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Headphone wearer needs a gag, too

For Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scripps Howard News Services


QUESTION: The guy next to me on my flight last night was playing Tetris on his iPhone. He was wearing headphones, which was great, but sometimes (when he lost, I assume) he’d slam his hand down on the tray table or swear. Could you please remind people that even if they’re wearing headphones, everyone else can still hear them curse or get startled when they bang on the tray table?

ANSWER: Done. I have to give your seatmate props for playing Tetris instead of Angry Birds, though.

Q: I was on a flight where the person next to me used the call button three times. First she asked whether there were any open window or aisle seats (she was in the middle). There weren’t. Then she wanted to know what gate her connection would leave from. Then she had a problem with her video screen. I fly a lot, and I’ve never used the call button. I would only do so in an emergency — like if I suddenly got sick. I usually just say, “Excuse me,” when the flight attendant walks by and ask my question. What do you think?

A: I think using the call button three times in one flight for non-emergency reasons is a bit much, but I’d love to hear what flight attendants think. Do you prefer passengers to press the call button or stop you as you go by?


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