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Night repaving to start Sunday along Kapolei Parkway

City officials said a contractor is scheduled to begin extensive nighttime repaving work on Kapolei Parkway, from Kamokila Boulevard to Kalaeloa Boulevard, starting Sunday. Read More

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation to pay $13M for construction claims

The rail authority has reached an agreement that will finally allow it to close out major contracts with the company that built the first half of the elevated rail guideway. Read More

HART board approves rail recovery plan

The city signed an agreement with the Federal Transit Administration in 2012 that called for rail’s elevated guideway and 21 stations to be built for $5.26 billion by 2020. Read More

Defeat of HART charter amendment could result in added delays and costs

The chairman of the board overseeing the city’s rail construction project said Oahu voters’ decision to reject a proposed amendment to the Honolulu City Charter might cause additional delays and costs for the $8 billion-plus project now scheduled to open in late 2025. Read More

Readers offer ideas to make Honolulu streets safer for pedestrians

In our “Hazardous Crossing” special report on pedestrian safety Nov. 4, we asked readers to write in with their suggestions and comments. Here are some of the responses, which have been edited for length and clarity. Read More

Short-term bonds to help fund rail

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said Monday that his administration will use proceeds from the sale of short-term commercial paper to supply the city’s beleaguered $8 billion-plus rail project with $44 million to show “skin in the game” being required by federal transit officials and the state Legislature. Read More

Editorial: Auditor will need more HART info

The relationship between state lawmakers and officials overseeing the construction of the city’s rail project has been anything but filled with warmth and trust. Read More

Ansaldo seeking $200M over rail delays

The contractor tasked with building the rail cars and installing the driverless operating system for the Honolulu rail line is seeking about $200 million in damages from the city for costs associated with delays in development of the project, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser has learned. Read More

Oahu crosswalks still dangerous with 26 deaths this year, so far

If the alarming number of pedestrian deaths on Oahu this year has made people more wary when crossing the street, you wouldn’t know it by observing busy traffic spots in Honolulu. Read More

Caldwell signs bill allowing city funds for rail construction

Mayor Kirk Caldwell broke precedent Thursday, signing a bill that will provide $44 million in city general funds to pay a share of the $8 billion-plus, East Kapolei-to-Ala Moana rail line. Read More

Council commits city funds to pay $44M for rail project

The Honolulu City Council on Tuesday approved a measure that allowed, for the first time, money from the city’s general fund to be used to finance the rail. Read More

Condo tower plans boom around Ala Moana rail site

Around 4,000 or more households could be moving into an already dense but mostly commercial area near Ala Moana Center over the next several years as part of a swelling pipeline of high-rise plans by developers. Read More

Rail draft plan reveals potential cost-cutting measures

The rail authority expects to collect $188 million more in taxes than previously projected to help finance the Honolulu rail project, but the city is still making plans to cut costs if necessary, including possibly deferring construction of the $315 million Pearl Highlands Parking Structure and Transit Center. Read More

City scrambles to find $44M for rail as feds hold firm on deadline

Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s administration and the Honolulu City Council are scrambling to find ways to provide $44 million in city funds by next month to help finance the Honolulu rail project. Read More

Time is running out to resolve rail audit

Time is running out to resolve a series of disputes between the Hawaii State Auditor and staff at the Honolulu rail project, and that time crunch may limit how much the public will learn about what has gone wrong with rail. Read More

Evaluation of HART CEO Andrew Robbins begins

A Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation committee Friday began discussing a one-year evaluation for Executive Director Andrew Robbins. Read More

State installs pedestrian safety pilot project on Pali Highway

State officials said Friday that they installed a pedestrian safety measure including signs and delineators on Pali Highway at the Wood Street crosswalk, the site of a fatal collision that claimed the life of a Nuuanu resident earlier this month. Read More

Council advances bill to raise $44M for rail from city bonds

A bill allowing $44 million in city money to be used to help pay for the $8 billion-plus rail project won preliminary approval from the Honolulu City Council on Wednesday. Read More

City Council schedules meetings to fund rail

The Honolulu City Council is forming a special committee and scheduling a series of meetings later this month to deliver $44 million to the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Trans­portation as requested by the Federal Transit Administration. Read More

Volcanic Ash: P3 plan to shift rail costs burdens future generations

For those having trouble understanding the city’s scheme to finish the grossly over-budget rail project with a public-private partnership, perhaps it would help to think of it by another name: Kick the Can Down the Road. Read More


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