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Banking on beauty
From the towering cliffs of the Na Pali Coast to the majesty of Waimea Canyon, from the emerald highlands of Waialeale all the way down to the 50-plus miles of white-sand beaches, Kauai is drop-dead gorgeous. Story »
There are thousands of wild chickens on Kauai.

Their numbers proliferated after Hurricane Iniki blasted the island in 1992, leveling chicken coops along with thousands of homes. The brightly feathered birds evoke a touch of that memory as well as a sense of today's everyday pace of life on the oldest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain.

While residents of the state's fourth-largest island — home to about 5 percent of Hawaii's residents — embrace its largely rural past and present, they're now preparing for a future that will include a growing population. Story »

The pitched battle over the so-called anti-GMO bill on Kauai has simmered down for now, but the clash left the island bloodied, bruised and a little wobbly after laying bare a festering schism.  Story »

A few facts about Kauai's beaches: 50+ miles of white-sand; twice the percentage of Oahu • ~60 individual beaches; and more Story »

Louise Sausen frowns when she's asked about her Wainiha neighborhood. That's because she remembers when it was a laid-back beach community, a family-friendly place where folks knew their neighbors and relied on them for help if needed. Story »

Twenty-one years after it walloped Kauai, Hurricane Iniki still teases and torments this island. The legendary Coco Palms Resort -- battered by 145 mph winds that Sept. 11, 1992, day -- stands today as it did then, an eerie reminder of the devastation the storm inflicted on Kauai. Story »

Sugar, pineapples, coffee, tropical flowers, taro, macadamia nuts: These are the commodities most people think of when they hear Hawaii agriculture. Story »

The Neighbor Islands Series
Small towns and neighborhoods on Hawaii island are at a critical juncture — hoping to carve out an economically viable future while preserving a sense of community and local culture.
Central Maui has been at the forefront of recent commercial and residential growth on the Valley Isle — including the reach of development sprawling out from the old towns.
NEW! 2013/12/15
Residents of the state's fourth-largest island — home to about 5 percent of Hawaii's residents — are now preparing for a future that will include a growing population.

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