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Five-0 Redux

Caught in the act

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McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), left, and Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) are forced to work together for a brief period in this week's episode. (Courtesy CBS)
McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), left, and Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) are forced to work together for a brief period in this week's episode. (Courtesy CBS)

Just think, “Hawaii Five-0” fans, the last time McGarrett was in a full episode of the show was in March — and that was SEVEN weeks ago. I know, we got a nice voiceover of his letter to Danny and a shot of him getting on a plane in what looked like Japan in “Ha‘alele,” but did that really appease all of the McGarrett maniacs in any serious way?

Looking at all the giddy online social networking traffic regarding this week’s episode, “Ua Hopu,” I think not.

Wo Fat and McGarrett work out their differences after their plane crashes before its scheduled landing on Oahu. (Courtesy CBS)
Wo Fat and McGarrett work out their differences after their plane crashes before its scheduled landing on Oahu. (Courtesy CBS)

Nothing to be angry about, perhaps we were a little worried, and then concerned — but I’m sure you all are fine with the return of McGarrett to the “Five-0” fray, and are more than willing to watch his “six” for the next two weeks. This preview to the season finale was everything we have been waiting for; between the return of the Steven and Daniel bromance, Kono and her secret lover, and the capture of Wo Fat, this one caught my attention from the very start.

In Hawaiian, “Ua Hopu” means, basically, “to be caught.” It also means “to be arrested.” And maybe because my heart was in partial cardiac arrest during the episode, the symbolism behind the title was not lost on me.

So many of our characters were caught — Kono caught between her new lover Adam Noshimuri and her Five-0 family; Wo Fat arrested by McGarrett, Danno kidnapped by the CIA, and all of them caught in a Yakuza/CIA web. Seriously, I couldn’t tell who were the bad guys in this episode. Adam went after Wo Fat to bring him to justice for killing his father, Hiro Noshimuri. The CIA seemed hellbent on keeping their arms dealings with Wo Fat a secret. It was interesting how the lines between heroes and villains seemed to nicely blur, thanks to writer Stephanie SenGupta and ace director Larry Teng, who really kept me caught up in the action and emotion of the episode.

It’s been a while since I have been this taken by an episode. I loved the juxtaposition of good guys being bad guys and the bad guys maybe being good guys. When Kono walked into the abandoned house to meet Adam and I saw all the plastic on the floor, I really thought he was going to kill her. But when he held his gun on her, I knew he wasn’t going to shoot.

And guest star Jack McGee, as Danno’s CIA “Deep Throat,” was terrific as the double agent. I loved when he called Danno “Kid,” and what a guy for taking a pistol-whipping just to pay his respects to his dead friend. I know, he set Danno up by kidnapping him with the dramatic black-bag-over-the-head routine, and he did basically mess up Danno’s hair not once, but twice (bag over the head and then the guard Danno takes out — did you see it? Messed up the Danno do!).

All in all, “Deep Throat” really helped the Five-0 team out.

Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) is given a prominent role in this week's episode with a storyline that finds her romantically involved with one of the bad guys. (Courtesy CBS)
Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) is given a prominent role in this week's episode with a storyline that finds her romantically involved with one of the bad guys. (Courtesy CBS)

There really was so much that was great in this episode — besides McGarrett’s return, of course. Grace Park got a chance to really develop her character more and this was another very interesting storyline to show what makes Kono tick. Between her undercover work at the start of season two for Captain Fryer, and now as the undercover girlfriend of acting yakuza boss Adam Noshimuri, Park really has gotten more of an opportunity to shine this season.

But the very best part was McG being back — in cargo pants, in action with big guns, and quick feet and fists. He landed a crashing plane, flew a stolen helicopter, fought it out with Wo Fat, as well as with a team of gun toting Yakuza. And in the end he put the bad guy behind bars.

But for how long will Wo Fat stay caught? If we know anything about our clever villian, I’m sure he has more tricks up his sleeve and will not be caught in the act by McGarrett once more.

Redux Side Note:

Be sure to check out Mike Gordon’s interview with the amazing Mark Dacascos, McGarrett’s nemesis Wo Fat, in the May 7 edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. After watching all the evilness of Wo Fat this season, you may want to take a few moments to read something great about the man who plays our favorite villain.

Next week is the season two finale — the last new episode of “Hawaii Five-0” until September. If you caught the preview at the end of Monday’s episode, you know it is one you don’t want to miss. “Ua Hala” airs May 14 and looks to be as explosive as the season one finale, although this time it looks like death is headed a bit too close to home.
Wendie Burbridge is a published writer, playwright and a teacher of literature and fiction writing at Kamehameha Schools-Kapālama. Reach her on Facebook and on Twitter.

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  • You are sooooo right Wendie.  I kept going back and forth in my head.  He’s a good, wait…a bad guy…ummmm on second thought maybe good…then again…umm maybe??? My head hurt by the end of the episode..but in a really good way.

    From the promo, I knew it was Adam in the shower but I was so sure Kono didn’t know who he really was.  I assumed he had reverted to being the bad guy and had lied about his identity to get close to Five-0.  Bad guy….no wait…good guy…trying to clean up his businesses…no wait…bad guy, wants to kidnap, torture and kill…wait good guy….ahhhhh my head! LOL  Yeah the lines between good and bad were extremely blurry. Like one of those roller coasters that’s always flipping you upside down.  Thrilling.

    As always Larry Teng gave us a spectacular ride.  We HAVE to figure out a way to get Peter to let Larry direct like…oh…HALF or more of season 3!!  The man is a marvel at weaving the story into so many exciting circles.  It was past midnight before I could breathe normally again.

    I can’t wait for next weeks finale.  I’m a little scared…as I always am with a finale but I know it will be a mind blowing episodes that will keep us talking and speculating all summer.

    •  Great review Linda – you truly read my mind over the good guy who does bad things but only gets stopped from doing it because he’s really a good guy moment…. its hard to imagine anyone so dangerous could be so nice at the same time…its no wonder Kono fell for Adam…who doesn’t fall for a bad guy once or twice reformed…and who also has daddy issues….like you know who!!  My head was spinning too and to think that he could genuinely care for Kono, wow, how did that happen so fast in one episode…it was so brilliantly performed.  Ian Anthony Dale is a lot like Alex – both have a brilliant natural way of expressing themselves…to a fine art when it comes to acting.

    • I’m with you Linda on being scared about the season ender. We have Max being shot at, Kono being dropped into the ocean all bound and gagged, and Chin begging- ALL BAD SIGNS. Thanks for always commenting! or trying to:) Hugs! ~WJ

  •  Oh BTW…I guess we figured out why I couldn’t post for a couple of weeks.  It seems  Discus requires that replies be under Harry Potter length.  My bad! LOL

  • Wendie,
    This was a little confusing but a great ride. The finale should be a good one.

    Have you seen the movie The Decendants with George Clooney. The DVD contains some very good behind the scenes explanation of the culture and locations of various scenes. Clooney also does a great take on Jack Lord quick turning towards the camera with the opening credits and the theme music in the background. The movie itself explains some of the way land trusts work in Hawaii.

    • I have not seen the Descendants, but am glad they took the time to explain some of the Hawaiian culture behind their story. I think Jack Lord is definitely an iconic figure in Hawaii and in television lore. Thanks for commenting Paul:) ~ WJ

  • I’m going to try this again, My comment got wiped out by disqus.  Thanks, Wendie for your reivew.   I loved this show and as one of the Alex fanatics I was thrilled to see Alex back and healthy.  I loved that final scene with the hugs.  I thought of  them not only welcoming Steve back, but Alex.  It brought a tear to my eye.

    I loved this entire episode.  Adam and Kono are great together, I hope they explain some of the bad stuff that he did and blame on the Yakuza lawyer.  I would like to see more of Ian Anthony Dale.  The acting was really great by everyone in this episode.  Loved that McG kicked Wofat’s butt.  I’m sure Wofat will either escape or get out of jail, he is just too good of a villian to end it there.  Mark Dacacos plays him perfectly.  I was so focused on all the action, I did not even notice that Danny’s hair was messed up, thanks for pointing that out.  I can’t wait for the finale, although this one felt like one itself.

    • Sorry about the comment being wiped out:( Thanks for trying again! Great comment. I agree, Ian Anthony Dale needs to come back next season. He’s great and makes for interesting conflict for Kono. And man, Wo Fat and McG were in fine form. Thanks:) ~WJ

  • Wendy I’ve truly missed you and all our friends – but this episode truly had lots of heart stopping moments and with all of us going batty guessing about Adam’s role in Kono’s life, we truly never thought or imagined they’d be lovers and wow, talk about chemistry between these two and we all thought Charlie was the one but honestly Adam truly swept her and every girl watching off her feet…it was a die for moment to see these two but what worried me most is that scene as you say when Kono went to meet Adam in that sinister looking house, I was scared to death for her but then the look on Adam’s face, that performance by Ian Anthony Dale and Grace Park, it was if that room wasn’t there in that scene, just them and to learn that Hiro had to die in such an awful manner…where the heck was Joe?  Did he know?  Was Joe next?  I honestly thought for a horrid moment that Joe was dead but he’s not…phew…I like Joe too but I felt very sad for Adam. 

    As for Chin, he played his role as a concerned caring cousin beautifully.  Despite the shock of learning the truth about Adam, he still was concerned for her and he’ll always be loyal to her, just simply love Chin for that, he’s the best friend a cousin could have. 

    Scott was in full action mode too, the rants, but the look of fear and frustration when the CIA told him that the “plane did not exist”…the look on Danny’s face was the same look when Gracie was in danger.   Danny cares so much for Steve too, not just as a friend, it really choked me up.  The escape scene out of the mens’ washroom and taking down that agent with a swift downward kick to bring a man down, smart considering how much shorter Danny is but it was effective and nicely done and the…”look after your six” comment…the look on Steve’s face, so cute and you know that he understood the real concern that his partner and his friends were feeling.  No matter what guys – these four are tied to each other by more than loyalty and friendship.  They really have come a long way from season one unlike Adam who I feel needs to really watch his back since the trusted lawyer friend betrayed him and those who were very loyal to his father will not be that loyal to Adam but there are those who are.- I have a feeling that Kono’s trust and care for Adam will be a challenge for their relationship just what Peter and the writers enjoy doing torturing everyone.  But still, I love that she saved Adam.  Not every hero has to be a man.

    Mark Dacoscos was brilliant as always!!  He doesn’t have a lot to say but when he does, it sends chills down my spine.  He’s controlled violent nature is truly frightening and fits right into the CIA world where no one is your friend unless there is a price to pay and if I’m not mistaken and I can’t be sure – it seemed like Wofat was playing the role of a double agent.  To think there is any good in him is dangerous but I sense there is more than what we know to this man of mystery!!  – So who is Shelburne?  LOL!!  Are we still looking for answers, honestly after last night’s intense action packed episode….Shelburne was furthest from my mind….brilliant episode.

    • I had the same reaction when Danno said “I’m going to kill you” to the CIA guy! I thought- uh oh, you guys have NO idea who you are messing with! LOL Thanks for the comment Val:) ~WJ

  • Oh, yeah, Wendie! Everything you just said: WORD!!  I was caught up in the opening frames and had to remind myself to take a breath more than once during the hour! Like you, I struggled to figure out who was good and who was bad and Wo Fat and the CIA??? Twists and turns I just didn’t see coming! Larry Teng has become my very favorite director and Stephanie SenGupta (I know I spelled that name wrong!) really gave everyone fantastic lines and an awe-inspiring plot to work with! (Hey, Show! More of these two together, please!)

    Kono and Adam together onscreen – hotness maximized! I never suspected that Kono actually knew who Adam was! I’d like to find out the backstory on how and why they got together, and I hope their relationship gets to grow in S3!

    Steve, in all his SuperSEAL glory, was definitely a sight for sore eyes, and like you mentioned, Wendie – the giddiness on Twitter last night was overwhelming, but so cathartic! Especially after the team’s group hugs and visible relief in all being back together again! But remember – this was the same stance we saw the team in at the end of S1.23 ‘s Sarin episode! And that didn’t last long! So enjoy the plethora of good vibes this week, since next week’s finale will undoubtedly take us into dark places again – and this time it’ll be for four months!

    • Lynette I’d like to strongly disagree, vehemently disagree but I can’t!!!  You are so right that this episode was definitely preparing us all for the big Wave that’s really going to get all of us to have doubts about our fab four!!  The writers are brilliant at leading us all into the big fuzzy moment and then wham bam….hit the light switch m’aam and you know that’s going to drive all of us crazy again…wondering, questioning, and getting loyally pissed for no reason at all…simply because we just love the characters and can’t stand it when they rip them apart!!  Last season was bad enough but this wave is going to be twice as big and none of us are going to be getting any sleep after that wave hits – four months as you say ….is going to be a long dreaded way!! 

      But the good news is Larry Teng will continue to direct and he should do tons more as you say, he truly understands the character well and unfortunately for most of us Peter Lenkov has gotten to know us all too well so he’ll always want to find a way to shake things up a little…to take away some of the predictability of the show….and as maddening as it can truly drive us, we all know that deep down inside….its more fun than we realize.  Season 2 has truly impressed me a lot and can’t wait for season 3 to begin.

  • Great article. Great episode. Loved it when Danny was with Wo Fat and looking back at Steve and when Steve pulled Danny to him with his arm around his shoulder.  Great to have Alex back and he looked great.  Also — his American “accent” is back in his speech.

  • Thanks Wendie!  Spot on as usual!!  Everything about this episode was epic. Love that Steve is back and better than ever (and all in black – phew, hot hot, hot!) and fighting w/WoFat! It’s poetic justice that WoFat actually needed Steve’s help!! Adam and Kono are great together and Chin has to be the best cousin in the world! And Danny, he was excellent last night. He went head-to-head w/the CIA, impressive!  The cellphonegument was classic! But for me the best part was the (almost) last scene on the tarmac when everything is done and Steve asks them if they missed him and pulls Kono in for that bear hug, the Chin and finally Danny twice! You can feel the love and respect they have for each other on and off screen.  I’ve said this since day one. There is no other show on tv like it. I guess it’s the Ohana feeling that comes thru loud and clear. Love it, love them.  After a very rocky start, the writers got their mojo going and it turned out to be a powerhouse season. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for S3!!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the episode – it’s probably my favourite one of the season so far. It was great to have Alex back, looking so much fitter and healthier. The fight scenes between him and Mark Dacascos were brilliant, almost ‘matrix-like’.
    I also really enjoyed Danny’s scenes with the CIA guys; he totally held his own and it made me love him even more!
    However, the Kono/Adam storyline really bothered me. Firstly, the way it happened seemed really sudden – there was no build-up, or explanation as to how/when they even met.
    Secondly, whilst I agree they had real chemistry & made a cute couple, am I the only one who doesn’t support this relationship? Of all the guys the writers could’ve set her up with, they went for the one who’s the head of the Yakuza – the Japanese Mafia, no less! – and is therefore no stranger to (and has clearly has no problem with) breaking the law to get what he wants. Yes, Adam may not be as shady as his dad, and he may turn out to be a ‘good guy’ at heart, but the fact still remains that he is very much involved in criminal activity. As for Kono, call me cold-hearted, but I honestly have very little sympathy for her predicament; she knew exactly who she was getting involved with, so her tearful “we can’t even go out to dinner” (as said to Adam in the hotel) doesn’t wash with me. A police officer going out with a Mafia boss? Talk about conflicts of interest. It’s got ‘happy ending’ written all over it, doesn’t it?
    Given that Adam then almost shot her, then  ended up tying her up & effectively leaving her for dead, all the while trying to capture & kill Wo Fat, I really don’t see how this relationship is ever going to work out in the long-term. Even though she would seemingly be willing to forgive him, I don’t believe the relationship would ever be fully accepted by Chin, Steve & Danny (especially Steve – given the Yakuza’s alleged ties to his parents’ murders). Chin clearly disapproved, but then they didn’t really have the chance to discuss it properly in the episode.
    Sorry for the essay, but I just had to get it off my chest. I love Five-0 & I’m a huge Kono fan, but I just don’t like this storyline.
    Side-bar: I know Catherine has been made a regular for next season, but I also read she’s apparently going to be an actual member of 5-0. If the latter is true, it’d be a shame: did the writers not learn anything from the Lori debacle? IMO, she brought nothing to the team & just took away screen time from Kono, and from Steve & Danny’s partnership. I was not sad to see her leave.

    • Love your comment. I did think it came out of left field, but I was really loving how Grace Park was handling the tension, so I guess I wasn’t thinking about how did this happen? But it was shocking! I did a WOAH when i saw him in the shower. I am a sucker for “falling in love with the bad boy” story lines. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ~WJ

  • “undercover girlfriend of acting yakuza boss Adam Noshimuri,”

    When the episode started, I was confused – what happened to Fong?? I wondered if Kono was only pretending to be Adam’s girlfriend as part of another undercover op, same as when she pretended to go rogue as a “dirty cop” but the episode made it seem like she truly cares for Adam. It makes some sense that they would get together, but to the audience, the relationship came out of left field.

  • I disagree with you about McG’s return being the best part. Do not include myself as one of the “giddy” ones on social medial either.  I thought his performance like usual is so over the top. The writers try too hard to make him into some kind of “super hero” and for me he just does not pull it off well. His acting is too forced.

    Mark D/Wo Fat was awesome!  Loved the fight scenes, especially when he is kicking McG’s butt. I hope to see more of him in season 2.

    I did like the Kono/Adam connection. I hope that is explored more in season 2. Chin and Danno were great as usual. I thought Scott Caan nailed his performance with the CIA/kidnapping scenes. Would be nice if a certain blogger would comment on that, rather than commenting on how they messed up Danno’s hair, totally lame.

    I just hope they bring the whole Shelburne storyline to an end in the finale.  It has be one of the  most boring storylines on t.v.

    • I know I have written A LOT of pro-Danno/Scott Caan comments in MANY of my posts–there are several times when I hardly mentioned McG/AOL at all and focused mainly on Cann. Sorry, I only have so much time to write the blog and so much space. Forgive me for not waxing poetic on every great performance of the show. I certainly did not miss Caan’s performance, and I know I commented here on how great he was in this episode. I think I was focusing more on the return of McGarrett and the Kono storyline, as well as the caught metaphor. I guess I can’t win ’em all. ~WJ

    • Were we watching the same show? AOL over the top? Not in my opinion. I think he pulls off McGarrett the Navy SEAL perfectly well.  As a friend discussed in another 5-0 site, when a person becomes a fan of a tv show and it’s characters, an important aspect to understanding the characters is to do some research. My friend researched the SEAL code of honor as a way to understand McGarrett’s personality and his approach to solving cases.  This is an excerpt of the SEAL Seal of Honor:
      Seal of Honor

      … I serve with honor ON & OFF the battlefield. The ability to control my emotions & my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from other men.Uncompromising integrity is my standard. My character and honor are steadfast. My word is my bond.—Seal of HonorMy loyalty to Country & Team is beyond reproach. I humbly serve as a guardian to my fellow Americans always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions. I voluntarily accept the inherent hazards of my profession, placing the welfare and security of others before my own.—
      Alex has spent time studying with authentic SEALs, and has done his best to embody this Seal of Honor into his character of Steve McGarrett. If this makes him look “unemotional,” then he’s done his job as an actor. The show makes Steve look like a “super hero”? Have you seen what authentic SEALs do for a living? They ARE super heroes, and in my opinion AOL does a fine job of making Steve look like one, 

      Wendie, you have one of the very best blogs on Hawaii 5-0 and I look forward to it every week. I have always found you to be fair and to the point on every episode and towards every character/ actor.  Keep up the good work (and get some sleep!)

      • Thanks Lynnette:) Appreciate your kind words and glad you take the time to read it and comment:) I try to be as fair as I can- and try very hard to cover all the great points. In some episodes it’s really hard to highlight every good performance and not write a 5000 word post! LOL. Thanks- and great comments about the Seal of Honor. Love details like that:) Thanks for posting! ~WJ

  • Wendie:
    Aloha from the OC!  Great episode and wonderful blog!  Nice job. 

    Now I wonder if Kono’s amorous lover Adam and his Yakuza buddies are in prison with Wo Fat.  And it appears Danny was set up to escape by the CIA so he could make sure Five-O and HPD would make sure that the Yakuza would not capture Wo Fat after the helicopter landed.  The CIA it seems knows how to put people in prison – and to get them out – to make sure nothing about their arms dealings with Wo Fat comes to light.  I hope Adam does not meet the same fate as Wo Fat’s arms dealer did in prison earlier in the season but you know he’s on the hit list just like his father. So I wonder how Kono will react.  Which reminds me – what happened to our long-haired people-smuggler from earlier in the season – he’s in hiding having gone after Wo Fat himself by trying to blow Wo Fat up. 

    Looks like everyone in the Five-O crew is going to get hit pretty hard in the Season 2 finale.  But my guess is – say it ain’t so Joe – but after the CIA ‘breaks’ Wo Fat out of prison I think poor Joe might be short on being McGarrett’s mentor for very long.  And if he talks or Wo Fat finds out about how he found out about Shelburne, well then, that puts NCIS-LA agent and lip-reader Kenzie Bleigh on Wo Fat’s top target list.  Crossover #2!  Ha!  Steve and Danny can use my green Challenger to pursue Wo Fat across LA!

    As I have said before it would be cool to cameo Hong Kong’s gift to Hollywood – Nancy Kwan – in an episode next year say as Hilo Hattie or Kono’s Auntie.  She was McGarrett’s love interest in the original Five-O movie ‘Cocoon’ in the 1968 premier.  She includes clips from Five-O in her life story movie autobiography.  And how about a cameo from that great Korean actor Soon Tek Oh who was Wo Fat’s henchman in that movie.  He could be Wo Fat’s mentor like Joe is to Steve.  That would be cool!  And deadly! 

    Please let us know when the Season 3 premier party is at Queen Beach!  Aloha to all the gang Wendie!


    Big Al in the OC

    • Al! I sure would love to see Danno and McG in your Charger! That would be awesome! And a second crossover would be fun with NCIS: LA:)  No word yet on the Season 3 Sunset on the Beach party- but I’ll keep you posted:) THanks for reading! HOpe you get to come back and hang with us soon. Aloha ~WJ

  • Wendie – I know that hindsight is 20-20, but if you think
    back, they did prepare us for Kono/Adam. 
    In fact, I think its been simmering all season, even before we meet Adam
    on camera.  In the second episode, Kono
    is suspended and has plenty of time on her hands and we see her coming home
    from surfing.  In the third episode, Chin
    visits Fong in the lab and he asks if he knows where Kono’s been—she doesn’t
    answer the phone at night and doesn’t call back. 
    The she gets reinstated to the force and its business as usual.  When she sees Fong in the lab its mostly
    strictly business.  In February, there is
    a big ball that all Five 0 is invited to. 
    McGarrett brings Catherine, Danny talks about Gabby and Chin wonders
    what to get Malia for Valentine’s Day. 
    But (I remember thinking sadly) nobody for Kono—she doesn’t bring a boy
    or talk about one.  This goes on for over
    a month more and then she gets a call and it evokes a huge grin on her face.  But she won’t tell Chin who it is!  And now we find out—Adam’s family owns hotels
    and they probably met at the beach.  But
    sadly “we can’t even be seen at dinner and we have to sneak around to hotels.”  It sounds as if Adam’s family has several of
    those.  And they do care for each other, maybe
    its love—Adam apparently doesn’t hurt her in any way after he had a gun on her,
    and when Adam is threatened it is Kono to the rescue.  Like one of your other commenters said, every
    hero isn’t a man.  I see this a TV
    version of Romeo and Juliet.

    I love this show, and your blog.  I look for it online every Tuesday.

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