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Avoid toxic pesticides with smart produce choices

The Environmental Working Group makes it clear there are measurably risky pesticide residue levels in our food supply, despite the fact that since 1993 (and before) the government has known how toxic they can be. Read More

Eating fish might help with fertility, researchers say

Researchers interviewed 501 couples who were trying to get pregnant without medical assistance. They found that men who had two or more 4-ounce servings of fish a week had a 47 percent shorter time to pregnancy, and women a 60 percent shorter time, than those who ate one or fewer servings a week. Read More

Frustrated AMA adopts sweeping policies to cut gun violence

With frustration mounting over lawmakers’ inaction on gun control, the American Medical Association today pressed for a ban on assault weapons and came out against arming teachers as a way to fight what it calls a public health crisis. Read More

14 ways to strengthen your body without working out

Exercise is important, but even more important is the process of integrating posture, mobility, and strength work into your everyday life. Read More

How stress can lead to cognitive decline

Various forms of dementia are increasingly common and, yes, scary. It’s predicted that by age 85 at least half of folks will develop some form of dementia. Read More

What is inflammation? Why should I care about it?

Acute, short-term inflammation is your friend: It signals that your immune system has been called into action to fight off invading viruses and bacteria (or to help heal an injury). Chronic inflammation causes disease instead of fighting it. Read More

Curb your enthusiasm for distracted driving

Distracted driving is no joke. According to a new study that looked at data from 781 million driving miles, 36 percent of trips involved significant phone use. Read More

Pepper your meals with food as medicine

Sgt. Pepper may have led the Lonely Hearts Club Band for the Beatles in 1967, but we’re promoting him to major general and spreading the pepper around as much as possible. Read More

Air pollution regulation rollbacks take breath away

We often talk about the public health risks of air pollution because it’s a modifiable risk factor. In other words, you have the ability to fix it. Read More

Shaking up what we think we know about salt

So should we try to eliminate salt entirely? Why do we need it anyway? Here’s what red-blooded Americans need to know about the white stuff that’s been around since practically the beginning of time. Read More

How to enjoy eating seafood without the fishy smell

There are a couple of things you can do besides serving sushi to get more fish in your diet. Read More

Staying hydrated takes more than water

As the temperature heats up and we’re spending more time outside, it gets much easier to become dehydrated. Read More

10 ways to boost energy without coffee

While a cup of coffee may have hit the spot this morning to get you primed for the day, chances are it’ll be time to call in for reinforcements by the time the afternoon rolls around. Read More

Be super fly and avoid germs while traveling

There are precautions that any air travelers can take to guard against some of the pathogens you come into contact with on airplanes. Read More

4 surprising ways to keep from packing on unhealthy weight

Despite a flood of targeted, good advice on healthy weight management, an endless supply of calorie- and nutrition-control food services and an almost daily dose of info on the health risks of being overweight, it’s estimated that over 39 percent of Americans 18 and older are obese. Read More

Sauna use may cut risk of stroke, researchers say

Researchers studied 1,628 men and women ages 53 to 74, free of stroke at the start. They had data on body mass index, alcohol consumption, smoking, blood pressure and other health and behavioral characteristics that affect cardiovascular health. Read More

High-fat meal takes a bite out of health

A new study shows that downing one high-fat milkshake made with whole milk, heavy whipping cream and ice cream can cause remodeling of red blood cells so they become small, spiky barbs and you have increased levels of an enzyme that damages blood vessels and increases inflammation. Read More

Gardening can help keep you in shape

Yes, gardening is great for your health, but to stay in good health and be able to tend to your garden throughout your growing season, you need to pace yourself. Read More



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