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Focus on Japan


Photo: Dismantled for transportation

The takamikura — the dais-style throne used by a new emperor when his accession is proclaimed —was disassembled at the Kyoto Imperial Palace Aug. 21. Read More

Photo: Sunflowers shine

Visitors walked through a field of sunflowers at Himawari no Sato (Sunflower village) in Hokuryu, Hokkaido, in August. Read More

Keeping chickens cool amid lingering heat wave

Workers at one poultry farm have had their hands full spraying water on chickens to keep them cool this summer, as scorching heat continues across Japan. Read More

Wild art: Great Buddha undergoes ritual cleaning

Great Buddha undergoes ritual cleaning: Priests and other workers clean the Great Buddha statue in Todaiji temple in Nara, Japan, last month during the annual ritual called “ominugui.” Read More

Katsura Imperial Villa to allow more visitors from November

The Katsura Imperial Villa, or Katsura-Rikyu, located in Kyoto and originally built as a holiday home for the Imperial family, will open its doors to more visitors beginning Nov. 1, the Imperial Household Agency announced. Read More

Japanese students use VR to recreate Hiroshima bombing

It’s a sunny summer morning in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. Cicadas chirp in the trees. A lone plane flies high overhead. Read More

A flag’s the prize, the mud’s the obstacle in Kashima

“Mud, mud, glorious mud,” I hum beneath my breath as my left leg disappears to the knee in the thick primordial ooze of the Kashima Mudflats in Saga Prefecture. Read More

Flea market apps transforming Japan’s thrift culture

When strapped for cash before his next paycheck, Ryo Takezawa would trudge over to the nearest Bookoff, the nation’s largest chain of secondhand bookstores, to sell his novels and CDs. Read More

Innovative grater spells out wasabi’s many dimensions

If you look closely at one of the wasabi graters produced by Yamamoto Shokuhin Co., you will find the surface is covered with a repeating series of the three hiragana characters that make up “wasabi.” Read More

In Japan, boat tours of fanciful formations

‘Everybody, that is Fukuro (owl) rock. It’s a work of art created by nature,” said pleasure boat guide Yoshiteru Mizuguchi, 79, as he pointed to a rocky area sticking out into a blue ocean. Read More

Japan’s latest big thing: ‘virtual YouTubers’

YouTube erected a platform where commoners could climb the ladder to stardom. Read More

Fukushima residents slam artwork

A large statue in front of an educational facility in Fukushima has sparked a wave of criticism, with local residents angered by its depiction of a child wearing what looks like a suit to protect against nuclear radiation. Read More

Illegal private lodging facilities plunge in Japan after enactment of law

Illegal private lodging facilities have decreased while the price of legal rentals has risen due to the scarcity of available rooms after the Private Lodging Business Law came into force on June 15. Read More

Tokyo company debuts Mobile Mosque ahead of 2020 Olympics

The mosque can been driven to events and sides slid out for prayer space. Read More



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