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Special Report: A Village Divided

Jim Camit and Glen Maghanoy are neighbors, friends and sons of Kahuku Sugar Mill workers. They both grew up in plantation housing, where there was a sense of shared destiny that blurred property lines. Story »

20130510-9065 BSN KAHUKU VILLAGEContinental Pacific, a developer is redeveloping parts of Kahuku Village, a former plantation camp community. Some residents like the plan and are buying their homes. But most don't and have been sued so they can be evicted.  Reynolds Henderson from Continental Pacific meets with some of the residents who have or are in the process of buying their homes.  Jim Camit is all smiles as Reynolds Henderson (left) came to visit and gave him a lei and pastry.  Jim was the very first to buy his property.  Since buying, he has made many improvements.  PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA.  MAY 10, 2013. Buy in bulk at a discount, divide, then sell pieces at market prices for a profit. This is a simple strategy, and works for a variety of things: Costco muffins, abandoned storage container contents and land.  Story »

20130920-3138 BSN KAHUKU VILLAGE
Junior Primacio, unofficial mayor of Kahuku and former Kahuku Plantation union boss, talks about the history of Kahuku Village, the former sugar plantation housing where he still lives.  A developer is trying to develop new homes in the village and many of the residents are being evicted, though not Junior.  This is Jr. in front of his home.  PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA.  SEPT. 20, 2013. As one of Oahu's low-lying coastal areas not far from the mountains, Kahuku is a natural for flooding. When the Kahuku Plantation Co. was building housing for its laborers in the early 1900s, it ended up constructing many of the homes in the middle of a floodway.  Story »

When the sheriff showed up with a moving van last month to evict Guy and Lynn Eugenio from their home of 43 years it sent shivers through this small North Shore community. More than 30 families living in the former plantation camp known as Kahuku Village V have been told they may be evicted.  Story »

Tony Locricchio doesn't mind starting a fight -- or dragging one out -- in litigation when he believes it's in the interest of "my people." His people are 31 clients renting old plantation homes at Kahuku Village V. Story »

It's been 42 years since the last whistle blew ending work at the Kahuku Plantation Co., though in some respects, life in one neighborhood has gone on as if the sugar mill never closed. In Kahuku Village V, or KV5, streets are mostly narrow and unpaved.  Story »

An attorney representing many Kahuku Village V residents has launched a new salvo in a fight to keep his clients from being evicted from their rental homes -- a 233-page lawsuit filed in state court Monday.  Story »

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