Casting A Long Shadow
Winston Churchill called such events "hinges of history," the point at which everything changes. Even though New York's "Twin Towers" are 5,000 miles and 10 years away from Hawaii, the double shadow of tragedy and terrorism still reaches across the land. Story »
 9/11 opened eyes, minds
Retired Marine Anthony Milanes sat in front of the television that September morning unsure of what he was witness- ing. Story »
 'Whoever did this needs to be punished'
The U.S. military in Hawaii — and many lives — were forever changed by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, which were likened to another Pearl Harbor. Story »
 State must address threats from air, land, sea
The Transportation Security Administration, created by the George W. Bush ad- ministration following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, has become synonymous with the new world of government security. Story »
 Industry resilience offset newfound fragility
Ten years ago, the 9/11 terrorist attacks gave the Hawaii tourism industry its biggest jolt since the last world war. Story »
 Attack anniversary can trigger anxieties
One of the comments of- ten made by veterans of the attack on Pearl Harbor was that the event "looked like a movie." Story »
 Guarding private firms now takes more skills
Waikiki Beach was deserted and Honolulu Airport was at a standstill. That was the picture of Hawaii in the aftermath of 9/11. Story »
 When you think of 9/11's effects on Hawaii, what do you think?
Questions compiled by Susan Schultz, poet and University of Hawaii at Manoa English professor. Story »
 Of Lost Lives
The horror of the scenes replayed over and over on television obscures the reality of the individual lives that were snuffed out on Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorists hijacked four planes to tear down symbols of America. Here are portraits of six people from Hawaii who lost their lives that day and a glimpse at the legacy they left in the islands and beyond.
 Plane's Flight Paths

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 3 Sites • 3 Memorials

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 Timeline: A Morning of Terror

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