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District 4: Affluent area saddled with subpar streets

By Marcel Honoré

LAST UPDATED: 07:02 p.m. HST, Feb 13, 2014

District 4 boasts some of the more affluent communities on the island. However, with its 176 lane-miles of roads rated poor or worse, the region also has the dubious distinction of having the most substandard roads out of all nine City Council districts on Oahu, based on a survey done late last year. (The district also has the most city-owned lane-miles, at 519.)


» Represented by Councilman Stanley Chang (Email)

» Encompasses Hawaii Kai, Kuliouou, Niu Valley and the other East Honolulu communities, then stretches west to include Kaimuki, parts of Kapahulu, Diamond Head, Waikiki and Ala Moana Beach Park

City Councilman Stanley Chang said the bad roads are the No. 1 complaint he hears from constituents. The roads are also his No. 1 priority, he said -- adding that he pushed for Honolulu to improve its road condition survey and create a new maintenance policy in 2012.

District 4 had nearly the lowest total percentage of total roads graded "fair" or better, at 65.8 percent. Only District 9 scored lower, at 62.1 percent -- and that district has about 130 fewer total city lane-miles than District 4.

Similarly, District 4 saw 34 percent of its roads score "poor" or lower. Again, only District 9, with its fewer total lane-miles, scored worse, at 37.9 percent.

About 26 lane-miles of road, representing 5 percent of District 4's lane-miles, were found to be "failed" -- the worst of the worst.


Star-Advertiser readers sound off on island roads via Facebook, online story comments and emailed feedback:

"Kamehameha hwy in front of Patsy Mink Regional Park. Husband driving, hit a deep pothole, I chipped my tooth. Had to have a root canal then a gold crown."
--Laurie Lee

"Having previously worked for a company on the mainland that did (building) materials testing, including asphalt mixes, makes me wonder whether Hawaii needs to have a more specific asphalt design (recipe) to handle our tropical weather. Perhaps a different mix of what goes into our asphalt would allow it to hold up better and last longer. Maybe DOT needs to look into something like this."

"They are way tooooooo many to count -- our roads are much worse than those in Venezuela, where we lived for three years. Now, just imagine that!"
--Nancy Terrell


To rate how badly damaged a road's surface is many cities including Honolulu use a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-designed point system. Roads are scored between 0 and 100, 0 being the worst and 100 being the best. The score is calculated mainly using three criteria: the type(s) of damage, how severe the damage is, and how extensive it is.

Because it's a score, there could be different types of damage seen in different categories. Here's a general idea of what drivers can expect.

Click to enlarge the chart.

Click to enlarge the chart.


Some roads may have been repaired since the City and County of Honolulu conducted its survey in 2012. An asterisk (*) denotes city road segments that are not listed on the city's repaving schedule. Many of those roads are still in the design phase and will go out to bid for construction within a year, officials say.

Road From To Grade Scheduled for Repaving
12th Avenue Harding Avenue Lunalilo Freeway Failed Construction ongoing
Ahuawa Place Ahuawa Loop End of street Failed 2014
Ailuna Street Hind Iuka Drive End of street Failed 2014
Aipo Street Ahukini Street End of street Failed 2014
Alakoa Street Malia Street Makai Koa Street Failed 2014
Alamuku Street Hind Iuka Drive Ailuna Street Failed 2014
Halapepe Street Lawelawe Street Leighton Street Failed 2014
Kaimoku Way Kalanianaole Highway End of street Failed 2014
Keakealani Street Hao Street Kiholo Street Failed 2014
Kuahono Street Wainiha Street Lunalilo Home Road Failed 2014
Leighton Street Ailuna Street Halapepe Street Failed 2014
Poipu Place Poipu Drive End of street Failed 2014
Ohawa Place Ihiloa Street End of street Failed 2014

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Uncleart66 wrote:
Hay Stan....you let all our money for road repair get stolen for rail and the bus. We won't forget you at election time. I am sure you will find a job with HART.
on March 29,2013 | 03:49AM
OldDiver wrote:
Since your statement is false it has been rated as nonsense.
on March 29,2013 | 09:01AM
OldDiver wrote:
On the plus side Rep Mark Hashem secured money for Kalanianaole to be resurfaced next year.
on March 29,2013 | 09:05AM
OldDiver wrote:
Stanley Chang has actually taken the lead in securing funding and creating a long term plan to fix our roads. The complaints are coming from constituents who believe this job can be done overnight.
on March 29,2013 | 09:07AM
kauai wrote:
OldDiver, please stop replying to your own replies. It's annoying and indicates a lack of consideration for other readers and posters, in addition to a lack of integrity in your chain of thought.
on March 29,2013 | 04:02PM
OldDiver wrote:
What is annoying are your false statements.
on March 29,2013 | 05:28PM
al_kiqaeda wrote:
When you say "secure funding" does that mean "raise our taxes"?
on March 29,2013 | 06:56PM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 29,2013 | 09:15AM
OldDiver wrote:
This repaving was in the planning for the past two years not the past two months.
on March 29,2013 | 09:38AM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 29,2013 | 11:19AM
AmbienDaze wrote:
i think HB1106 might be dead. JUD prolly not going hear this one.
on March 29,2013 | 11:47AM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
You do know that a significant part of our gas tax collections goes to fund the bus, right?

And you know that over two hundred million dollars of the bus's maintenance money is being taken and spent on rail construction, right?

So why are you insulting Uncleart66 instead of being outraged too?
on March 29,2013 | 09:33AM
OldDiver wrote:
As you know, not one cent from the fuel tax has gone towards rail.
on March 29,2013 | 09:39AM
inlanikai wrote:
OD: You are classic. Kalaheo talks about gas tax collections being used for Bus and you say the tax isn't going towards Rail. Bravo! You have learned your craft well. I suppose if someone asked you what one and one is you would say "yellow".
on March 29,2013 | 10:30AM
OldDiver wrote:
Sheesh. Please read all of the responses before responding.
on March 29,2013 | 11:55AM
inlanikai wrote:
I did and clearly by your failure to contest Kalaheo's assertion that the gas tax has been used for Bus support you agree with that claim. Ok, thanks for clearing it up. Have a nice weekend.
on March 29,2013 | 03:26PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
How will the bus make up the $200,000,000.00 that HART is taking from it's maintenance fund to spend on rail construction?

They will either need to cut routes or possibly end bus service, raise fares dramatically, or use the gas tax.
on March 29,2013 | 11:22AM
kauai wrote:
OldDiver, if fuel tax monies are going to The Bus and The Bus funds are taken to support rail, then indeed fuel tax money is going to rail. I'd call that scheme "transitive funding". It's a shell game of money whereby fuel taxes are funnelled over to rail using indirect means. To wit, robbing Peter to pay Paul, then robbing Paul to pay Mary equals robbing Peter to pay Mary. And by the way, you are a shameless pro-rail supporter as demonstrated by your many past postings in other related articles.
on March 29,2013 | 04:14PM
OldDiver wrote:
False statement. Please not the nonsense.
on March 29,2013 | 05:27PM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 29,2013 | 09:07AM
OldDiver wrote:
Chang created a video on his facebook page which pretty much sums up the long range plan to fix our roads. I believe it was from a couple months ago.
on March 29,2013 | 09:10AM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 29,2013 | 11:17AM
OldDiver wrote:
You are mixing up the legislative branch with the administrative branch. The council can only appropriate the money, it is the administrative which spends the money. As you know the city is preparing Waialae for bike lanes. This is part of a long term plan to make Waialae a gathering place. A place where business can flourish. It's a vision thing.
on March 29,2013 | 11:54AM
kauai wrote:
Oh yeah, it'll be a "vision" alright, a vision of mangled bicycles from collisions with cars. Have you ever driven down Waialae ave.? If I were a bike rider, I wouldn't chance it, even with bike lanes. Many cross streets, many traffic signals, lots of cars, narrow lanes. It's numerous fatalities waiting to happen. It'll be a gathering place for roadside memorials to departed bike riders. Oh, and you do know that when the city did the "traffic survey" to legitimize their bike lane "vision thing", that they performed the "survey" during the off-peak season of traffic (summertime I believe, or during school vacation period) instead of during peak traffic season? Obviously the city was "stacking the survey" in order to validate their pre-conceived plan. That was highly disengenious but typical political/bureaucratic behavior. Dispicable.
on March 29,2013 | 04:36PM
bikemom wrote:
The study was done Sept. 20 - 22. If I'm not mistaken, school is in session then.
on March 29,2013 | 09:42PM
kauai wrote:
"Long range plan to fix" roads? "Failed" roads will not be worked on till NEXT year? (see the schedule in the article) That's outrageous! Seems to me that "failed" roads should be in work right now, as we speak. How long did it take those "failed" roads to come to the condition they're in? Betcha' the residents on those streets are disgusted with the current state of affairs. And they have to wait till NEXT year?
on March 29,2013 | 04:22PM
Mediocrates wrote:
He refused to even consider a gas tax for the people in his district to pay for the road repairs. I guess he wants all of the other poorer districts to pay for his rich constituents roads when they wouldn't even support rail for everyone else...
on March 29,2013 | 02:22PM
kauai wrote:
Oh man, another one. Look, WE ARE ALREADY PAYING GAS TAXES! What part of that concept don't you understand? Our total gas taxes are something like the third-highest in the nation, yet we have third-world road conditions! Where is and has all that money gone? (And don't forget the vehicle registration taxes too) If those monies were diverted to other uses, then those beneficiaries should now have their budgets reduced to recoup funds to fix our roads. Fair is fair. If they got some gravy in the past or currently, then reckoning day has arrived, time to cough it up. Vehicles drive on the roads, any taxes derived from vehicles (gas & registration) should go to roadway maintenance. Plain and simple logic, I reckon.
on March 29,2013 | 04:51PM
ISCREAM wrote:
Please...give me a break...did you notice that the roads on the west side are better taken care of than the east...why is that? Classic redistribution of wealth.
on March 29,2013 | 06:52PM
omd111 wrote:
Stop blaming the rail and the bus. What does the state take in for car registrations every year. Take a 1 million cars and multiply that by say $300 per car for annual registration. What does that come out to = $300 Million dollars. Where is all that money? Isn't that suppose to go to fixing our roads and highways?
on March 29,2013 | 05:49AM
OldDiver wrote:
I believe car registration funds the State Highway fund. The city road fund comes from the fuel tax.
on March 29,2013 | 09:03AM
kauai wrote:
I believe there's also a county vehicle registration fee/tax. So combine that with the fuel tax and where is/does the money go? If it's gone/going to anything other than road maintenance, then claw back that money for the appropriate purpose, namely ROAD MAINTENANCE.
on March 29,2013 | 04:54PM
Wazdat wrote:
Why are the roads so bad. Total Incompetence.
on March 29,2013 | 06:36AM
ISCREAM wrote:
Planned obsolescence to provide union jobs at taxpayer expense.
on March 29,2013 | 06:53PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Since Fasi stopped being Mayor, the emperor, the infrastructure declined.
on March 29,2013 | 06:50AM
McCully wrote:
Waialae has got to be the worst street in the city. It's the main street in Kaimuki and can't believe how people can tolerate driving on it every day.
on March 29,2013 | 07:23AM
mcc wrote:
Reminds me of the roads in Roatan, West Side of island.
on March 29,2013 | 07:50AM
onevoice82 wrote:
Try biking down it at 25mph! It's a great cure for constipation, because it will rattle the ______out of you.
on March 29,2013 | 08:04AM
pakeheat wrote:
Wow, that bad huh? Good thing I haven't been driving in Kaimuki for a while, I believe my bridges inside my mouth would have fallen off, LOL.
on March 29,2013 | 10:09AM
kauai wrote:
Or you would'a chipped your tooth like that lady in the reader feedback part of the article (though she was on a different road, but yeah, Waialae ave. is pretty bad). But if I ever get stuck d**d** in the near future, I'll know what to do and where to do it (sorry, go). Rattle it out'a you, huh, that's good (in a funny sort of way).
on March 29,2013 | 05:03PM
fbiguy wrote:
When he first ran for election, Chang came to my house to talk story. Haven't seen him since. Roads are terrible, the most obvious sign of his indifference toward his electorate. Hope someone runs against him as the "Pothole Candidate."
on March 29,2013 | 07:33AM
mcc wrote:
Stanley Chang is one of the weakest Councilmember's.
on March 29,2013 | 07:52AM
thatsashame_0723 wrote:
Agree. No vote for that bozo.
on March 29,2013 | 07:58AM
false wrote:
Who else did we have? Turbin? No thanks, Chang is the better of the two bozos.
on March 29,2013 | 09:01AM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 29,2013 | 09:21AM
Leinanij wrote:
That's the silliest thing I ever heard. Chang beat Turbin's okole and would again.
on March 29,2013 | 12:46PM
thatsashame_0723 wrote:
Point taken. We need another option.
on March 29,2013 | 03:50PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
This is all a shell game. Now that the teachers are slated to get a raise for each of four years, one of our revenues will be funneled to pay for their salaries. If that revenue, the tourist dollars, goes down for any unforeseen reason, the cost of the raises will be funneled from another revenue. And if that does not happen, then our taxes will be raised yet again. And now that the teachers have gotten their raise, the other government workers will be knocking on the door and demanding a raise also. Those that did get a raise will be demanding an adjustment to meet what the teachers received. Then more revenues will be funneled and then when all of the revenues are used up our taxes will be raised. A lot of us folks have seen our paychecks shrink drastically. Our fellow citizens who work in the military as contractors and civilians are seeing their positions fold and if they are lucky to pass the folding they will see an approximate twenty percent pay cut through furloughs. And while all this is going on the our legislators and judges are looking at a pay raise. All of this is going to cost us tax payers. It may not hit us quickly but it will when we realize how little we bring home to feed our kids.
on March 29,2013 | 06:37PM
bikemom wrote:
The map of the district seems to indicate that East to West Halemaumau in Niu Valley is in poor condition, but that road was just recently resurfaced. How current are these maps?
on March 29,2013 | 09:37PM
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