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Kokua Line: Repaving after rail work should begin by early October

Question: I’m calling about Kamehameha Highway, which is already affected by the rail construction. Read More

Five-0 Redux: Short features make ‘Five-0’ DVD extra special

This year’s collection includes season eight’s episodes, deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel and other special features. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Dayton Furuta’s career performance helps power Warriors offense

Dayton Furuta went out and demonstrated the hard-nosed way it is supposed to be done — running over, around and through defenders to help ignite UH to a 42-21 nonconference victory. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Grandma, can I borrow your yoga pants?

Beyond yoga pants and inky eyebrows and puppy ears on Instagram, the shorthand for this era will probably not be kind. Read More

Volcanic Ash: Politics of shutting up must also involve listening

The only way America returns to achieving great things is if principled people across the divide shelve the antagonism and find a way to work together again. Maybe we all need to shut up once in awhile and just listen. Read More

Show Biz: Hit Broadway shows cast blind eye to color, gender

Last week, we reviewed “Carousel,” “Hello, Dolly!,” “SpongeBob Squarepants” and “Pretty Woman;” we continue the Broadway coverage, with more flashes of color-blind casting plus gender-bending. Read More

In the Lineup: More than gender determines winners in surf

You get attached to a place where people know you and are more likely to share waves. Read More

Ocean Watch: Acorn worm deposits not typical excrement

Most acorn worms live in u-shaped burrows under sand or mud, sucking the surrounding substance into their mouths. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Rolo’s recall won’t allow UH to overlook Duquesne

There are a lot of reasons the University of Hawaii football team is a prohibitive, and in Las Vegas off-the-board, favorite tonight against Duquesne, but one of the biggest can be summed up in two words: Portland State. Read More

Readers offer outtakes on movies filmed in Hawaii

I received several interesting comments from readers regarding my columns about the movies “In Harm’s Way” (Aug. 10) and “The Descendants” (Sept. 7). Read More

Lee Cataluna: Kauai feels the burden of overtourism

The new Kauai Tourism Strategic Plan has at its heart a stunning premise — that tourism has reached capacity on the island. Read More

Passengers age 7 or older allowed on isle motorcycles

Question: Can you please tell me what the law is for kids riding as passengers on motorcycles? Read More

Kokua Line: Security deposit due within 14 days of lease end

Question: Is there a time limit for your landlord giving you back your security deposit? Read More

Magnum Reloaded: Sunset on the Beach welcomes ‘Magnum P.I.’ to the ohana

The casts of “Magnum” and “Hawaii Five-0” seemed to share a feeling of awe while being cheered and surrounded by fans at the red-carpet event. Read More

Kokua Line: No doubling up on gold star for license or ID applicants

Question: Can you think why it may be a good reason to get a state ID card even if I have a valid “gold star” driver’s license? Read More

Lee Cataluna: Ige’s not hiding, but he’s totally dodging

Republican gubernatorial candidate Andria Tupola sent out an email blast last week with the provocative subject line: “Can You Believe He’s Hiding?” Read More

Dyer’s feats at UH, life afterward are legendary

Long before there was a University of Hawaii athletic Circle of Honor or a classification in it for “legend” inductions, there was James “Skippy” Dyer, who pretty much defined the category. Read More

By Request: Spam chips a surprising, super easy snack food

Spam chips. Sounds bad. Sounds wrong. Perhaps you are swearing you could never, ever, in a billion years even touch such a thing. Oh, loosen up. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Megumi Odin reopens Vegan Hills in Kaimuki

It’s nearly impossible to call yourself a vegetarian or a vegan in Hawaii without knowing the work of Megumi Odin. Since opening Peace Cafe a decade ago Odin has been one of Oahu’s leading proponents of green eating. Read More

Kokua Line: City explains how to cancel license or ID appointment

Question: I recently took my 95-year-old mother to get her state ID several days before her current one was due to expire. I made an appointment because I didn’t want to subject her to the hours-long wait I had heard about. Read More


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