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After 105 games in 112 days, the season finally came to an end for the Winnipeg Goldeyes. Unfortunately, it was one series too soon. After a highly successful regular season in which our ballclub set a franchise record for wins in a season, we finally ran out of time on Monday.

After playing 100 games in 109 days in the American Association, our second season is finally upon us, and there is nothing like postseason baseball.

Lying in bed in my hotel suite here in Winnipeg, watching the final moments of the replay of our game Friday night on Shaw TV, I can't help but relive my day, and reflect on the season.

With a 100-game schedule, every minor league baseball team will undoubtedly hit hot streaks and cold streaks, as we all have this season. The key for a successful team is to find ways to prolong the good streaks, and cut short any potential slides before they get out of hand.

I'm not quite sure when or where exactly it started, but one thing is for sure: The Winnipeg Goldeyes have "Bieber Fever." Music in the clubhouse goes back, I'm guessing, as far as the invention of the radio. With all the hours upon hours we spend in our clubhouse each day, music helps the time pass just a little bit faster.

In the ebb and flow that is a minor league baseball season, there will certainly be streaks. Hitting streaks, consecutive scoreless innings streaks, winning streaks and losing streaks.

During a 100-game season, consistency is very important. Good teams perform at a high level most nights and are able to avoid losing streaks. Each year, the goal is to win each series, one series at a time.

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