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911 calls from escape released

  • Escapee Teddy Munet has several tattoos including a skull wearing a baseball cap on the left side of his neck

  • An inmate believed to be Teddy Q. Munet

Honolulu police released two 911 calls involving the escape and capture of accused murderer Teddy Munet on Feb. 20.

The first conversation, from 8:09:48 a.m., is between an HPD dispatcher and the woman whom Munet allegedly attempted to steal a car from shortly his escape from a loading dock at the Honolulu Circuit Court building.

The woman, who is in a parking lot between Reed Lane and Halekauwila Street, described how a man attempted to pull her from her van before fleeing and that she saw three corrections officers pursue him.

"He tried to jack me," the caller is heard telling an Oahu Community Correctional Center officer who was in pursuit of Munet.

The second 911 conversation, from 7:09:41 p.m., involves a dispatcher and a woman who spotted Munet on Kawaiahao Street near Ward Avenue. Honolulu police officers captured Munet minutes later on Waimanu Street.

"He came up to us and asked us to use our phones," the woman said. "And we kinda thought it was him for a moment, and we looked up his picture again on the Internet and that was him … with a tattoo on his neck, I seen it."


911 Call 1 Transcript:

FEB 20, 2013, 8:09:48 a.m.

(NOTE: HPD says parts of the conversation involving the personal identity of the caller was redacted from this recording.)

Dispatch: Hello. Police.

Caller 1: Hi. Um, I was just attempted a car-jacking on Halekauwila Street. Because there was traffic on Halekauwila, somebody just came up, opened up my door and tried to pull me out. But I was buckled up and … there’s a lot of witnesses and I, like, honked my horn and then he ran off towards Punchbowl Street. (Heavy breathing.)

D: What is the suspect wearing?

C: I’m sorry?

D: What is he wearing?

C: He’s wearing, um, black shorts and a black sweater. Local male … maybe about five-ten, slim, short-cut hair.

D: You said he’s about five-ten?

C: Yeah, he ran off towards Punchbowl Street. And he tried to pull me out of my car.

D: And you said towards Punchbowl, yeah?

C: Yeah.

D: OK, please stay on the line, OK?

C: OK.


D: OK, you were stopped at the light?

C: No, I’m stopped at, um …

D: No, no, no, you WERE stopped at the light?

C: No, I’m in a driveway and I’m still here.

D: No, but what just happened, you were stopped at the light?

C: No, I was stopped at the driveway waiting to turn right? I think I see security running after him too.


D: Do you need an ambulance?

C: No.


D: OK, and you said security is following him?

C: It looks like two gray, I dunno if they’re sheriffs or something but they came from behind also. And they’re looking around, and they just jogged up towards Punchbowl.

D: OK, but you’re not sure if they’re sheriffs, though?

C: No, there’s one more coming, though. Um …

D: In a grey shirt? Does it look like it has any kind of symbol, or anything like that?

C: Oh, yeah it’s the kind … Oh, it’s PSD.


C: Yeah. Excuse me, sir, where are you guys from? Where are you from? I’m on the line with, uh, HPD right now. O-triple-cee. Oh, he’s a … I think he’s …

D: Is that an escapee? Try ask him.

C: I think so. Excuse me, is that an escapee? He tried to jack me. (Pause) He went down … he’s wearing all black and tennis… Yeah, yeah.

D: Is that an escapee?

C: Yup. Yeah.

D: It’s an escapee?

C: Yeah, so I was coming from Reed Lane onto Halekauwila and that’s where the … can I call …

D: Is that the Sheriffs? Can I speak to him?

C: Um, they’re running up the street already.

D: Oh, they’re running up the street?

C: Yeah, the two that ran after him and then the one that one, um, the one that I talked to, he’s almost to the corner.

D: Stay right there, because I’ve got officers coming to you, yeah? Regular HPD, they’ll be marked in HPD uniforms coming to you.

C: OK, I’m going to go around the block and go back into the parking lot because I’m blocking the driveway.

D: Yeah …

C: I’m in a blue, I’m in a blue van.

D: Stay right there, ma’am. Stay right there. That’s where I’m getting the officers to come to you, OK? I don’t want you to get into any more danger. Did they say if was more than just one person?

C: No, it was one, and he came from behind, from the Reed Lane direction and pulled me out, tried to pull me out of my car. So I think he escaped and was trying to steal a car. Um, but there are witnesses. But they’re all gone.

D: OK. Stay right there, ma’am. We don’t want you to go anywhere else where you can put yourself into danger. Especially if sheriffs is in pursuit of this suspect, yeah?

C: OK, can I, um …

D: Just stay on the line a seconed, OK? I’m trying to update the officers with what’s going on, OK?


D: OK, I’m updating them that’s where you’re at now, OK?

C: OK.

D: OK. Bye-bye.

C: Thanks.

911 Call 2 Transcript

Feb. 20, 2013, 7:09:41 p.m.

Dispatch: Police, can I help you?

Caller 2: Hi, I just seen that guy on the news … about the escapee.

D: From the Circuit Court today?

C: Uh-huh. He’s on Kawaiahao Street. He’s walking. He has a black, long-sleeve shirt on. An Ecko.

D: He has a black hoodie on?

C: Not hoodie. Long-sleeve shirt. And it’s an Ecko brand. And he’s wearing black shorts.

D: Kawaiahao and where?

C: Kawaiahao Street.

D: What’s the nearest intersection?

C: The nearest intersection to here where he was walking towards is gonna be Ward Avenue. (pause) Hello?

D: OK, he’s on Kawaiahao going in which direction?

C: Going towards Ward Avenue, that’s the next intersection he’s about to hit. But he’s probably not going to be walking on the main street ….

D: OK, so he’s going makai-bound?

C: Cuz  I don’t see him already.

D: He’s going makai- or mauka-bound?

C: Uhh … makai-bound.

D: OK, what’s suspicious about him, or what makes you think it’s him?

C: Uhh … he came up to us and asked us to use our phones. And we kinda thought it was him for a moment, and we looked up his picture again on the Internet and that was him … with a tattoo on his neck, I seen it.

D: He has a tattoo of a skull on his neck?

C: On his neck, yes.

D: OK.

C: He’s about maybe five-three or so, kinda skinny, I dunno, I dunno about how many pounds.

D: OK, and he has, he’s wearing black shorts, you said?

C: Jean shorts.

D: Jean shorts.

C: And black shoes.

D: Jean shorts and black shoes.

C: With a black, long sleeve shirt, Ecko brand. That is him. I looked at his picture again, and that’s him.

D: Oh OK, we’ll send someone.

C: OK, thank you.

D: Thank you. Bye.

C: Bye.

D: Kawaiahao and Ward. Wow.

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