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Trump’s new derisive nickname for Clinton — ‘Rotten’

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    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a town hall today in Roanoke, Va.

ROANOKE, Va. » Donald Trump has a new, derisive nickname for his Democratic rival: Hillary “Rotten” Clinton.

Addressing backers today in an overly warm ballroom in Roanoke, Virginia, the Republican presidential nominee lashed out at Clinton as low-energy and needing naps. He argued that she dropped her maiden name, Rodham, because it sounds like “rotten.”

“Why did she get rid of it? Hillary Rotten Clinton, Rotten Clinton. Hillary Rotten Clinton, right?” Trump told the crowd. “Maybe that’s why, it’s too close.”

Trump has repeatedly referred to Clinton as “Crooked Hillary.”

The event was held in the home state of Clinton’s new running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, whom Trump derided as a “weird little dude” and a political “hack.” Trump argued that Clinton made a mistake when she chose Kaine, describing the well-liked former governor and senator as the opposite of the sort of fiery liberal that supporters of Clinton’s former rival Bernie Sanders may have been drawn to.

Many of Sanders’ supporters at the Democratic National Convention remain deeply committed to their candidate, holding demonstrations in Philadelphia and booing mentions of Clinton on the convention floor.

Trump reveled in the drama as he campaigned with his running mate, Mike Pence.

Speaking tonight at a rally in North Carolina during a rally that capped off his first day on the road since becoming his party’s nominee, Trump repeatedly pointed to the commotion in Philadelphia.

“What a mess they have going,” said Trump. “Crazy Bernie’s going crazy right now.”

During the Virginia rally, the billionaire businessman unleashed a barrage of attacks against Clinton in light of the latest scandal to overshadow her run for office. He accused Clinton of disloyalty for not protecting outgoing Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz following the release of hacked emails that suggest some DNC staffers favored Clinton over Sanders.

Trump claims Wasserman Schultz “worked very hard to rig the system” in Clinton’s favor, and Clinton responded by throwing her “under the bus.”

He also suggested at one point that China may have been involved in the DNC hack, despite no evidence to suggest the country’s involvement.

“Little did she know that China, Russia — one of our many, many friends — came in and hacked the hell out of us,” Trump said sarcastically, framing the words “friends” in air quotes.

After Democratic Party officials learned their systems were attacked in late April, they sought the help of the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Inc., which then discovered traces of at least two sophisticated hacking groups on the Democrats’ network — both of which have ties to the Russian government.

The FBI said today it is investigating how the hack occurred.

In North Carolina, Trump dismissed suggestions that the Russians may be trying to influence the election in his favor because of his relatively friendly approach to the country’s president, Vladimir Putin. He called the idea “one of the weirdest conspiracies.”

Still, he asked: “Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually did get along with Russia?”

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  • Hillary “Rotten” Clinton. If the shoe fits. We all know Ige will cast his vote for Rotten Clinton despite the fact that Hawaii overwhelmingly voted for Bernie Sanders.

      • Donald Trump has a new, derisive nickname for his Democratic rival: Hillary “Rotten” Clinton …. He argued that she dropped her maiden name, Rodham, because it sounds like “rotten.”

        Trump is again stealing a march on the alleged “news” media he loves to hate. He is a marketing expert and is nimbly leveraging EVEN MORE free publicity from the media who loathe him, in this case by using them to market the Hillary brand in a way that suggests putrescence, decay and corruption. My guess? For a lot of Americans this brand will stick like Velcro to his rotten opponent.

        • Donald Trump is the most immature candidate for president in the history of the United States.

        • “He is a marketing expert and is nimbly leveraging EVEN MORE free publicity from the media…”

          Hahahaha! By calling her names? I can just hear you when you take your dog out in the morning: “Note how expertly he examined a number of spots until he found the one with just the right amount of peripheral space and loose matter that – with a few deft sweeps of his back legs – he could cover his morning deposit masterfully.”

        • He’s even being sued by the “Trump Kids” who performed for him, whom he then stiffed.

          No wonder Russian hackers are doing all they can for him- he owes Russian lenders, big.

          How can principled conservatives even consider this man? He is in no way able to do the job of President.

    • Donald was to start receiving security briefings today. American banks won’t lend to him due to his bad credit, so word is he’s in debt to Russian friends of Putin for almost a billion dollars.

      Even lifelong conservative George Will writes that his debts to Russia are compromising.

      This article is not journalism. He has a new nickname for Hillary? This is a new low for the AP and sadly for the SA.
      There’s a lot to know in this election, for the grownups.

    • Richierich, the only thing rotten is your putrefying mind. Donald calling Hillary rotten, is just a sign of desparation. Everyone can see right through all his posturing and lies, and the self centered behavior of a spoilt rich brat

    • What about rotten dishonest Trump, who has not released any of his tax returns for many years. What is he afraid of, and hiding. Everyone else running for office, have released their tax returns. He needs to be accountable as everyone else

  • Democrats have clearly displayed that they can’t handle email, so maybe they should resort to smoke signals. Elizabeth Warren could teach the class.

    • Good idea. They got to do something. They tried hard to smear Trump. Nothing we haven’t heard before. None of them should be talking. They got a few skeletons in their closet.

    • He has a most expansive library of vocabulary. It’s like a pre schooler misbehaving and you can’t shut them up. The problem is that he is 70 years old and will never change.

        • One thing I will agree with the Repubs -this country is on a precipice. A precipice of electing that demagogue Trump who will sell the US down the river to serve his own twisted ego.

        • IRT jomama, as if the Clintons haven’t already. They are Rotten to da max brah.

        • Trump will never be the POTUS. The minority is not wasting their time with commenting. They will simply show up at the polls and let their voting do the talking

        • We won’t know unless we try. I’ve had enough of the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s. I’m voting for the Majority.

        • keaukaha says: Trump will never be the POTUS

          Two suggestions respectfully submitted to which you might wish to give a moment or two of favorable consideration:

          – – Never say ‘never’.

          – – Keep your words and phrases sweet and dulcet in the event you later find it necessary to eat them.

  • The speakers were pretty derisive in their own right today, and for the next 3 days.
    What goes around comes around. Perfect example was Obama/Clinton 08.

  • I think that I will be canceling my subscription because my comments have been constantly under moderation. I feel that I have adhered to the cordial requirements of commentary but for whatever reasons my comments have been unfairly subdued.other commenters have been able to unleash inhumane, insulting and brutal comments that have made to the commentary page.

  • Guy gets worst everyday. Like a little rich spoiled bully. Remember that bully that had a derogatory name for everyone. Yup that’s him.

    • Even Mitt Romney, the one that cruelly cut a boy’s locks while being held down and screaming during his school days, denounced Trump. What does that tell you?

  • Mr. Trump is a pathetic high school bully whose mind never grew up. He acts and speaks like a spoiled 13 year old boy.

    He’s a psychotic and his supporters can’t recognize that. It’s sad.

  • “Crazy Bernie is crazy. Rotten Clinton is rotten.” That right there is the sum and substance of Drumpf’s campaign. Hell, us SA commenters could do better than that even when reeling pilut. He doesn’t have any actual platform, just “I’m gonna build that wall”. Build it around yourself and we’ll kokua the rubber padding, pal.

  • In 2012 the Republicans were more White and less Minorities than the Democrats. Interesting to note this statistic is way before Trump ran for POTUS. That’s just the way it is. They twist and turn to confuse. Don’t believe a word they say.


      ‪#‎Marxism‬ is the root cause of much of what ‪#‎America‬ is experiencing right now. Based on the writings of Karl Marx in the ‪#‎Communist‬ Manifesto and Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals, what we are seeing in the streets of our US cities is fundamental to establishing a Marxist society.

    • In some states, Mr. Trump is polling at 0% of the black vote.

      Trump is making things worse for the Republican Party. Much worse. He can’t destroy it soon enough.

  • “Trump has repeatedly referred to Clinton as “Crooked Hillary.” Seems like a case of the pot calling the kettle black as there are many people who can’ count themselves as having been bilked by Trump. Before calling somebody a crook he should check his own reputation first. Or has he forgotten regarding the contractors who he ripped off? “…The contractor who provided the onion domes atop the Taj had to eat $2 million in losses. The contractor who supplied the Carrara marble from Italy ended up filing for personal bankruptcy. The contractor who put in the bathroom partitions had to lay off his brother…” (Excerpt from The Las Vegas Sun)

    • Nothing like an egomaniac who has already admitted that embellishment is part of his trade. He always mentions Wharton, but he never graduated from Wharton the business school at Penn–he actually transferred to Penn from Fordham, and only after the senior Trump made a very heavy donation.

    • Etalavera, the smoke fog and mirrors are the substance of the Tea Party and the Republican Party. And if Trump and the Republicans are so honest, sincere and transparent, why has’nt Trump released any of his tax returns for many years. What’s he hiding?

  • When asked if his businesses were financed by loans from Russian banks, Trump replied that he has no investments in Russia. He can’t give a straight answer to a simple question. His tax returns might reveal the answer, but he’s hiding them.

  • Perhaps the only change that the Trump team made in the Republican Party platform was to remove a commitment to provide arms to the Ukraine so that it could resist being overrun by Russia. Seems like Putin sent a thank-you note to Trump via Wikileaks.

  • Jennifer Rubin, ultra-conservative Washington Post columnist, writes today, “There is ample circumstantial evidence that Russia is interfering in the U.S. presidential election in order to boost Donald Trump, who not only displays reverence for Russian President Vladimir Putin but also has advocated policies that would pay big dividends for Moscow (e.g. backing away from NATO, letting Russia and Iran have their ways in Syria, ending defensive arms to Ukraine).”

  • If there was any question whether Donald Trump is sane or insane, his request to the Russians to hack and release Mrs. Clinton’s emails should end all doubt.

    He is without question the most spectacularly unfit person to ever run for public office. His supporters (assuming that they are capable of shame at this point) should all be ashamed of themselves.

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