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More leeway for states to expand inpatient mental health

The Trump administration today allowed states to provide more inpatient treatment for people with serious mental illness by tapping Medicaid, a potentially far-reaching move to address issues from homelessness to violence. Read More

Oregon hospital removes gender identification from bracelets

A hospital in central Oregon has made a small change that represented a huge difference for its transgender patients: It removed the gender designation from patient identification bracelets. Read More

2 new rat lungworm cases found on Big Island

The state has confirmed two new cases of rat lungworm disease on Hawaii island, including in a toddler who was hospitalized and transferred to Oahu for care. Read More

Athletes put stretching to the test

Should we stretch before exercise? A thought-provoking experiment with athletes suggests that the answer could depend on how we feel about stretching and what kind of exercise — and stretching — we intend to do. Read More

Don’t let asthma cause weight gain

A recent lab study suggests having a high body mass index triggers bodywide and localized inflammation in the lungs that leads to constriction of airways and asthma. Read More

Reduce blood pressure in 16 weeks

Getting your blood pressure to normal is a key factor in avoiding a stroke or heart attack, not to mention impotence. Read More

Need a flu shot? Get it now

If you’ve waited until now to get your flu shot, your procrastination may actually pay off, though you’d be unwise to delay getting the vaccine any longer. Read More

Say nope to dope in fight against opioid addiction

Whatever the cause, these days it’s fair to say that we’re living in a society where many people don’t know how to age with vigor and dignity. Read More

Household cleaners are making kids fat

Most parents feel strongly that keeping the house spick and span is the secret to keeping the family healthy, right? Not so fast. Read More

More deaths seen for less invasive cervical cancer surgery

New evidence about a cancer operation in women finds a higher death rate for the less invasive version, challenging standard practice and the “less is more” approach to treating cervical cancer. Read More

Appendix removal linked to lower Parkinson’s risk

Scientists have found a new clue that Parkinson’s disease may get its start not in the brain but in the gut — maybe in the appendix. Read More

Research shows low-carb diet could be dangerous

If you are one of the legions of dieters out there who have been religiously cutting carbs in an attempt to get lean and fit, you may be surprised by a recent study that showed that low-carb diets may not be healthy after all. In fact, they may be unsafe. Read More

Are open-plan offices really the best?

About 70 percent of U.S. offices are now set up with low or no partitions. The good news is that open-plan workers are more physically active and consequently less physically and emotionally stressed. However, not everyone agrees. Read More

How food affects mood, attitude

Height and weight are not the only criteria that determine how much and what foods you should eat. Your nutritional needs are also influenced by your activity level, age and your gender. Read More

The real story on taking daily aspirin

Here’s why you should talk to your doc about taking or continuing to take low-dose aspirin in order to prevent a first heart attack or stroke. Read More

Health Options: Give the gift you hope is never needed

This year has had an exceptional number of powerful hurricanes, typhoons and tropical storms around the world. Read More

How to evade the college meningitis menace

All parents of teens should talk to their kids’ doc about getting the MenB vaccine, which has been available since 2014. Read More


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