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UH'S offense falters

Wideout Royce Pollard misses the whole second half with an injury and will have an MRI today

By Jason Kaneshiro


The disappointment cut deep for Royce Pollard.

The frustration was thick in the Hawaii locker room after a 21-point lead evaporated in the second half of a stunning 35-31 loss to Utah State on Saturday.

Being relegated to watching most of the game due to injuries to his left ankle and knee compounded the angst for the Warriors' leading receiver.

"It was really hard for me," Pollard said. "I just really let them down.

"I'm disappointed in myself because I'm playing for them," he said, nodding toward his teammates, "and not being out there with them and celebrating with them is frustrating."

Pollard suffered the injury late in the first quarter when his left foot rolled under him while he was going for a pass in the end zone. He walked off the field on his own, but spent the second half on the sideline on crutches as Utah State made its comeback.

"It was definitely hard for me to sit down and watch, and with Utah State playing hard like they did," said Pollard, who is scheduled to have an MRI on his knee today. "They were out there playing tough and hard-nosed football and I just wanted to be out there to back my guys up."

Pollard's injury necessitated the first of a series of adjustments in the UH receiver corps.

Justin Clapp started at slotback and caught a touchdown pass in the second quarter. But he moved to right wideout in Pollard's place and later made an appearance at left wideout in the second quarter.

"I know the offense. I just tried to help the team the best I could, and at that point in time it was me moving outside. It's not a problem for me," Clapp said.

But Clapp was also sidelined in the second quarter when he suffered a fractured rib on the last of his five receptions, triggering another series of shifts.

Billy Ray Stutzmann, UH's starting left slotback, returned to wideout for the first time this season in the third quarter. Slotback Corey Paclebar and Charles Clay also saw their most extensive playing time of the season.

Miah Ostrowski, who battled through injuries of his own early this season, ended up as UH's most productive receiver with eight catches for 76 yards and a touchdown. But the Warriors struggled to get into a groove in the second half.

"Everyone who plays knows the offense and knows what to do," Stutzmann said. "But you start switching guys in and out it's tough to get in rhythm."

UH managed just one first down in the fourth quarter, and some missed opportunities earlier in the game hurt as well. UH came up short on fourth down at the Utah State 3 in the first quarter and got a field goal out of two drives deep in Utah State territory in the third quarter.

"We had chances in the red zone to put more points up, but just didn't do it," offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich said.

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Manapua_Man wrote:
UH cannot play like this in the Mountain West next year.
on November 6,2011 | 01:48AM
Musubi wrote:
Well, if it's any consolation, the MWC will not be what UH paid to play in. It will include the dredges of the MWC, and now the dredges of the WAC after the Big East is through pilfering it. With this staff, I think we may fit in well with the obscurity.
on November 6,2011 | 06:22AM
CriticalReader wrote:
Yes they can. That's the problem that has got to be solved.
on November 6,2011 | 10:41AM
jcole wrote:
Right on. The point about Moniz should include every throw more than 12 yards downfield. He has trouble going verticle, period. We haven't had a 15 to 20 yard offense for two years. Actually, the long ball doesn't hurt us much because he overshoots everybody most of the time, and our opponents haven't been capable of intercepting the more accurate misses. The opposition continues to double-cover and it's worrisome that Moniz continually throws into that double coverage, but what the heck, at least the other guys' d-backs are occupied. As poor as the threat is, single coverage would do.
on November 6,2011 | 03:34PM
jcole wrote:
On the other hand, a couple times last night I thought "________ would have caught that over the d-backs." Ashlie for sure and a few others in recent years. The passes were good enough be the receivers were overmatched. Darius Bright on a good day?
on November 6,2011 | 03:53PM
SangamonKeith wrote:
There are two key problems with the UH offense as I see it ... within the limits of my ESPN GamePlan view of the field. One problem for the UH offense has become the recognition by opponents that Moniz is extremely inaccurate on long throws. If you notice, Rolo is having Moniz throw long balls a lot more often and very few are even close. Someone could say that he is throwing the ball away ... except for the number of throws where the UH receiver seems to have beat his man. To me, this allows opponent defenses to overplay the short to middle passing game. Moniz has made up for this problem by being able to run in key situations ... but while he is very athletic (no arguement with that observation), he is conflicted with the run-and-shoot passing imperative. There are times that I'm sure we can all see that if he just ran, Moniz would certainly pick up even more first downs. Throwing the deep ball to stretch the field makes sense ... but you have to be viewed as accurate enough to make that threat reasonable. JJ always said the key thing to look for in a quarterback is accuracy. My conclusion: Moniz is very skilled, athletic and knows the r & s system but lacks a key ingredient to be a fully successful run-and-shoot quarterback ... an accurate arm for long throws. Just stop and think of how well, our other r & s quarterbacks have thrown the long ball ... Robinson, Rolo, Timmy, Colt and Alexander. Even Kennedy threw a better deep pass than Moniz last night. The other key problem is the decimated offensive line that leads to a disjointed offensive line with inexperienced, young players learning in the game, what they needed to have learned in practice. This is a numbers game that is unavoidable and unfortunate in terms of the number and frequency of the injuries to the first team offensive line. All that said, it would seem unlikely that the UH will win another game this season. Fresno State and Nevada will be tough games in the league. BYU is struggling ... but not as badly as the UH. Maybe Tulane ... so if we beat the Green Wave, we end up 6-7 and staying home. Just my opinion ... I know there are more knowledgeable fans out there, so I would be interested in their opinions.
on November 6,2011 | 03:15AM
Bayman wrote:
your assessment is right, moniz, cannot pass well, that is a problem when u run a run and shoot offense..especially when you cant shoot well.
on November 6,2011 | 04:09AM
bleedgreen wrote:
I wish I could write like you. Thoughts fully composed and to the point. Well said. I could not say it better.
on November 6,2011 | 08:04AM
hvagd1 wrote:
I've said it before and I'll say it again.....the run and shoot should supplement use of H-back type of players. Tight end types that can line up in the backfield and slots to function as pass receivers, blockers or runners. Mix it up a little bit. What you got to lose when the current offense sputters the way it does...New England is using a double H back system..in fact, their H-back/TE (Herrera) is a guy who was utilized as such when he was with Tebow at Florida. But the current philosophy with UH is to not go after the H-back/TE types. Oh well....
on November 6,2011 | 10:34AM
localboieastside wrote:
The " Run and Shoot system " is only as good as the players they have. If you have a physical opponent like Georgia, LSU, Wisconsin. etc who can jam the receivers and apply pressure on the quarterback the "Run & Shoot" is DEAD. Is there any team in the top 25 that are doing well using the "Run and Shoot ?". We are as good as the opponents we play so maybe Hawaii should stay in the WAC. Hawaii gets destroyed to embarrassment each time they play a physical team. Wisconsin, Florida, etc,
on November 6,2011 | 11:42AM
ksuga wrote:
I agree. With all the deep throws this year I can't think of one that Moniz hit his receiver on the money in stride for a touch down. He has gotten lucky on some under thrown balls that Sampson or Pollard made athletic plays on. But everything else is five yards beyond the receiver more times than not. I'm a frustrated UH fan right now cause our team really should be doing a lot better. Rolo needs to come up with a game plan that can incorporate the new receivers and just keep the chains moving. One first down in the forth quarter is unacceptable.
on November 6,2011 | 04:39AM
jojobear wrote:
Boy It was PAINFUL to watch the the second half of the game maybe we should only play only 24 Minutes instead of 48.
on November 6,2011 | 07:57AM
gshilo wrote:
Moniz is over-rated. His receivers are not of high quality. Salas and Pilares made him look good even is he overthrew or underthrew them. The Heisman hype is a joke.
on November 6,2011 | 08:33AM
RandyC73 wrote:
If you folks notice everytime we have a big lead at the half; for some reason we start the second half trying to slow the game down! What's reason for this! Why don't we keep playing the same way; we played in the first half! Hawaii always does that no matter who they play and the reason for that is because the head coach says we are not here too embarrass anyone. When is he going to learn too kept the pressure on the opposing teams until the fourth quarter is well in hand! Their is to many games we do this and then try to get our defense to come up and make a stop or the big play! I think him and his staff better start changing their strategy; before we lose our respect for his staff!
on November 6,2011 | 10:32AM
Manapua_Man wrote:
quote: "the head coach says we are not here too embarrass anyone." I'm tired of this "showing aloha to our guests" mentality of football UH likes to play. I want to see Hawaii mercilessly crush the opponent in both halves of the game. You wouldn't see Boise State show anyone aloha.
on November 6,2011 | 09:23PM
CriticalReader wrote:
What was the spread last night?
on November 6,2011 | 10:42AM
robokuda001 wrote:
cannot pass when Moniz has absolutely no protection in the pocket
on November 6,2011 | 05:39PM
chiefs_choy wrote:
It all boils down to recruiting and talent. This is all Mac and company players now. JJs recruits are basically all gone so what you see playing is Mac chosen players. They have no speed at WR to spread the field and Moniz couldn't hit the long ball if they did, he has no touch. Without the threat of the long ball and no YAC because of the type of receivers we have then the RnS is defensible. O line is rebuilding every year because they say they play the best and funny how the best are always seniors who couldn't start as juniors, I don't believe it.
on November 7,2011 | 02:52AM
amg17 wrote:
Great teams find a way to win under adverse conditions. Why do we have second rate coaches with no credentials? Time for the Mac era to end.
on November 7,2011 | 03:47AM
Ponopride wrote:
Everyone blames the offense but they did their jobs before the injuries set in. They got the 21 point lead. The defense let that all go in the second half but you know what? On to the next one. At least special teams is picking up what it can. Iono so much we can do with the talent we got and what injuries leave us with. All we can do at the end of the day is be proud of them.
on November 7,2011 | 05:14AM
roylinda wrote:
Coaching Staff is unable to make game time adjustments!!! Utah State made defensive adjustments at halftime and UH didn't counter with adjustments of their own. ROLO NEEDS TO BE IN THE BOOTH! I don't know any Division I Offensive Coordinators (that are not also the Head Coach) that is not in the booth! D1 or Pros! You have to see the field! Allignment is so important...you can't see that from the field on the sidelines. I know that Coach Davis is in the booth, but Rolo is the OC calling the plays. I understand that Rolo wants to feel the game and communicate with his QB, but sometimes an OC needs to detach himself from the sideline distractions and already be two or three play ahead with alternatives (this is CHESS NOT CHECKERS!!!). Bottom line is Rolo is a fairly new OC and there are reasons his predecessors are in the booth! His mentor Coach Jones may have been an exception with seeing the field from the sidelines....or maybe he would be in the booth too if he wasn't also the Head Coach!
on November 7,2011 | 02:45PM
roylinda wrote:
DEFENSIVELY...the players were in the right place and just needed to make a play. Can't blame the Defensive Coaches for that...they can only create the scemes that put the players in the right place at the right time, but the players need to make the plays. SPECIAL TEAMS...Sad to say is still unacceptable!!! Basics is to know your personnel as well as the scouted teams personnel...and to be fooled twice????!!!! If in doubt...call a TIMEOUT!!!!
on November 7,2011 | 03:47PM