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Homeless in Hawaii


Officials debate impact of court opinion on city homeless laws

The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii said a recent federal court decision could spell trouble for two bills before the Honolulu City Council that make it illegal to obstruct or “lodge” on sidewalks and other public property, as well as existing ordinances that target the homeless. Read More

3 parks known for homeless camps to be closed for upkeep

Three Honolulu parks that are becoming increasingly known for their homeless camps are being shut down for two months by the city for what are being called major maintenance projects. Read More

Committee OKs bills to clear homeless from city sidewalks

A City Council committee Thursday approved two bills that would make it illegal for people to obstruct or lodge on city sidewalks. Read More

Agreement near on sidewalk ‘lodging’ ban

Key Honolulu City Council members and Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s administration are closer to agreement on two bills that would make it illegal for the homeless to obstruct or “lodge” on Oahu’s sidewalks. Read More

Authority on homeless issue lauds city’s joint effort

A Canadian consultant who developed the industry standard homeless assessment tool said it was “rare” for him to see 110 state, city, social service, police and health care providers gathered together on Friday at the city’s Mission Memorial Auditorium. Read More

Helping homeless with mental illness is complicated

Encountering homeless people on the street with apparent mental health problems is commonplace, but there’s no clear consensus on what to do to help them. Read More

Life and death of ‘Bus Stop Mary’ shrouded in mystery

She was known as “Bus Stop Mary” or “Crazy Mary” to the legions of military service members who walked and drove past her every day and night outside the fence line of the headquarters of the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Read More

Mayor Kirk Caldwell uses public safety to justify obstruction bills

Using a row of lean-tos on River Street in Chinatown as a backdrop, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell scolded two Honolulu City Council members Saturday for shelving two bills he said would get more homeless people off city sidewalks. Read More

2 homeless bills stall in committee

Two bills making it illegal for people to “lodge” or otherwise obstruct pedestrians on city sidewalks islandwide were deferred by a City Council committee Wednesday after homeless advocates and council members questioned whether they pass legal muster. Read More

Waipahu Towers residents celebrate renewal that preserves affordable rents

Waipahu Towers is celebrating a renewal that includes renovations and a commitment by its new owner to preserve affordable rents for 61 more years. Read More

Doubling down on failed sit-lie policies

Where do you suppose the individual or family should go if their very status of not having a place to live has been made illegal? Read More

Hawaii Poll respondents support safe zones for homeless

A clear majority of the state’s registered voters remain supportive of the idea of safe zones for homeless encampments where people could stay without fear of getting repeatedly removed, according to the results of the latest Honolulu Star-Advertiser Hawaii Poll. Read More

Outreach gets 22 more homeless people into shelters

Twenty-two homeless people — from River Street in Chinatown to McCully’s Pawaa In-Ha Park — moved into shelters Wednesday night, along with an additional individual who agreed to go into detox. Read More

Get creative on ‘ohana zones’

There’s a reason why the maxim “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” is so often cited in reference to some government action or other. Read More

Honolulu mayor shifts course on homeless legislation

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell presented two bills Thursday to remove the homeless from sidewalks across the island, a shift from his previous position that islandwide bans would be unconstitutional. Read More

Rides to shelters help clear homeless off Honolulu sidewalks

Outreach operations get the homeless from Waikiki to Chinatown the support they need. Read More

Special court helps direct homeless to services rather than jail or fines

Honolulu’s 18-month-old Community Outreach Court — aimed at low-level, nonviolent offenses committed by homeless people — doesn’t have the feel of a typical criminal proceeding. Read More

Lease for successful homeless housing center is extended

The city’s first homeless “navigation center” has taken in 616 people from the streets in three years of operation on Sand Island, and the state Board of Land and Natural Resources has extended a sweetheart lease of $1 a year for another four years, Gov. David Ige and Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced Monday. Read More

Organizers seek to extend homeless job training program

Stephanie Burge had not had a job, let alone a job interview, in six years and had been living in one of America’s biggest homeless encampments near Kakaako Waterfront Park. Read More

Japanese tourists assaulted in Kakaako

The Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu warned Japanese tourists about visiting Kakaako’s popular murals after a Japanese couple was attacked midday Monday in a bathroom at Mother Waldron Neighborhood Park. Read More


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