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Give Schroeder a break from the constant beatings

By Dave Reardon


It's time. It's actually past time. Some would say way overdue.

But even those of us who know it is important to give Norm Chow plenty of latitude to build a program his way from the bottom up see it clearly.

Sean Schroeder needs a break. We need a break from Sean Schroeder.

Not necessarily an entire game. It doesn't technically have to be a "benching."

Schroeder has taken every meaningful snap at quarterback this season for a University of Hawaii football team that is dangerously close to becoming meaningless to many of its fans if it doesn't stop losing games it can win.

Unfortunately, it's starting to look like those opportunities are running out for this season. These past three games were a soft stretch, and Hawaii gave them all away. They were games UH, even in this transition phase, could have won.

Make that "should have won" for the 42-27 loss at Colorado State on Saturday. The Warriors had the Rams on the ropes in the third quarter.

A suddenly ballhawking UH defense and sloppy CSU offense conspired to give Hawaii the ball in Rams territory FOUR times in the third. But the Warriors managed only two field goals, 11/2 points per golden opportunity. Chow was right when he said that cost his team the game.

Even then, Hawaii did still have a chance. But Schroeder got picked off twice for CSU touchdowns in the late going, and that's that.

Chow took himself to task for some of his play-calling, and questioned Schroeder's decision-making.

And Schroeder, as a quarterback and captain should do, manned up and accepted accountability once again.

But it's a tiresome refrain for the Hawaii fans. As my friend Nelson Kotaka says, "I bleed green, but I hope I have enough blood to last the season!"

The Warriors open as 32-point underdogs at Fresno State, and then host nationally ranked Boise State. That means Hawaii is probably on its way to its longest losing streak since the winless 1998 season.

It's obvious that 19-for-46 with three interceptions against a 1-6 team is not good. And failing to get into the end zone four times in a row on a short field is also a signal for a change, at least situationally.

Could it hurt to mix it up and give Cayman Shutter, Jeremy Higgins and/or David Graves some playing time and experience in the coming weeks? Some direct snaps to Joey Iosefa?

I understand the sentiment against using more than one quarterback. But it can work; Notre Dame is 8-0 with two quarterbacks playing major roles.

Hawaii beat Alabama in 2003 (yes, a lousy Alabama team, but Alabama nonetheless). The UH quarterback? Jason Whieldon, off the bench for a struggling Timmy Chang, who was being booed mercilessly at Aloha Stadium.

A month later, Chang was back in the saddle and MVP in the triple-overtime Hawaii Bowl win against Houston. He was still coach June Jones' guy.

I admire Sean Schroeder for his toughness in a tough situation. Of course it isn't all on him, but a lot of it is.

Considering all the whacks he has taken, it's to his credit he's made it this far without getting injured.

Considering the six losses and his role in them, it's time for a break.

Reach Dave Reardon at dreardon@staradvertiser.com or 529-4783.

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Infamous_Hawaii wrote:
I don't care which QB plays. Just hope Hawaii gets blown out fast so the opponent lets us score 2 mercy TDs. So we can get 2 free tacos from Jack in the box.
on October 29,2012 | 02:03AM
buds4life wrote:
Thank you Mr. Reardon, for stating the obvious. The onus isn't on Schroeder but the stubbornness of Coach Chow. The irony is that the more that is commented, the less likely the fans are going to see a change. Is it safe to equate stubbornness with giant-sized ego. By the way Mr. Reardon, why is this coaching staff given a pass on the shoddy handling of David Graves? Without knowing firsthand, I would think the veterans on the team have less respect for their coaches. Team leader, team player thrown in the gutter. Auwe!
on October 29,2012 | 03:18AM
hunebasami wrote:
Chow only want to use his boys. All of Mac are seeing the bench. Ir's an ego thing. We won with the bench players. Do we miss Mac yet. Chow is making Mac look good now.
on October 29,2012 | 09:34AM
tjpmd1 wrote:
I would also like a reporter to ask specifically about David Graves. I really enjoyed watching him develop. This has to be devastating for the kid who came here as a freshman and has been a team leader. If one player is treated unfairly, it certainly sends the wrong message to the others on the team and also to recruits. The future of UH football relies on building a system of incoming freshmen who stick it out and grow. Now, it seems we are punishing those who have committed so much to the program. Whatever is going on at UH now is definitely not Warrior football. We have a legacy of athletic, enthusiastic and play-up heroic performances. I am demoralized about the whole thing and I have always been excited about UH football.
on October 29,2012 | 09:43AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Agree Graves has been treated unfairly. This is a kid who would do anything for the team - he's played db, he could play special teams. And now he doesn't even suit up for home games? You have got to be kidding me. As a UH fan, I'm disappointed in how he's been treated. If Graves is reading this, please know that true UH fans are behind you son.
on October 29,2012 | 10:29AM
Psyche wrote:
100% AGREED!
on October 29,2012 | 12:14PM
KamaainaUH wrote:
What irks me more than anything is Graves was voted team captain by his teammates,title yanked unceremoniously away by Chow, and he doesn't get to suit up for games? How does Graves go from team captain to watching the games from the stands?- Answer-Norm Chow, his ego, his stubbornness-he's acting like a dictator and losing his kids fast.
on October 29,2012 | 06:24PM
bleedgreen wrote:
Finally Brenden Daley was given a chance at MLB. He played a good game. As for Schroeder, I recall in 2011 it seemed McMackin stuck with Moniz the same way Chow is sticking with Schroeder, even when the starting QB is struggling. Only Moniz' injury allowed other QBs game time. Must be a coach thing.
on October 29,2012 | 04:23AM
bleedgreen wrote:
Oh yeah. Same for Coach Shoji in sticking with Uiato, even when her sets are off. Again, a coach thing. However, in the match against UC Irvine, Shoji put in Stauber and Hagins (was it the 2nd set|?) and they turned things around for the downward sliding Wahine. Then, they were banished to the bench. Maybe Chow can learn from Shoji. Put in the back-up, then banish the back-up to the bench.
on October 29,2012 | 04:33AM
hunebasami wrote:
Are they still winning. Are they ranked because they win. Chow's tean ps not ranked and are not winning. Sorry they are ranked 124 out of 124.
on October 29,2012 | 09:37AM
808comp wrote:
Schroeder was at Purdue for three years and never got to play, why? Maybe he does need a little rest,and someone else needs to be given a chance.
on October 29,2012 | 04:40AM
ricekidd wrote:
get it right haters its Duke not Purdue...
on October 29,2012 | 07:03AM
Anonymous wrote:
Well, in a way he was spot on. He never did play a down for Purdue!
on October 29,2012 | 07:30AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Three downs for Duke.
on October 29,2012 | 10:30AM
808comp wrote:
So i screwed up on the school he came from, like you never make a mistake before. Besides i don't hate the guy.
on October 29,2012 | 04:18PM
Dragonman wrote:
Yes Schroeder never played at Duke. That means that in terms of playing experience Schroeder is not more than a freshman. I think NC realizes this and that is why he is sticking with him. Having said that, I agree with the article, Schroeder needs a break before he gets hurt. Also some non playing time will give him a fresh perspective of the game and may actually help him in his learning curve.
on October 29,2012 | 10:18AM
PCWarrior wrote:
If SS was going to play 1st string next year, I could see sticking with him. But we got Graham for next year and another good HS QB coming in. If just to shut us :"haters" up, play another dude coach or no one will go to the Boise game. Period.
on October 29,2012 | 10:32AM
dt44 wrote:
Thanks Dave for telling it like it is. It's nice that Coach has Schroeder's back and determined to prove his point but like you said, give him a break from all the "lickings". I think even though Coach wants to stick with "his" QB, he owes it to the faithful fans to at least give the backups some meaningful PT. Next year UH will be imploring people to buy season tickets to support the team but next time they might think twice before doing so. Before the season started, a friend said "they'll be lucky to win more than 3 games" and I contested his assertion with conviction to which he replied "you'll see". Coach is proving him right and I do see. Ultimately all the coaches are responsible for the success or failure of the team. These are sad times for Warrior football akin to the Vonappen era. Maybe what coach fails to realize is this is not a BCS school with a 100K fans waiting to fill the stands, UH needs every season ticket holder and he should maintain a good relationship with them. Keep them happy, what does he have to lose besides another game?
on October 29,2012 | 05:34AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 29,2012 | 07:48AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Geez bruddah we get it. You hate Dave Reardon. Do you have to tell us that everytime Dave writes a column?
on October 29,2012 | 10:34AM
hunebasami wrote:
Lucky to win 2 games. We went pass the soft part already.
on October 29,2012 | 09:40AM
ahi1pfb wrote:
Chow is out of his league as a head coach. He looks confused on the sideline. Some people just don't make it in that position. He should step down for the benefit of the team so we can get back to a more reliable offensive system, the run n shoot. Bring Rolo back. His stubbornness on Schroeder is proving to be detrimental to this team. You can change all the tires on your car but somebody still needs to be able to drive the car to get a smooth ride. Somebody has to take the keys away from Schroeder.
on October 29,2012 | 06:18AM
ricekidd wrote:
So if you are working poorly for few weeks, rather than give you time to prove yourself, we should fire you? ahi1pfd..thats what youre saying right? think before all you haters speak....
on October 29,2012 | 07:07AM
ahi1pfb wrote:
Absolutely, Fired. Can't do the job, find someone who can. Especially if you are so stubborn not to look at all aspects of change to improve. If I did that on my job people would die,so firing me would save lives.
on October 29,2012 | 07:17AM
Anonymous wrote:
Exactly why Romney is the ONLY choice for POTUS. If you don't like what he says this week, wait till next... he embraces constant change.
on October 29,2012 | 07:32AM
konakeoni99 wrote:
on October 29,2012 | 08:43AM
hunebasami wrote:
I agree so I can watch UH football again.
on October 29,2012 | 09:46AM
Alamosakid wrote:
on October 30,2012 | 08:59AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 29,2012 | 07:51AM
ricekidd wrote:
inapt? first of all you better get english lesson before you start with me. Inapt--define Inapt??? looked it up a dictionary before you use a word that does not exsist.
on October 29,2012 | 03:53PM
t_faman wrote:
Rice, five consecutive weeks is more than a few. Coach Chow said it after one of those games that it's a big boy business and no one is going to feel sorry for you. The other colleges and pro teams do it as well, look even the Eagles are contemplating benching former All Pro Michael Vick.
on October 29,2012 | 09:04AM
hunebasami wrote:
We passed the half way point. If it was your business and you salesmen were making bad decisiun and you were losing ,money you would stick with them and go broke.
on October 29,2012 | 09:44AM
Anonymous wrote:
it is a different scenario, Mr. Ricekidd. We're not hiring a trainee or a rookie so he can get some on-the-job training; we are hiring an experienced coach hoping to improve the team's performance.
on October 29,2012 | 10:01AM
ricekidd wrote:
True but you all need to look at the team itsself. we have scrub players and not much talent. I believe that give at least 3 years. 3rd Season and starting off like this, its to fire someone. I just think we need time. Give us time!!!
on October 29,2012 | 03:57PM
ahi1pfb wrote:
Mac won with those so called scrub players. Now you saying it's the players fault. Auwe. Taking it out on the players and showing allegiance to a unproven head coach who can't motivate his players. Sounds like that commercial from years back. You dropped the ball, you not my son. totally inapt lol
on October 29,2012 | 08:39PM
inverse wrote:
Does Schroeder drink and drive like the others?
on October 29,2012 | 09:22AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Maybe he should go out with Colt?
on October 29,2012 | 10:35AM
wizard417 wrote:
we got romped and stomped, we've given up way too many points. how long does it take to realize the defensive coach SUCKS, I MEAN REALLY SUCK
on October 29,2012 | 06:48AM
lokela wrote:
I agree with the QB change. Nothing to lose. We are already losing. Chow brought back some student fans to the Stadium now he will be losing them along with the other fans because of his stubborness. Pretty much sure we will lose the rest of the games this season. The tough teams are now coming up on the schedule. No D or O = Zilch.
on October 29,2012 | 06:54AM
konakeoni99 wrote:
the blowouts will get worse from here on out. Even that Alabama team game will be a question mark in the win/loss column
on October 29,2012 | 08:44AM
paintslinger wrote:
You guys who lay it all on the QB know its not just that...its 11 guys doing a job. First of all, for a QB to be effective he needs protection...than he needs recievers who can get separation...who know the routes well....its a lot of factors. Our revievers are not that good, not that fast and are fair when it comes to yards after catch...if they catch. Our problems are greater than a tried Coach or tired and beat up QB....its a paucity of D-1 talent that can play 4 Quarters. Give Chow another year and we should be ok.
on October 29,2012 | 07:09AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 29,2012 | 07:53AM
hunebasami wrote:
All about coaching. We can't pass,tackle, block, catch but we know how to let the other team score.
on October 29,2012 | 09:54AM
kennie1933 wrote:
I would agree with your assessment but here's the problem. If we have a situation where the line is not giving enough protection or receivers are not running routes well, then on of the things a QB will have to do is run occasionally. That way, you keep the defense honest and they will always have to keep the QB in mind. Schroeder does not run. Whether is is because he CAN not or WILL not....he just doesn't run, and defenses have apparently picked up on this. So, without that threat, defenses can either stack the line and stop the run or drop more into coverage and with Chow's typical play calling, it's easy....run on first and second down, then have third and long and be forced to pass.
on October 29,2012 | 08:05AM
hunebasami wrote:
Quarterback needs a quicker release.....Same offense line that was here last year. Last year we won 6 games with no talent. When we had a little talent we won the WAC. When we had more talent we went to a BCS bowl.
on October 29,2012 | 09:58AM
kennie1933 wrote:
This is also true, but the o-line was used to the run-and-shoot where the QB stands in shotgun so he's already a few yards behind the line, then the release is like a second or two after getting the ball. QB has to be able to make quick reads. In the pro-set offense, the QB rolls back and requires about 3 clear seconds to pass. They are not used to pass blocking that way. It's difficult to keep a 300 pound guy from trying to get to the QB for 3 seconds. And, they are not used to run blocking because we rarely ran with the run-and-shoot scheme.
on October 29,2012 | 11:47AM
fka wrote:
BINGO!! You hit it on the nose,kennie1933,you need to keep the defense honest by having a quarterback that can run occasionally. I saw this problem long ago when UH played Nevada and it's still a mystery,as to why Chow hasn't substituted any of the back-up quarterbacks. Chow's inflexibility and stubbornest is creating a morale problem among the players and has turned off a lot of fans.
on October 29,2012 | 10:12AM
konakeoni99 wrote:
paintslinger, Schroeder holds on to the ball WAY TOO LONG!!!!!! he has to take a lot of the blame. the other players aren't the ones throwing pick 6s out there. Schroeder is the one doing that!!!
on October 29,2012 | 08:45AM
hunebasami wrote:
Another Vonappen beleiver. Unril we lose 15 games in a row right. Some people can see early. Some needs to get into an accident to know something was there. We saw this comming when Chow was hired.
on October 29,2012 | 09:51AM
kennie1933 wrote:
At first I was excited to learn he was coming and finally being given a chance to be a head coach. The, I had a funny feeling when he did not keep any of the major assistants. For one thing, that would certainly lower the morale of the current players, but also, it would not allow for a "connection" between the present and new players, and perhaps a way to ease the present players into the new system. At the very least, he could have kept Coach Aranda to maintain the defense which, I didn't think was that bad. That way, we still might be losing with the players trying to adjust to the new offense, but we would not be getting blown out, certainly not by the likes of Nevada who we've always played tough and beaten at Aloha Stadium.
on October 29,2012 | 11:59AM
ricekidd wrote:
Wow check out all the Monday Morning QB' and Coaches!! all of them asking for head on a stick! typical Americans.... well that is exactly who we are right? bunch of little kids who wants instant gratification. Give the Coach sometime, some room and let the man do his thing. If we are in the same boat by next year this time... then maybe we should think about the head on a stick. Till then let Coach do his thing!!!!
on October 29,2012 | 07:13AM
ahi1pfb wrote:
When a university makes a change in the coaching staff, it is because they want to do better than what happen in the previous season. Doing worse is not what they are looking for. Improvement from day one is what they want. Losing to the perennial basement dwellers in your conference is not getting better. Mac and staff would at the very least beat New Mexico and Colorado St. Empty stands at Aloha Stadium will not make the University happy. Oh yea, Everything at the University is a shambles right now.
on October 29,2012 | 07:53AM
hunebasami wrote:
We have gotten worse....Now do you know why nobody hired him as headcoach. Do you know why he has never stayed on one team for long. Everybody got rid of him and we make him a leader.
on October 29,2012 | 10:07AM
jussayin wrote:
If it's okay to be this bad, then the pay and compensation for the coaches should reflect that. Plus the price of the tickets should be cheaper if it's okay to throw away a season. A good coach makes adjustments. If things don't work, you try something different. It's like holding on to the Enron stock or Research in Motion stock hoping and hoping things get better. Most of us are not saying to dump Chow. BUT, it is frustrating that he's not doing his job of making adjustments to the capability of his players. Good article! Let's try some changes to get better.
on October 29,2012 | 08:12AM
hunebasami wrote:
on October 29,2012 | 10:08AM
t_faman wrote:
1-6 is not good enough, not even mediocre. Just like a real job if you don't perform well in your probationary period, you're gone.
on October 29,2012 | 09:11AM
hunebasami wrote:
Shouldn't have been hired.
on October 29,2012 | 10:09AM
jussayin wrote:
on October 29,2012 | 10:46PM
EastOahu wrote:
CHOW TIME. I think I have indigestion!
on October 30,2012 | 07:08AM
hunebasami wrote:
Fools think that you need time. Look at the first year coaches in pro and college that are winning. When people don't come to see them who pays. If the UH loses money who pays. You and I do. This is a business. It's about money. UH football needs to make money to help the other sports.
on October 29,2012 | 10:04AM
McCully wrote:
I don't care what QB you got behind the center, if your line can't block you're going to look bad. This O line is young and inexperienced, so it's going to take time for them to learn how to run and pass block.
on October 29,2012 | 07:14AM
ricekidd wrote:
thank you for a positive comment!
on October 29,2012 | 07:17AM
loquaciousone wrote:
That's so true but if you have a flat tire don't you change it so that the car goes a little faster. By now Sean is so punch drunk from all the hits that we should try something new - - don't you think?
on October 29,2012 | 07:43AM
hunebasami wrote:
What happen to the coaches, Don't they teach. After all this time did we get better? Positive is when you improve. We didn't. Don't blame the players it's the coaching.
on October 29,2012 | 10:12AM
fka wrote:
The bottom line is you need to improvise in the mean time,if you don't have the blocking,by inserting a quarterback that has the ability to run and elude the defense.You need to give the reserve quarterback a chance to play to see,if they are more productive under the situation you are in.
on October 29,2012 | 07:31PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Hey everybody give Norm and the UH kids a break. They can't help it if they've played 6 BCS bound teams this year. We should be thankful that next year everybody will be scheduling UH for their homecoming game.
on October 29,2012 | 07:40AM
ahi1pfb wrote:
There is not one BCS bowl bound team on that schedule. USC with 2 losses already will not make a BCS bowl. Stop making excuses for a horrible coaching staff. It is not the players fault they have an inept coaching staff.
on October 29,2012 | 08:16AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 29,2012 | 09:16AM
hunebasami wrote:
You can see, too. It's not the players but the coaches. They have to make do with what they got. Mac did. He played with JJ recuits. He wasn't given a chance to have only his men. He didn't lose as much. He was 6-7 with the same players and with Moniz with a broken leg. If moniz didn't break his leg we would have made it ti the Hawaii bowl.
on October 29,2012 | 10:20AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Of course there is. How can Hawaii give up 45 points to a junk team and 69 to an average team. Take my word for it. They're all BCS bound.
on October 29,2012 | 09:32AM
hunebasami wrote:
right on
on October 29,2012 | 10:14AM
oioman wrote:
Can anyone answer this question? Why is David Graves on Chow's S--- List? Lack of intelligence, poor attitude? What? What? What?
on October 29,2012 | 08:02AM
hunebasami wrote:
Not his men...
on October 29,2012 | 10:20AM
kennie1933 wrote:
Same reason he did not keep any of the previous coaches who, by the way, are now all doing great at their new schools. I'm happy for them.
on October 29,2012 | 12:03PM
lowtone123 wrote:
I believed coach Chow when he said that Schroeder was the best QB by far to run his offense. After all this guy has been evauating QB longer than I have been alive. However I stated several weeks ago that it wouldn't hurt to have the backups play in garbage time to get game reps. What if Schroeder gets hurt you have a backup you don't have enough faith to put in when the game is out of reach AND he has to game reps. At worst you are giving the backup some reps, but you may find he brings something else to the table and could be used in a special package situation.
on October 29,2012 | 08:09AM
BTO wrote:
He ran the ball with a minute left in the last game being behind by 2 touchdowns? Put in Graves or the locals to see how they can zing it down the field??
on October 29,2012 | 10:05AM
hunebasami wrote:
They are not his. How do you think they feel.
on October 29,2012 | 10:22AM
Allenk wrote:
In other words, it is a team, but not really. I see this at all levels, preferred players whether they are doing the job or not get the time. Others who have talent, but are not being cultivated warm the bench. Is the point to win games, or is it to develop talent or perhaps both? At this point in the season, the toughest battles are coming up.
on October 29,2012 | 10:54AM
lowtone123 wrote:
no game reps.
on October 29,2012 | 08:09AM
kennie1933 wrote:
Well, even homer Dave is calling for a change! I also admire Schroeder's toughness but here's the thing. We're seven games into the season. Everyone keeps saying give them time. I get it. Maybe some of the earlier blowout losses were written on the wall. OK. But now, we play a team who by most accords is worst or at least on the same level as we are....new coach, new system.....shouldn't we see some improvement from Schroeder and everyone else? Yes, we weren't blown out, but that's only because CSU was totally inept, turning the ball over five times. Yet, we could not capitalize when we had the chance. Schroeder went 19-46, often over or under throwing wide open receivers. And, he never has positive rushing yards because he is essentially a statue once he gets the snap, and that's why he gets punished so often. At this point, we at least need a QB who can actually get out of the pocket once in a while when necessary to make plays when the original play is busted.
on October 29,2012 | 08:17AM
hunebasami wrote:
Do you know why he was a backup? Now you know.
on October 29,2012 | 10:24AM
Bus3001 wrote:
Hahaha its funny how everyone is off the Norm Chow Bandwagon already!!! I understand why everyone is upset we got spoiled with what JJ did his 1st season taking over a 0-12 team. What no one realizes is Von Appen had some real Talent on his Roster that JJ inherited QB Dan Robinson,LB Jeff Ulbrich,WR's Dwight Carter,& Craig Stuzmann,OL Kynan Forney,OL Adrian Klemm, OL Kaulana Noa,DB Nate Jackson,DL Tony Tuioti,RB Afatia Thompson and thats just to name a few these were veteran players with some playing in the NFL. What did Rich Miano(UH recruiting Coordnator for McMackin) leave behind???? Why do you all think Coach Chow starting all these young guys? Because the Talent level is just not there like past years. Give Norm Chow TIME to Rebuild next year an the year after that is when we can judge. Lets cheer the Warriors on cause they can only get BETTER!!!!!
on October 29,2012 | 08:49AM
hunebasami wrote:
And you pay for lost revenue. It's coming out of our pockets. All coaches inherit what was there. But some can teach them to get better. Von couldn't but June did. Same with Chow can they reach them to get better. Do you see the results. Chow is doing the same as Von did. Need a change now before it gets worst.
on October 29,2012 | 10:31AM
Bus3001 wrote:
Lost revenue??? who cares i paying for rail an it wont effect me...LMAO!!!! I'm talking about football and My point is you can coach TALENT(like JJ did in '99) what happened when all that Talent left the next year('00)?? They went 3-9. I agree Von appen couldn't coach to save his life. Bottom line is we don't have talent this year that's why a lot of the YOUNG recruits of Norm Chow are playing. It's a good thing too cause they are gaining valuable experience!!! I don't blame these coaches at all.Nick Saban could've been our coach and we'd still be 1-6!coaches can do only so much teaching ultimately it's the player that has to execute. Example early in the game against CSU the running back ran a simple wheel route an our LB was to cover him but didn't an bit on the play action QB throws it to the RB who's wide open for a touchdown is that our D coordinator's fault? He put the LB in the right position but the LB didn't execute the play but you blame the coach? We need talent an coach Chow is building that and I Beileve he'll get there just not this year!!!! Hawaii fans just gotta be patient it's not like we a powerhouse every year an winning BCS championships! Stick to reality we happy just to make it to a bowl game even if its the Hawaii Bowl!!!!
on October 29,2012 | 01:27PM
hunebasami wrote:
Yes we need talent. I hope you have a son that is a five star recuit. You had a choice of USC or ND or Hawaii. I hope you tell your son to go to Hawaii. All these years Norm Chow told our son to not stay in Hawaii. That is who you like.
on October 29,2012 | 02:08PM
ricekidd wrote:
WOW saw this and went back to see if its true and discovered to be true. Very interesting...
on October 29,2012 | 04:26PM
BigOpu wrote:
After all of the hits that Shroeder has taken, he still gets back on the horse with nothing bad to say about anyone in the media, and I respect the guy for that. He doesn't sound like he has that zip in his interviews like at the start of the season, but would anyone after a weekly pummeling? Granted, I'm getting a little tired of seeing him get lickens, but got to trust the coach on this one. If the other QB's are not overly impressive enough in practice to get a little rubbish time, then that must say something about them. The backups must be horrible...in this system. Oh well, Chow looks and sounds frustrated. Don't know what the answer is, but I have confidence, one will be found. Keep on playing hard Warriors. I, for one, appreciate the effort.
on October 29,2012 | 09:04AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 29,2012 | 09:11AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Schroeder does not play defense but too many 3 and outs put too much pressure on an already junk defense led be a clueless defensive coach.
on October 29,2012 | 09:34AM
hunebasami wrote:
No Chow said this offense tales a lot of pressure of the defense. 3 and out is his idea of good offense.
on October 29,2012 | 02:11PM
hunebasami wrote:
Chow didn't like Rolo's offense but liked his. We saw the difference. Chow's said is easy on the defense. Chow's offense didn't make it easy for them so they did it by themskves. Let the other team score.
on October 29,2012 | 10:37AM
BTO wrote:
Yes keep playing hard....
on October 29,2012 | 10:08AM
ricekidd wrote:
Thank you BigOpu!
on October 29,2012 | 04:29PM
Anonymous wrote:
Let's look at it this way...Mac did do too bad actually. After JJ, he took the team to two post-season games. He missed that last season, plus the rumor of point shaving; therefore he's gone. Then we started to look for an EXPERIENCED coach, hoping to improve on what Mac had done. We are not expecting immediate results, but we are not expecting anything less than what Mac had done. Some people said, "give him some time". But we are not hiring a trainee who needs time to learn the trade; we are hiring somebody in the management level and he is expected to perform. Actually, I didn't feel very good when Mr. Chow did a 100% change on coaching personnel. He should at least retain some coordinators who are familiar with the team.
on October 29,2012 | 10:25AM
kennie1933 wrote:
Exactly! Remember when JJ left, Coach Mac did all he could to try to keep whatever coaches would stay and not defect with JJ. He managed to keep some loyal good ones, those who bleed UH green. When Chow took over, those same coaches were kicked to the curb. OK, so when that happens, you would think that the new guys MUST be better for him not to retain anyone. UH's record, stats, and blow outs tell a different story. Give them time? Two years? Three years? Can we get to a bowl other than the "homer" Hawaii Bowl?
on October 29,2012 | 12:13PM
souzaboy wrote:
I'm sure Chow wouldn't have played Bryant Moniz before he was known because of his running abilitiy and size.
on October 29,2012 | 11:43AM
Psyche wrote:
Been saying all this since game 1, thank you very much.
on October 29,2012 | 12:16PM
hon2255 wrote:
Chow incompetence is showing as well his stubborness against change , he is out to be 1-11 ,0r 1-12 if Temple plays us. We will not win another game this year with Norm calling the offensive shots. Schroder has shown us what he's got, nice kid, but not a D1A quarterback, too immobile, winds up to throw the ball taking forever, no zip on the ball , no deep threat, does not see the field well taking too long to go through progressions, give Higgins and others a shot , geezzz almighty come on.!!!
on October 29,2012 | 12:31PM
t_faman wrote:
No change, time for a Hunger Strike, no Chow for this UH fan.
on October 29,2012 | 02:32PM
hon2255 wrote:
Descartes says it all!! Plus One!!
on October 29,2012 | 02:44PM
loquaciousone wrote:
I guess the Chow Fun is all gone. How about some Sweet Sour Spareribs?
on October 29,2012 | 02:36PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 29,2012 | 03:02PM
false wrote:
Yes we should not replace Chow. THis team is extremely young at almost all positions and will need time to develop. No doubt about it Schroeder is one tough guy but he does not have ability to take the team into the end zone. Not a very good runner and cannot connect with his receivers. I know he may be reading his progressions but it sure seems to take awhile to let it go.
on October 29,2012 | 03:49PM
protector wrote:
Amen. Let Higgins play; he looked really good at Spring Practice. For that matter, let any and all of the back-ups play including the very-deserving David Graves. It's sickening and disheartening to see how he's being treated. He may not even be asked to return to the team next year. They also got rid of Kevin Spain who also looked very good in the Spring.
on October 29,2012 | 04:05PM
fka wrote:
on October 29,2012 | 06:41PM
EastOahu wrote:
on October 30,2012 | 07:14AM
Graham wrote:
People...its football...relax...take a deep breath...have a PRIMO...or ROYAL...
on October 29,2012 | 03:52PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
If there was any doubt that this season is a write off, the CSU game took care of that. Given the circumstances under which Chow accepted this job I guess I can give him the benefit of the doubt for this downer of a season. If next year is more of the same I'd think we'd be better served by beginning the search for who Chow's replacement will be 2 years hence. Honestly, Mac's defense was never as porous as now and the R&S morphing as it was into a Spread variant was never as unproductive as our current offense...NEVER!!! Oh for the days of Tomey and Wagner....
on October 29,2012 | 04:19PM
KamaainaUH wrote:
Reardon right as usual.
on October 29,2012 | 06:19PM
cigaripo wrote:
I, for one gets really riled up to see the ineffectiveness of the team. I thought they too would dig deep to improve their game. But, the third quarter offensive disaster maybe the dagger in the heart for the year. Even young, inexperienced players when motivated manage to accomplish things. Seems like the heart of the game was lost after that third quarter. What can bring back their drive more than anything else would be changes...let the players have fun and loosen up, open up the play selections, give them a mobile QB even if it means abandoning the pass, let them just go out and knock guys hard and let their frustrations out. No change will be the death sentence for the season, 1-11 for sure.
on October 29,2012 | 08:08PM
usahwn wrote:
What sucks is that we bought the PPV package . And we have these two incompetents ; qb and hc that expects to wait and see for what will come . We pay to watch losers ? Something is wrong .
on October 29,2012 | 08:43PM
kennie1933 wrote:
Dave, if you're reading this, can you do an investigation on what happened to David Graves? Is what's being said here true?
on October 29,2012 | 10:27PM
jussayin wrote:
Just saw the 10:00 news and Chow said forget it about changing QBs. He seemed pretty grumpy about it. Very disappointing is a nice way to put it. I guess he doesn't care about us fans. We don't expect our team to win every game, but when things suck, any one with common sense would make a change. Geez. If Graves can't pass as well as Schroeder but can run better, hey, let's adjust the offense to his strengths. This could be a good formula for the young offensive line. But NOOOO. Our coach don't want to try anything different. Must be nice to make that much money and not care about success or not. Sorry for being so negative but Chow's interview really showed his stubbornness.
on October 29,2012 | 10:44PM
NITRO08 wrote:
on October 30,2012 | 07:04AM
pdbrah wrote:
with the season gone, time to develop other players. Especially ones coming back next season.
on October 30,2012 | 07:21AM
Tipops wrote:
Just like to second kenny1933's request for some fact-finding on the allegations of the things that Chow has done to David Graves. I honestly hope that they will prove to be false. If proven true then Chow is truly a petty dictator who has no business teaching young men anything. Hope this doesn't bruise any of the Chow-lovers out there.
on October 30,2012 | 01:15PM
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