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Seattle bans plastic straws and utensils at restaurants and bars

Looking for a plastic straw to sip your soda? It’s no longer allowed in Seattle bars and restaurants. Neither are plastic utensils in the latest push to reduce waste and prevent marine plastic pollution. Read More

Trump demands WTO change, or U.S. will do ‘something’

President Donald Trump is warning the World Trade Organization that if the United States isn’t treated “properly, we will be doing something.” Read More

California high court rules Yelp can’t be ordered to remove posts

Online review site cannot be ordered to remove posts against a San Francisco law firm that a judge determined were defamatory, a divided California Supreme Court ruled today in a closely watched case that internet companies had warned could be used to silence online speech. Read More

Citigroup to refund $335 million to credit card customers

Citigroup said today it plans to refund $335 million to a group of customers who may have been overpaying interest on their credit cards. Read More

Canada announces billions in retaliatory tariffs against U.S.

Canada announced billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. today in a tit-for-tat response to the Trump administration’s duties on Canadian steel and aluminum. Read More

Facebook to release limited info on all ads

Facebook says that it will release more information on all advertisements running on its service. The move is part of a broader effort to encourage “transparency” in its operations. Read More

California lawmakers pass ban on local soda taxes

Soda taxes may stop popping up in California and elsewhere, thanks to a new push by the beverage industry to fight such measures. Read More

Faster delivery of nearly everything is the next big thing

As shoppers increasingly demand that everything from hot meals and groceries to dresses, bedding and electronics be dropped off at their doorsteps, retailers are betting big on delivery services that will get them there faster. Read More

Long-term mortgage rates fall

Long-term U.S. mortgage rates were flat to lower this week. The benchmark 30-year rate marked its fourth decline in the past five weeks. Read More

Trump softens trade stance toward China, raises optimism

The Trump administration has de-escalated a confrontation with China, dropping plans to impose strict limits on Chinese investment in U.S. technology companies and instead urging Congress to strengthen existing laws that apply to all foreign countries. Read More

IRS shrinks the tax form, but not the workload

The Trump administration may deliver on its promise to reduce a commonly used tax form to postcard size, but it does not shrink the workload for many Americans filling out their taxes. Read More