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Kokua Line: Old food truck marring Maunalua Bay lingers despite complaints

Question: Auwe! What is going on with that big white truck in the Maunalua Bay parking lot? It’s been there for weeks if not months. Read More

Kokua Line: Pothole-weary motorists seek repayments and repairs

Question: Who do I contact in the city for tire damage due to a pothole? Read More

Lee Cataluna: Time to plan for next election already here

It’s not too soon to be thinking about the next election, even if everyone’s sick of it all right now. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Garden Island Cafe offers big taste at a small price

Longtime fans of Garden Island Cafe make the long drive to Waipahu to feed their cravings, now that the restaurant has moved from Manoa. Read More

Incidental Lives: 72-year-old new lawyer starts quest for justice

Among family, friends and even casual acquaintances, 72-year-old Honolulu resident Kay Lorraine is well known for meeting challenges with a shrug, a smile and healthy dose of humor. Read More

Tech View: Camp Chef offers home cooking after the lights go out

Nowadays it seems like 100-year storms are an everyday occurrence. When the next Iniki-­magnitude hurricane hits Hawaii, all bets are off on how long we’ll be without electricity and water. Read More

Kokua Line: Left turn on red is legal at urban 1-way intersection

Question: Is it legal to make a left turn on red at the corner of Piikoi Street to Beretania Street? A driver in the back of me tooted because I waited for the light to turn green. I was in the far left lane. Read More

Kokua Line: Candidate can give money from campaign to charity

Question: Can politicians use campaign funds to donate to charity, or do they have to use their own personal funds? I am wondering mainly about school fundraisers in their districts. Read More

On Politics: Putting aside election bad blood won’t be easy for Ige, legislative leaders

Two things from Tuesday’s election: First, Hawaii just doesn’t vote, and second, there are no early indications of any significant changes in state government. So if you liked 2018, you are likely to love 2019. Read More

In the Lineup: A peek at books by surfers’ bedsides

Wondering what else surfers were reading, I asked a few local wave riders about the books by their bedsides. Read More

Volcanic Ash: Was rail worth all the pain? Voters suggest maybe not

Mayor Kirk Caldwell stood before microphones last week to announce he’ll float a $44 million short-term loan to meet federal demands to get that much more to the $9 billion rail project by Nov. 20. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Day-after waving a sign of character

Sign-waving the day after the election must be especially difficult for the losing candidate. Yet some people rise to that humbling occasion and get back out there to say thank you. Read More

Five-0 Redux: 200th episode of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ solidifies legendary status

The cast appears as characters from the 1940s as they investigate the cold case of a missing hula girl. Read More

Ocean Watch: Shark encounters, water spouts and koalas

We were at the moment hiking one of Magnetic Island’s superb trails where we saw seven koala bears in the wild. Read More

Kokua Line: Gates, bag claims renamed ahead of airport expansion

Question: New signs at the Honolulu airport are a big improvement, but what was the reasoning to switch gate identification from numbers to letters, and vice versa, with baggage claim letters to numbers? Read More

Rearview Mirror: Escape by isle resident among WWI’s centennial stories

The 100th anniversary of the end of World War I is Sunday. The impact of this “Great War”— as it was called at the time — in Hawaii was quite different from the Second World War. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Diversity in politics old news to Hawaii

In covering the midterm elections across the country this week, journalists kept marveling over the “rainbow wave,” the large number of women, minorities and LGBT candidates from across the country who won seats in Congress. Read More

Kokua Line: Leak rather than rate hike may account for high bills

Question: When are they raising the water rates with that new charge? My bills are higher already. Read More

Kokua Line: Electronic smoking device overlooked by some adults

Question: What is juuling? My grandson got in trouble for it at school. I never heard of it. Read More


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