was the Kaimuki High School graduate who was accused of killing a fellow Kaimuki alumni in Los Angeles in May ever prosecuted?
Question: Whatever happened to the underwater fiber-optic cable that was severed in the ocean, disrupting service to about 400,000 Oceanic Time Warner Cable customers in 2010?
Whatever happened to the case involving Daria S. Bruce, former secretary of Holy Cross Catholic Church in Kalaheo on Kauai, who was found guilty four years ago of stealing money from two church donations?
Question: What ever happened to the City and County of Hono­lulu employee who fired off the flare at the Koko Head Gun Range last year that started the huge fire and required a helicopter to rescue hikers on the nearby trail?
Whatever happened to efforts to restore a large historic pond and islet of Hawaiian royalty in Lahaina?
Watada, a 1996 Kalani High School graduate, became famous in 2006 for his refusal to deploy to Iraq, a war he denounced as illegal and unjust.
Whatever happened to the class-action lawsuit over denial of mental health services by the state?
Whatever happened to Koloa Camp in Kauai, one of the last remnants of Hawaii’s first sugar plantation?
Question: Whatever happened to plans for a compost-making facility for the area north of Schofield Barracks in Wahiawa?
For Thursday, September 20, 2012
Whatever happened to the stalemate over the city’s “white bin” recycling program at Oahu schools?
QUESTION: Whatever happened to Kumba, the 13-year-old Rottweiler/ Labrador mix who underwent one of the state’s first in-clinic stem cell treatment surgeries in June at Surf Paws in Hawaii Kai to relieve severe arthritis in his hips?
Question: Whatever happened to Read Aloud America, one of dozens of social service programs that suffered funding cuts last year due to the state's economic woes?
Question: Whatever happened to the bill aimed at giving nonprofit groups more leeway in supporting their local state library branch?
QUESTION: Whatever happened to efforts to enact stricter cybercrime laws this past legislative session?
Question: Whatever happened to renovations that were supposed to be done at the Kamamalu Building downtown?
Question: Whatever happened to the case involving a 2-year-old white Maltese that was found shot and left for dead in Maunawili nearly two months ago?
Question: Whatever happened to recommendations for new landfill sites on Oahu proposed by the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Landfill Site Selection?
NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas » When it comes to new laws, Texas usually saves its bewilderment for ones from Washington. But this scorching summer, it's a single city ordinance on the popular Guadalupe River that is stirring frustration and confusion.
Question: Whatever happened to the historic Lihue Sugar Mill and Kekaha Sugar Mill on Kauai that are slated to be demolished?
Question: Whatever happened to the principal of August Ahrens Elementary School in Waipahu, who was put on administrative leave following allegations of financial impropriety?
Question: Whatever happened to former University of Hawaii head basketball coach Bob Nash?
Question: Whatever happened to the case of Ezekiel Wakinekona, who was charged with manslaughter in the death of 3-year-old Marley Makanani?
Question: Whatever happened to the city bus drivers who were injured: March 16, 2011, when a 60-foot-tall ironwood tree fell on the bus on Pali Highway, and April 2 when the driver suffered a medical condition that led to a bus crashing into a concrete wall bordering Kawaiaha‘o Church?
Question: Whatever happened to the homeless “Jane Doe” who was supposed to be reunited with her family in New Zealand?
Question: Whatever happened to the problem of homeless people occupying the public restrooms at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor?
Question: Whatever happened to retired fire Capt. Richard Soo and his family after their home in Papakolea burned last year?
Question: Whatever happened to the Rachel Marie and Melissa Ann, two catamarans used for the TheBoat water transit service from Leeward Oahu to downtown Honolulu?
Question: Whatever happened to the two drivers arrested following traffic incidents in September and January in which Honolulu police officers who had pulled over to the side of a highway were struck and killed?

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