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McMackin defends Moniz's performance during Idaho game

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 02:39 p.m. HST, Oct 31, 2011

University of Hawaii head football coach Greg McMackin defended quarterback Bryant Moniz's uneven play in the Warriors' 16-14 victory over Idaho Saturday saying the Warriors need to "protect for him" better.

Moniz completed 32 of 53 passes for one touchdown, was intercepted once and lost two fumbles. He guided the Warriors 60 yards to set up Kenton Chun's deciding 35-yard field goal in the fourth quarter.

"We had a hard time blocking their front and they really kept him from doing any running," McMackin said on the Western Athletic Conference coaches' teleconference today.

McMackin said Moniz has had "an excellent year. He (Moniz) was a little out of sync this last ballgame  but he'll get himself back to where he (was). I wouldn't put it on him. You know, shoot, we had (six) sacks and he got hit nine times and we've got to protect for him. And Idaho did a good job of closing down the lanes so he couldn't run out of there. "

The 5-3  (3-1 WAC) Warriors UH host Utah State (2-5, 0-2) Saturday at Aloha Stadium.

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allie wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 31,2011 | 08:13AM
fairgame947 wrote:
He;s not out their alone. The O line is there to protect him and they weren't able to do the job. It's just not all on him. We know he's good so don't get down on him for just this game. GO WARRIORS!!!!
on October 31,2011 | 08:27AM
ya_think wrote:
He won't even get a look in the NFL.
on October 31,2011 | 08:49AM
frontman wrote:
Hiesman candidate...............not in his lifetime. LOL..LOL..LOL
on October 31,2011 | 03:22PM
hilo69 wrote:
I agree wtih fairgame947 -- THE 'O' LINE WEREN'T DOING THEIR JOB TO PROTECT HIM! Moniz definitely would've performed better if the 'O' line performed better. But give the Warriors credit -- they won! Crossing my fingers they win the WAC, tho' -- now not so confident that they will.
on October 31,2011 | 08:37AM
vernchs wrote:
An excellent year???? What games are he talking about???? Other than th Davis game, Moniz has had an average or below average year. Coach Mac sounds like a typical politician. The economy is great and Solyndra is a great investment.
on October 31,2011 | 08:39AM
fishwrider wrote:
Moniz has no protection from O-line and his receivers can get separation from coverage. No time to throw and no one to throw it to. How do you think he'll look??!! Get educated before you start spouting off. You need a dose of reality.
on October 31,2011 | 08:47AM
fishwrider wrote:
Moniz has no protection from O-line and his receivers can get separation from coverage. No time to throw and no one to throw it to. How do you think he'll look??!! Get educated before you start spouting off. You need a dose of reality.
on October 31,2011 | 08:47AM
ya_think wrote:
Thats not exactly true, How many long throws did he complete - 0 and they were open but he over threw all the time. If you look at all the games he has played you will see that he is inconsistent in them all, and that is his failing, he needs to be consistent all the time when he throws.
on October 31,2011 | 08:54AM
lani_moo wrote:
Isn't it amazing how good receivers can make even a mediocre quarterback look good. Too bad for Moniz, they all graduated last year.
on October 31,2011 | 09:01AM
LizKauai wrote:
There is a lot more football to go. Get healthy, get in sync... GO WARRIORS!
on October 31,2011 | 09:04AM
Oahuan wrote:
rah rah rah!!
on October 31,2011 | 12:12PM
kailua1044 wrote:
rah rah your...
on October 31,2011 | 02:18PM
kawika72 wrote:
Still playing like high school football. Yes, there some good players that can play at the college level, but coaches need to work harder with the others. The whole team looks bad if unimproved players keep playing at their levels, cause the good players cannot do their jobs alone. Running out of time fast. Coaches get to work and earn your keep. If players cannot improve, time to sort them out and replace them. What happens when you are playing against a good team. Come on, you cannot keep performing at the same level.
on October 31,2011 | 09:24AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Moniz is the best we got. He can't throw long but other than that he's pretty good. Now as far as the Heisman Trophy, well, you gotta be kidding me.
on October 31,2011 | 09:33AM
keawe wrote:
Idaho's defense looked pretty good. I can't remember the Linebacker's name but he will go to the NFL. I do not believe U.H. has ever played against a linebacker that tall, strong, fast, and a nose for the football like him before. The defensive backs were also outstanding.
on October 31,2011 | 09:44AM
chaindawg wrote:
Dude, Idaho is a 1-7 team and in the WAC cellar. no excuse, Hawaii needs to step it up.
on October 31,2011 | 02:26PM
Imua45 wrote:
He's just taking too long making decisions & the hesitation has definitely slowed him down, plus the O-line isn't helping either. Unfortunately, I think the blame should go to the coaches more than the players. As coach Mac's favorite line is, "I take full responsibility", well big guy, you should. Instead of taking full responsibility, just fix the damn problem. We have the talent, just don't believe we have the coaching to take us to the next level of consistency & that's what winning teams always have.
on October 31,2011 | 09:48AM
aieanani wrote:
Looks like that "road game" curse hit us again! We just won by a hair on our chinny, chin chin.
on October 31,2011 | 10:00AM
vapors wrote:
on October 31,2011 | 11:11AM
BO0o07 wrote:
Either Idaho is a lot better football team than most fans realize or did UH make them look that way? Past UH teams have sometimes played to the level of the competition. Was that the case with Idaho? A win is a win but an uneven/ugly win sure doesn't build fan's confidence for the next game no matter who they are playing. With the exceptions of a few players, I didn't see a sense of urgency and when one of the coaches say a player or the team had a good practice during the week before a game, I begin to wonder whether the good practice will be there during a game.
on October 31,2011 | 11:41AM
Anonymous wrote:
I was afraid something like this would happen this season w/ a very young "O" line.
on October 31,2011 | 11:46AM
miz wrote:
Give Shane Austin a chance.
on October 31,2011 | 12:05PM
Oahuan wrote:
The O Line sucked and Moniz sucked. Question is why is the O line still struggling midway in the season against a pathetic 1-7 Idaho team? And don't give me that bs about Idaho being a good team. Time for Mack and his staff to hit the road.
on October 31,2011 | 12:11PM
akuman808 wrote:
Last year when Kealoha was out, teams shut down Greg and Bryant. Teams have seen what can be done if you take away Moniz's first two options, there is not time to go through the progression to the third. Rolo has got to do a better job of maybe max protecting to give Moniz and Pollard more time to allow the play to develop. Other coaches are figuring out Rolo's tendencies in play calling games.
on October 31,2011 | 12:17PM
mctruck wrote:
wonder how much of a pre-game warm up Moniz goes thru, because he consistantly starts the game(s) over throwing his recievers? If his throws are on the mark, it would make a tremendous difference. As it is, everything just snow-balls going down hill.
on October 31,2011 | 12:34PM
akuman808 wrote:
Throwing from his back foot rather than following through. A bad habit that Rolo allowed to now become second nature for Mo.
on October 31,2011 | 02:04PM
rhnews wrote:
the Achilles heel for this offense is the lack of a consistent running game/running back. no running game, defenses can pin their ears back and just rush the passer. it leaves an already lacking line a harder time to block the onslaught of pass rushers. the saving grace Colt had was the running game with Nate and the shovel pass. we need to get back to the Run portion of the Run and Shoot. this will help with the lacking O-Line play and keep defenses guessing. a balance attack is key to any consistent success.
on October 31,2011 | 12:51PM
sonnyboy wrote:
Mcmackin and his staff have not been able to recruit the best blue chip players around, and it is beginning to reveal itself. if the o-line is the best they got and there isn't competition at QB because he's the best they got it's evidence that they are not capable recruiters and it will continue to be that way with subpar performances. If you have a VW it won't perform like a Porsche!
on October 31,2011 | 01:16PM
jusmetwocents wrote:
McMackin should be relived of his duties at the end of this season... Big losses to UNLV, San Jose State and just barely squeaking by Idaho isn't justifying what he is (overpaid) to do. UH needs to find another Head Coach from their existing ranks or outside their current staff, pay less and expect better results than what McMackin has produced!
on October 31,2011 | 01:25PM
Ripoff wrote:
nah, he's awful. Can't perform in Big games (Tulsa) and against weaker opponents like Idaho..Austin should be in there
on October 31,2011 | 01:27PM
robokuda001 wrote:
O line coach will be replaced by next season. If no improvement, head coach will be replaced.
on October 31,2011 | 01:42PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
Bryant Moniz did the best that he could as an unpaid collegiate player. His compensation is in the form a scholarship, plane fares and feeding and housing. Greg McMackin is the highest paid state employee at 1.1 million dollars a year salary. If there is anyone that should be put under the microscope, it is the coach. I just cannot see how we justified paying this man $1.1 a year. We barely defeated a team with a one-win six-loss record (prior to meeting Hawaii). The state simply cannot afford this man's salary. We get mediocre result for a very high price tag. Yes, other states pay their coaches high salaries. But this is Hawaii. Not Florida.
on October 31,2011 | 03:03PM
hunebasami wrote:
yes Florida is one of the most depressed stste in the Union and they pay more. We must be a cheapscate people if we pay in the middle and get winning seasons. We have one of the cheapest recruitment budget so you think why they can't recruit. Pay more from your pockets. Buy more tickets. Donate more. And then complain
on October 31,2011 | 05:28PM
frontman wrote:
Hiesman material..............LOL............LOL...........LOL
on October 31,2011 | 03:20PM
hon2255 wrote:
His long passes , are constantly overthrown, time and time again. We have no long ball game.At All.
on October 31,2011 | 04:39PM
ehbrah wrote:
can someone show me how to have the latest comment at the top, instead of at the bottom?
on October 31,2011 | 04:25PM
CriticalReader wrote:
What was the spread on this game?
on October 31,2011 | 06:06PM
Eradication wrote:
Boo-birds and wanna-be coaches are out in full force. Most of them couldn't hold a football let alone throw it, yet they critique Moniz? Yeah, right...Reading some of these posts are actually pretty comical.
on October 31,2011 | 06:56PM
Anonymous wrote:
on October 31,2011 | 07:16PM
808BigE wrote:
Typical spoiled selfish Saint Louis kids. Why not just be happy the dude is breaking to the college level?
on October 31,2011 | 09:43PM
Manapua_Man wrote:
The responsibility of the team's performance lies solely with the coaching staff, not Moniz.
on October 31,2011 | 07:49PM
kalico11 wrote:
I agree with manapua man. I think Mac gotto let Rolo call the plays
on October 31,2011 | 09:17PM
808BigE wrote:
I hope all you guys who are criticizing are actually at the games. Pointing fingers and yelling at your TV does no good for the program. You think that there's improvements to be made to UH football? Start with the fans, everyone who has the mouth to criticize on here better have your okole in those rickety old seats come game day. If the fans get into and the fans support, then players and coaches alike will respond and rise to the occasion. Fans gotta be there through good and bad times, not run away then comeback when the team is good. Step up you game fans, this is all on us.
on October 31,2011 | 09:49PM