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Business elite have duty to pay taxes

As I enjoyed the fireworks and music on the Fourth of July, I couldn’t help but think of the many people without jobs or homes because our business elite caused the recession. Not only that, but they claimed they would create lots of new jobs if we gave them massive tax breaks, even though those unpaid taxes would have covered the deficit that is now such a problem. But the promised jobs have not materialized, except as a few part-time temporary positions without benefits.

Instead of cutting needed government social services, from education to women’s shelters (and in some places turning the mentally ill out into the streets while allowing them to buy guns), perhaps the wealthy need to forgo a few yachts and mansions and luxury vacations for a while and remember this: It’s patriotic to pay your taxes.

David Chappell

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Alcohol restrictions unfair for legal users

Why are we allowing our government to ban the legal use of alcohol by adults at Ahu o Laka or anywhere else? Why do we empower the authorities to outlaw possession of a legal beverage and harass people who are only exercising their right to enjoy a peaceful afternoon on the bay? We should instead be requiring public safety officials to enforce already existing laws against the unacceptable behavior which may result when citizens exercise poor judgment and/or abuse a legal substance.

The problem at the sandbar is not people drinking; the problem is people drinking irresponsibly and violating existing laws. Focus on following the law and fixing what’s wrong instead of denying everyone the right to conduct themselves in a mature manner.

Paul Scheftel

Thanks for efforts to ban fireworks

I would just like to thank the residents of Hawaii, the legislators, our police and fire department for getting behind the fireworks ban and making it work. As a pet sitter, this was the best Fourth of July ever. I haven’t found any terrified dogs running loose as I always have in the past and I’m sure folks enjoyed the great public fireworks displays. Mahalo.

Judy Mick

Cellphone ban while driving necessary

Nat Aycox’s letter has me trying to understand his logic ("Has cellphone ban cut crashes?," Star-Advertiser, Letters, July 5). Is he saying that in order for this law to be effective that crashes have to decrease, or is it OK for any crash to happen due to cellphone use?

It’s not OK! I was almost sideswiped by someone on the freeway texting. How did I know? I could see him in his sideview mirror looking up and down, up and down. Then he drifted into my lane.

It’s not a cash cow. It’s a reminder to multitasking drivers that they are dealing with other people’s lives. Their insurance carriers should jack up their premiums to that of a drunken driver. That will teach them a lesson.

Robert K. Soberano

Abercrombie trying to bust public unions

The article, "State move on contract novel," attempts to explain reasons for the state’s actions on the teachers contract talks (Star-Advertiser, June 29). I think the article is rather timid. The state’s unilateral action and its intent are plain to me. It’s a union-busting strategy, plain and simple.

Are folks unaware of the news from the mainland? The governors of Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana are making sure that unions are put out of business.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie and the state superintendent of education should be in the forefront of ameliorating this crisis. Abercrombie said in his campaign he would work with the unions to bring about labor settlements because he "is one of them." I don’t see this happening. It’s "my way or the highway" leadership. HSTA must stand up for its members, the children and public education by taking whatever action needed to solve the present crisis.

Wilbur Luna

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