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Young at Heart 2012

2013 September 9 FTR - Carl Wheeler.
Teacher shares a passion for math
Carl Wheeler admits to being a math geek. His love affair with numbers began early in life. Now at age 81, the retired math teacher continues to tutor math students at Kapiolani Community College and spends his summers assisting teachers in South Africa.  Story »
In the spring, when Jane Kirton turned 70, her husband and a friend treated her to eight weeks of heart-pumping group workouts with a training program for the 15th annual Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon.  Story »

Kamoa Kalama paddles his one-man canoe off of Kailua Beach. In the midst of Kailua Canoe Club's impressive streak of four consecutive O‘ahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association titles notched between 2009 and '12, co-head coach Kathy Erwin was asked to explain the secret behind the club's success on the water.  Story »

Photos by Kat Wade / special to the Star-Advertiser@Caption1:George Abe, a 97-year-old retired baker and city employee, keeps young by playing tennis three times a week at Kailua District Park. George Abe moves gingerly toward the tennis ball during his regular morning doubles match but doesn't hit it over the net until the second bounce.  Story »

associated press / 2011Beware the dietary supplement that promises too much without detailed information to back it up. Mix equal parts fact and fiction and you have the simple recipe for profitable sales in the dietary supplement business. Story »

associated pressMore than half of people age 65 and older make use of online skills, a recent survey shows. Betty Peterson, 71, of Chesterton, Ind., surfs the Internet from a computer at the Westchester Public Library in her hometown. Jean Davis is a wired senior. The 86-year-old came to the digital world 14 years ago when a son decided she should have a personal computer.  Story »

Associated pressBrad Karsh of JB Training Solutions speaks to a group of generation Xers at the Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co. in Chicago. He holds roughly 150 training sessions a year, teaching younger and older workers about characteristics generally defining their and other generations. CHICAGO » There's a sense of urgency to the quest for workplace harmony, as baby boomers delay retirement and work side by side with people young enough to be their children — or grandchildren.  Story »

March 2013
Cindy Ellen Russell / crussell@staradvertiser.comClifford Chillingworth holds his newest canoe paddle along with his oldest, which he used when he started paddling 40 years ago. Chillingworth paddles with Na Keiki o ka Mo'i out of Pokai Bay. It came as no surprise to those familiar with Clifford Chillingworth that following his retirement from the city's Ocean Safety Division, the waterman turned to outrigger canoe paddling as a way to satiate his devotion to the ocean.  Story »

Age-related vision loss may be one of the greatest challenges to health and affects basic life functions such as the ability to read, drive a car and enjoy many types of entertainment. Story »

Linda Yuen finds her way to remote villages and always visits sites that are off the beaten path. She has visited all of the continents. So it's no wonder that the 85-year-old Honolulu resident was named one of National Geographic's Travelers of the Year in 2012.  Story »

Dennis oda / doda@staradvertiser.comNancy Kim, front, who worked as a nurse at the Queen's Medical Center for about 50 years, has stayed on as a volunteer. She and other volunteers work on gift baskets. Eighty-two-year-old Nancy Kim is keeping active and staying healthy. That comes as much from a natural need to be on her feet as it does from her 60 years and counting in the health care industry. Story »

Bruce Asato / basato@staradvertiser.comMartha Bagor has worked at First Hawaiian Bank for 50 years. She is among more than 160 employees who have worked at least 40 years at the bank; of those, more than half are still working, according to Iris Matsu­moto, executive vice president of FHB's human resources division. Martha Bagor, assistant service manager for First Hawaiian Bank's main banking region, has been on the job for more than a half-century and is still going strong.  Story »

Star-advertiserMost vessels operated by the Cruise Lines International Association have medical centers that meet or exceed the standards set by the American College of Emergency Physicians, but passengers are warned to take extra precautions. This is Norwegian Cruise Lines' cruise ship Pride of Hawaii. According to the Cruise Lines International Association, 16.32 million passengers from North America* went on cruises in 2011 — an increase of 10 percent over 2010.  Story »

September 2012
YAH BETTY ROTH - 06 SEPTEMBER 2012- Betty Roth is an 87 year old golfer who has been golfing since she was 21. Roth is pictured at Olomana Golf Links course in Waimanalo. Young at Heart. Honolulu Star-Advertiser photo by Cindy Ellen Russell Not long after Betty Roth first gripped a golf club, the game took hold of her. That was some 66 years ago when she traded secretarial duties for golf lessons, and the game's allure has brought her back to the course time and again well into her 80s. Story »

20120911-0999 SSC SENIORS"Young at Heart" story about Lillian Takeda 76 years old, who leads a balance class involving physical and mental exercises for senior residents at Kuakini's Hale Pulamamau, an assisted living facility.  Some class members are 101 years old.  This is Takeda (left) giving 101 year old Mildred Casperson a hug.  92 year old Hisaka Kuwada is on the right.  Mildred said she is very happy there as everyone is so nice.  PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA.  SEPT. 11, 2012. Good health and a positive attitude are just consequences of volunteerism and regular exercise for 76-year-old Lillian Takeda, who has a passion for what she does. Story »

Type caption here Tony Delpiano, 93, officially retired from his career as a general manager with Outrigger Hotels & Resorts about 25 years ago.  Story »

YAH SYLVIA MITCHELL- 07 SEPTEMBER 2012- Sylvia Mitchell is an 80-year old librarian at Liliha Public Library. She has worked in the library system since 1976. Young at Heart. Honolulu Star-Advertiser photo by Cindy Ellen Russell Although librarians use the latest information technology for research, to classify reference materials and help students obtain information, Sylvia Mitchell regularly gets asked, "Now that we have Google, why do we need a library?" Story »

A growing number of people are finding themselves in the role of being a primary caregiver to older parents, partners or friends. For some the caregiving demands may last for a few days, several weeks or even for years. Story »

March 2012
There’s something about flying that has long attracted Joan Davis. Story »

Water is arguably the most important of the 50-some essential nutrients that we obtain from the food we eat, yet it is commonly underconsumed by older individuals. Story »

College isn't just for the young. With many people seeking a retirement that is culturally active and intellectually stimulating, colleges and universities are working to bring retirees to their campuses and towns. Story »

Many Hawaii residents view boarding a plane with as much enthusiasm as they do a root canal, especially if they're headed out of state. Story »

Jean Galloway believes the key to a healthy life lies in the ability to maintain a positive attitude. "There's a fine line between sickness and health," she said. "Life is a short journey, so it's important to live good, with a clear conscience. Life can be wonderful — it's up to you."  Story »

Faye Murata isn’t afraid to dress up in a flashy fish costume to liven up the Rhythm and Life Chair Exercise class she teaches at the Moiliili Community Center — or as a monkey, a sumo wrestler or the late singer Michael Jackson.  Story »

Jean Anderson is affectionately known as "mother" at the senior living residence Arcadia, where she has played an integral role in developing clinical programs since 1974. Story »

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