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No note needed to use cart at airport

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Question: My 78-year-old dad is taking a flight by himself for the first time in many years. He has to make a connection at a relatively large airport. He'll have plenty of time to do so, but walking long distances is tough for him. I was thinking of requesting one of those carts to take him between the gates. Is that OK, or do you have to have a doctor's note or be in a wheelchair or something?

Answer: Anyone can ask for a cart if it will make it easier for him or her to get through the airport. You don't need to have an obvious physical disability or have a doctor's note -- you're just on your honor.

I think it's totally reasonable to request a cart for your dad. Call his airline now so they can note it on his reservation, and tell him to be sure to mention it when he checks in at the airport and to a flight attendant on the first leg of his flight.

Q: What do you do if in the middle of a spa service you realize the esthetician is doing something kind of gross? I got a facial at a hotel spa in San Francisco not too long ago and I was really happy with it until she began to wax my eyebrows.

She started doing one eyebrow, but then I realized she was "double-dipping" the wax applicator into the hot wax container -- using the same application over and over after she had already spread wax onto my skin with it. I honestly didn't know what to do. I thought of asking her to stop, but then I was afraid I would look like a freak with unmatched eyebrows. Should I have spoken up?

A: Ugh. Double-dipping the wax applicator is way beyond "kind of gross"-- it's downright nasty (not to mention a violation of the state rules for salon operators in California). You absolutely should have called the esthetician on it.

Yes, you might have had to leave the spa with uneven eyebrows, but those are easily fixable. I'd rather "look like a freak with unmatched eyebrows" temporarily than risk a nasty skin infection on my face.

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Cart use can be arranged in advance

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