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UH's Donovan among finalists for Cal State Fullerton's AD job

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 07:30 a.m. HST, Nov 15, 2012

Former University of Hawaii Athletic Director Jim Donovan is one of four finalists for the director of athletics job  at California State University Fullerton, the school said on its website.

Donovan will be on campus on Nov. 28 for meetings with coaches, administrators and boosters.

The other finalists are Vincent Otoupal, the director of athletics at California State University Monterey Bay; Jamie Mullin, the associate athletic director at Syracuse University; and James Sarra, the deputy director of athletics at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Cal State Fullerton is an NCAA Division I school and a member of the Big West Conference and offers six men's and nine women's sports, including men's and women's basketball, baseball, softball, men's and women's soccer and women's volleyball.

The baseball team has won four national championships and 20 conference championships in the last 30 years.

Donovan was reassigned to a new marketing job in the UH Manoa Chancellor's Office in August after the Athletic Department lost $200,000 in the Stevie Wonder concert debacle. Donovan approved the concert, but turned over much of the negotiations for the concert to Stan Sheriff Center manager Rich Sheriff.

The administration cleared him of criminal wrong-doing. But UH President M.R.C. Greenwood decided not to return him to the athletic director's job after the alleged concert fraud was discovered.

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HOSSANA wrote:
Wish him the best of luck and hope he gets the job. Feel sorry for him being the fall guy working in a decrepit UH-Manoa that has constantly been plagued by micro managment going back some 30--40 yrs. with the downtown hui. Its not Greenwood's fault that the UH-Manoa is the way it is but its the provincial or local yokel attitude that is pervasive within this institution plagued by local politics from the top down with everyone wanting to put their hand on the pie but forgetting to wash their hands first. Once again, wishing Donavan the very best and hope he gets the job.
on November 15,2012 | 12:16AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Donovan certainly was NOT the fall guy. He has not disclosed if he knew or not what was going on in the department he headed, and the actiions of his staff has already cost us a million bucks. He was just smarter than the others, hired an attorney, threatened to sue the UH-M if they didn't give him what he wanted, and he got it. We may never know what he knew or why he didn't stop it. Will we have to pay his $600,000 to send him to another SCHOOL?
on November 15,2012 | 05:50AM
boshio wrote:
I hope they do have to pay Donovan the $600,000 to go to another school. Maybe than we will learn where all these monies are coming from. UH is losing a great AD. Good luck Donovan......
on November 15,2012 | 06:34AM
Ambergris23 wrote:
Donovan did a great job before the blunder. Good luck to him!!!
on November 15,2012 | 09:42AM
pgkemp wrote:
what did he do?
on November 15,2012 | 11:51AM
allie wrote:
I agree with Keith again. Donovan is no hero and it is hard to believe he is a legitimate candidate for another AD job. That said, if he gets this job we don't have to pay the extorted salary for a nothing job he got at the UH. Good riddance!
on November 15,2012 | 07:18AM
flyingpigs wrote:
You're right that we may never find out what JD knew about the whole Wonder affair, but he has been cleared of any wrong doing. In this whole process, JD has not been the only person/group that has hired an attorney. I believe UH/Regents have hired several during the whole process, so is it that JD had a good case against UH and they were advised to settle? It's not JD's fault for taking an offer that UH presented to him. If you really want to fault anyone it's UH for making the settlement in the first place. Even if JD did start with the threat to sue, UH was not forced to settle. As for UH's part in this whole deal, it looked like they were trying to discredit JD by looking back at all his expenses. Yet I did not see anyone look at the UH President's, Rockne's or the Board of Regents reimbursements over the same time. Right now there's a lot of blame to go around.
on November 15,2012 | 08:29AM
allie wrote:
He has a case because of the obvious adn embarrassing mistakes Apple made in announcing the resignation publicly. He called JD a great AD while firing him. That is cause for action as was made clear in the legislative hearings.
on November 15,2012 | 08:53AM
kainalu wrote:
Totally agree, Keith.
on November 15,2012 | 09:05AM
Nevadan wrote:
Agree with Keith again. Donovan's department shipped the $200K out. He was the head of that department, and therefore had to be held accountable. Did he admit responsibility? No. Sending out that amount had to have signatures all the way to the top - common business sense. If not, why not? Apple and Greenwood had to have approved the transaction. No one admitted anything. We never saw that signed document. Want proof of incompetency? Right there.
on November 15,2012 | 09:19AM
Nevadan wrote:
Given that Cal State knew about the Wonder wonder in Hawaii, why would they hire Donovan? Proof of incompetency right there under their nose. If they did not know, why not? (They didn't do their homework)
on November 15,2012 | 09:24AM
Nevadan wrote:
If I am a betting man, which I am not, I would bet against Donovan getting the job. One should not assume that Cal State guys are also incompetents.
on November 15,2012 | 09:30AM
allie wrote:
My sources say he won't get the job. Bank on it.
on November 15,2012 | 12:40PM
Nevadan wrote:
Common sense.
on November 15,2012 | 03:23PM
bender wrote:
If Dolnovan goes, does that mean the make work position that was created for him will go away or will it become a permanent part of the Appe's dynasty.
on November 15,2012 | 09:24AM
pgkemp wrote:
fall guy give me a break..........
on November 15,2012 | 11:51AM
connie wrote:
Good luck Jim. I hope you get the job.
on November 15,2012 | 01:11AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
Aloha also means goodbye. I hope that Donovan gets the job so that we can start closing the sorry chapter on the UH in Wonderland blunder that Donovan is up to his neck in. UH athletics seems to keep the duds like Donovan, the UH Prez Greenwood, and Herman whatshisname, and chase away the good ones like June Jones. Sigh, it seems we have the anti-Midas touch when it comes to personnel at the UH.
on November 15,2012 | 02:26AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
P.S., I hope that those dunderheads at UH legal negotiated a clause in Donovan's settlement agreement that says that we stop paying him if he gets another job. Sigh, knowing those incompetent guys and gals at UH legal, they probably forgot or were too unintelligent to put such a clause in the settlement agreement. The legal dept went down hill after Judge Kirimitsu left.
on November 15,2012 | 02:30AM
kennie1933 wrote:
If he does get the CSUF job, UH should NOT have to pay his salary on that new Tom Apple position, whatever it's called. Technically, by being hired by another school, he is opting out of UH, so we owe him nothing.
on November 15,2012 | 08:03AM
honokai wrote:
The saying "aloha means goodbye" is very disrespectful. Jim Donovan is one of the better guys we got. Whether he goes or stays he has a lot of respect from those that live outside the crab bucket. Must be kind of crowded down there elocalboy.
on November 15,2012 | 04:31AM
Bdpapa wrote:
I'm with you. I like him.
on November 15,2012 | 09:57AM
allie wrote:
true..we students are all suffering from the shame of the UH in the national press.
on November 15,2012 | 07:19AM
csdhawaii wrote:
Get real. Most students are actually not following this very closely. Some have no clue as to what's going on. A lot of them, unlike allie, actually pay attention to the professor instead of reading and commenting on SA articles while in class.
on November 15,2012 | 12:16PM
allie wrote:
ummm....I am the appointed messenger!
on November 15,2012 | 12:41PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Self appointed?
on November 15,2012 | 01:17PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
csd - "IT" can't even assemble a statement without lying, presenting false "facts" because IT is too lazy and too dim. Most 13-14 year olds are better capable of presenting a sound and intelligent statement which is something "IT" has repeatedly shown itself to be incapable of without having to lie and present non existent "facts" or "sources". IT is incapable of obtaining a high school diploma from any accredited high school, let alone gain acceptance to any accredited 4 year college. Student..indeed!!
on November 16,2012 | 10:02AM
akuman808 wrote:
I hope JD gets the AD position. I'm sure that he would bleed green like he always states.
on November 15,2012 | 05:10AM
nippy68 wrote:
he shouldve been reinstated...
on November 15,2012 | 05:30AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Sure hopes he gets it so we can do away with that newly created position he got for not suing UH.
on November 15,2012 | 05:49AM
Spikette wrote:
Donovan did a super job as an AD in reconnecting the UH supporters, fan base, public trust, etc. that the previous AD and administration dismantled with their incompetence. Donovan was made to be sacrificial lamb and scrape goat by Greenwood to deflect blame for her failures.
on November 15,2012 | 05:51AM
akuman808 wrote:
Take it easy there tiger! "Super" is overstating the obvious facts. JD at best is a nice guy, but as AD not so much.
on November 15,2012 | 06:12AM
Nevadan wrote:
What sacrificial lamb? Please do not abuse the English language. He was accountable whether he was in town or not. It was his department. He was accountable.
on November 15,2012 | 09:45AM
pgkemp wrote:
another person high on something.........
on November 15,2012 | 11:53AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
on November 16,2012 | 10:05AM
joewilly wrote:
Good luck and good riddance. Not one coach at UH liked him, stood up for him, spoke on his behalf. You people only look from the outside in, not the inside out. He was an incompetent bully that tried to manipulate everybody that didn't know any better like most of you.
on November 15,2012 | 05:56AM
cigaripo wrote:
JD was the fans AD. More of a PR and less of a management and business guru. Well liked, but if he had management power, the rules of final AD authorization for anything in athletics should have been dictated, the Wonder blunder wouldn't have occurred.Cleared of any wrong doing, but guilty of of not establishing the prominence of the AD. Why couldn't a 13th game be scheduled at the start of the season? His negotiation prowess was limited by limited mainland contacts. Fortunately the season is at it is, bad, so the (lack of) 13th game became a blessing. But in a successful season, that's big bucks lost. He's a nice guy and wish him well and hopefully the next AD is as nice with stronger skills to manage and negotiate,
on November 15,2012 | 06:41AM
dlum003 wrote:
I'd be very sorry to see you go Jim, but best of luck for the position. You don't need to take all the silly crap you've had to endure from this absolute donkey of a university. You are the only AD who ever gave a damn about the fans and didn't treat us like idiots. Wish you the best no matter what happens.
on November 15,2012 | 06:48AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I'll be really ticked if Donovan gets the job and then Fullerton actually books a Stevie Wonder concert.
on November 15,2012 | 07:00AM
frontman wrote:
Hawaii should pay them to take him....
on November 15,2012 | 07:09AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on November 15,2012 | 07:25AM
allie wrote:
let us hope...
on November 15,2012 | 08:54AM
2_centz wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on November 15,2012 | 07:26AM
paulokada wrote:
SA said a secretary signed it but the "Captain" is always to blame. This mess is getting bigger. Stay tuned for more.
on November 15,2012 | 08:12AM
ponowai wrote:
Couldn't stand Slim Jim Donovan before all the kaka hit the fan. He's more interested in playing politics than doing his job. Getting a lawyer to extort $600k clearly shows the kind of green he bleeds and that he doesn't care about the UH. Getting rid of Slim Jim will be a blessing, like removing a tumor.
on November 15,2012 | 07:55AM
kennie1933 wrote:
It's really too bad about JD. On paper, he's like the ideal AD candidate. He played for Hawaii, went through the athletic system, found a job and put in some years on the coaching staff....too bad.
on November 15,2012 | 08:07AM
allie wrote:
yup...he played the game well
on November 15,2012 | 08:54AM
Bdpapa wrote:
JD is an upstanding person. He has more devotion to UH than all the rest of them put together. That includes the current Acting AD.
on November 15,2012 | 10:00AM
nj24 wrote:
Good Luck JIM. You deserve a lot better than what was handed to you.
on November 15,2012 | 08:10AM
bleedgreen wrote:
on November 15,2012 | 08:43AM
BigOpu wrote:
If he gets the job, will there now be a $255k job opening? Btw, what is Donovan's responsibilities in his current position again? It was never really clear. What a BS PR stunt by UH. Good luck with CSUF.
on November 15,2012 | 09:14AM
loquaciousone wrote:
I hear his job was to make sure that there were no donuts left over at the end of the day.
on November 15,2012 | 09:18AM
9ronboz wrote:
Good call. hope he gets it. Go places where you can do your job and not micromanaged
on November 15,2012 | 10:11AM
go4it wrote:
Let's remember that Donavan wanted Dirk Koetter as head football coach instead of Chow. This is one of the reasons that Greeenwood gave for not wanting Donavan to continue as Athletic Director. With football attendance decreasing every week, hiring Chow has cost the UH moore than $200,000 and will take many years to recover. Our best hope now is to get Nick Rolovich in a few years and turn this football program around. Chow will never get the athletes needed for his system and he will never change.
on November 15,2012 | 11:25AM
islandsun wrote:
Good riddance!
on November 15,2012 | 11:39AM
808comp wrote:
Donovan can take Greenwood,and Apple with him.
on November 15,2012 | 11:47AM
csdhawaii wrote:
If Donovan was to get this job, the big question is - will Apple post the vacancy of Donovan's newly created position and fill it? According to Apple, he always intended to create this position, even mentioning it in his speech to the campus when he visited Manoa initially as a candidate for the Chancellor's position (although I didn't hear the speech, I'm just going on what Apple has said). And, if he DOES fill it, is the new person going to get paid $200K? Then we can really see if Apple has been maligned all this time, or is a man of his word.
on November 15,2012 | 12:23PM
hon2255 wrote:
Meanwhile what's going on with our UH athletic director search once again No Transparency from the people on upper campus. Greenwood you are a Failure!
on November 15,2012 | 04:35PM