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Trump calls scolding by Newt Gingrich ‘inappropriate’


    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke in Oxon Hill, Md. in Feb. 2015. Donald Trump said today it was “inappropriate” for Gingrich to demand he drop the subject of an American judge’s ethnicity and start acting like “a potential leader of the United States.”

WASHINGTON » Donald Trump said today it was “inappropriate” for Newt Gingrich to demand he drop the subject of an American judge’s ethnicity and start acting like “a potential leader of the United States.” But Trump did not comment on the other Republican leaders’ widespread call for him to lay off the jurist, a sign that the GOP presidential candidate doesn’t want to blow up the fragile truce he has struck with them.

Trump insisted that he’s only defending himself against relentless questions from Republicans, reporters and others about lawsuits against Trump University. U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Trump says, cannot be impartial in the lawsuits against Trump University because his parents were born in Mexico and Trump wants to build a wall along the border.

Curiel is a former federal prosecutor who was born in Indiana to parents who came from Mexico in the 1920s. He has not responded to Trump’s attack, and Trump’s legal team has not sought his removal from the case. Judges generally are thought to have conflicts of interest only in more specific situations, such as a financial interest in the outcome of the case.

Nonetheless, Trump says the public discussion about Trump University requires a response.

“All I’m trying to do is figure out why I’m being treated so unfairly by a judge,” Trump said today on Fox News Channel.

Trump University is the target of two lawsuits — in San Diego and New York — which accuse the business of fleecing students with unfulfilled promises to teach secrets of success in real estate. Trump has maintained that customers were overwhelmingly satisfied.

A day earlier, Gingrich said Trump’s focus on Curiel’s ethnic background was “inexcusable” and Trump’s “worst mistake.” He was one of several Republicans who publicly demanded that the presumptive GOP candidate move on and unite the party. Across the Sunday talk shows, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he “couldn’t disagree more” with Trump’s statements about Curiel’s impartialilty, adding that “we’re all behind him now” — an implicit warning that such unity might not be the case for long.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said he doesn’t condone Trump’s statements about Curiel, then complained that his interview was supposed to be about foreign policy.

The message was repeated today, this time from House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

“Why doesn’t he just say, ‘look it’s up to the attorneys’ … and leave it at that?” Chaffetz said on Fox News Channel. “And then you move on.”

Their remarks solidify the line GOP leaders have drawn in recent days between themselves and Trump, with whom they’ve made a fragile peace over their shared sense that almost anyone would be a better president than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump already has rejected calls for him to adjust his approach.

“I’m not changing,” he said Tuesday at a fiery news conference at Trump Tower.

On Sunday, Trump doubled down on the idea. Asked on CBS whether a Muslim judge would be unfair given Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from the U.S, Trump responded: “Yeah. That would be possible, absolutely.”

That puts Trump in significant conflict with the Republicans he hopes to lead — including many of the ones who have opted to support him.

For example last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan tepidly endorsed Trump — but 24 hours later disavowed the billionaire’s remarks about Curiel.

For a party that in 2012 explicitly pinned its survival on drawing support from Hispanics, Trump’s words create an ugly series of headaches.

Asked three times whether Trump’s attack on Curiel was racist, McConnell thrice refused to respond directly and repeated a statement about disagreeing.

“I think it’s a big mistake for our party to write off Latino Americans,” said McConnell, R-Ky.

Like Ryan, all of the Republicans delivering the move-on message to Trump have endorsed him. But their comments carried the implicit caveat that their support depends at least in part on Trump dropping his criticism of Curiel. All three also suggested ways Trump could move beyond his legal issues.

Corker, who recently met with Trump in New York, said Trump “has a tremendous opportunity” to build out his foreign policy agenda.

Gingrich urged Trump to become more of a statesman.

“Trump has got to, I think, move to a new level,” he said. “This is no longer the primaries. He’s no longer an interesting contender. He is now the potential leader of the United States and he’s got to move his game up to the level of being a potential leader.”

McConnell’s advice was blunt.

“This is a good time, it seems to me, to begin to try to unify the party and you unify the party by not settling scores and grudges against people you’ve been competing with,” he said. “I’d like to see him reach out and pull us all together and give us a real shot at winning this November.”

Associated Press writers Eileen Sullivan and Darlene Superville contributed to this report.

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  • Trump doesn’t like being called out as a racist, even though that’s exactly what he is. He can say that federal judges who aren’t white enough for his taste are biased, but when someone puts a spotlight on that fact, he whines. So what? Let him whine.

    He’s a racist xenophobe. People who support him here should just proudly embrace that and go for the ride. What better group to be associated with than the KKK?

    “I love the poorly educated!” Go Trump!

      • The more klastri trots out the tattered race card and attempts to put it into play the weaker both klastri and the race card become.

        Talk about self-marginalizing!

        HOO AH!

        • This is why your comments are so amusing and entertaining. Mr. Trump says that neither a judge of Mexican heritage or a Muslim judge can be impartial. And then you write that I’m employing a “race card.”

          This is what racists do. They deny their own words and suggest someone else wrote them.

          They are Mr. Trump’s words. Not mine. You embrace a racist. Just be a man and admit it.

        • klastri, you know you’re dealing with someone who openly defends rapists right?

          You shouldn’t expect much.

        • choyd – I know. He’s sad and pathetic.

          But this is the office of the President that we’re talking about here.

        • klastri, it’s SA forums. Every day we come here to remind ourselves of why the DOE has failed Hawaii. Don’t expect much along the lines of critical thinking, or even acceptance of basic things like rule of law, and simple morality. And math and science? Forget about it. Also, lots of victim blaming too.

          Remember, we have people who have said that “pollution is a democrat myth” and “geology and astronomy are religions” and “why isn’t Obama stopping the rains to stop the floods?”

        • Oh I forgot one. Keonigohan argued that it was “indefensible” to argue that we shouldn’t have let American servicemen to rot in Iraqi jails.

          This one by Ronin is particularly hilarious:

          “If you believe that an asteroid that supposedly landed in present day Mexico killed off dinosaurs all over the Earth, please explain why it did not also kill off all humans and why Mexico is still there.”

          Ready2go said this about board games, yes BOARD GAMES:

          “A very expensive way to past the time. Are these amusement games legal?”

          We need to accept that fact that a disturbing number of people here are dumb and questionably mentally impaired to the point of serious delusions.

        • Truth stings that much, eh?

          So much entrainment for so little effort. What a marvelous ROI!

          This digital swizzle stick is more fun than a cast iron bull dog.

        • Yes, thos, sometimes truth stings. Thankfully, it almost never has anything to do with you.

        • The Master was checking to see if you are paying attention.

          Now that you are, continue your studies at the feet of the Master.

        • “Whearties?”

          What’s a Whearties? Is that some kind of special cereal that only rapists eat Thos?

        • Good you’ve got control over your own fee, thosser. Everyone else’s seem to end up connecting with your backside.

        • It’s difficult to respond to you, because you write things that make no sense. None whatever. You just choose random words out of thin air, put them together, and write them down.

        • Zuma, whoever that is, probably at least has some governmental experience. This will be a fun election. While I can appreciate some reasons people dislike Hillary, at least she is a capable person to be president. This cannot be said for the Donald. Just remember Trump supporters when you vote for this clown, you are voting for a person with zero governmental experience.

      • You’re lying of course, as you always do. Always

        I have never marginalized anyone because of their ethnicity or the color of skin.

        That’s your territory, and Mr. Trump’s territory. Not mine.

      • Palani, This really makes little sense as there are many people who dislike the Donald. Why do you say it is one of the most hateful? You obviously haven’t read many of mine. 🙂

        • Jealousy will get you nowhere. You have to try harder. Trump loves haters. 16-0

    • Ethnicity lines showed up long ago and TheDonald is just stating a fact. Your Politicians cater to ethnic groups, even when some of the Crooked News Journalists calls it. Everyone is like a child, they pick and choose what they want to believe.

    • agree but Gingrich is a has-been trying to hang on and clinging to power. He had to humble himself.Ryan sucking up to Trump. The entire Party is out of whack and it has lost any integrity.

        • Because what she says is accurate. It is a shame that you republicans no longer follow republican values. Republicans deserve the contempt they receive.

        • Your pretense in acting as GOP spokesman and defender of GOP values is perhaps more amusing than you might imagine.

          DOOOO carry on.

          I have abysmally low taste when it comes for this low brow kind of entertainment.

        • Thos, combative repartee aside, are you really voting for Trump? I understand the untenable situation we find ourselves mired in, yet isn’t there a better way to avoid the abyss? Rather than support him largely based on his being the antithesis of politics as usual, wouldn’t a groundswell of Libertarian votes strike a similar chord? And sweetening the pot is the undeniable fact that their candidate is infinitely more palatable than the pitiful choices currently available.

        • Hawaiikone, yours truly has long awaited the appearance of a Republican with clankers who would NOT run for the nearest mouse hole everytime some victim wannabee threatened to become “offended”. The Donald is the answer to that prayer.

          Despite his warts ~~ and they are admittedly many ~~ he is a counter puncher and because of his financial independence can afford to say what he thinks. As in the case of Jesse Helms before him, one may not like what he says, but there is little reason to doubt that he MEANS what he says.

          For those who claim he is not “qualified” for the high office he seeks, they would do well to recall the empty suit they elevated 8 years ago who had never held a real job (let alone an executive position) in his life. Little wonder he has made such a dog’s breakfast of the Presidency.

        • hawaiikone, why are you surprised that Thos is voting Trump?

          Thos has repeatedly argued that rape is not a crime. Thos, like Trump, has no use for rule of law, much less equal treatment under that law.

          It would be surprising if Thos WASN’T voting Trump given how well their views on hating civil liberties and the Consitution line up.

        • I ask again little Choydsie: does your Mummy know you are down in the basement furtively using her computer, pretending to be a grown up?




        • Is that really the best you can do Thos?

          Seriously? Are you trying to add evidence that you are in fact the poster child of why the DOE has failed?

          You defended the belief that rape is not a crime. Several times. The only person who defends rape is a rapist. Such as yourself.

          You openly hate the Constitution and civil liberties.

        • Choyd. I noticed above where you posted specific references to some statements you ridicule from individual posters. Reading them, it appears you extrapolate unstated opinions without confirmation or denial, which could be due to various reasons, particularly unavailability. Could you reference us to specifically where thos defends rape, or Winston states there’s no global warming? I was challenged recently to refresh someone’s memory after a statement was denied, and it took some effort, but was accomplished. Personally I’d appreciate your doing similar, as you often attribute these opinions to these two commenters.

        • hawaiikone, it appears you stopped Choyd dead in his tracks with this challenge that he authenticate his fantasy accusations.

        • thos, say that rape is a crime and that victims should not be blamed.

          Do it.

          Or I’m right.

      • Just like under her husband Bill? lol

        Face it, under Hillary, the country will probably see balanced federal budgets again. While I don’t necessarily feel balanced budgets are that important, they sure beat socialism for the rich. That is total insanity.

      • She is way too conservative to be called a socialist hon. She is a centrist politically and in many ways more conservative than trump as Sanders has pointed out.

    • Klastri, your vitriol posts against Mr. Trump exposes your bias on this critical issue, of protecting the United States and its citizens. The question is do we, Americans, have judges on the bench supporting illegal immigration? Why not let this issue play itself out before second guessing Mr. Trumps statements. As posted in the past, Mr. Trump is not PC (politically correct) and presents what he believes is the truth. Again, check out “La Raza” and what they believe.

      • I am use the language that I do because Mr. Trump is a flat out racist. Period. No one can deny that now – not after his utterings of this past weekend. No one.

        Judges rule on law. I’ve been a lawyer my entire adult lifetime. La Raza believes that all people deserve the defense the Constitution allows. You are making up things that don’t exist.

        You embrace a racist. Just admit that and be done with it.

        • This article is 10 years old. Have things changed for the better? Radical ‘Reconquista’ Agenda
          “Behind the respectable front of the National Council of La Raza lies the real agenda of the La Raza movement, the agenda that led to those thousands of illegal immigrants in the streets of American cities, waving Mexican flags, brazenly defying our laws, and demanding concessions.”

      • Ha ha ha ha, two different La Razas entirely and you baboozes continue to conflate the two even after the difference has been pointed out numerous times in almost every web venue. Ignorance is certainly tenacious and persistent, I’ll grant that much.

        • HanabataDays, please, they are all related. One covering for the other, yet linked together by common members and communications.

    • Trump is entertaining. Taken to his logical conclusion no judge would be fit to judge him as if it is not the wall, it is their religion, color, gender etc. I don’t think there are many groups that the Donald hasn’t angered. Poor Donald, being God, means he cannot be judged. Unbelievable that republicans would actually go with such a terrible inexperienced candidate. What is worse is that the Donald is clearly their best candidate. Poor republicans.

    • Klastri you are 100% that this judge flap has PROVEN Trump is a RACIST. The judge is an AMERICAN who was born in Indiana and NOT a “MEXICAN” that Trump publicly calls him. That is the text book definition of a racist when they cannot differentiate a person’s actions from the color of their skin or their race. I saw Gingrich’s interview by Wallace on Fox News and when asked if Trump was a racist Gingrich, like Ryan, side stepped the question. Gingrich knows that Trump cannot win the presidency with just angry Caucasian voters alone even with Fox News fanatical Trump supporters like Hannity, Eric Bolling, Jeanine Shapiro, etc. Even Benghazi, email-gate, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Cosby…er I mean Bill Clinton, Whitewater, Travelgate, Pay to play using the Clinton foundation as a pass-through, imaginary bullet dodging at an airport, etc; almost all non-Caucasian AMERICAN voters will vote for Hlllary or Sanders or even a third party candidate and will NEVER vote for Trump. At this point how people will vote has come down to race alone and what race you belong to with political ideology irrelevant because that is how racist Trump himself has defined this political election. By the numbers alone, he will lose.

    • Trump’s clown act was funny and the media ate up his stupid, bizarre comments. But the act has worn thin. Time for the media to give him the harshest analysis. The joke is over. This clown could actually be elected.

    • What would it look like?

      Well at a guess one surmises that his presidency would be marked by an ongoing effort to stamp out the currently suffocating kultursmog of political correctness instead of bowing to it every time some self-proclaimed “victim” FEEEEEEELS offended.

      • It’s amusing, but not surprising that you hate free speech and the free press too.

        But then again, you’ve repeatedly argued that rape is not a crime.

        • What does it have to do with it?

          It shows that Thos, who has no use for rule of law, or equal treatment, or any respect towards women, backs someone who has no use for rule of law, or equal treatment, or any respect towards women.

        • Be gentle with him, Sarge.

          Clearly he is teetering on the brink.

          With every utterance it becomes more evident that the line between self serving fantasy and reality long ago evaporated for this poor s c h l u b.

        • I’m not the one who openly and repeatedly defended rape. You did Thos.

          When challenged to say that rape is a crime, you couldn’t do it. Repeatively. You should be in prison as only a rapist defends rape.

        • See what I mean about Choyd, sarge22?

          Trying SO hard to be taken seriously and failing EVERY time.

          Reminds one of pathetic squeals of the wicked witch of the west when Dorothy hit her with a pail of water.

          Or Sisyphus trying to roll the massive boulder uphill only to have it roll back down and flatten him again and again. For Choyd, Truth is the boulder.

      • Thos, question…is the issue of political correctness central to a Trump presidency? Don’t you think that there are countless other more important issues?

        • Central to the coming Trump presidency is the willingness to voice unpleasant, politically incorrect truths.

          One of the truths recognized by The Donald is that our own so called “news” media constitute the most virulent threat to the nation. Not since Spiro (my hero) Agnew 45 years ago has a major political figure made such a snarling, fang displaying, bulldog, and well deserved attack on those who have grandly described themselves as ‘the fourth estate’ but who are in fact virulently anti-America. If he succeeds in November, President-Elect Trump (and how lovely THAT sounds) should make it clear that one of his first priorities will be to use the bully pulpit to educate his fellow Americans regarding the unending treasonous activities of the “news” media, especially in the stories they elect to spike that do not accord themselves to the extreme Marxist agenda they have been pushing for more than half a century.

      • It just occurred to me, will he address the leaders of other countries with derogatory names; like how he mocked the reporter with the physical disability?

        • MichaelG, Trump probably will similarly mock the leaders of other Countries not complying to treaties.

    • Total Gridlock. You think we have that now? Wait until the Donald becomes president. Government will be shut down because everyone will be fighting with everyone else.

  • Trump doesn’t have the class and bearing of a presidential candidate! Sigh! We Americans are in deep quagmire of choosing the best person to become the leader of our great county.

    • Trump doesn’t have the class . . .


      Puh LEEZE!

      Thanks to the refusal of the Cry Baby Boom cohort to come of age, grow up and accept ADULT responsibilities half a century ago, our country has become utterly devoid of class, shame and honor. It is no accident that the first of the Cry Baby Boom illuminati to become POTUS is a serial sexual assault predator, a draft dodger, a cheap bit of womanizing white trash, a congenital liar and ~~ by way of historical fact ~~ the first and only elected president who managed to get himself impeached.

      So let’s have no more contrived grumbling about “class”. Thanks to the Cry Baby Boomers we have long since embraced a “culture” of the tacky, the trivial and the coarse.

    • Dawg, you read my mind? Precisely the kanaka terminology I’m thinking for both candidates! You beat me to it! It’s not my forte to refer people with obscene body parts but, the native language usage seem “nicer”! Lol

  • Republicans keep hoping Trump will change, yet they refuse to hear Trump say he will never change and what you see is what you get. Reminds me of an abusive relationship where one spouse refuses to divorce the other and hopes the other one will stop beating them. Trump always got his way from a very young age, and nobody in his organization dares to even question his authority, so that is what you’re going to have if he manages to find a way to the White House next year.

  • Dear Donald,

    Here’s the short version of what’s going on, the media and the powers that be have long ago decided that it’s Hillary’s turn to be president. No matter what you or Bernie say or do they are going to crucify you. As a side note you do give them a lot of fodder and global warming is real.

    A Disenfranchise Bernie Supporter

    PS it’s a dangerous game they are playing

    • It doesn’t matter what the “powers that be” say. It matters who gets the most votes. Mrs. Clinton got the most votes.

      Don’t you have the slightest idea how elections work?

      • The “powers that be” can’t afford a Sanders or Trump victory. It is so obvious that it is Hillary’s turn. More people are now aware of how election are worked thanks to those two. “Make America Great Again”

  • A nominee who cannot tolerate any criticism whatsoever. Anyone want to explain how that’s an ideal candidate?

    A cabinet of yes men sycophants, with the power of the Federal government to investigate, prosecute and otherwise witch hunt anyone Trump dislikes to indulge a history of lawsuits over people saying mean things about Trump. Somehow that’s better than Hillary? It’s certainly not better than Johnson.

    Don’t vote for the fraudulent narcissist who openly and repeatedly hates the Constitution. Or the lying crook who ethics issues beyond the capacity of man to count.

    If you love America, vote for Freedom. Vote for the Constitution. Vote for Civil Liberties. Vote for Limited Government.

    Vote JOHNSON and save this union from the debacle of either a Trump or Hillary administration.

      • You mean the fools who can’t figure out that the organizations are different?

        Only completely uneducated no information degenerates are actually buying that asinine argument.

        You are backing a candidate who hates the rule of law.

        • What does Johnson have to say about La Raza? New Mexico had a lot of action in the late seventies with the Brown Berets.

        • Does your Mommy know you are back down in the basement playing with her computer?

          TSK TSK TSK

        • thos, do you know what the police are poking around your history looking for unsolved sexual assaults?

        • Here’s your little plastic toy shovel.

          Keep digging the hole you have created for yourself.

    • A nominee who cannot tolerate any criticism whatsoever.
      Nope. A successful business man who has created both wealth and jobs in the intensely competitive P&L private sector and who therefore sees no need to put up with the blithering of pretentious, fatuous, ignoramus nincompoops such as yourself.

      • Or four federal bankruptcies in the course of roughly 20 years (an exorbitant amount) at the COST to taxpayers, totaling over 450 million……

      • He’s a racist who continues his ridiculous comments.

        He’s using the platform of a presidential nominee to whine about a private legal problem that he will ultimately lose.

        You have embraced a racist. Are you simply too small to admit that in writing?

      • Then explain the massive number of lawsuits over frivolous things.

        You can’t. Because you won’t.

        By the way, how are the police investigations into your history going?

        The only people who defend rape are rapists.

      • This kids, is a sign of how the DOE has utterly failed.

        My point was a character issue backed up on decades of lawsuits over mean things Trump has taken offense to.

        Thos, who clearly struggled to graduate from 6th grade in the worst public school the DOE has in the state, replied with content that was completely irrelevant to the statement he quoted. Furthermore, he relied upon personal insults rather than attempting to show how Trump’s thin skin isn’t evident by the court filings.

        Thos’s method of argumentation is little more than someone saying the sky is blue, only for his detractor to call him wrong because his socks are dirty and that he’s annoying.

        There we have it kids, Thos, the poster child of why the DOE doesn’t work.

        • Furthermore, he relied upon personal insults rather than attempting to show . . .
          yada yada yada.

          Can you spell H Y P O C R I S Y?

          Certainly you SMELL of hypocrisy.

          DOOOOO carry on.

          Fascinating watching you endlessly disgrace yourself by dropping trou in this public forum.

          And with such a feverish furrowed brow of earnestness.

          (chortle chortle)

        • After more than three years of stonewalling the IRS has finally released an almost complete list of organizations that the tax agency scrutinized in the Tea Party targeting scandal, but you wouldn’t know that if you got your news from the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks.

        • Thos, where in your reply did you even remotely reply with relevant comments in the context of Trump’s inability to take criticism?

          I also did predict this:

          “Then explain the massive number of lawsuits over frivolous things.

          You can’t. Because you won’t.”

          Notice you failed and I’m right as I always am.

  • The Republican Party Leaders have NO INTEGRETY! They continue to support Trump when what he has said is far from what this country stands for!

    The whole Republican Party should end now! This is a disgrace to our NATION!

  • It’s unfortunate that the American people will have to choose between Trump and Clinton for president. Both are poor choices to run what used to be a great country. Our political system, especially Congress, is a total mess!

  • Trump is the big bully on the block. He wants to call all the shots. His character flaw makes me think he really does not care if gets elected or not. Anyone else campaigning for POTUS would tone done their rhetoric especially on ethnic, gender, religion and sexual orientations. Born into wealth is his Achilles heel!

  • and the clintons get no press on pressing for and enacting a law targeting inner city “super predators” that resulted in increasing the rate and length of incarceration of blacks.

    when the race card is played, actively supporting and passing a law specifically targeting young black americans with lengthy mandatory sentencing using the justification that they are “super predators” seems more intentionally racist than simply stating the ethnicity of a judge.

    farrakhan was correct when he called hiliar an evil woman.

  • Drumpf has worked himself way out onto the end of a limb.

    And now he’s diligently sawing it off.

    Schadenfreude, thy name is Drumpf!

  • I’m pretty sure you can figure out who is responsible for the riots in California. La Raza. The Judge is a leader of the San Diego Chapter.

  • I have only known Donald Trump, from his visits to the different courts, in Westchester County (NY). These were indirect contacts, whereby everyone in the public areas could observe and hear him speak.

    It became obvious, that he is a man who strikes back, when he feels that he was attacked. In NY, you don’t survive in the business world, without being super aggressive. Therefore, most of the successful NY businessmen have developed, a hostile attitude.

    This attitude does not work very well, in a political arena.

    What I don’t see, are people presenting a well thought out, logical, rational,” and not hostile tone of voice when dealing with Donald Trump.

    All of his opposition, starts off with a tone of voice or an attitude, that would offend most people. I strongly believe, that even the Dalai Lama & Gandhi, would want to kick someone’s ass. I would saw that the newsmedia only takes pictures of Dinald Trump with his mouth open. His political opposition does not have that problem.

    Granted, he is a hard person, to support, because he can say things that most of society could not get away with.

    Hillary Clinton, being his only real opposition, makes him the only viable candidate. She does not possession a skeleton in her closet. She possesses at least 3 huge warehouses of skeletons.

    Therefore, it is the lesser of 2 evils. The non-career politician versus the career politician. The non-career politician who stands behind all of his promises versus the career politician who has a history of failed political promises.

    Not much to choose from.

    Therefore, the lesser of 2 evils.

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