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Schroeder shoulders blame

By Stephen Tsai


FORT COLLINS, Colo. » In Hughes Stadium, the exit door of the visiting team's locker room opens to a long tunnel.

There are lights at both ends of the tunnel, although — for one cold night — that mattered little to UH quarterback Sean Schroeder.

"I take full responsibility for this loss," Schroeder said following Colorado State's 42-27 victory on Saturday night.

Schroeder was 19-for-46 for 200 yards, including an 8-yard scoring strike to Chris Gant in the first quarter. But Schroeder was sacked four times and intercepted thrice, with two parlayed into touchdown returns of 76 yards and 40 yards. His final pass was stolen in the end zone.

"I know Coach (Norm Chow) is going to tell you guys — the media — that it's a team thing, and it is a team thing," Schroeder said. "But I honestly feel I let my team down tonight, and I don't want that to happen again. I need to make more plays."

The Warriors trailed 28-27 in the fourth quarter when Schroeder tried to needle a pass to the left side. CSU freshman DeAndre Elliott intercepted at the 24 and raced the other way to widen the Rams' advantage to eight points.

"I checked the play," Schroeder said. "It was a bad check. It was my fault. I take full responsibility."

Later, Jasen Oden, another freshman, intercepted Schroeder and sprinted 40 yards to end the suspense.

Chow reaffirmed his support of Schroeder, a Duke graduate who joined the Warriors in July. But Chow said: "He needs to know when to throw it in there; needs to know when to back off."

But Chow also shared the blame, insisting he probably made some calls he should not have made.

Schroeder said the temperature (mid-30s in the second half) and Fort Collins' thin air (elevation 4,984 feet) were not factors.

Asked if the cold weather bothered his grip, Schroeder said: "No, nothing like that. It was a great night for football."

The problem, he said, is "I turned the ball over in key situations. To be a big-time playmaker, you've got to make those plays, and I didn't do that tonight."

Schroeder is one of the Warriors' four co-captains. Chow said a team's quarterback is in a leadership position.

"That's what a quarterback is supposed to be," Chow said.

Chow said he has no plans to change quarterbacks.

Schroeder patiently answered questions from reporters. When pressed, he went over the thought process of specific plays.

"We have to stay the course," Schroeder said. "We have to trust one another. We have to trust the coaches and keep moving forward. That's all we can do."

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Tipops wrote:
He's a class act! Deserves better.
on October 28,2012 | 02:12AM
frontman wrote:
Words......................try another QB
on October 28,2012 | 07:08AM
pigo wrote:
on October 28,2012 | 08:51AM
bigpapa wrote:
He needs to be judged by his results, not his words.
on October 28,2012 | 08:10AM
frontman wrote:
When a captain is picked by the coach and not the players, especially this one, the team support is not there. I see why Chow chose him, a second string QB for a offensive coach. Nothing head about either one.
on October 28,2012 | 11:59AM
joewilly wrote:
He's awful!! He sucks! He stinks! You think just because he graduated from Duke gives him a free pass?? That's how Chow thinks. Chow is a stubborn old pa'ke. I see why he was never picked as head coach for over 20 years.
on October 28,2012 | 10:15AM
Imua45 wrote:
I'm OK with Schroeder taking part of the responsibility, but nothings going to change this year, thats why it doesn't hurt at this point to try another QB ro gain some needed experience for the future. Chow claims he has the "it" factor, but Schroeder definitely takes too long for his progressons when checking his receivers & easy to read cause & does not have a quick release. Don't be stubborn coach, cause as a fan, we need to see something different before you lose a lot of thje fan support. Nothing wrong seeing what Shutter or Graves or some of the new QB's in the system. Sometimes a change can be good for everyone involved.
on October 28,2012 | 02:44AM
buds4life wrote:
I' m sure the player are starting to question the quarterback situation. Just human nature when losses are often and big. The fact that Coach Chow refuses to let others play despite the performance of Schroeder and/or the outcome of the game, must be demoralizing for the rest of the team. Are the player losing respect for the coaching staff? I think the veterans lost some respect before the season even started. I think the shoddy handling of David Graves' fate has a big impact on the players. How does society reward a team leader, a team player? Well we know how Coach Chow does it.
on October 28,2012 | 06:39AM
pigo wrote:
I agree with Imua45. At this point it wouldn't hurt to try another QB. I think Graves would be a good choice. When the play breaks down at least he would run with the ball and pickup positive yardage. The offense could use a new threat like this. I want Coach Chow to succeed and I will still go to all the games, but if this continues the way it is, Hawaii fans will not support the team. Hawaii has some of the worst fair-weather fans!! Low numbers equal new coach it always has in the past! Come on coach make the change in QB!!! We have nothing to lose except more games with the current QB!!!
on October 28,2012 | 08:50AM
Taisho808 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 28,2012 | 10:06AM
hunebasami wrote:
Fire him now. Then we have hope in future games.
on October 28,2012 | 01:32PM
hunebasami wrote:
We got rid of Mac because of low fans count. With Chow we even have less fans. We are now in the twentys. Wait a watch tens come up.
on October 28,2012 | 01:29PM
DaGuy wrote:
The IT factor. "It ain't working." "It my fault." "It on my me." "It still not working." "It doesn't seem to be going away."
on October 28,2012 | 09:14PM
akuman808 wrote:
The defense showed improvement and gave the team opportunities to win. No comments on the QB situation as the coach has made it clear what he wants. News conferences after each game explaining wha went wrong and needs to change should result in positive change. As noted earlier, the defense with so many starters out, did more iwth less,that's positive change.
on October 28,2012 | 05:57AM
bunnyhop193 wrote:
Chow needs to do a platoon system to change things up if he does not want to bench the QB. Support of your QB is fine but we are not seeing the wins or at least seeing an improvement in the offense.
on October 28,2012 | 05:59AM
bigtaiho wrote:
Bruddah Shro its time to go...next?
on October 28,2012 | 06:04AM
derek_millennium wrote:
Its time to experiment at QB. Already looking at next year's potential that fits the offense for the best.
on October 28,2012 | 06:10AM
staciemahina wrote:
Schroeder was not voted captain. He was appointed captain by Chow. The only non-voted captain of the four captains. This is how set he is with Schroeder... He made the kid a captain when most of the team was still learning his name and now he is forcing Schroeder to stay in these games when everyone can see that he simply is not ready. Shame on Chow throwing this kid in the meat grinder and refusing to pul him out.
on October 28,2012 | 06:36AM
WarriorFan3 wrote:
why, why, why, and why is SS going along with this. He is not stupid. he must know that fans and possible players are not happy with him. What's really going on here. Be a class act SS and bow out, sit down, fake an injury. Please
on October 28,2012 | 05:48PM
heluhelu wrote:
"I need to make more plays." No son. You need to take the next step in your still-promising *non-football* career
on October 28,2012 | 07:26AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Chow can play this dude all he want. Ain't nobody going to go watch tho. This is pathetic.
on October 28,2012 | 07:55AM
pigo wrote:
That 's right and without Hawaii fair-weather fans the coach is going to be looking for another job! The other quarterbacks deserve a crack at it!! So many missed opportunities!!
on October 28,2012 | 08:57AM
omd111 wrote:
It's like Timmy Chang all over again!
on October 28,2012 | 08:28AM
Taisho808 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 28,2012 | 10:07AM
CartwrightPark wrote:
Rajah Dat! At least with Timmy we could at score! Throw the damn ball give the fans something to get excited about!
on October 30,2012 | 04:54AM
pigo wrote:
Timmy was a far better QB than this guy is and ever will be! At least Timmy Chang played professional football!! Kinda tells you something doesn't it!!
on October 28,2012 | 11:53AM
johngrif wrote:
Chow said they evaluate each position to get the best player on the field...he speaks with fork tongue.
on October 28,2012 | 08:43AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 28,2012 | 08:54AM
bleedgreen wrote:
I just wonder what Chow will do next season when Graham becomes eligible.
on October 28,2012 | 10:08AM
hunebasami wrote:
He always did. When he coacjed for other teams he told the Hawaii high school players that it was better to play elsewhere. Now he tells them better to stay home.
on October 28,2012 | 01:43PM
protector wrote:
I echo the sentiments of the majority here about being frustrated with Chow's failure to give back-up QBs a chance to play. I think a number of them could've kept the chains moving when unfortunately Schroeder cannot. Toughness, humility a great work ethic are laudable qualities but cannot make up for a weak arm, slow release, torturously-long decision-making, lack of foot speed and an inability to sense the pass rush. Chow seems too dogmatic to grasp that he is telling the back-up QBs that he has absolutely no confidence in them and that even though they practice hard, they will not smell the field unless Schroeder is carried off of it. As for Chow's lame retorts in other games of.."well Sean didn't want to come out"...please...
on October 28,2012 | 09:08AM
Gsky wrote:
1 , he has absolutely NO pocket sense, which a D1 QB has to have, and takes TOO LONG to make a decision.
on October 28,2012 | 05:36PM
bleedgreen wrote:
Coach Chow could have called a better game. Just don't want to see the same for future games. Hope he comes up with good game plan for Boise St. I'll be in the stands cheering.
on October 28,2012 | 10:06AM
hunebasami wrote:
All by yourself
on October 28,2012 | 01:46PM
BTO wrote:
I'm wondering if a real offensive coordinator and a real qb coach were present it would hold the hc more accountable. Wearing three hats plus another is a bit too much to bite off. Delegate maybe??
on October 28,2012 | 10:09PM
Alamosakid wrote:
Whoa bruddah, you really live up to your name (bleedgreen); I give you credit 4 continuing to watch the games (as I cannot).
on October 30,2012 | 08:48AM
masteruke wrote:
its. about time Tsai and Kekaula start asking Chow some real questions and not covering up for him. Pretty soon there will be more people at the swap meet than at the games. Ive been going to UH games from when Dave Holmes was coaching except for 67-68 when I was in Viet Nam and this is the worst coaching I have ever seen. Even worst than Price and Von Appen. Chow is acting like a politician feeding us BS. For Chow this may be his only head coaching job ever. For the sake of Hawaii fans and the UH players I hope he changes his stubborn ways or he is going to bring the house down
on October 28,2012 | 10:40AM
pigo wrote:
The first thing I want to say is Thanks for your service in Viet Nam. I'm also a die hard UH fan I've had season tickets for years. I haven't missed a game in over 10 yrs! I agree with alot of the things you said. I like to believe that once and if Chow can recruit some better players we should be okay. Let's face it ...you need to have really good players to run a pro set offense! I want to see Chow do good, but he seriously needs to take another look at the QB situation! Maybe if the UH fans speak up loud enough he will see the light and make the change!!
on October 28,2012 | 12:07PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 28,2012 | 12:27PM
hunebasami wrote:
Why not. It's the headcoach.
on October 28,2012 | 02:01PM
fka wrote:
It's not all Schroeder's fault that UH lost yesterday's game. I feel it was to a great extent,Chow's fault in not inserting Graves of Higgins when Schroeder's play was diminishing. All quarterbacks have their off days and need to be replaced,be it temporarily or for a long stretch.Dave Shoji is a master in employing this coaching strategy. He doesn't hesitate in substituting when the conditions warranty it.
on October 28,2012 | 02:19PM
64hoo wrote:
what the coaches and people don't realize is that when your in high altitude and you throw a pass in that altitude it will always go further than you think, thats why listening to the game, passes were overthrown to the receivers where the passes would not have been overthrown in sea level games they would have been caught. even pro quarterbacks have problems over throwing in high altitude. the ball just floats or sails over the receivers outstretch hands or head. thats why alot of schroeders passes would have been caught in regular altitude. thats what i feel went wrong. GO WARRIORS.
on October 28,2012 | 04:48PM
Gsky wrote:
The blame is not on the quarterback. It's all on Chow. How bad does a quarterback have to be before you go to your 2nd string quarterback???? What the hell do you have 2nd string quarterbacks for??? Schroeder is a great guy and has a stellar attitude, but he just doesn't have the talent to be a winning D1 quarterback. H is TOOOO SLOWWWW, in both his throwing action and his mobility. This is not the quarterback to "chase championships" with. I absolutely know that Graves would have gotten us more wins this season. He is a playmaker, and every bit as good a passer as Schroeder. Also, how many time were they in the red zone and on the goal line and could not score. Chows blame again. He kept calling the same running plays up the middle. It was pretty obvious that that was not working. Why not try some play action. UUUGGGHHHH... frustrating. I feel so sorry for our guys. They deserve better coaching!
on October 28,2012 | 05:30PM
fka wrote:
On Inside Access tonight Robert Kekaula asked Chow if Schroeder,who had a lackluster performance yesterday,is still his quarterback. Chow said he is definitely his quarterback. The others are still not ready. Hello! He hasn't given any of them any game time experience. How can he make a statement like that? He must be covering something up.
on October 28,2012 | 08:38PM
usahwn wrote:
Class act ;Duke grad with lots of lip and keep turning ball over and keeps losing ?
on October 28,2012 | 06:39PM
sportsfan wrote:
We should be saying CIAO to CHOW or CHOW is PAU. He is simply stealing from the State of Hawaii. He knows he is completely lost out there and he just bank rolled his boys Tommy Lee and Keith Uparesa's retirement. It is an utter shame. I have been around football and coaching for years and this is BAD COACHING at the highest level. You cant' tell me this QB is better than our local boy Higgins or maybe even Shutter....but Chow will not even give them a chance. There is a reason Schroeder never saw the field at Duke, and was third string. His QB mechanics are horrible, the play design is Pop Warner and the coaching is completely absent. This coaching staff is a SCANDAL, and makes the Stevie Wonder blunder look like nothing when you add up the salaries. It is even worst when you see the Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator and other staff QUIT on their team in the 4th quarter. Yes, its true, Chow took his headsets off while his offense was still on the field with 2 minutes left. ...Watch the game...he actually QUIT in the 4th qtr. GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!! The new AD needs to have the chance to clean house or he will be dealing with a complete mess next year.
on October 29,2012 | 10:37AM
mililanihi wrote:
Time has come to see what another QB can do. Or is there even a QB currently on the squad that can do a better job.Trying to be patient but after this weeks performance. maybe it's time? Lucky we get 21,000 actual into the next home game.
on October 29,2012 | 06:39PM
CartwrightPark wrote:
He seems like a smart quality guy, problem is he's got no arm and he has zero scrambling ability. You can't tell me Graves can't give us a better shot at a W. We need a W bad. It's getting to ho da shame status real quick! All these games I'm watching in Cali cuz I have TW Sports, CBS Sports, as well as the ESPNs but we keep getting blown out. What a year to have so many nationally televised games! Ah C'mon!
on October 30,2012 | 04:52AM
Malani wrote:
This time its the shoulders fault. Next time is the wrist? Can't make excuses for someone who just don't know how to play a quarter back postion. I'll watch the next game to see them lose again.
on October 30,2012 | 07:37AM
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