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Homeless in Hawaii


Kahauiki Village opens for homeless working families

Businessman Duane Kurisu’s vision to provide permanent homes for homeless, working families in a plantation-style community became reality Friday when the first of 30 families moved into the first phase of Kurisu’s Kahauiki Village, made out of prefabricated homes that once housed victims of Japan’s 2011 tsunami. Read More

Homeless shuffle to avoid Kakaako park closures

More than a dozen homeless encampments returned to the mauka Kakaako Gateway Park as state and city officials continue to close and reopen parks overrun by homeless people in Kakaako. Read More

Court ends first year of decriminalized homelessness

As Oahu’s so-called “homeless court” moves into its second year, the chief justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court wants legislators to know that “it has brought life-changing experiences” to some of its homeless defendants. Read More

Mother Waldron Park closure prompts homeless to return to Kakaako waterfront

The city planned to shut down Mother Waldron Neighborhood Park in Kakaako for a month beginning late Tuesday night, prompting some homeless people like Al Saenz to try to sneak back into the shuttered Kakaako Waterfront Park where he started from. Read More

Mother Waldron Neighborhood Park to close for 1 month

The city’s Mother Waldron Neighborhood Park in Kakaako, which has been overrun with homeless encampments following the closure of neighboring state parks, will be shut down from Tuesday night until Feb. 2 “for maintenance.” Read More

Former soldier gathers volunteers to help homeless

In just two years Christina Bush has solicited donations through Facebook and Instagram that have generated thousands of dollars’ worth of new and used donations for hundreds of homeless and low- income children and families across Oahu while building a small but loyal group of volunteers. Read More

Santa brings gifts to kids on Waianae Coast

A single act of kindness was all that was needed to lift the spirits of hundreds of homeless keiki and their families on the Waianae Coast who were visited on Christmas by a Hawaiian Santa bearing gifts, toiletries and other basic necessities. Read More

Police cite homeless at Mother Waldron Park

A handful of homeless people at Mother Waldron Park in Kakaako on Friday packed up and headed out to someone else’s neighborhood after Honolulu police began issuing citations for the illegal encampment that swelled this week. Read More

Homeless set up camp in Mother Waldron Park

An estimated 50 chronically homeless people who were swept out of Kakaako Waterfront Park and its sister parks have erected dozens of tents and shelters in nearby Mother Waldron Park and along Pohukaina Street this week as city officials figure out what to do next with a homeless population they inherited from state officials. Read More

Many prefer homelessness to living in a no-pets shelter

The Hawaiian Humane Society wants to find out how many pets are living among Oahu’s nearly 5,000 homeless people — and how their love of animals might be preventing them from getting housed. Read More

Feasibility of state’s sole ‘safe zone’ put to test on Big Isle

Hawaii’s only government-sanctioned “safe zone” — Camp Kikaha in Kailua-Kona that grew out of a crisis in August — quickly burned through Hawaii County’s homeless budget while state officials continue to decide whether the approach to reducing homelessness should be part of an overall strategy. Read More

Proposed ‘tent cities’ rouse debate

Legislators and Gov. David Ige fundamentally disagree on whether the use of legalized homeless camps known as safe zones are an effective way of helping the state’s massive homeless population. Read More

Mom keeps fighting despite challenges

After years of addiction — to alcohol and to drugs from marijuana to crystal meth — Joanna Schutz is in recovery, sober for 20 months. Read More

Honolulu holds line on homelessness while West Coast rates climb in 2017

Honolulu’s homeless population increased by 19 people in 2017 — or 0.4 percent over 2016 — while cities and counties in other high-priced housing markets from Seattle to Los Angeles saw their homeless numbers jump by much more. Read More

Mom of 2 forges on after split with Army vet

Sasha Pinheiro had to take on the role of a single parent after her separation from her children’s father, an Army veteran who has been struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Read More

Vietnam vet’s indecision highlights the challenges of being homeless

In one moment outside his shipping container unit at Hale Mauliola, Wheeler told the Star-Advertiser that he’s motivated and wants to change his life. Read More

City to convert empty building into 30 affordable apartments

The city has purchased another three-story building in town — on Young Street, Ewa of McCully Street — which will add another 30 studio apartments for people who earn just over $36,000 per year. Read More

Hawaii still leads nation in homeless count per capita

Hawaii continues to lead the nation with the highest per capita rate of homelessness — despite reducing the size of the homeless population by nearly 9 percent a year ago. Read More

Sweep of Nimitz path clears 70 homeless people

The state’s last large homeless sweep of 2017 saw 70 people, 20 dogs and 22 guinea pigs cleared from a public bike path near the H-1 freeway airport viaduct on Monday. Read More

Mother of 2 hopes to create stable home

Wong hopes to find a job that allows her to make a living and still spend quality time with her children, as she works on rebuilding herself along with a life for her girls. Read More

Growing homeless camp is cleared out in Kakaako

State sheriff’s deputies Friday kicked out 55 to 65 homeless people who had set up camp outside Kakaako’s Next Step homeless shelter after being swept out of nearby Kakaako Waterfront Park in early October. Read More



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