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Mayo Clinic introduces first-aid skill for Amazon Alexa

Mayo Clinic has introduced a new skill for Amazon Alexa, giving a hands-free way to access first-aid information. A skill is a new capability a person can add to their Amazon Alexa-enabled devices which creates a more personalized user experience. Read More

Should my dog be on probiotics?

Are probiotics a better choice for older animals in terms of energy level and overall health? Read More

Chinese study links fast food to asthma, other allergies

A study funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Science and Technology Foundation of Chengdu Science and the Technology Foundation of Sichuan Province found that American-style fast food is linked to asthma and other allergic diseases. Read More

A surprising way to eat vegetables: for dessert

Struggling to cut down on added sugar and get more vegetables into your diet? Take a lesson from some of the country’s best chefs and try eating vegetables for dessert. Read More

The beef with red meat consumption

A new 16-year observational study of more than 500,000 adults found that eating red and processed meats ups the risk of dying from heart disease and cancer. Read More

Implantable sensors can monitor glucose for 90 days

One of the challenges of managing insulin-dependent diabetes is knowing how much insulin to use and what to eat. Enter continuous glucose monitors, using an implanted sensor, plus a transmitter and a receiver. Read More

U.S. approves new generic competitor to EpiPen

U.S. health officials on Thursday approved a new generic version of EpiPen, the emergency allergy medication that triggered a public backlash due to its rising price tag. Read More

Lessons from the happiest place on Earth (not Disneyland)

You don’t have to give up everyday life for the Land of the Thousand Lakes to boost your spirits. Here’s a look at how to take Finland’s happiness tricks and replicate them at home. Read More

Less job stress can mean longer life for men

A new study found higher levels of job stress in conjunction with a specific disease resulted in a higher risk of premature death in men. Read More

How to ease opioid withdrawal symptoms

With wise pain management including regional anesthetics, nonopioid pain relievers, physical therapy, following an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet and practicing stress management techniques before and after surgery, you may be able to avoid opioid addiction/withdrawal completely. Read More

5 ways to live long and prosper

Eighty to 90 percent of chronic disease in the U.S. is preventable these days. Here are five ways to stay as healthy as possible. Read More

7 lies doctors want patients to stop telling now

Whether it’s out of embarrassment, fear of being judged or simple ignorance, plenty of patients lie to their doctors. What a patient believes to be a simple fib, however, could be downright dangerous to their health. Read More

When should you learn you have Alzheimer’s?

Jose Belardo said his diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease came as an inconvenient shock. Still, he and his wife said they believe it is better to have a diagnosis than not. Read More

Healthy mom equals healthy breast milk

Being breastfed clearly offers benefits. But research also shows not all breast milk is created equal. Read More

Food quality matters with healthy foods, too

Being a vegetarian is no guarantee you’ll eat healthfully — after all, you could live on boxed mac ‘n’ cheese and fries and still claim to be a veg-head. Read More

How hookah use has become a global epidemic

Hookah-smoking is now a global tobacco epidemic causing world-wide degradation of lung function. Read More

Spotting eating disorders in time to help

Eating disorders pose serious hazards to adolescents and young adults and are often hidden from family, friends and even doctors, sometimes until the disorders cause lasting health damage and have become highly resistant to treatment. Read More



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