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Show Biz: Shari Lynn evokes memories of Rosemary Clooney, Judy Garland

It’s been kind of a grand prix of great nightlife acts in island venues these past few days, a realization that if you were willing to go out, you were charmed. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Laws mean little when there is no enforcement

A law without a thought toward enforcement isn’t much of a law. It’s a suggestion. Read More

Volcanic Ash: Swearing at one another; the new American curse

The first rule of a functioning democracy is that nobody gets to have everything their own way. Unable to square this with our self-righteousness, we’ve broken down into angry and entitled tribes. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Hawaii’s postseason countdown stalls with tough road ahead

On a night when the hardy remnants of an Aloha Stadium crowd of 22,272 filed out shaking their heads, it was left to wide receiver John Ursua to signal the urgency of the situation facing UH. Read More

Ocean Watch: Indifference of unexpected visitor sparks delight

I’ve had some experience working with Hawaii’s monk seals, but watching that animal emerge from the surf, its gray fur coat as smooth and shiny as dolphin skin, gave me chicken skin. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Fans, like opponents, better watch John Ursua before he breaks away

John Ursua, whom BYU coach Kalani Sitake described as “scary (good),” is making a lot of people take note. Hawaii fans would also do well to savor each of his subsequent catches, from tonight’s game with Nevada on out, too. Read More

Kokua Line: Signs restricting beach paths put up by mistake, city says

Hawaii’s beaches generally are public property to the highest wash of the wave. Shoreline access is a perpetual concern of Kokua Line readers. Read More

Lee Cataluna: What it’s like when 1 job isn’t enough

When Local 5 workers talk about their second or third job, though, it’s not about fun money or to fulfill a passion or because the travel benefits are so good. It’s straight-up survival. Read More

Kokua Line: Intersections are included in Kamehameha Highway repaving

Recently the Honolulu Star-­Advertiser and other news outlets reported that resurfacing of Kamehameha Highway was underway. My question concerns how the resurfacing will be completed. Read More

Kokua Line: Hawaii not among states citing mysterious disease

Question: Seeing the news about that polio-like disease is frightening. Are there cases here? Read More

Lee Cataluna: Fundraiser for vital service is this month

Several months ago I was invited to emcee a fundraiser dinner for the Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse. Read More

Despite injury, Tua remains favorite in Heisman race

Being an early-season Heisman Trophy favorite is a lot like being a projected No. 1 NFL Draft pick. It invites the most microscopic examination and over-analysis. Read More

By Request: Pumpkin muffins suit the season

These pumpkin-sunflower seed muffins are light, slightly reminiscent of pumpkin pie, but leaning more toward a tender scone. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Akira’s kaiseki fascinates from start to finish

Several great Japanese restaurants opened this year, but Akira is proving to be the best of the bunch. Read More

Magnum Reloaded: Waikiki art heist leaves Magnum framed

The private investigator becomes the prime suspect in a murder and the theft of six valuable paintings. Read More

Incidental Lives: Mom, tutor join forces to help girl beat dyslexia

Kapiolani Barber and her husband, Bruno Stempel, knew their daughter needed help, but three years of following every lead and researching every angle had left them with more questions than answers. Read More

Kokua Line: Precision on license form helps ensure mail delivery

Question: Did they ever find out why people aren’t receiving their licenses? What number are we supposed to call? I didn’t pay attention at the time, but now it’s my license that is missing and my temporary is expiring. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Mariota won’t last if he can’t stay upright

The first Tennessee-based company that quarterback Marcus Mariota signed a sponsorship deal with after being drafted by the Titans was Saint Thomas Health. Read More

Kokua Line: Get paperwork together for second shot at shredding

Question: Auwe! You didn’t give us enough notice of the free shredding. I need a few days to get my paperwork together and time to arrange a ride since I don’t drive anymore. When is the next one? Read More


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