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Trump introduces Gov. Pence as ‘my partner in this campaign’

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    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, introduces Gov. Mike Pence, R-Ind., during a campaign event to announce Pence as the vice presidential running mate on Saturday in New York.

NEW YORK >> Donald Trump introduced Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate on Saturday, calling him “my partner in this campaign” and his first and best choice to join him on a winning Republican presidential ticket.

In their first joint appearance, Trump tried to draw a sharp contrast between Pence, a soft-spoken conservative, and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate. In fact, he spent about as much time lambasting Clinton as praising Pence, declaring she had led President Barack Obama “down a horrible path” abroad.

He said Pence would stand up to America’s enemies and that he and the governor represent “the law-and-order candidates” at home.

“What a difference between crooked Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence,” Trump said. He added: “He’s a solid, solid person.”

Pence, standing alone in front of American flags, hewed closely to the populist themes that Trump has voiced on the campaign trail, describing himself as “really just a small-town boy.” He praised Trump effusively as “a good man,” a fighter, a legendary businessman and a patriotic American.

“The American people are tired,” Pence said. “We’re tired of being told that this is as good as it gets. We’re tired of having politicians in both parties in Washington, D.C., telling us we’ll get to those problems tomorrow.”

The joint appearance at a midtown Manhattan hotel was choreographed to try to catapult the party toward a successful and unified Republican National Convention, which kicks off in Cleveland on Monday. Republican officials were overwhelmingly positive in their reaction to Trump’s selection of Pence.

Trump conceded that one of the reasons he’d selected Pence was to promote unity within the Republican Party.

“So many people have said ‘party unity,’ because I’m an outsider,” Trump said. “I don’t want to be an outsider.”

Pence, whose calm demeanor forms a marked counterpoint to the fiery Trump, was chosen in part to ease concerns in some GOP corners about the billionaire’s impulsive style and lack of political experience. A steady conservative with extensive governing experience, Pence may also serve to reassure Republicans who are skeptical about Trump’s conservative bona fides.

Brandishing his running mate’s job-creating credentials, Trump ticked through a list of statistics he said showed how Pence had pulled Indiana out of economic recessions: an unemployment rate that fell to less than 5 percent on his watch, an uptick in the labor force and a decrease in Indiana residents on unemployment insurance.

“This is the primary reason I wanted Mike — other than that he looks very good, other than he’s got an incredible family, and incredible wife,” Trump said. He predicted that Pence would have won re-election as governor, were he not running for vice president.

Trump, in a meandering, 28-minute speech, managed to work in a plug for his new hotel in Washington before Pence even took the stage.

The Trump-Pence event offered Americans the first glimpse at what the 2016 Republican presidential ticket will look like, barring the unexpected. Just as Trump was settling on Pence, Republicans gathering in Cleveland essentially quelled the movement to oust Trump at the convention, all but assuring he’ll be the GOP nominee.

“They got crushed,” Trump said. “And they got crushed immediately, because people want what we’re saying to happen.”

The Indiana governor is well-regarded by evangelical Christians, particularly after signing a law that critics said would allow businesses to deny service to gay people for religious reasons. But his hardline ideology is also at odds with Trump, who has largely avoided wading into social issues.

Clinton’s team was already painting Pence’s conservative social viewpoints as out of step with the mainstream. Her campaign also seized on Trump’s chaotic process for selecting and announcing his pick, painting Trump in a web video released Saturday as “Always divisive. Not so decisive.”

Trump’s formal announcement capped a frenzied few days in the presidential campaign, as early reports that Trump has settled on Pence threw speculation into overdrive. After days of his aides saying he hadn’t made a final decision, the billionaire called Pence Thursday afternoon to offer him the job, but hours later postponed their first appearance after a truck attack killed 84 people in Nice, France.

Trump had spent weeks vetting vice presidential contenders, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and only zeroed in on Pence in recent days. Pence, meanwhile, had faced a Friday deadline to withdraw from his re-election race for governor so he could run for vice president; his aides filed the paperwork about an hour before the cutoff.

In choosing Pence, Trump appeared to be looking past their numerous policy differences.

The Indiana governor has been a longtime advocate of trade deals such as NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, both aggressively opposed by Trump. He’s been critical of Trump’s proposed temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering the U.S., calling the idea “offensive and unconstitutional.” Pence also endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz instead of Trump ahead of Indiana’s presidential primary.

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  • This is a sad end to Mr. Pence’s political career. He was going to lose his campaign for Governor, so maybe he thought he had nothing to lose. But by running with a racist bigot, he actually has a lot to lose – what’s left of his dignity.

    A pathetic day for Mike Pence.

        • Con man? Did you miss the last 7.5 years? Keep your doctor/health insurance? All the racial healing? Our wonderful foreign policy?

        • Winston, Miss the dow being under 7000 do we? lol Really wanted a war with Iran? Racial healing sure won’t come from republicans, the party that has made racism central to their message.

        • Boots. You’d attribute each sunrise to Obama’s pristine presence. The stock market has about the same relationship to Pres. EmptySuitPantsOnFire. War with Iran and in the ME is now MORE likely than before. The choice was always lessor conflict now, greater conflict later. Pretty obvious. Racism, Republicans. Well, that’s just wrong with a few exceptions. However, the democrats are the flip side–inflaming racial/ethnic tensions, failing to protect our borders, ignoring the destructive culture within Islam. No, Obama has lied to us blatantly, and increased/inflamed our divisions. He could have been a healer. He was the opposite.

    • Thank you for your concern not that it matters. This is a continuation of a successful political career. 12 years in Congress. 4 years as Indiana’s Governor. It’s a no brainer except for people with half a brain.
      A great day for Mike Pence. “Hillary Clinton must never become POTUS”.
      She’s losing it. What’s up with the high road? She’s groveling in her own toxic waste.
      What’s in your wallet. She has to ramp up the attack ads 20-1.

    • I agree it is a pathetic day for Mike Pence. He accepted the VP because he knows he would lose his reelection as Governor. But the only thing good that could be said about him is that he is probably better than Christie or Newt. Pretty sad that the republican party has fallen so far.

        • I already suggested that you stop reading my comments. Your opinions never make sense are I consider them worthless.

        • First amendment.
          Hey by the way, did you have a chance to make that donation yet?
          She doesn’t run it here because there are only a couple of dead beats going to vote for here in Hawaii.

        • lespark – You still (incredibly) haven’t taken the time to learn what the First Amendment is and what it does. It does not protect you from criticism for writing ridiculous things.

          Can’t you just learn something? Anything?

        • Klastri, I have every right to make a comment same as you. Of course you do not know this because you are a bigot. I look forward to your comments. And, stay away from high ledges in case Crooked Mama loses.

        • lespark – There you are with your sarcasm about suicide again.

          Joking about suicide is by itself a sign of a serious personality disorder. And you do it all the time. Pretty much every day.

        • I suggest that you stop reading my comments if it upsets you. What you think of my comments is worth about two cents. You sure can dish it out but you can’t take it.
          Go grovel with Crooked Mama in her toxic waste.

      • Secretary boots,
        Thank you,
        Its a great day for Governor Pence. He gave up a 2nd term as Governor to serve the American people as VPOTUS. Newt and Christie will have important cabinet positions. They will do just fine with or without your approval.
        Now, you can join crooked Mama in her toxic grovel.

      • Sure, he doesn’t want to discriminate against Muslim immigrants, saying it’s unconstitutional but has no problem discriminating against LGBT US citizens.
        He sounds like a real stand up guy.

        • At the rate Obama and crooked mama are letting in the ISIS there will be no LGBT and pork ribs. Even if they aren’t ISIS now what’s to stop one low life wannabe from joining up.
          Look what just one “immigrant” can do. Imagine 100,000. How are you going to keep track?
          Think before you say.

    • Klastri, what’s in your wallet. Bernie’s supporters maxed out their credit cards for him. Crooked Hillary needs you to do the same. Your comments aren’t helping.
      Her credibility is so bad she has absolutely no room to talk. It’s almost pathetic.

      • Politifact: Ninety-five of the 158 fact-checks of claims made by Trump have been rated False or Pants on Fire. Add in Mostly False and that accounts for 123 (78 percent) of all of Trump’s fact-checked claims.

      • MM, it will be very special for you to witness the swearing in of President Trump by the U.S. Chief Justice repeating the words, “and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The U.S. Constitution which was adopted on September 17, 1787. And, experience the undoing of the damage that Hawaii born President Obama did to our Country and the World. For you MM, Pres. Obama swore to the same oath of office and failed in protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution.

    • Oh, yes. So true. Associating with the spawn of the devil, the evil reincarnation of Hitler AND Stalin (Communist dictator who murdered millions, in case you’re a millennial), and that guy Freddy from the halloween movies is a very bad career choice.

      Meanwhile, back on the planet where politics involve rational comparisons and choices, the aforesaid evil Trump is even or ahead of Clinton in a number of polls.

      That Trump, who was Pol Pot (genocidal Cambodian maniac, if you’re a millennial) in a prior life and Genghis Khan before that), is tied with and/or leading Hillary could mean, possibly that the public (aside from you, a possible millennial, then understandably) sees something that you’re missing/ignoring. That something being that Clinton is blatantly, obviously a profoundly corrupt, deeply incompetent, compulsively lying member of an elite, wealthy political establishment whose thirst for power leads her to say/do anything to obtain it.

      If this escapes you, sometimes the little things are the most revealing of character, such as lying to family members at their loved ones funeral, as she did with the Benghazi dead.

      So, to sum up. With this political choice, we have Trump and his looniness on one side and what amounts to a human gargoyle on the other. The country ends up as rubble with either one. Some choice.

    • I think that calling others bigots without any evidence, is bigotry in itself. People in Hawaii do not look at others through the lense of race and hate. I will pray for your soul!

      • “The Indiana governor…signing a law that critics said would allow businesses to deny service to gay people for religious reasons….”

      • You can believe in your fairy tales if you want, but please don’t waste your time praying for me. I prefer reason and logic.

        Mr. Trump is a bigot. There’s plenty of evidence to support that. Sadly, a whole lot of evidence.

        • What’s it to you? You’d rather put Crooked Mama in the White House? Everyone is a bigot. Stop being a hypocrite. I could give a rats A$$ if Trump was a bigot. The way you go on about Trump is not healthy. What is it that bothers you. The beautiful women, the money, the success?

    • True…Some are saying Pence is a zero and a waste of time. But if one looks closely at his record, one has to come away shocked at his hatred for modern America.

      • That’s the problem with people, they believe the Go back and read it again. Crooked Hilliary spews untruths and expects people with half a brain like you to believe it. She lies or distorts the truth. The people she has working for her should be working for the National Inquirer.

  • After hearing Gov. Pence on the podium today I feel he should have run for POTUS. As I’ve always thought about TheDonald, he’s gonna put forth his agenda and have underlings make sure what he wants done gets done. He’s just there to make sure the Government gets done what the people wants done.

  • Our new “Commander in Chief” has picked probably the Best choice in the GOP pool.For the past few day , & with all the guessing circulating various news media… he going to pick Christy ?, Gingrich ? or even Ben Carson? All excellent choices! But we can have only one winner. Right? With all the suspense now gone? Now we know who Trump’s pick is! What a relief lol.

    President Trump has taken his time in “Vetting his #2, Because he wants only the BEST! That’s to be expected from the one person who only wants
    the very best for America! So in Hopes that all of you registered to vote ! Get good and mad and Vote! Yeah.yeah i know there are lot of you Die Hard Democrats out there…just remember this, the Democrat Party today is NOT the Democrat party it once was! It has moved Extremely to the Left….this is not good everyone.

    So here’s what we need to do,let’s take America back from this Socialist Democrat mindset that is ruining our beloved country.
    Lets Make America Great Again!

    Off Grid: Some poll numbers for my “Trolling ” friends.
    For President who do you favor to be President Of the United States?
    Favorable: Trump @ 40% VS Hillary’s 14%
    Unfavorable: Trump @ 28% VS (get this) Hillary’s 60%….That right ! 60% unfavorable for Dear Hillary.____________________

    Who do you feel would be the Best Candidate for President ?
    Trump @ 56% while Hillary get’s a mere 27% !!

    OMG! Can you hear the Dems after seeing this poll? “Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO”, Look what’s happening to Sweet Hillary,her poll numbers are sinking,we have to save her”. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! I love politics

    • hiLARy…
      Accomplishments: Mid East in turmoil, ISIS was born, wants to bring in +60K unvetted (impossible to vet) immigrants and more, $millions from MidEast/WallStreet, allowed 4 Americans to be tortured/murdered & lied to their families & America, for her own personal political gain, proven liar by the FBI, pander to the black …”I will call for white people like myself to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American families who fear every time their children go somewhere”…etc.
      Easy choice for me …TRUMP/PENCE!!
      “Make America Great Again”..the LAW & ORDER Team!!

  • The GOP will reconfigure. It may take a few more lost presidential elections, but it’s clear that its members are living in the long-ago past. Snake oil seller Trump is a desperate attempt to get notice, be interesting–but not relevant.

      • Thank you. Let’s not forget the product of democrat values:
        Inflaming an ever increasing racial divide.

        Impoverishing the largest progressive run state, California, with the highest percentage of those living under the poverty line.

        Ignoring our soon to be insolvent entitlement programs (Social Security Disability next year).

        Presiding over the slowest economic recovery, the lowest labor participation rate in 4 decades.

        Squandering US influence in the world at the expense of vital national interests, particularly the Middle East.

        Negotiating a nuclear agreement that will set of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and actually shelter the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

        An immigration policy that amounts to the dissolution of our borders in order to import democrat party voters.

        Use of the IRS like a sort of political gestapo to shut up conservative groups.

        Supporting the sale of baby body parts.

        These appear to be the guiding principles of the Democrat party, either by design or by ignorance, aimed at a slow destruction of the country.

        • Don’t know why boots is so concerned about Trump. Crooked Mama’s pundits have been saying all along what a thrashing she going to put on Donald – Send him back into the Stone Age.

        • Right. For people so confident of the outcome there’s an awful lot of pants wetting going on.

    • “Trump in a desperate attempt to get noticed” Don’t you have a TV? News about Mr Trump is on 24/7. Lying crooked HiLIARy is only seen in her phony paid for TV ads. The polls are looking good. Snake oil almost sold out.

      • Like The Donald said…”crooked lying hiLIARy, the most corrupt person ever to run for the potus office!”
        Easy choice…LAW & ORDER Team of Donald Trump & Mike Pence!

    • If Crooked Mama wins the White House we will be swinging from the trees like a million monkeys. America as we knew it will be the Planet of The Apes.

  • Trump may be bombastic, but he has proven that he can make a great decision, by choosing Pence, he picks someone that brings in insider savvy, and everything that he is short of. HilLIARy is a proven incompetent that is so power hungry that she would sacrifice her own friend to savages in Benghazi, while she watched in the safety of her home with a drone circling over the heads of the brave Americans trying to defend the Ambassador, all the while, not lifting a finger to help and to stop the stand down order that could have saved 4 brave Americans. She must never be president, ever.

    • And she told Chelsea the truth, it was a terrorist attack… and instead told the families of Amb. Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith & Glen Doherty and America it was video. Crooked Lying hiLIARy is a despicable human bring.

    • He chose Pence with the help of his family, so if he becomes president he will turn to his family for advise before making a decision. Pence would have been better with the guy he supported in the primary.To bad he got bounced by Trump.

  • Choosing Pence makes it all but certain that Republicans will lose the entirety of the LGBT vote. Mr. Trump has written off a lot of groups like Muslims, blacks, Latinos, and now gay folks. Hopefully, he’ll completely destroy the Republican Party!

    “I love the poorly educated!” Go Trump!

    • Under strict sharia law, Unless the blacks, whites, yellow, lgbt and Latinos are Islamists, the first chance ISIS gets they will kill all non believers.
      You can see what one ISIS can do? How’s about 100,000 more. That’s where you are going with your Crooked Hillary and Obama.
      ” I love the poorly educated! Go Trump! Please save us.

      • What does sharia law have to do with anything in this election?

        The correct answer, of course, is nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why do you write things like this that are non sequiturs?

        • A. Radical Islamist Terrorists believe in sharia law
          B. Strict Islamist kill non believers
          B. Radical Islamist Terrorists believe in sharia law
          A. Strict Islamist kill non believers.

          A. Obama brings in ISIS
          B. ISIS kills non believers
          B. Obama brings in ISIS
          A. ISIS kills non believers

          A. Klastri is a bigot
          B. Klastri accuses people of being a bigot
          B. Klastri accuses people of being a bigot
          A. Klastri is a bigot


  • Classic Trump. Talked about himself for 28 minutes, lied (claiming again, falsely, that he was opposed to the Iraq war), and then spent 6 seconds onstage with Pence, and walked away..

    • He lies so easily and so completely, it’s amazing. It’s like he doesn’t realize that things he said and wrote were recorded. The negative ads opposing him are going to be fantastic!

      • Uh, massive irony alert. Your preferred candidate is a life time layer cake of redundant, self-serving prevarication. On the email/classified information scandal alone, she has told one lie after another after another—ACCORDING TO THE FBI. She didn’t lie to them because, you see, that would be criminal. She lied to us/you repeatedly (and is still lying about her earlier lies) because it’s NOT criminal. Will she get away with it because of empty headed partisans? We’ll see.

        • When you can’t debate or refute a point, it’s always best to just change the subject. That always works!

        • klastri aka Kurt on Kauai aka kauai….did you read let alone comprehend Winston’s reply to you?
          WOW…you are so angry and blinded….you can’t reason…count to 10….very s l o w l y.

        • In Washington, if it looks like a Hilliary, quacks like a Hilliary its somebody else.

        • Winston, Does this mean that Klastri admits to what you say – can’t debate, can’t refute and is changing the subject? Hallelujah. If I was him I would have given up on lying Mama a long time ago.

      • What’s in your wallet? Send money. Those negative ads are great for Trump. Just more free airtime. Now maybe if she found Jesus, the 30,000 missing email and came clean that might make a difference.

  • hope cleveland police have security plans in place to handle hiliar’s goon squads and brown shirts that have been assigned to disrupt what should otherwise be a peaceful republican convention.

  • From The Onion today. This sums up the Pence selection perfectly.

    NEW YORK—Following Donald Trump’s official announcement that he had picked conservative Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate, prominent members of the GOP establishment reportedly expressed their relief Saturday that conventionally abhorrent beliefs would be represented on the Republican presidential ticket. “Gov. Pence is truly committed to the GOP’s most cherished, longstanding hatreds, so we couldn’t be happier to see him chosen as our party’s vice presidential candidate,” said Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint, adding that the selection of someone with so many years of experience engaging in traditional discrimination against gays and women had eased the fears of Republican officials worried by Trump’s more unorthodoxly regressive views. “Don’t get me wrong; it’s great that Trump is bringing in millions of bigoted new voters with his fresh ideas for narrow-minded and detestable policies. But at the same time, there are certain awful beliefs that have helped to guide the conservative movement for decades, and the inclusion of Pence on the ticket is proof that those intolerances still have a place in today’s GOP.” DeMint added that he hoped Trump would also balance out his own crackpot fiscal proposals by choosing a few cabinet members with more conventionally discredited economic theories.

    • Now I know where you get your material.
      The Onion,
      With the primaries behind them, the presumptive nominees from both parties must now assess how to approach the general election. Here is how Hillary Clinton is strategizing her campaign moving forward:

      Woo Bernie supporters by becoming 30 percent more curmudgeonly
      Hold focus groups to help her appeal to a more diverse array of America’s corporate entities
      Establish strategic headquarters in thousands of swing living rooms
      Delete folder on laptop titled “Liabilities 1998-2006”
      Preempt Trump’s wild conspiracy theories by clarifying exactly which former aides committed suicide and which did not
      Targeted TV ads that remind viewers she can win this thing without their vote if she has to
      Mothball border wall proposal until inauguration
      Surprise loyal supporters by dropping into a few quarterly earnings meetings unannounced
      Go window-to-window in key districts to glare at undecided voters
      Relax and continue being the trusted, affable woman everyone knows and loves.

      • The new CBS/NYT poll came out this week, and it has Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat. This is great news for Donald Trump, who has lagged behind Hillary in nearly every national poll for months. Dozens and dozens of polls show him trailing Hillary, sometimes in double digits, on back through the polling. But now we see him tied, and in a poll not conducted by Rasmussen.

        • He can’t win. With 0% of the black vote, less than 30% of the woman vote and 5% of Latinos, he’s a sure loser.

          Citizens of Latino heritage are lining up in voter registration drives by the thousands. He’s done.

        • Klastri aka kauai aka Kurt on Kauai…said Obamacare is O’s signature legacy ..said his 10+ attrny “friends” in Missouri would contest Officer Wilson’s exoneration…said the sky will fall when Brexit happened…said he’s organizing a huge hiLIARy victory party on Nov 8…..with his track record wonder how many of his “friends” will come?

        • Keonigohan – Yet another example of your psychotic obsession with me.

          You have a clinical problem. You must be able to see that at this point.

          You think about me, and write about me, all day. Doesn’t that seem off to you?

        • Crooked Mama is counting on the blacks, Latinos and the women. 0% of a million is 0. 30% of a million is 300,000. 5% of a million is 50,000.
          That’s 350,000. 65% of a million is 650,000 votes for Trump, Trump, Trump.

      • Members of a secretive Turkish Islamic movement that is at the center of a congressional ethics committee investigation have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and to her family’s charity, a Daily Caller investigation has found.

        The largest donation from a leader of the Gulen movement, which is operated from Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains by a moderate Muslim cleric named Fethullah Gulen, came from Recep Ozkan. (RELATED: Here’s A Map Of Radical Mosques In The U.S. [Interactive])

        A former president of the Gulen-linked Turkish Cultural Center, Ozkan gave between $500,001 and $1,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation in recent months, the charity’s website shows. He also served as a national finance co-chair last year for a pro-Clinton political action committee called Ready PAC.

        Read more:

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