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Stranger asks to borrow headphones

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Question: I was recently on a JetBlue flight. The guy next to me didn't have headphones. I watched TV a little and then took out my laptop to get some work done. When he saw me winding up the cord on my own headphones, he asked if he could borrow them. Fortunately, I thought quickly and said something like, "Oh, sorry, I'm actually going to use them again once I get my computer set up," but isn't that a little personal? To me, asking to borrow a stranger's headphones is like asking to borrow their comb or brush.

Answer: I agree -- especially if they're the earbud type. Plus, you were on JetBlue, so he could have bought his own pair for a couple of bucks.

Q: If a solo female traveler splits a cab to the airport with a man and a woman traveling together, who should sit up front with the driver? Assume the solo traveler has never met the couple before. Also, let's say the solo traveler is going to Terminal A and the couple are going to Terminal C. The drop-off point for Terminal A comes before the drop-off for Terminal C as you drive around the airport. However, the couple's flight leaves 15 minutes before the solo traveler's. Who gets dropped off first?

A: I think the solo female traveler should sit in front. It would be weird to split up the couple and have the solo traveler share the back seat with one of them.

And the solo traveler should get dropped off first. There's no reason for the driver to skip Terminal A, drop off the couple at Terminal C and then drive all the way back around to Terminal A. If the couple were about to miss their flight completely, then maybe they could make a case to be dropped off first, but I don't think a 15-minute difference in departure times warrants circumnavigating the airport.

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