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The late, great Australian art critic Robert Hughes once complained that "Crocodile Dundee" is still regarded by many Americans as a work of social realism. A rhetorical exaggeration, of course, but he had a point.

Returning from a recent leisure trip to Miami, Jerry Jorgensen landed in Detroit only to face one of the biggest frustrations of air travel: His bag was nowhere to be found.

Last Minute Travel deals • For those who can't plan ahead (procrastinators, you know who you are), here's another app to help you find travel savings.

There's a certain beauty to Death Valley -- a mosaic of colors from the salt flats and sand dunes to the striations of craggy peaks. Some years, stunning wildflowers bloom in spring and early summer.

If you're against letting airline passengers talk on cellphones, you've gained a powerful ally. The Global Business Travel Association, a trade group for the world's business travelers, submitted its opposition last week to a plan by the FCC to lift a ban on voice calls on planes.

Whoever said you can't save both time and money hasn't tried this parking app. ParkMe provides a "heat map" of real-time parking spaces in lots and garages that are available in 1,800 cities around the world.

It was a daunting challenge for a lone traveler in the African bush: Using only a tiny $23-a-day Fiat and my wits, I had to sneak around the six sleeping lions blocking the gravelly road ahead.

More and more air travelers are buying expensive first-class and business-class seats, and airlines are coming up with some creative amenities to keep those big spenders happy.

Findery lets you leave your mark • From the co-founder of Flickr comes a new travel app that's three parts photo-inspired sticky notes and one part treasure map.

The addition of airline bag fees several years ago created another annoyance: people who cram all their travel necessities into carry-on bags to avoid the fees. United Airlines recently began a crackdown.

AYEUX, France » There's a digital clock on display outside the visitors center in the charming Normandy town of Bayeux — but it doesn't tell the time. It's counting down the days until the 70th anniversary of D-Day in June.

In a city synonymous with theaters and night life, the 26-year-old from Munich was perched on a scarred wooden bench in a utilitarian room in lower Manhattan on a recent evening, straining to decode the methodical hubbub of arraignments in one of the nation's busiest courts.

MARATHON, Fla. » A portion of the historic Seven Mile Bridge, a Florida Keys icon, is to be saved for future generations after officials Wednesday approved a $77 million restoration and maintenance program that is to continue for the next 30 years.

California has always been linked with the idea of American possibility. It's the sun-drenched place where you go to leave the stuffy, decaying old world for a new life. But not everything here is shiny, new and full of potential.

Bill would void rule on full-fare ads • FLIGHTS FROM LAX TO SAUDI ARABIA

From farm to table to app directory • If you're a farm-to-table foodie or just a fan of farms and farmers, this website and app are for you.

Few things will ruin a cruise faster than feeling seasick. To help prevent motion sickness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends staying hydrated, curbing alcohol and caffeinated drinks, eating small meals and limiting external stimuli.

It couldn't have been easier. No gas-swilling car, no rental agreement fine print, no overpriced parking lots. Just me, my DeutscheBahn rail pass, a carry-on bag and a suitcase.

Don't call them hot dogs and don't ask for ketchup. Those are the cardinal rules at Olneyville New York System, arguably the best-known Rhode Island spot for one of the state's signature dishes: hot wieners.

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, the luxury hotel company with 92 properties, including three in the Los Angeles area, will begin to offer guests customized beds, with mattress toppers that vary in firmness at the request of guests.

Ditch the hotel, grab the kids and "chillax" in a destination with room for the entire family.

DUBLIN » St. Patrick may have banished snakes and brought Christianity to Ireland, but perhaps his greatest feat was one of sheer endurance. After all, there were hundreds of other future saints roaming Ireland at the time, but Patrick is the one who gets the party.

LAS VEGAS » There was a time when gamblers tried to keep their trips to Las Vegas a secret. Now, visitors want loyalty points from mainstream hotel chains for the days they spend holed up in Strip casinos.

BAYFIELD, Wis. » Erno Hettinger stood atop a vast, frozen field of Lake Superior ice, hunched his back against whipping wind and gazed at the fantastic walls of icicles hanging from sandstone cliffs.

George Takei talks at "Star Trek" conventions about his role as Mr. Sulu. He tells soldiers and students about the role of Japanese-Americans during World War II. His new musical, "Allegiance" is based on his family's experience living in internment camps during the war.

NEW YORK » It's the wineries of New York's Finger Lakes that usually get the most attention from tourists, but a trail of restored homes, parks and museums may have visitors picking up a bit of women's history with their cabernet franc.

WASHINGTON » Despite the long, snowy winter in the Mid-Atlantic region, Washington's famous cherry blossom trees are expected to bring the first sure sign of spring between April 8 and 12, when they're predicted to reach peak bloom, the National Park Service said Tuesday.

Airlines strive to become more ‘green' • Airport adds pot 'amnesty boxes'

Localeur: This app offers travel tips from locals who discover and rediscover their cities as if they were on a hunt for hidden treasure.

DALLAS » Gabriel Barbier-Mueller bought his first samurai armor about 20 years ago from an antiques dealer in Paris, sparking a fascination that helped him create one of the most significant private collections in the world related to the Japa­nese warriors.

TAMPA, Fla. » Several Tampa Bay-area attractions, including the Busch Gardens theme park, will be part of a ticket pass booklet that's offered in other cities such as New York, Seattle and Toronto.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is pushing for private contractors to create a screening machine with "screen and walk" capability for use at the nation's 160 international airports.

FlightCar.com: The sharing economy speeds past just offering rides, to give travelers use of your car.

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. » "George Whittell," the tour guide said, "was born with a silver spoon in his mouth." So wealthy was Whittell's family that as a young man in San Francisco, he vowed he would never work a day in his life. He then set about vigorously pursuing that goal.

LIVERPOOL, England » It's the same barber shop where John Lennon got haircuts as a kid, the place immortalized in the Beatles song "Penny Lane." But instead of "a barber showing photographs" and "a banker sitting waiting for a trim," on this afternoon proprietor Adele Allan is snipping away on Jillian Keig.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico » Puerto Rico is building a water quality monitoring station to help protect a popular bioluminescent bay in the neighboring island of Vieques.

The report doesn't undertake any added science, but simply synthesizes previous studies, and the involvement of an insurance company might be cause for skepticism, but a recently issued white paper reaches a conclusion always worth repeating: Travel is good for you.

TOPEKA, Kan. » A new World War II exhibit starting this summer at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum will pay tribute to the millions who fought, but organizers also have another purpose for the ambitious three-year project: getting young people engaged in the war's relevance.

The slew of storms that has pummeled the nation's Midwest and East Coast this winter has resulted in some horrible numbers: 77,000 canceled flights carrying nearly 6 million passengers so far this year.

Trekkel.com • This website service is a city primer and itinerary planning tool that considers the way you like to travel. • What it does • What's hot • What's not

MOSCOW » Once I came to Moscow to cover an urban ballooning expedition. In winter. But when the balloonists came face to frigid, wind-lashed face with the winter here -- well, we never got off the ground.

When airlines began charging for checked bags in 2008, they blamed the high cost of jet fuel for the move. But how much does it actually cost an airline in jet fuel to transport your suitcase?

Flight+ • This app offers up-to-the-minute info on delayed or canceled flights, whether you're the flier or picking up a traveler at the airport.

The world's airline industry has rebounded from the recession and expects 2014 to be the most profitable year on record, thanks to stable fuel prices and growing travel demand.

My friend Arcadia Kim has three children and a Harvard business degree, but when she tried to negotiate on our behalf with the lady in charge of exfoliation at the Dragonhill Spa in Seoul, South Korea, she did not stand a chance.

AMSTERDAM » Shortly before Anne Frank and her family went into hiding from the Nazis, she gave some of her toys to a non-Jewish girlfriend who lived in the building next door.

Emancipation edict on display for 3 days • WASHINGTON » The National Archives is placing the original Emancipation Proclamation on display in Washington to mark Black History Month.

In most luxury hotels, if you want wireless Internet access, you are going to have to pay. That trend may be changing. Sort of. Loews Hotels & Resorts announced last month that it will offer free Wi-Fi at all 18 of its hotels.

AFAR Travel Guide • Here's an app that offers up inspiring sights to add to your to-do list.

Amid the hoopla, there's plenty to do for free, including visits to one of the world's biggest breweries, two popular animal attractions, a science center and a towering monument that has come to define St. Louis.

For $13 you can play pinball until your arms fall off at Seattle's working pinball museum. The two-story storefront in Seattle's International District is filled with games from the 1960s to today.

That was the conclusion of a survey by the travel website Airfarewatchdog.com, which polled more than 6,100 travelers on the topic of "the Worst Major Airline Fees." • Also: High interest in travel to Colorado

The Spin(tm) real-time video-chat and photo-sharing app allows up to 10 friends can chat on the same channel, watch YouTube videos together, share photos and comment on them.

The typical visitor to Tokyo envisions a futuristic city of skyscraper canyons and electronic gadgets, but in the eastern part of the city, an older way of life persists.

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans plans a gallery commemorating the work of men and women who saved stolen cultural treasures from destruction by the Nazis — efforts also portrayed in a movie set for release in February.

Universal Orlando Resort is doubling the park space devoted to Harry Potter with its new Diagon Alley attraction opening this summer.

"Slim-line" seats, with thinner seat-back cushions, are increasingly popular with airlines because they weigh less and help squeeze in more passengers.

CarryOn deals with escalating savings, meaning that the more people who follow a trip, the more savings the service delivers.

New York, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., are wonderful cities that can't resist preening when passing mirrors to remind themselves just how wonderful they are. Pittsburgh is a wonderful city that doesn't even see the mirror.

The original, handwritten manuscript of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the flag that inspired the song's lyrics will be displayed together at the Smithsonian in Washington, the first time the historic pieces are believed to have been shown side by side.

The world's airlines had one of their safest years on record in 2013. There were 29 airline accidents last year, which, combined, resulted in a record-low 265 fatalities.

This website will help you answer those age-old questions: Where do I go after I land? And more important, how much will it cost?

The bent backs and weary expressions found in the agricultural fields around Salinas, Calif., evoke the same compassion and empathy that affected beloved native son and author John Steinbeck about 75 years ago.

WESTMINSTER, Calif. » The flowering tree outside Tong Le's house in Southern California sprouts but one tiny yellow blossom in early winter. But by the time the Vietnamese community of Little Saigon readies for the Lunar New Year at the end of January, the branches of the hoa mai tree will brim with the yellow flowers that are ubiquitous during the annual celebration known as Tet.

Looking to save money and time, the airline industry has for years tried to come up with the fastest way to seat passengers. Now an academic study suggests airlines could cut boarding time by seating passengers based on how many carry-on bags they are hauling.

'Road Ninja' is a free mobile app that identifies your location and points you, exit by exit, toward gas stations, hotels, shops, camping, restaurants, pharmacies, coffee and more.

More than 25 million people have left their coats and shoes on their bodies, their laptops and 3-ounce liquids packed away and walked through a metal detector rather than a body scanner since the 2011 launch of the Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program.

Here are travel toiletries you won't be able to live without, though they'll leave your wallet lighter.

Airline delays and cancellations have dropped significantly in the last few years. At least, that's what federal statistics show. But the numbers might not be telling us the whole story.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. » This Mississippi River city is proud of its barbecue, its fried chicken, its soul food. But the food scene here is often stereotyped because of it.

NEW YORK » The Olympics, the World Cup and commemorations of World War I, D-Day and the fall of the Berlin Wall are some of the events that will spotlight destinations like Sochi, Brazil, Sarajevo, Normandy and Berlin in 2014.

A drunken man gets tackled by a group of off-duty cops in November while trying to storm the cockpit on a flight from Warsaw to Toronto. An inebriated passenger on a January flight from Iceland to New York tries to grope and choke fellow travelers until crew and passengers bind him with duct tape.

Jetpac City Guides lets Instagram photos guide the way. This app provides a quick visual take on popular destinations — it's like having a concierge in the palm of your hand.

In Georgia, in this land of cotton, Civil War battlefields and big mess of traffic in Atlanta, it's hard to imagine that dinosaurs once roamed these hills of red clay millions of years ago.

WASHINGTON » A Vincent Van Gogh painting that has been hidden away at a Virginia estate for decades now has a new home at the National Gallery of Art.

Loud kids' parents ranked worst fliers • Conventions raise hotel room prices

Peek.com: With this website, you can spend more time having fun and less time searching for what to do.

Whether you're planning a trip in the new year and need some practical advice, or you'd like to give a coffee-table book filled with inspirational photos to someone on your Christmas list, there's a travel-themed book for you. Here are a few recently published books to consider, including the relaunch of Frommer's guidebooks.

Can't decide where to stay? Compare hotel options against home and apartment rentals, B&Bs, hostels and more at AllTheRooms.com.

Travel insurance slammed as bad deal • Car rental firms conserve water

LOS ANGELES » MANY movies have been shot at Los Angeles Union Station, but none can match the one you start filming in your head the moment you arrive from Alameda Street.

Wi-Fi Finder, HotelTonight • The regular Webbuzz columnist in off this week, but here are a couple of new or improved apps that make traveling easier.

Nation eyes ‘Thrones' to lift tourism • Hotel will stay open during upgrade • Hermitage holds holiday night tours

If you are among America's well-to-do, you may have noticed that the airline industry has been rolling out the red carpet for you lately. For good reason. The number of affluent travelers has risen in the last few years, according to a report by the travel marketing agency MMGY Global and research firm Harrison Group.

LAS VEGAS » For years, Las Vegas tourists have had no place to pay their respects to one of the glitzy town's founding fathers.

QUESTION: On a recent flight from Phoenix, I was selected to have my palms swabbed by the TSA. Then they told me my hands tested positive for explosives and put me in a room and searched me from head to toe. Of course, they found nothing.

SportsWhereIAm.com • On the road or on vacation? This website will help you find a sporting event at your destination.

CHIANG MAI, Thailand » I was in Bangkok and less than enamored. The nightlife is chaotic, as are the crowded streets, the tourist-laden temples and the city itself, so overflowing with skyscrapers and malls and concrete that it seems about to burst.

NAIROBI, KENYA » In Paul Salo­pek's first year of his trek across the globe, the reporter walked alongside his camels for days in Ethiopia without seeing glass or bricks or any other signs of modern humanity, ate a hamburger on a U.S. military base and was shadowed by minders in the Saudi desert.

Eating at airports gets more healthful • AMERICANS USING FEWER VACATION DAYS

Pinocular.com • Here's a website that helps you locate vacation rentals that match your interests. • What it does • What's hot • What's not

Are airline-affinity frequent-flier and other rewards credit cards worth an annual fee? That's a decision consumers need to ask themselves.

LONDON » There's no getting around it: The basics of life are pricey in London. Hotel rooms, taxis, restaurant meals and subway fares are among the most expensive in the world.

DALLAS » From the mug shots police took of Lee Harvey Oswald to the homicide report for the president he was accused of killing, a collection of rarely seen artifacts related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy has gone on display at Dallas City Hall.

www.Spottly.com • » What it does: Uses your smartphone and desktop photos and your own notes to make personal travel bucket lists. Lazy? You can use photos from the Internet or re-post other people's notes.

Are you tired of having airport security screeners toss away your bottles of water, shampoo or lotion? Change is on the way in some parts of the world. Battelle, a nonprofit research and development organization in Ohio, has built a screening device that London's Heathrow Airport began installing recently to test liquids carried by passengers onto planes.

You'd be surprised at how traveling at a slower pace can transform a road trip.

Plane-maker objects to seat squeeze • Safety messages get makeovers

PROVO, Utah » Time may be running short for hard-core "Star Wars" fans to see the real-life set used to portray Ana­kin Skywalker's childhood home of Mos Espa on the planet Tatooine.

Hawaii isn't known for its skyscrapers, though there are more than a few (Hyatt Regency Waikiki, ugh) in Hono­lulu and a smattering elsewhere in the islands.

Hotel guests pay up for rubdowns • No booking edge for green hotels

Here's a website that can help you plan vacations that are socially empowering and environmentally responsible.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. » New York Yankees legend Mickey Mantle signed a baseball for Dennis Schrader in 1956, when Schrader was a 9-year-old boy attending a spring training game in Florida, leading to a lifelong obsession: He now has more than 4,600 signed baseballs, certified by Guinness as the largest such collection in the world.

Boost in business travel has caveat • Law's end likely to set off airfare war

It's an online home for storing your memorable travel locations as well as sharing your favorite global secrets with others.

You can view other travelers’ day-by-day itineraries and ask questions about places while building your own itinerary.

Young business travelers are more likely than older travelers to spend their company's money on expensive meals and first-class airline seats and to schedule vacation time during work trips.

Details everything there is to know about airport lounges, including day-use costs and amenities, as well as photos and reviews. Includes 600 lounges at the 60 busiest airports in the world.

Southwest Airlines recently ran ads that touted $69 fares, followed by promotions from Virgin America for fares starting at $59. Not to be outdone, Alaska Airlines peddled $49 fares — a deep discount compared with the average one-way domestic fare of about $190.

Zane Grey knew how to make an entrance, or at least how to describe one. As the famous Western writer liked to tell the story, he was on horseback in 1913, riding deep into Navajo country, when a flash lighted in the desert.

With a can of bear spray on his hip and hearing aids in both ears, Lyle Ruterbories whistles and hums as he tends to this patch of wilderness along the Canadian border.

In the end, most travelers from around the world are similar. Price and location are among the top factors in picking a hotel, according to a new study of more than 200,000 hotel guests from eight countries, written by researchers from JD Power and Associates.

Here's a website that makes time-share resales easy. With just a few clicks, you can get a vacation for life, one week at a time.

What is the world’s largest island?

BODIE, Calif. » Nothing against Virginia City or Tombstone or any other collection of Gold Rush-era wooden structures along that ribbon o' highway, but they are to ghost towns what Disneyland's Matterhorn is to true alpine peaks.

A federal lawsuit to stop the proposed merger of American Airlines and US Airways could be good for penny-pinching fliers.

All summer, thousands of visitors traipse among the U.S. Capitol's many statues, which honor the nation's founders, leaders and legends. There's George Washington, father of his country. Abraham Lincoln, preserver of the Union. John Gorrie, inventor of the ice machine.

If you worry about picking up a funky bacteria on your next airplane trip, fear not: The GermFalcon is on the way. Built into the arms are ultraviolet lights, which the GermFalcon shines on the plane's seats while it rolls down the aisle. • Also: Onboard Wi-Fi tops comfort, fliers say

Like adventure activities? How about travel deals? Finding both is as easy as doing a Google search. Caution: You many end up leaving the country.

Greetings from fast-changing Portland. On your right, note the dozens of breweries and distilleries, none of which existed until the other day. On your left, take care not to provoke the bicyclists, who might control everything by the day after tomorrow.

Yes, Swedes eat a lot of meatballs and equip their homes with IKEA furniture. Many drive Volvos and listen to ABBA. But there are some clichés about the Swedes that are simply wrong.

The digital revolution has imperiled the future of many job categories, including darkroom film processor, typewriter repairman and telephone operator. With the surge of sophisticated travel websites, can we put travel agents on the list of nearly obsolete jobs?

Are you and your offspring spending a fortune on college tours? Narrow your options first with a virtual tour. This website gives you a look at 400 college campuses and universities in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment on Wednesday agreed to manage and produce a live show in a specially built $65 million theater in central China that will celebrate the world-famous terra-cotta warriors, a high-profile step for America's live theater giant into the world's most promising consumer market.

On the way to Sin City, the average planeload of passengers spends a total of $116 for liquor, beer, wine and soda, surpassing drink sales to any other destination in the lower 48 states. • Also: Hotels try to sell more food

Offers inbound luggage service at more than 250 airports nationwide. Check your bags as usual, but BagsVIP will pick them up at baggage claim and deliver them to your house or hotel.

Bikini-clad women have jumped into Copenhagen harbor as part of the 100-year anniversary celebration of the landmark Little Mermaid statue, the Danish capital's top tourist attraction.

New Mexico might open a museum at the site of a 1980 bloody prison riot. Old Main was closed in 1988, eight years after the February 1980 riot in which inmates killed 33 fellow prisoners. • Also: London gallery shows Dylan sketches; Zeppelin tours offer sweeping views

Introduces the world's best festivals to inspire a community of "culturally curious" travelers and expand their horizons through collective gatherings. There's big passion behind this project.

The green trend is taking hold in the airline industry. United Airlines announced plans in June to buy 15 million gallons of lower-carbon, renewable jet fuel over a three-year period.

Offers made-to-order travel packages to "premier ticketed events," starting with the World Cup next year in Brazil.

Ask a Parisian about the city's Chinatown and you're likely to get an answer that's uncharacteristically reticent. "It's not exactly where I'd bring someone," natives will demur politely. It's the rare person who will say what most locals feel. "There's nothing to see there."

This website sources deep discounts at independent and boutique hotels by using its own bidding system and access to hotel rooms that might go unsold. Hotel rooms in San Francisco and New York are currently available, with Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago up next. It has plans to expand to 15 cities by the end of the year.

No one ever accused Spirit Airlines of being classy. After all, the Florida airline sells wine in a can for $7 and has installed coach seats that don't adjust.

Salad, the menu at Notre Maison says, is for rabbits. And they're not kidding. Anybody coming to this traditional restaurant in Lyon's historic old town will be disappointed if they are looking for vegetarian options — or even vegetables.

Do you want to see grizzly bears in the wild? Of course you do. This summer's Alaska adventure wouldn't be complete without photos to post on Facebook and send to friends.

For a limited time, a Denver hotel is offering a package with a one-night stay in a pop-up, inflatable room that rises 22 feet in the air, thanks to a scissor lift on top of the van on which it sits.

If you are itching to switch on your iPad or Kindle reader while your plane taxis for takeoff, you are going to have to wait at least a little longer. • Hotel scores get an upgrade

A national guide to the best vintage markets, architectural salvage centers, flea markets and more. You can search by state or from five to 50 miles within an American city.

This app allows for free calling, text messaging, photo sharing and video chats among Vonage Mobile app holders. In addition, you can make low-cost international calls to those who don't have the app.

In the foreseeable future, fliers can expect to be "randomized" by the Transportation Security Administration. That means an electronic device would randomly direct travelers to different screening lines. • Also: Pilfering from hotels common

Lightweight, super-comfortable earbuds with an Apple Control remote that operates your iPod or iPhone from one of three buttons. The remote also has a microphone so you can easily switch to a phone call while listening to music.

Q: It seems like you get a lot of letters from people who are mad about something that happened, but didn't bother to complain until well after the fact. Could you perhaps say a few words about complaining effectively and politely?

We're often stuck on cars, buses and trains, commuting to work or trying to get to our next destination. But what about transportation that highlights a destination?

Q: I was boarding a flight and was appalled to notice a heavyset man -- who happened to be quite hairy -- wearing a sleeveless T-shirt. Would I have been out of line to request a seat change? • Also: A tale of sweet driving karma

The mugs are supposed to keep beverages hot for four hours or cold for 12. Both do exactly as advertised. They're sleek and attractive and come in several colors.

Carmel is a great spot to get away from it all. It's the perfect place to show how sweet and charming you are, whether it's a wedding, proposal, romantic hideaway or girlfriend getaway.

Q: I like milk instead of cream with tea. (My mother is British.) How rude is it to ask for this in restaurants? Usually everyone else has coffee, and they bring a small pitcher of cream for the table, but I don't want that.

Remarkably strong, lightweight, packable bags are made of rip­stop nylon, a material familiar to campers. The bags can be used for shopping excursions or for stowing in luggage to schlep newly bought souvenirs on a trip.

The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is acquiring its first full Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton for eventual display in a new dinosaur hall planned for the museum on the National Mall.

It was 50 years ago, but Berliners haven't forgotten the American president's visit in 1963, nor the speech that offered so much hope. It provided a promise of support for West Germans living in Berlin's free but beleaguered American sector after they were heard around the world.

Q: I recently had a physical, and my doctor told me I'm at risk of developing blood clots if I sit in one place for too long. What should I do about seating arrangements during air travel?

A 27-inch-long, 10-inch-wide seamless tube of merino wool that can be used to heat and cool the head and neck. Available in Europe since 1992, Buff came to the U.S. in 2003 made of synthetic material.

Way back in the 20th century when life was simple, my wife, Mary Frances, and I lived in Carpinteria, swooping in and out of Santa Barbara without a second thought.

Visitors to Atlanta's High Museum of Art will soon have a chance to experience the engaging over-the-shoulder glance of Johannes Vermeer's famous "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

Many passengers on public transportation hinder others from finding a place to sit by placing their belongings in an empty seat. What gives?! • Q: What can I do rather than staying at a family friend's house when all the hotels in the area are booked because of a huge conference?

A camera that lets you see what's going on at home while you're away by using a computer, iPad or smartphone with free cloud access.

The atmosphere in the Plaza de Toros, hot in the afternoon sun, crackled like popcorn, leaving visitors wondering just how long the crowd, growing larger by the minute, would sit patiently and wait. But as late arrivals searched for the last free seats, their concerns melted away.

Bargain hunters from around the world flock to Manhattan's Chinatown for legally sold bags, jewelry and other accessories. But hidden around the city are goods labeled "Prada" or "Louis Vuitton" or some other luxury brand — counterfeits sold for a pittance.

Q: A cousin is having her wedding in Napa Valley in September. I reside on the East Coast and may or may not be able to attend with family pressuring hard that I attend. What should I do? • Q: Should I fold bills when I tip housekeeping, or lay them out flat?

A midsize duffel designed to stash everything you might need for a couple of nights away from your bed and the rest of your stuff.

My face flushed cherry red, and my sweat-soaked sundress clung to my body. I stood, elated, on a wooden platform at the summit of Mount Warning, a jagged peak in the Gondwana rain forest.

A gruesome photo gallery of men and women impaled by arrows, augers and pipes is gone from the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in Hollywood.

A passenger successfully reserved a seat row to himself and his wife at the annoyance of others on a return flight to California only to pay the price in karma the entire flight.

A soft-sided carry-on bag that collapses down to 4 inches deep from 8 inches for stowing in its own plastic bag to go in a closet or under a bed when you're back from the road.

The remains of a Tudor warship that sank more than 400 years ago are displayed along with thousands of its artifacts for the first time at a new British museum.

Q: How close can I put my beach blanket to someone else's? Last year we went to a popular beach on the East Coast and when the beachgoers next to us returned from swimming they were clearly not happy to see us.

Snap together the black plastic cross-sections and you have a sturdy, stable stand that hooks onto the tray table, holding your iPad at a slight tilt for easier typing and viewing.

After a big easy sweep across a flat-water pool on the upper Hudson River, Allison Buckley made sure she chose a better channel through the oncoming rapids than the previous canoe, which hung up on a submerged rock.

The Muppets are getting a new home in a Queens museum with a permanent exhibit the city hopes will persuade more tourists to venture beyond Manhattan.

What are the top things that come up in terms of hotel etiquette? "How do I deal with other guests doing something that is bothering me?" is, by far, the most common type of question.

A free app that saves notes, photos, videos, to-do lists, audio, books, music and more to notebooks that multiple users can share and collaborate on.

As howling winds tore through the eastern Sierra, Dan Gillespie and his wife, Carol, trudged along a narrow gravel path, their eyes alternating between photos they carried and the contours of a cove guarded by granite walls.

I recently heard about a conference that I'd like to attend. The conference takes place in a city that's either a short flight or a long drive from where I live. I could go alone and fly, but a colleague I particularly can't stand would be shut out. What should I do?

A pillowcase with a hood fastened in the middle. Insert a standard-size pillow into the case. The hood easily shifts on the pillow in any way you prefer, so there's room to maneuver.

With Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" opening just before summer, there's no better time to celebrate the spirit of the Roaring ‘20s. From speakeasies to grande dame hotels, the members and editors of VirtualTourist.com have chosen the "Top 5 Places to relive the 1920s."

Q: A few hotels and restaurants greet or end a meal with a small complimentary glass of the local specialty liqueur (e.g., limoncello, strawberry wine). Is it better to accept it but not drink it or to refuse?

A durable iPad case with a built-in stand and a Bluetooth 3.0 wireless, multicolor back-lit keyboard. The keyboard has a responsive, easy-click touch, and the keys are all in the right place for a touch typist.

As parents we all struggle to get our children to understand that money doesn't grow on trees. We want them to be responsible, work hard and learn to save a few bucks. But these lessons are among the most difficult to teach.

The Agency for Cultural Affairs issued a notice Wednesday saying Mount Fuji was recommended for World Heritage status by the International Council on Monuments and Sites, a body affiliated with UNESCO.

Q: I'm going to New York City soon on a business trip. I've never been there before. What do I need to know about hailing cabs? Do you really yell, "Taxi!" or whistle, or have I just seen too many movies?

An easily transported collapsible plastic bowl to accommodate pets when traveling. These save a lot of space, dishwasher safe and are durable without the strong plastic smell.

Love the lush and lovely Napa Valley but hate how expensive it can be? You're not the first. In the late 19th century, writer Robert Louis Stevenson moved his honeymoon to the rustic but free setting of an abandoned mining camp when the $10-a-week going rate for Calistoga hotels proved too much for his slender purse.

Concert promoter Live Nation announced Wednesday that a landmark Los Angeles music venue where Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra performed will close its doors this fall.

A 16th-century Amati violoncello displayed in the National Music Museum has long been nicknamed "The King," but the ghost of a legendary rock 'n' roller has arrived in South Dakota to reclaim his regal moniker.

Q: The first time I flew with a child in tow, I tried to analyze why a child (mine, normally well-behaved) would do something so out of character as to kick someone else's seat?

ECBC Poseidon Messenger K7202 bag

» What it is: A lean and mean messenger bag with amazing water resistance despite the attractive look of fabric.

Las Vegas is trying to beat its reputation as a shut-in. MGM Resorts International announced Thursday that it will sink $100 million into building a park and public promenade outside of its New York-New York and Monte Carlo casinos.

Q: I recently completed a trip from Pittsburgh to Honolulu with my 13-year-old daughter. She uses a wheelchair; we travel often; and fellow travelers can be quite rude. Would it be too much trouble to publish this list of helpful actions? A: Done!

A small-in-size, big-in-sound portable speaker made by Divoom. Standing 2 3/4 inches high, this one's a beaut.

Marine Lt. Leonard Isaaks Jr. was killed Feb. 20, 1945, during the battle for the Japa­nese island Iwo Jima. All you really need to know about his death is contained in the painstakingly printed letter found on his body.

Some never-before-seen artifacts from the minutes and hours after President John F. Kennedy's assassination went on display Friday, along with an extensive collection of photographs of the young president's family.

The Exploratorium, San Francisco's interactive science and activities museum, is set to open Wednesday at its new $300 million digs along the bay with more space and new exhibits, including a rain chamber that will allow people to experience past storms.

Q: What do you think of people using translation apps when they're in a foreign country and don't speak the language? If the waiter comes over to take your order in a nice restaurant, isn't it rude to just show him your phone and not even attempt to speak?

The collapsible aluminum legs, joined by shock cords, unfold easily to make the stool a seat or table. The stool is so tiny that it could easily go into a backpack or hang on a belt.

When Whitney Houston died last year, one of the first pieces of audio memorabilia that swarmed the Internet was the isolated vocal track from her 1985 recording of "How Will I Know." Trust us, it will simultaneously give you chills and make you cry.

This is the only country that gives you a bath before they send you home. The Blue Lagoon, open year-round, rain or shine, envelops thousands of tourists from all over the world in its misty embrace.

Ever dream of a round-the-world vacation? One luxury-travel company has a trip leaving from Orlando this fall that features a sacred citadel, Indian palaces, ancient mummies and more.

What it is: A wheeled bag with compartments for an umbrella, backup power for devices, a portable speaker, socks, underwear, electrical cords, magazines, a water bottle. The toiletries compartment is removable (Velcro), and the bag even has a laundry chute.

Should a minimum-wage increase, to about $10 hourly, be delayed for small businesses until 2019?
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