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Manti Te'o: Hawaii's Golden Boy

Elvis in Hawaii: 40th Anniversary

Kilauea: 30 Years

Hawaii's Golden Boy

Above: Manti Te'o has shined, from Laie to college football's biggest stage.
All fired up
“The burn,” as Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o termed it, was only seconds in coming after the disappointment of the Heisman Trophy announcement last month. As Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel’s name — and not Te’o’s — was called at the presentation of the 78th Heisman Trophy in New York, “I just felt that burn,” Te’o said. “I can’t really describe it." Story »
From the North Shore to South Bend. And now, from South Bend to South Beach. One day and one win from a national championship. Through it all, Manti Te'o has never lost his bearings. Story »

Nolan Tokuda chuckled at the recollection of trying to devise a scheme to counter Manti Te'o's dominance as the centerpiece of the Punahou defense.  Story »

Before the Heisman Trophy consideration, long before a young man from Laie Point lined up at linebacker under the gaze of Touchdown Jesus, there was life on Naupaka Street.  Story »

Hawaii's Golden Boy

Above: Elvis Presley did a balancing act with his young "Blue Hawaii" co-workers Debra Kawamura, left, and Robert Kenui Pope.
Of 27 movies, Elvis Presley made 3 in the islands
Elvis made an astounding 27 films between 1960, when he returned to Hollywood after completing his service in the Army, and the end of his "movie period" in 1969. Three of them included location work in Hawaii. Story »
An excerpt from "The Lei for Elvis" by Marie Hara, about her 1961 encounter with Elvis Presley as a student journalist, published in "We Go Jam: Celebrating Our Music, Our Soundscape, Our Hawai'i." Story »

Ahulani Von Hamm recalls the time in the 1960s when Elvis Presley and his wife, Priscilla, along with Colonel Tom Parker, rented the beachfront Kahala mansion next door. Although her family was protective of the singer's privacy, Von Hamm went over one day to introduce herself and to ask a favor.  Story »

Merchandise captures Elvis' charm and appeal • Ohana Festival offers lots to do • Strike a yoga pose with the family Story »

Type caption here As local and visiting fans prepare for Monday's 40th anniversary screening of the momentous "Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii" concert at Blaisdell Arena, a new exhibit at Presley's stately manor in Memphis, Tenn., is also celebrating the groundbreaking show and the singer's well-known love of the islands.  Story »

<br />Type caption here<br /> Although the ease of photoreproduction has allowed many companies to sell what's become known as the Elvis Presley "Blue Hawaii" camp shirt, credit for the original aloha shirt goes to Hawaii garment manufacturer Alfred Shaheen, subject of the Bishop Museum exhibition "HI Fashion: The Legacy of Alfred Shaheen."  Story »

courtesy kiss my grits When Kristin Jackson prepared to open her Southern food restaurant Kiss My Grits in 2011, she knew her menu would not be complete without a tribute to The King.  Story »

Elvis may be long gone, but you can find him around Hawaii if you know where to look. The singer visited the isles often over the course of 20 years, performing, vacationing and donating time and money to local causes. Elvis Presley loved it here, and fans here loved him as well. Story »

Living as we do in an age where communication technology connects people oceans apart — and from their cellphones — it's hard to imagine the novelty of a concert that reached a global television audience. Story »

It was big. It was unprecedented. It was Elvis. Elvis Presley, known worldwide as "The King," would perform in a concert that would be broadcast "live via satellite" from Hawaii to more than 40 countries. Story »

When it comes to celebrity impersonators, Elvis is The King. In fact, Elvis Presley is so popular that the "Legends in Concert Waikiki" show has two of them.

Elvis Presley's aloha for Hawaii and Las Vegas will be explored in two new exhibits at Graceland this year — one opening Tuesday, the other March 1. "Elvis' Hawaii: Concerts, Movies and More!" will debut in conjunction with The King's 78th birthday anniversary Tuesday.

As the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's "Aloha from Hawaii" concert descends on Honolulu, local fans are getting into the spirit with memories sweetened through the ages, just like wine.

Kilauea: 30 Years of Fiery Flow

Above: Lava exploded from Pu‘u O‘o vent in March 1983 and snaked dramatically downhill.
30-year reign of Kilauea has created 500 new acres
The ongoing eruption of Kilauea's East Rift Zone has lasted longer — and spewed out more lava — than any other in at least the last half-century of the volcano's history. Perhaps most remarkable of all, the Kilauea eruption is still going strong. Story »

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