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District 1: 77% of roads are in 'fair' or better condition 
A city survey done last fall found that Council District 1 had the third-highest percentage of roads that were "fair" or better, at 77.2 percent. That compares with 72.2 percent of city roads in fair shape or better islandwide. Story »
A survey done late last fall found that 72.8 percent of District 2's roads were in "fair" condition or better. That's just about on par with the 72.2 percent of city roads islandwide that were in fair shape or better.  Story »


Oahu motorists have long complained about the poor condition of our roads, prompting Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s new plans to spend $150 million to get ahead of the problem. The Star-Advertiser, along with media partner Hawaii News Now, takes an in-depth look at the state of our roads.

Worst Roads
A survey done late last fall found that 73.1 percent of District 3's city-owned roads were in "fair" condition or better, which is slightly better than the 72.2 percent of city roads islandwide found to be in fair shape or better.

District 4 boasts some of the more affluent communities on the island. However, with its 176 lane-miles of roads rated poor or worse, the region also has the dubious distinction of having the most substandard roads out of all nine City Council districts on Oahu, based on a survey done late last year.

Residents of Council District 5 live in the area with the highest concentration of failed city roads — the worst of the worst — among Oahu's nine council districts.

Residents of District 6 face one of the higher concentrations of failed city roads — the worst of the worst — based on a survey completed late last year. More than 21 lane-miles of road, representing nearly 5.5 percent of the district's total city lane-miles, were found to be "failed."

District 7's city roads were found to be in pretty decent shape compared with most other districts on the island. Residents there enjoy one of Oahu's higher shares of city roads in "fair" shape or better, at 78.1 percent, and lower percentage of roads in "poor" shape or worse, at 21.9 percent, based on a survey completed late last year.

District 8 residents live in a region with the highest share of satisfactory roads and the lowest share of substandard roads on the island.

District 9 boasts has nearly 390 lane-miles of city-owned road — and it earns the dubious distinction of having the lowest share of roads in satisfactory condition and the highest share in substandard condition.

Years of neglect drive up costs 
When roadwork doesn't get done, the effects aren't always obvious. Often it takes years for the cracks to appear, for the asphalt to crumble — for the damage to catch up to the neglect.  Story »
20130309-4762 CTY WORST ROADS MCCULLYThis is the view of some areas of road on Wiliwili St. from King to Kapiolani in McCully.  This is one of the 50 worst roads that the city has designated to be fixed.  This road already seems repaved, but there is still construction going on around it and painting of the road markers still needs to be done.  This is on east side of Date St. where it intersects Wiliwili St. looking east.  There seems to be a pipe that the city wants to bury on Date Street and it will cross Wiliwili Street.  PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA.  MARCH 9, 2013. Darrell Goo, vice president of operations for Grace Pacific Corp., has been with the company since 1992. The company is one of three contractors on Oahu bidding for city road repaving projects. He's never seen so much work out to bid for the city of Hono­lulu as there is right now. Story »

CTY ROADS AUAHI - 14 MARCH 2013- A vehicle drove over a pothole at Auahi St and Ward Ave. Honolulu Star-Advertiser photo by Cindy Ellen Russell After a growing chorus of Hono­lulu motorists complained that thousands of potholes plaguing the streets were wrecking their cars, the city auditor's office decided to take a hard look at its roadwork practices.  Story »

Street analysis uncovers worst of the worst
Oahu motorists have long complained about the poor condition of our roads, prompting Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s new plan to spend $150 million to get ahead of the problem. Story »
Asphalt industry experts say it's difficult to judge which climate is worse on pavement — the warm, wet tropical weather of areas such as Hawaii or the freezing temperatures in regions such as the Midwest.  Story »

2013 March 18 CTY - Roadwork on Punahou St. from the H1 on ramp down to Beretania St. backed up traffic on Monday.Honolulu Star-Advertiser Photo by Krystle Marcellus As Honolulu appears to finally shift into high gear to rid its roads of widespread potholes, other cities are grappling with how to do more with less as they maintain their streets.  Story »

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