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Five-0 Redux

All bets are off

Five-0 (left to right: Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan, Alex O'Loughlin) focuses on several key suspects when world-renowned photographer Renny Sinclair is murdered while on assignment in Hawaii shooting the annual swimsuit edition of a top sports magazine. —Photo by Mario Perez / CBS

If I were a betting woman, I would probably be completely broke. Regardless of my “day job” salary (all writer’s must have a day job—unless they write for a hit television show or have their latest tell-all-memoir made into a Lifetime movie of the week), my chances of hitting the Oprah Book Club lottery are a long shot. But I’ve bet on a few things this season, like finding out what Wo Fat really wants with McGarrett or that Danno’s brother would do the right thing—but both would be a loss for me in the “Hawaii Five-0” betting pool. Well, the odds are still with me on the Wo Fat bet, but I only have two more episodes to cash in. I wish I had placed a bet on this week’s guest star Rick Springfield that he was not going to sing any of his 80’s pop hits, because his departure in tonight’s episode of “Ho‘ohuli Na‘au” was quick and quite explosive.

So much for playing a photographer. Maybe he should stick to the guitar. It seems to have kept him alive a lot longer. Every time Rick plays someone who doesn’t play the guitar—he ends up dead. Rick has died in the first few minutes of a television show before—like his turn in the original “Battlestar Galactica,” as well as playing the undead in his role as vampire detective “Nick Knight.” Both roles, sans guitar. Perhaps I should have bet on how swift his demise would be in tonight’s episode. I’m sure we all knew it was coming, as we were told of his murder in the episode trailers. I guess I just hoped he would last a little longer. My teenage self wanted to see him at least hum a few bars of “Jessie’s Girl.” But all bets were off on that one.

While tonight’s episode seemed to circle around Rick Springfield’s murder, they also had one of the Five-0 team dealing with his own drama. Again the “Hawaii Five-0” writers want to remind us about the theme of ‘ohana with Chin making decisions that could have taken him away from his Five-0 family. The last thing we all want would be for the team to break-up, and I think that the writer’s have started to give us more conflict within the team in order to create a satisfying ending to the season. But Chin’s episode ending decision—which left me shocked and open-mouthed—helps to keep us glued to our sets for the next two weeks until the season finale. All good television, if you ask me. But really Chin? I mean, what the hell are you thinking?

But you can’t let me ask that question, because remember—my track record is pretty bad this season. I think I should stick to deconstructing theories instead of betting on them. But I will bet on the fact that “Hawaii Five-0” came a little closer to their Hawaiian translation of tonight’s episode title than their last venture in that department with the Sean Combs episode and “Ho‘opa‘i” which they translated as “Close to Heart.” Tonight’s episode was called “Ho‘ohuli Na‘au” and they also translated that to mean—wait for it—“Close to Heart.”

Now, I’m not a betting woman, but I think that it would be a safe bet that there may have been a bit of a mistake in posting the translation on the CBS press site, but I’ll give it my best shot. In Hawaiian, ho‘ohuli means to turn or to look for, and according to T. Ilihia Gionson, my Hawaiian language expert, it means, “to make a 180—to change your feelings about a person.” Hawaiians believe that your emotions and feelings come from your na‘au, or your gut. Na‘au is literally your intestines, but it also represents your mind, heart, and affections, because Hawaiians believe your heart is just a muscle, you hold your emotions not in a muscle, but where your true self is—within your core, in your na‘au. So if we look at “Ho‘ohuli Na‘au” it really means a change of heart. Perhaps that can be seen as something close to heart, as your emotional “heart” would be in your na‘au for a Hawaiian. Albeit a bit of a clunky translation, but it could work for this episode as it did in “Ho‘opa‘i.”

All in all, even though I’m still in a state of shock—I mean, I see my teenage heartthrob die in the first five minutes and then Chin ends the episode with me yelling at my television—this episode was by far one of the funniest we have seen in a long time. Kamekona and his inept betting style, as well as his hilarious marketing ploy with the shave-ice Muppet, left me laughing more than any of the usual bromantic banter could have done. And Kono and her new love interest, Charlie Fong, played by Brian Yang, took over from the usual McG/Danno carguments in this episode. The Twitter stream was alive with additional jokes about Fong and his Punahou lineage—fellow blogger H50 Undercover wanted to know where Fong’s birth certificate was to prove his forensic credentials.

But all bets aside, I’m ready to find out if our Fearless Four will answer all of my questions for this season, or leave me opened mouthed again at the end of the season finale on May 16. One wager I could make is that many of us will be there, faithfully waiting for their answers. How much you like bet?

Redux Side Note: Great to see Kala Alexander back as Kawika the leader of “The Hui” from the “Ko‘olauloa” episode. Tonight he played the same role, but was shown running a charity surf event for kids with cystic fibrosis. Kono is seen helping him with a young surfer, Suzie, played by Camryn Turner, at the start of the episode. The charity portrayed in the episode is the Mauli Ola Foundation that helps kids with cystic fibrosis breathe better through surfing and salt-water therapy. You can check out their real life foundation at


Wendie Burbridge is a published writer, playwright and a teacher of literature and fiction writing at Kamehameha Schools-Kapālama. Reach her on Facebook at and Twitter @WendieJoy.

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  • i might have a new theory on who will be killed- it might be kono’s and chin’s uncle and i have a felling that he will kill himself so chin’s name will be cleared. what are your thoughts?

      • That would be shocking, mainly because they’ve been playing up the idea that they obviously still have feeling for each other. Having that at the end season of two would be better with Her and step-stan breaking up early in the season and Danny and her getting closer, then just when he thinks they can be a happy family in Hawaii BAM, a huge murder to solve for season 3.

  • u rock as usual wendie! im sorry about your loss , I know you wanted to be Jesse’s girl but i think its safer your not. Wasnt my favorite episode by a longshot and the Chin story has me very frustrated. The shave ice scenes were awesome! Taylor is sooo funny! I thought this was an episode that belonged in the earlier part of the season- a nice little filler show – I thought they would have done a better job getting into the 4 leads and the WO-FAT storyline so that it would lead and build up into episodes 23 and 24. Having said that, an average episode of #H50 is better than a great episode of anything else on TV so Ill gladly take it.

  • I totally agree with you. At the end of the episode I was like WHA?!?! WHY?!?! Chin! What the heck are you thinking?!
    I think we will be the same at the final episode. Open mouth, shock etc.

  • Well written Wendie =)
    1st time reader, 1st time comment

    I personally love this show. The Chin angle at the end was definitely a shocker, but I can see where his silence ties into his loyalty for family. Kamekona always cracks me up, the shaved ice muppet had me rolling, glad to see comedy getting wrapped up in an action based show.

    I dont see how the writers will be able to pull off the last 2 episodes to satisfy my personal and predictable needs =p. I do see a cliff hanger in where Wo Fat gets the upper hand and ties into the next season. I look forward to your next blog. Aloha

  • About halfway through the episode last night, I felt like they telegraphed the final scene with Chin Ho going to the bookie — but it was very well done. It certainly doesn’t feel like it was out of character. Chin’s loyalty to his family is the only thing that could prompt such an act of desperation, and DDK tapped those emotions of conflict and anguish that any person in his situation would be feeling. Kudos to the writing staff for fitting this into the context of the episode (family betrayal, and look how that turned out) and leaving us with a mini-cliffhanger in the final two episodes.

    I have a feeling the season finale is going to literally tear Five-0 apart at the seams. (My guesses: Chin’s in jail, Kono’s injured or killed, Danny has second thoughts about working with Five-0 and we see McGarrett go chasing after WoFat by himself off the island — and therefore, out of the Governor’s and the team’s jurisdiction). I’m sure I won’t be 4-for-4 on those guesses, but it’s going to be a wild ride into season 2, for sure 😉

  • Great blog as usual Wendie! I too was a bit disappointed in this episode. It had some great moments, it is Hawaii Five-0 after all, how could it not, but overall it will not go down as one of my favorites. The crime of the week was rather mundane and not up to the usual standards. The Chin story blew me away. I was so totally sure we were done with that storyline but there it is again, rearing it’s ugly head and getting Chin in even MORE trouble. It seems the writers and producers are determined to put absolutely EVERYONE we love in peril by the finale!

    I also think that the writers and producers have put a lot of brain power and planning into the last 2 episodes and that’s why this one was a bit weak. I think they KNEW they wanted to introduce the new plot point in Chin’s story and needed a crime of the week to fill it out. I don’t think they put a lot of thought and attention into this one. It just wasn’t up to their standards. I’m trusting that after a weak episode the next one, or in this case the last two will be very strong.

    The last time I felt like this about an episode was the pirate episode and the one after that was the Dane Cook as Danny’s brother episode which was fantastic. So I’m hoping they conserved a lot of energy on this one to make the last two fantastic.

  • Thanks, Wendie, for a great blog, as usual Enjoyed your translation of the Hawaiian title – I really have a difficult time some episodes figuring out what the producers are trying to get across to the viewers with their titles. I guess the “change of heart” for this one is Rennie the photographer changing his mind about ignoring his daughter from a former relationship when he discovers he’s about to have another child. Too bad for him he didn’t make contact with his daughter before she decided to torch him!

    This episode certainly had its fun moments – Kamekona rocked! Danny decided to try a few of McG’s takedown antics, Kono’s cute forensic friend! But Chin’s story scares me. For one thing, am I wrong, or did Steve NOT come out of the governor’s office after the tsunami episode and tell everyone that ALL the money was accounted for? So, what’s going to happen when Chin returns $200,000 that already there in the locker? Don’t suppose will find that out until the finale.

    Steve didn’t really seem to have too big a part in this episode, neither did Danny, really. I missed the cargument and banter. We haven’t seen too much of it lately, and I for one, want it back! Doesn’t look like I’ll get my wish anymore this season, though! I think we have moved into a dark place for the last 2 episodes!

  • Great Blog Wendie. Shocked? Try stone cold slap in the face shock is what I felt last night. Like everyone else I too wondered why Chin would do such a foolhardy thing? Then took three deep breaths and thought wait this is Chin and we all know Chin’s MO. Chin’s not just a tech savy geek, he’s a genius at putting things together and solving mysteries so there is no way that he would walk into the loan shark’s office without a master plan right out of the “blue print” to save him and his uncle from the big hole he dug in this week’s episode.

    Then a ridiculous thought came to my mind about the money – the $28 mil was all accountered for so didn’t that include $200,000.00? So when Chin shows up with the money all of a sudden surely the IA would be smart enough to think that ok bud u fooled us the first time, the second time won’t work either because we searched your house before and there’s no record of the missing money anywhere…..ok too easy right?

    I really hope that Mr. Lenkov and his merry team of clever writers who crafted out these clever little plots have a perfectly planned escape route – because one of the things keeping me awake at nights is all the flying theories that have been in and out of blogs and discussions and none of us with all our gifted smarts can figure out the how, why, and the who!! We have more questions than answers and none of the answers have a pleasant outcome.

    The rational part of last night’s episode tells me that Chin sold his house in exchange for quick cash for $200,000 he didn’t steal the money and be didn’t make a bet. So its not JAIL bad yet!! This plan really sucks Chin!!! There better be 4 “Out of Jail” free cards ready for season 2!!!

  • Oh just a quick thought to add – If the IA investigates Chin’s uncle won’t they wonder where the money came from and discover records of a payment made to a private donor so Chin’s money that he just received could vindicate them both if the money is paid back to HPD.

    Of course that might mean that Chin doesn’t have a roof over his head but at least he’s free and he can probably rent a place – sure he has the money saved up to afford to rent a place and no one goes to jail!!!

  • Wouldn’t money in the evidence locker be logged in by denomination and serial number? So what happens when the money Chin turns in does not match?

    • You assume that HPD is like the mainland PD’s. They still haven’t discovered the missing money that McGarrett borrowed for ransom to bail Chin out.

  • Great blog – thanks for the translation of the title and how it ties into the episode. I always enjoy that part. The photographer murder storyline seemed odd, but now I get how it dovetails into the Chin storyline – loan shark et/al. I like that the 5-0’s are all being supportive of Chin’s decision, even though they don’t necessarily think it is what he should be doing. It has certainly sucked me in!

    In my experiences with PD’s (back in the 90’s) and how they log in cash evidence, it is done by denomination, not necessarily serial number, so Chin may not be up the creek about that. I can’t wait to see how he gets out of this one.

  • Aloha and Mahalo Wendie for always providing very interesting recap of the 5-0 episodes and always look forward to reading your redux every Tuesday. I have a feeling that the last episode with be the cliffhanger which will keep us hanging until the Fall. Absolutely adore Kamekona’s character and that of Danno’s daughter.
    The actors seem to continue their bonding both on and off the set and I would like see them continue their bond and blend in with the local people in our community.

  • Aloha. First time reader and writer to your blog.

    Interesting read … Jaw Dropping reactions to Chin huh…

    I hope the show becomes more exciting and brings me closer to that, “What!” moment.

    Another envelope delivered to McG. Taking out a loan with the deed of your house for colateral – Chin. A possible love interest for Kono? Kamekona not paying his debts, he still owes money so that may lead to some trouble? And Danno, who can forget the tie going Jersey detective that now has a fugitive brother wanted by the FBI.

    Peter Lenkov did say that the stories will be weaved together from the start. Im looking forward to see what two more episodes can possibly bring to the table.


  • Enjoyed Kamekona as usual, but I cringed at the thug who said something to the effect that, “like get lickings?” Ugh, that line/actor seemed so fake. Expecting the last episode to be a “Who Shot JR?-type” cliffhanger.

  • I think they want Chin to always be a “troubled” character. Every show seems to have one, like Warrick in CSI. But in Chin’s case, he’s troubled for all righteous reasons.

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