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Donovan named athletic director at Cal State Fullerton

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 11:49 a.m. HST, Dec 13, 2012

Jim Donovan has been named as the new California State University Fullerton athletic director, the school announced on its website this morning.

Donovan attended a press conference in Fullerton, Calif. with CSUF president Mildred Garcia.

Donovan served as the University of Hawaii's athletic director for 4 1/2 years until being relieved in the wake of the Steve Wonder concert fiasco in July.

He was assigned to a marketing position in the Manoa chancellor's office in August.

“I am very honored to have been offered the position of athletic director of California State University Fullerton," Donovan said in a written statement. "As I begin a new chapter in my life, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunities provided to me by the University of Hawaii – as a student athlete, a graduate and, most recently, as athletic director.

"UH is a great institution with an athletic department that means so much to our state and I want to thank the people of Hawaii for their support and encouragement over the years.

"I would also like to thank the Governor, legislators, donors, season ticket holders, staff and coaches for their commitment to UH Athletics. And I sincerely hope that everyone will continue to support the efforts of UH’s new athletic director, Ben Jay, because UH athletics and its student athletes deserve the unwavering support of the Hawaii community."

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jamesbolton wrote:
on December 13,2012 | 07:54AM
allie wrote:
He leaves having been fired and leaving the UH in a nearly 2 million dollar hole. Guess Fullerton is desperate. That said, glad we got rid of him and don't have to pay his ludicrous salary for a non-job. UH lucked out on this one.
on December 13,2012 | 09:40AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Go to where ever Mandans go when they are bad!
on December 13,2012 | 11:05AM
waverider808 wrote:
why don't you go crawl under the rock you came from TROLL...as always, you know nothng of what you speak...
on December 13,2012 | 11:28AM
oxtail01 wrote:
UH should be so lucky with you but then again they do need to fill their enrollment with some disadvantaged students.
on December 13,2012 | 03:07PM
Aquarius1 wrote:
on December 13,2012 | 07:26PM
nj24 wrote:
If I'm not mistaken when Donavan took over UH was about 5 million in the hole. I guess he's better than you thought.
on December 13,2012 | 03:58PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
nj - allie is a useless dolt, he doesn't think nor is he capable of thought. The closest thing to allie would be a fly because it eats and sh*ts from it's mouth.
on December 13,2012 | 04:10PM
Anonymous wrote:
Wow...well said!
on December 13,2012 | 05:58PM
Rok888 wrote:
Congratulations Jim Donavan. Thanks for everything you did for the University and the State of Hawaii. Best of luck and wish you all the success you deserve.
on December 13,2012 | 06:28PM
kapoleidude1 wrote:
now Uh doesnt have to pay him for his useless position under apple. Great news!!!
on December 13,2012 | 07:58AM
OldDiver wrote:
Our loss their gain. Greenwood and Freitas threw the kitchen sink at Donovan. The BOR threw the kitchen sink at Donovan. Donovan is the only one who landing on his feet. Ben Jay will soon find out the upper campus crew will stop at nothing to change the facts and storyline to direct blame elsewhere. Mr. Jay, you will soon be their target.
on December 13,2012 | 07:59AM
WooWoo wrote:
First time in the history of man that I agree 100% with OldDiver!
on December 13,2012 | 09:39AM
boshio wrote:
What goes around will surely come around for the adimistration, BOR, and the Governor. Wish you well Donovan...
on December 13,2012 | 09:52AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Yeah, but he is right on this one!
on December 13,2012 | 11:06AM
mcc wrote:
Mr. Jay better watch out and listen to Freitas and Greenwood.
on December 13,2012 | 10:24AM
f206 wrote:
Congratulations to Jim Donavan!! You did a good job here and deserved to be treated better than you were.
on December 13,2012 | 07:59AM
2_centz wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 13,2012 | 08:13AM
Allenk wrote:
Wow, so Jim D lands on his feet and everything is hunky dory in UH land. Hollywood couldn't have scripted it any better.
on December 13,2012 | 10:04AM
2_centz wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 13,2012 | 08:03AM
OldDiver wrote:
If Donovan is smart he will not accept the current assistant athletic directors and choose his own. Forced to be stuck with Herman Fraizers assistant athletic directors made Donovan's tenure at UH a short one.
on December 13,2012 | 08:34AM
808warriorfan wrote:
Class guy.....wish the senior admin at UH could be the same.....GOOD LUCK JIM !!!!!
on December 13,2012 | 08:06AM
hon2255 wrote:
There's a rotten Apple on upper campus, the apple tree is due for some pruning
on December 13,2012 | 08:10AM
oxtail01 wrote:
Actually a poison apple!
on December 13,2012 | 03:14PM
WarriorDave wrote:
What a class person and act. Wishing you much success Jim!!!
on December 13,2012 | 08:08AM
Venus1 wrote:
All is well that ends well.....that's what Will said....now can we get on with our live?? That means letting Greenwood do her job...
on December 13,2012 | 08:12AM
boshio wrote:
Can't believe Greenwood and Apple are still around..
on December 13,2012 | 10:36AM
palolo wrote:
Congratulations JD. At least somebody appreciates the work you've done and you don't have to do a make believe job and work for people that really didn't want you around. They way they treat people you're lucky to be rid of them. Hope CSF has administration that doesn't lie and give BS. Good luck to you and your family.
on December 13,2012 | 08:14AM
coachal808 wrote:
CONGRATULATIONS JIM ! Fullerton has chosen well. Only people that truly know you, understand that everything you did at UH was for the betterment of the Athletic Department and the University itself. I know you bleed Green and White and I will always appreciate all that you have done for the State of Hawaii and UH in particular. Like OldDiver said........Our Loss....Their Gain.
on December 13,2012 | 08:19AM
Graham wrote:
on December 13,2012 | 08:27AM
Matsu wrote:
I agree 100%. Those who criticize Jim are those who don't know him or know his work. It is easy to sling trash (Allie), but Jim handled a tough job and did a great job. We will miss you Jim, and wish you the very best at Fullerton.
on December 13,2012 | 10:29AM
waverider808 wrote:
well said matsu......
on December 13,2012 | 11:27AM
OkiDawg wrote:
Agree with coach and Matsu. I had the good fortune to work for JD for 3 years, so I know what a man of character he is. His work ethic, professionalism, love of UH and how he treats his people is second to none. He is a class act all the way.
on December 13,2012 | 12:07PM
islandmom wrote:
No one can deny that Jim Donovan has been totally dedicated to UH since his days as a player, something like 30 years ago. I don't know the man, but being the UH AD was clearly his dream job, and I wish him well. This is a loss for UH and for Hawaii. How many high-level UH administrators can say they have been bleeding green-and-white since the early 1980s?
on December 13,2012 | 02:21PM
Wage Earner wrote:
Well deserved, Jim! Good things happen to good people.
on December 13,2012 | 07:29PM
mishtah wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 13,2012 | 08:28AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
mistah - interesting comment how about providing names and dates for SA to follow up on?
on December 14,2012 | 03:16AM
Tenatwelve wrote:
Congratulations Jim.
on December 13,2012 | 08:30AM
HawaiiMongoose wrote:
Congratulations to Jim. This is is homecoming for him as he grew up in SoCal. Thank you for all you did for UH.
on December 13,2012 | 08:34AM
808comp wrote:
One out and two to go. Apple or Greenwood, which will be next?
on December 13,2012 | 08:36AM
false wrote:
A couple of Board of Regents sounds good too.
on December 13,2012 | 10:43AM
bboops wrote:
Congratulations Jim Donovan!!! Our loss is someone else"s gain. Best of luck to you and your family as one door closes but another one opens:}
on December 13,2012 | 08:37AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
So, tell me again, who was responsible for the loss of $200k and what punishment did he/she receive?
on December 13,2012 | 08:56AM
braddah wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 13,2012 | 08:57AM
cojef wrote:
At least he will get fair deal anywhere other than UH. Too political with incompetents all around you, yes including the BoR. You are better off in California. Best of Luck on your new assignment.
on December 13,2012 | 12:00PM
We lose another committed person who bleeds green because the UH can't get their act together. JD is leaving with class. I will be following the progress of the Cal State Fullerton program from now on. I would not be surprised if they are doing really well in a few years. SMU has done very well with JJ and is slowly returning to CFB prominance. I don't know why we keep throwing some of our best and most committed people under the bus. (JJ, JD, Riley, etc.) All we end up with are political hacks, opportunists and carpetbaggers. Big loss. Congrats to JD and CSF for a good choice..
on December 13,2012 | 09:01AM
honupono wrote:
As an alumni I think UH is sinking its own ship. Bah.
on December 13,2012 | 09:13AM
false wrote:
I wish Jim Donovan well. I'm sure the Fullerton AD job is head and shoulders above what he was facing at UH. However, it's ironic that a situation similar to Donovan's, minus Stevie Wonder, had enveloped the AD at Fullerton, which created the opportunity for Donovan. This from the Orange County Register: "Brian Quinn, Cal State Fullerton athletic director for more than a decade, has been reassigned to the school's development office. He told The Orange County Register Friday that he will be in charge of athletic fund-raising. The school has not announced an interim athletic director, but there is an athletic department-wide staff meeting scheduled for Monday. Quinn's move comes on the heels of basketball coach Bob Burton's sudden resignation and a sex discrimination lawsuit by former softball coach Michelle Gromacki. The school announced Thursday that Gromacki, whose contract expired June 30, will not return next season. Quinn, who turns 71 Monday, was set to retire in November when his contract expired, but was asked by school administrators to stay on until Jan.18. He said he is unsure of his immediate future and he and his wife, Collette, "have some decisions to make." Quinn said he was not given a direct reason why he was reassigned.
on December 13,2012 | 09:14AM
MightyMakiki wrote:
Good news... Let's clean the decks
on December 13,2012 | 09:18AM
laachang wrote:
Yipee!! Congratulations, Jim!! We are so happy for you. "...just movin' along my way....."
on December 13,2012 | 09:22AM
dyw001 wrote:
I wonder how long Ben Jay is going to be around? UH is rife with political intrigues and I'm giving him 2 years.
on December 13,2012 | 09:36AM
allie wrote:
Good news. We don;t have to pay that ridiculous made up job he blackmailed the university for! UH lucked out on this one
on December 13,2012 | 09:38AM
mrluke wrote:
Just what the heck did he put on his resume?!
on December 13,2012 | 09:41AM
kainalu wrote:
on December 13,2012 | 09:50AM
aomohoa wrote:
It's funny, where I use to work, and we wanted to get rid of someone, we would give them a good report and suggest where they might be a better fit I wonder if this is what happened. Fullerton will find out soon enough. There loss is our gain.
on December 13,2012 | 09:55AM
DeeCee wrote:
congrats, jim and trace!
on December 13,2012 | 09:56AM
islandsun wrote:
Good news. Hes off the payroll and is their problem now. I hope he learned something from his UH gig. He wont have the same protection there.
on December 13,2012 | 09:58AM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
Now if only we could get Greenwood and Apple to go..
on December 13,2012 | 10:04AM
Big C wrote:
Ok, only a couple of "Green" wood "Apples" to go.
on December 13,2012 | 10:13AM
BigOpu wrote:
I still think the concert was a good idea to raise funds...just not excecuted well. Congrats JD.
on December 13,2012 | 10:20AM
mcc wrote:
Congratulations to Jim Donavan! Now Apple needs to find somone to fill his newly invented position. May the University can hire a Minland company to do a search for whater the job encountered. (Smiling???)
on December 13,2012 | 10:23AM
csdhawaii wrote:
Good point...if that position was so necessary, he best be posting it asap. Will the new person (if he hires one) also be receiving $211K a year, I wonder?
on December 13,2012 | 02:46PM
islandsun wrote:
The position was created special for JD so it will now be deleted. Thank Cal State for that. Guess JD didnt want to work under Apples eye. But you gotta wonder why JD didnt make it a point to know when 200k of his money was being spent. What a mess.
on December 13,2012 | 06:20PM
krusha wrote:
JD was a hard worker and had nothing but love for the university, so it's great to see him given this clean slate to continue his career in athletics. Aloha Jim and best of luck to you up in Fullerton.
on December 13,2012 | 10:31AM
false wrote:
Congrats. Notice he didn't bother thanking the administration that threw him under the bus. Seem so me Greenwood, Apple and some attorneys up there should have been under the bus with him. Stay tune for the next chapter.
on December 13,2012 | 10:40AM
csdhawaii wrote:
Good luck, Jim. Best wishes for success at Cal State Fullerton. Just do a little bit better job with doing what you know instead of trying to involve yourself and the department with things better left to experts, ok?
on December 13,2012 | 10:48AM
lowtone123 wrote:
Better luck over there than you had here.
on December 13,2012 | 10:54AM
bleedgreen wrote:
Jim Donovan is a class act.
on December 13,2012 | 11:25AM
kahu808 wrote:
A fresh start.
on December 13,2012 | 11:33AM
false wrote:
Can we still pay him a few hundred thousand a year as a consultant.
on December 13,2012 | 11:38AM
visitor wrote:
Congrats Jim! You did well for UH and deserved better. Good luck.
on December 13,2012 | 11:47AM
Graham wrote:
To our permanment UH freshman...old adage"Some times it is better to remain silent and thought to be ignorant, than to speak and remove all doubt"..in your case it better not to write...
on December 13,2012 | 11:49AM
usahwn wrote:
What does an AD actually do beside sell concert tickets and get paid big bucks ? Seems like coaches Shoji, Trapasso and now Chow run the athletic dept. Just thinking out loud .
on December 13,2012 | 11:59AM
kailua1044 wrote:
Congrats Jim & Tracey! Hawaii is home and we will always love you!
on December 13,2012 | 11:59AM
nontaister1 wrote:
This is playing out like a Woody Allen movie,the end is not even in sight yet....
on December 13,2012 | 12:06PM
kahalaopuna wrote:
E ho'omaika'i to Jim Donovan. He loved Hawai'i with his heart and soul, and gave so much to our State. He did not deserve what he got in the end from UH....his alma mater. He left because he also believes he should not sit in a "made-up" position. He has much to offer. Only those who know the intergrity and aloha in Jim Donovan's heart will understand that his departure is a huge loss for our State. I wish Jim, Tracy, and their beautiful children, the very best, and know that many of us send our aloha with them on their new journey.
on December 13,2012 | 12:19PM
scooters wrote:
Ah -Ha, sneaking out of town. Good Bye!
on December 13,2012 | 12:31PM
BigErn wrote:
Good for him! He gets to leave a very dysfunctional family.
on December 13,2012 | 01:00PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Cal State Fullerton made a good choice. I still think he is an honest, hardworking person. Good luck to Jim and his family.
on December 13,2012 | 01:11PM
GorillaSmith wrote:
Jim Donovan took the high road while the loathsome UH assembly of boobs tried to scapegoat him for their shocking lack of fiscal controls. Certainly no one with a brain stem bought their noxious load of manure for one second. It's good to see a classy guy like him get rewarded with an AD position. Good luck, Jim.
on December 13,2012 | 01:41PM
Wage Earner wrote:
Not to mention their pitiful "public relations" staff.
on December 13,2012 | 07:32PM
zoomzoom65 wrote:
Good luck, Jim. Hope you get the support you never got at UH!
on December 13,2012 | 01:59PM
dlum003 wrote:
UH's loss, CSF's gain. Good luck Jim, get as far away from the Manoa dungheap as possible. Apple, Greenwood, Chow, Freitas, BOR,and the rest of the clowns will begin canibalizing each other. Its going to be fun to watch them crash like a runaway truck. Too bad the students have to suffer.
on December 13,2012 | 02:26PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Donovan had one important thing going for him - true love for UH. That is not something you replace so easiliy. In his place we get another carpetbagger albeit with of an ethnicity selected to molify the locals. It's not the color of the man but his heart that will make a difference for UH. Let's hope the new guy develops the level of love for the institution that Donovan had. Best wishes!
on December 13,2012 | 03:13PM
entrkn wrote:
Congratulations and good luck Jim... you deserve the best.
on December 13,2012 | 03:21PM
Naloboy wrote:
Is it any wonder?
on December 13,2012 | 05:38PM
frontman wrote:
Dies Stevie wonder go with him????
on December 13,2012 | 06:38PM
bengoshi wrote:
I have no personalized viewpoint with respect to Mr. Donovan, but if he was so "truly loyal" to UH as an institution, I rather doubt that he would have hired an attorney to threaten the administration into making up a 200,000 /year pseudo-position for him in lieu of litigating against the university he "loved" so much. That is not to remove any fault from the administration, but merely to objectively assess the circumstances. These are all grown-ups, and universities and their athletic departments are not as romantic and emotional as some people apparently wish to believe.
on December 13,2012 | 06:44PM
gshilo wrote:
Good for JD. Happy that he has landed on his feet. Good luck and much success at Fullerton.
on December 13,2012 | 09:05PM
builderguy wrote:
Hey Jim I got Don Ho to perform a concert for the benefit of Cal State Fullerton. Interested only 100k down payment. Cash only no checks or credit cards
on December 14,2012 | 07:34AM