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Kokua Line: Reader spreads the word about timesaving mail tool

Question: Please, please, please do a column to enlighten people that mailing labels for U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail packages can be printed at home from a personal computer and charged to a credit card. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Hurricane survey asks crucial questions

Every time a hurricane was heading our way this summer, the same confusion and fear would rise up and echo around the hours of media storm coverage, questions of whether to evacuate, where to go and what to bring. After a while, it became clear nobody had a good handle on this. Read More

On Politics: Troubling questions surround Kaneshiro, once Dems’ law-and-order man

Going from being the darling of the old Hawaii Democratic machine to now someone under federal investigation, Keith Kaneshiro’s career as the Honolulu prosecutor appears ready to flame out. Read More

Show Biz: Rising pain threshold gives Andy Bumatai less to gripe about

Andy Bumatai, Hawaii’s favorite stand-up comedian, turns 65 on Christmas Eve, but will celebrate a day earlier, at 6:30 and 9 p.m. Dec. 23 at Blue Note Hawaii. The shows also marks his 40th anniversary in island show biz. Read More

In the Lineup: Champions Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore say Honolua surf was fearsome but fun

Call it fate, or Maui mana: For the second year in a row, the world championship of women’s surfing was decided by the last contest of the tour, the World Surf League’s Beachwaver Maui Pro, held Nov. 26-27 in the natural arena beneath the cliffs at Honolua Bay. Read More

Susan Scott: Readers share facts on spiny lobsters

Two readers emailed to correct my statement last week regarding the state’s rules on the killing of spiny lobsters. According to the latest Hawaii Fishing Regulations, published in March, it is illegal to kill any female spiny lobsters. Ever. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Rainy season comes with recognizable variations

We might not use precise words to describe rain, but there seems to be a shared understanding in Hawaii that rain isn’t just rain, that it comes in many forms, so that when you hear it might rain, you wonder, “OK, but what kind?” Read More

Kokua Line: Place glossy paper in trash for burning at waste-to-energy plant

The city’s Department of Environmental Services says glossy paper such as magazines, inserts and mailers should be treated as general household rubbish; if you’re on a three-cart route, that means placing it in the gray cart. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Stories learned in 2018 include schools and 2 dogs

Each year at this time, I look back at my last 12 months of columns for some of the things I learned in the year. Rearview Mirror is often a process of discovery for me, as well as my readers. In December I like to review the year and some of my favorite stories. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Missing the benefits of big apologies

You know what you don’t see very often anymore, besides flip phones, fax machines and typewriters? Big apologies. Read More

Kokua Line: Burning trash in backyard isn’t allowed on any island

Open-burning violations can carry fines of up to $10,000 per day for each offense. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Honolulu Skewer House offers Beijing-style fare

With the abundance of Japanese and Thai restaurants here, we’re most familiar with yakitori and satays. Honolulu Skewer House introduces something new to the scene with its Chinese-style feast of skewered foods, called lu chuan. Read More

Incidental Lives: Shopping mall troubadour shares music to lift spirits

Frequenters of Oahu’s malls know that the best musical bargains in town come not in local showrooms and concert halls, but in the far corners of bustling food courts and upon the unforgiving surfaces of cheap public seating. Read More

Kokua Line: Rainbow license plate sells as token of Hawaii vacation

You can buy a replica Hawaii license plate for your collection, according to the city’s website. Read More

Kokua Line: Customer disputes citation for taking up 2 parking spaces

Question: My elderly neighbor (in her 80s) was recently given what looks like a parking ticket while shopping at the City Square Shopping Center. Read More

Ferd Lewis: If not for injury, UCF’s Milton might have been at the Heisman

As is the custom at Heisman Trophy media events, reporters wedge themselves, sometimes three and four deep, arrayed in round table fashion with one finalist at each table in a question-and-answer format. Read More

Tua Tagovailoa finishes second with highest runner-up total in Heisman history

When Tua Tagovailoa chose to accept a football scholarship at Alabama, Nani Vegas, his former religion teacher at Saint Louis School and confidant over the years, questioned him about the decision. Read More

On Politics: Dreaming big for Hawaii mired by small goals, petty politics

To be good, a governor’s inaugural address should not be about the person delivering it; rather, it should speak with confidence and hope and about those governed. Read More


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