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Clinton wins historic nomination, says glass ceiling cracked

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    Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appears on a large monitor to thank delegates during the second day of the Democratic National Convention.


    Former President Bill Clinton speaks during the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA >> Taking on the role of devoted political spouse, former President Bill Clinton declared his wife Hillary Clinton an impassioned “change-maker” as he served as character witness on the night she triumphantly became the first woman nominated for president.

She put an electrifying cap on the night, appearing by video from New York and declaring, “We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet,”

Minutes earlier, the former president said, “She’s been worth every single year she’s put into making people’s lives better.” First lady for his presidency, she’s now the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in the race for the White House.

For a man more accustomed to delivering policy-packed stem-winders, Clinton’s deeply personal address underscored the historic night for Democrats, and the nation. If she wins in November, the Clintons would also be the first married couple to each serve as president.

She will take on Donald Trump, who won the Republican nomination a week ago. Trump, who campaigned Tuesday in North Carolina, mocked the former president’s speech in advance, calling him “over-rated.”

At Trump’s convention last week, Clinton was the target of blistering criticism of her character and judgment, a sharp contrast to the warm and passionate woman described by her husband. Seeking to explain the vastly different perceptions of his wife, Clinton said simply, “One is real, the other is made up.”

The former president traced his relationship with his wife back decades, recalling in great detail the first time he spotted her on a law school campus and the impact she had on pushing him into politics. He took voters back to a time when their relationship wasn’t the subject of intense public scrutiny, including during his affair that led to his impeachment as president.

Clinton closed the second night of the Democratic convention, a jubilant celebration of Hillary Clinton’s formal nomination for president. In an important move for party unity, her primary rival Bernie Sanders helped make it official when the roll call got to his home state of Vermont, prompting delegates to erupt in cheers. It was a striking parallel to the role Clinton played eight years ago when she stepped to the microphone on the convention floor in Denver in support of her former rival, Barack Obama.

This time, Clinton shattered the glass ceiling she couldn’t crack in 2008.

She leads a party still grappling with divisions. Moments after Clinton claimed the nomination, a group of Sanders supporters left the convention and headed to a media tent to protest what they said was their being shut out of the party. At the same time, protesters who had spent the day marching in the hot sun began facing off with police.

Trump cheered the disruptions from the campaign trail. In North Carolina, he told a convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars that, “our politicians have totally failed you.”

Indeed, Clinton’s long political resume — secretary of state, senator, first lady — has sometimes seemed an odd fit for an electorate deeply frustrated with Washington and eager to rally around unconventional candidates like Trump and Sanders. Many voters have questions about her character and trustworthiness, suggesting she’s used her access to power to her personal advantage.

President Clinton spoke after three hours of testimonials from lawmakers, advocates, celebrities and citizens who argued otherwise. Each took the stage to vouch for her commitment to working on health care, children’s issues and gun control.

“Hillary Clinton has the passion and understanding to support grieving mothers,” said Sybrina Fulton, whose son Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012. “She has the courage to lead the fight for commonsense gun legislation.”

The significant time devoted to the testimonials underscored the campaign’s concerns about how voters view Clinton. Public polls consistently show that a majority of Americans don’t believe she is honest and trustworthy. That perception that was reinforced after the FBI director’s scathing assessment of her controversial email use as secretary of state, even though the Justice Department did not pursue charges.

President Clinton complicated the email controversy last month when he met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the midst of the FBI investigation. Republicans cast the meeting as a sign that the Clintons play by different rules, while Democrats bemoaned that at the very least, it left that impression.

The former president has campaigned frequently for his wife during the White House race, but mostly in smaller cities and towns, part of an effort by the campaign to keep him in a more behind-the-scenes role. His convention address was his highest profile appearance of the campaign.

Clinton’s landmark achievement saturated the roll call with emotion and symbols of women’s long struggle to break through political barriers. Jerry Emmett, a 102-year-old woman born before women had the right to vote, cast the ballots for Arizona.

Martha McKenna, a Clinton delegate from Maryland, said the night felt like a celebration for Sanders’ campaign as well as Clinton’s. She added, “The idea that I’m going to be here when the first woman president is nominated is overwhelming.”

The Democratic convention drew the party’s biggest stars to sweltering Philadelphia for the week-long event. On Monday night, first lady Michelle Obama made an impassioned case forClinton as the only candidate in the presidential race worthy of being a role model for the nation’s children. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will speak Wednesday, along with Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Clinton’s new running mate.

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    • There is a lot of overlap between what Trump wants and what Sanders wants– very similar policies re economy, trade and social welfare programs– raise minimum wage, free education, childcare, equal pay, sticking up for the working man over the rich, etc. as enunciated by Ivanka Trump and Trump himself. Both Sanders and Terump want to stop Wall Street Banks and big corporations rigged against the working man. Both want to force US companies to return to the US by taxing foreign orperatios or slapping huge tarriffs on them. A lot of Sanders voters hate Trump’a style, but will take his policies overClinton and he ties to big business, banks, and rich donors.

      • You’re delusional and completely wrong!!! Trump wants to get rid of the minimum wage. He wants to drive wages DOWN. He only wants to bring jobs back to America, if Americans can be forced to work at wages that are pennies on the dollar. He’s for privatizing education, making it more expensive. He’s against equal pay for women. He’s all about tax breaks for himself and fellow wealthy individuals. Trumps policies are Republican policies and EVERYTHING that Bernie Sanders is about. Bernie is a DEMOCRATIC Socialist. Trump is a CONSERVATIVE Facist. Apples and orange-faced.

        • Watching the millions of protesters that are locked out. Amazing the MSM is not showing any of it. FOX and Fox Business are covering it otherwise no one would know. Talk about the fix. Lying Crooked Hillary Criminal Inc.

        • Millions sheesh sarge you are losing it. Maybe hundreds or thousands but not millions. Watch the DNC. Greatest show on earth. The fat lady is going to sing on Thursday and you know what that means.

        • I didn’t know that Bill was bringing Monica. I couldn’t count all the protesters so you may be right but what difference does it make.

        • That you are becoming like your friend lespark and becoming delusional because your candidate is getting his a-s kicked. By the way you better check on your friend awfully quiet today.

        • Sarge got hit with napalm, so you have to excuse him. Or was it sprayed his face with weed eater.

        • Another VC came out from under the rock waving a white flag.. BTW Trump moving up in the polls and you are running out of ammo. What ya gonna do now? Do you fell lucky.

        • The mothers of the four Benghazi heroes, the families of the thousands of humans across the world killed at the hands if ISIS, the families of the brave Policemen protecting your right to Speech could not agree with you more.

        • Trump is a nightmare. His anti-Americanism and his authoritarian tendencies should frighten us all.

        • Hey Sarge…Sorry for opining late ,need your help. I don’t know if you noticed this or not,but during yesterday’s DNC convention .Did you notice that the American Flag was not present? Wow if that is true, it would definitely be another Black eye for the Democratic party….. talk about stacking the negative points. So UNPATRIOTIC and unorganized from the get go……amature hour. I’ll try to catch up with the Democrat spin here. read on

        • Nobody is talking to you klas. You’re so rude. Didn’t your Mommy teach you any manners? Over educated and clueless.

        • sarge22 – First of all, I could not care less what you think of me. Really. If you don’t want to read my comments, then try to develop the discipline to not read my comments. Do you think that you can manage that?

          I write because you post totally ridiculous, untrue things here over and over and over – “Watching the millions of protesters that are locked out.” is just one today alone – and it’s entertaining to point out your many errors.

          Between you and the ventriloquist’s doll that sits on your knee, it’s great down time entertainment!

        • There you go lying again. “I did not have sex with that woman” Following your leader. RNC sure had a lot more of the red, white and blue. It’s entertaining to point out that the millions of protesters were in New Jersey.

        • Keaukaha, I get it, there are millions of people protesting, maybe not in Philly but in spirit.
          Let’s not get technical. You of all people should know that.
          And thanks for looking for me today. I had to campaign for Donald. Big rally, millions of people.

        • There is a relationship between what you produce and what you get paid

          What you produce is the result of labor, amplified by capital

          It may be a good idea to raise the minimum wage, but there is generally not much capital that you are using

          That is why it pays so little (capital includes education, machinery, moral character, etc.)

          The real solution is jobs that are leveraged by capital, such as manufacturing jobs

          I think this is the point of Trump’s plan for increasing in the middle class

        • The glass ceiling is not cracked, it is only the deluded people that think a Hillary presidency will be in the best interests of America. Believe me, I wish there was another choice besides Trump, but of the two, I can not vote in good conscious for Hillary. I realize though, that in Hawaii, my choice does not matter.

      • Don’t hold your breath. Problem is that Chumps arrogance, ignorance and rudeness will leave reasonable voters with three choices. Hillary, third party or stay home. The Fox News ” The Five” today addressed why Clinton will win. Watch it!

        • Don’t you know that you aren’t supposed to watch Fox News. What do you think of the Bernie protesters that have been locked out? Only on FOX.

        • I’ve been watching it because even they are stumped by the Chump. It is most entertaining to see Fox News silenced because they have a d- d- for their presidential candidate. Watch the DNC 9/11 first responders slamming him. I know you are a ufc fan so tell the bradah time to tap out.

        • Silver spoon, nary any contributions to society, a womanizer, a four time bankruptcy who over embellishes both his education and business success, and a string broken marriages and relationships…’s not a high bar to climb over.

        • Ike, Well well, look who’s back. I thought you was in Philly. Got kicked out? What kind of libelous rumors you going to start now?
          Silver spoon? Kennedy’s father was a boot legger, star chaser.
          Womanizer? Who you talking about. I never had sex? That one?
          Bankruptcy? Last I heard he was worth a few billion. He must be doing better than you.
          Education? Gates dropped out of college.
          Marriages? No big deal.

  • Who’s running against Tulsi?
    Just think –> Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court…
    Why split any effort that might give the Republicans a chance to put a Justice on the Supreme Court?

    • You do know she renounced those views years ago? War does indeed change people and she’s not exception. Looking at what she’s worked for in Congress for equality and LGBTQ rights, I’m happy she’s changed. We all should be.

      Took ages to find what tweet you were talking about… wish you’d posted that instead.

      The Russians were bombing al Nusra (al Qaeda offshoot) and the US wasn’t – which is what Tulsi tweeted about.

      And she was right.

      Now, the US is considering partnering with the Russians to combat al Qaeda in Syria.

      • You sure about Tulsi renouncing her father’s views? The Hawaii LGBT Caucus isn’t convinced, because she cancelled meetings with them. Additionally during the 2013 special session re marriage equality, Rep. Tulsi didn’t respond to the Hawaii LGBT caucus’s reaching out to her. Every other member of Hawaii’s congressional delegation sent someone to testify for marriage equality – Senators Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono, as well as then-Representative Colleen Hanabusa.

        I’m sorry you are slow with using Google. Once you were there, you should have also been able to see where Tulsi has repeatedly sided with Republicans in criticism of Obama’s foreign policies, right? And how she’s an Islamophobe, repeatedly alienating Muslims allies within and outside of our country while fostering fear and hate.

        Also, for someone who is supposed to be pro-military, Rep. Gabbard seemed much more interested in being vdeoed surfing for Yahoo versus making a Veterans Affairs Committee Hearing (said video was used for a fundraising campaign).

        Like I said: Fakest Dem ever. It’s one thing if YOU yourself,a s a citizen, agree with her; it’s another thing for Rep. Gabbard to pretend to play on one team and present herself to the voting public in such a manner in order to win elections, when really, she’s just an agent for the other side.

        • You are a bigot. Your comment just proved it. I can understand the stress that you are under. Chump is getting he’s a-s kicked and has as much chance of being POTUS as a Popsicle in hel-.

        • Since you are no help as usual I had to look it up so now we all know..LGBTQ: “LGBTQ” is an acronym that originated in the 1990s and replaced what was formerly known as “the gay community.” The acronymn was created to be more inclusive of diverse groups. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (and/or questioning) individuals/identities.

        • The Hawaii LGBT Caucus didn’t endorse Tulsi (despite her progressive voting record and multiple pieces of legislation co-sponsored to fight for the LGBT community) because Michael Golojuch harbors a deep, personal hatred of her. Many in the LGBT community are not happy about it and feel the decision does not best represent their community. However, what’s relevant is her voting record, legislation and endorsement by the Human Rights Commission does endorse Tulsi.

        • Typical d-rat. Disagree and here come the personal attacks. Can’t handle the truth.

        • Oh please…my post was as truthful as yours. You can’t post a cogent argument about the topic, so you go right to insulting a well-respected newspaper. Talk about not being able to handle the truth…

        • Well-respected newspaper? Liberal paper along with the NYT totally supporting Clinton. Respected by the establishment/ Yes

  • Brave, true and loyal ? Didn’t care for her fluctuated political history, but then it takes courage to believe in your choice of commitment! You’ve got what most people would shy away from, the rebuttals that surely coming for going your way! Be brave young lady and stand tall!

  • Bernie Sanders is the better democratic presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton. Bravo to Rep. Gabbard for making the nomination. It won’t happen, but it was a move that could not be ignored.

    • Disgraceful lying crooked Hillary supporting illegal aliens and criminals. Where are the military families and families of the police killed in the line of duty? Very sad day for the USA. Oh and more on the emails.

      • Mrs. Clinton now contributed to the death of police officers? That makes as much sense as anything else you write, so fine!

        You of course know that when Mr. Trump loses in the historic landslide that’s on his way, that people here will ridicule you, right?

        Enjoy your misplaced confidence as long as it lasts!

        • klas..Will you ever learn to read. “Mrs. Clinton now contributed to the death of police officers?” Where did you see that??? Where are the families of those I mentioned? So where are they?

        • sarge22 – I understand now. You expect everyone to market grief to people like the Republicans did. The problem is that Mr. Trump only has fear and grief to peddle. Mr. Trump, like all demagogues before him, just sells despair and the false idea that he, alone, can save you.

          You can buy that. It’s not a surprise.

        • Oh I see it’s okay for you folks to peddle grief. Your buddies sure were peddling grief today but where were the military families and families of the police killed in the line of duty?

    • Maybe she’ll bring back Janet Reno, one of her awesome picks for hubby Bill. We’ve all forgotten about Waco, right? Alas, no Hubbel or Foster though. RIP. Hey, is Craig Livingstone around? She’ll need some security in the White House, especially to keep the silverware out of her own reach. Best of all, and I’m sure Klastri will endorse this: Hillary can handle all the bimbo eruptions herself. She’s proved herself exceptional at that. Go Hillary!!

  • Nominating HilLIARy “Rotten” Clinton is truly historic, the first candidate that was able to get away with high crimes and misdemeanors and still get nominated for president and thus pulling down American prestige further down. With her every act, she proves how low the corrupt Democrat Party has fallen.

      • Bernie didn’t sell out. Unlike you, he has a fully functioning brain, and he made the logical, strategic decision. In order for the revolution to continue, there needs to be a Democrat in the White House. The Democrats also need to eventually win the House & Senate for a full revolution to happen. Win the Senate, and Bernie could become Senate Majority (but unlikely if he stays officially an Independent caucusing with the Dems). Bernie knows that votes for 3rd party candidates help Trump. Bernie, in order to move his ideas forward, needs Democratic support from the POTUS. A Trump presidency kills all influence Bernie has in Washington. He didn’t sell out. He used his strength to move progressive ideas forward in the party and the country. Your tiny brain just can’t handle it.

        • Yeah like Pence didn’t sell out as well. Mr. Evangelical signs on to fun with a member of the three wives

        • I wonder how his strategy will pan out. Plenty bern supporters talked to said they’d vote trump just to sink the ship sooner rather than later.

      • Well you have 8 years to figure that out. Problem is the Republican Party is a party of egos. Selfish people who only think of themselves and step on those less fortunate to elevate themselves at any cost.

        • Another good reason to vote for Trump. The selfish folks are history and the people are alive and well as Donald moves up in the polls.

    • Not to rain on your parade, but you ought to check the polls, as Hillary is sinking while Donald is rising. Better news is the Bernie fans turning to Johnson, which will propel him into the debates, where he’ll demolish both of them.

      • Every candidate gets a bump in the polls after their respective conventions. It will be interesting to see the polls after the DNC has completed and Hillary gets her bump. Looking forward to seeing the debates and the aftermath.

        • Polls are polls, and while many live for them, they’ve been wrong before. Yet thanks to the latest DNC shenanigans more than enough voters are switching to Johnson, who, once on stage with H and the D, will really begin to snowball support. I’m gaining optimism every time either major party embarrasses themselves, which both seem quite adept at doing.

        • I agree. The convention is not pau. It’s getting better. I hope that Clinton can meet directly with these Bernie supporters and change their minds.

          I’d like to see them attend the rest of the meetings with all the delegates. Bernie can help with this.

      • Johnson has no chance to win, but I don’t discount that he could very well draw enough voters away from the Clinton which would allow Trump to win. God help our nation if that were to happen.

    • Did they cancel the general election?…are the Democrat “Super Delegates” going to pick our next president without even the pretext of voting? I don’t think it’s that far gone…yet.

    • Clinton Cash: “Devastating” Documentary Reveals How Clintons Went From “Dead Broke” To Mega Wealthy

      Clinton Cash, a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book, has been posted to YouTube for all to view free just in time for the DNC. Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.
      The New York Times hailed the book as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle” while MSNBC described the documentary as devastating for the Hillary campaign.

      The Clinton camp has, of course, dismissed the documentary as a right-wing smear campaign filled with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. That said, perhaps the most shocking aspect of the release is that many of the biggest bombshells revealed in the documentary have been vetted and confirmed by various mainstream media outlets. More recently, some information uncovered in the Panama Papers has echoed some of Schweitzer’s allegations in the movie and book.

      • Everybody has dismissed this documentary especially when the author went on TV and admitted that there is no evidence of wrong doing and all he had kept referring to was a Pattern of Behavior”. I guess they didn’t want to talk about Chump’s patter of behavior like filing bankruptcy and stiffing small business men and trading in his wife for a younger version. This is laughable Sarge. Maybe you can bring up the secret service guy who was roundly debunked by other secret service agents who said he could not have possibly seen what he claims to have seen. Yes the right wing conspiracy nuts love losers who keep buying their fables.

  • clinton is an embarrassment to America and if she really cared about America she’d have had the decency not to run. But she only cares about her legacy. The FBI says she was grossly negligent, her own party conspired against her opponent who doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for what was done to him. Obama said she’s say anything to get elected, she didn’t accomplish anything as secretary of state, and is so arrogant that she thinks storing national secrets on a home based email server is better than our government can do, just so she doesn’t have to figure out how to use 2 email accounts.

    She’s spent millions campaigning compared to Trump’s far less and he’s still whipping her. He’s not perfect and I can freely admit that, but he didn’t have to run for president to prove anything. She just wants a place in history, but has nothing to offer the people except a failed track record, incompetency and a willingness to break laws and rules to get ahead.

    The democratic party is a joke, trying to convince voters that an old, rich, privileged white woman can identify with those who would be classified as a minority and still have their best interests in mind when she clearly only cares about herself. Since government won’t do anything about it, we the voters can in November and put an end to her power grab.

        • Nope. I’m in his 1/10th of 1%, so I’ll be fine – at least until he starts a war. Then I’m not so sure.

        • If Trumpy gains any more ground, perhaps you should jump on the Johnson wagon. Otherwise, Costa Rica seems quite nice..

        • Hawaii, come November 9, Klas will post, see I told you to vote for Trump. I was right all along.

        • lespark – No, I choose not to follow your lead and lie about everything.

          I’m voting for Mrs. Clinton and she’s going to win. Trump is done.

  • I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that this lady gets away with so much or that she continues to have a following even though most people believe she’s a liar and a cheat.

  • The Democratic Party is imploding. The Associated Press failed to report the massive walk out of delegates following the roll call to protest the rigged election of Hillary. Bern baby, Bern.

  • The Democratic party has nominated the first women to run for President. The party also nominated someone who thinks she is above the law, addicted to lying; and one who is eligible for some prison time for “treason.’
    Her VP partner has now been discovered to have ties to the muslim brotherhood and nominated, while he was governor, a muslin who had ties with a terrorist organization.
    The good news is Hillary clinton is taking a nose dive in the poll. I hope it continues to fall till election night in November.
    The evil Democratic party which is anti-Christian and anti-Jewish nation. Yet God Almighty calls the Jewish Nation “The apple of His eyes” in the book of Zechariah.
    Did you notice on opening night, the DNC main stage did not have one American flag behind. With the GOP, the background was covered with Old Glory.
    The Republican party had someone or a group say the “Pledge of Allegiane” followed by the National Anthem. The political oorrectness liberal Democratic party would be offensive to Democrats to have someone say the ‘Pledge.’

    • About your flag comment – nothing is a better backdrop to non-stop talk of fear, racism and bigotry than the American flag!

      Too bad that God doesn’t vote. You would think he’d get more than one vote, right? No photo ID?

      Oh well … looks like Mrs. Clinton is going to win.

      • Klastri Iam responding to your flag comment. Go to the military cemetaries, there you will see thousands who have died for our freedom; protected our Americanalues, our free speech even your arrogant flag comment.
        Anyway your commant is spoken like a true liberal Democrat..

        • Typical comment from a failed cry baby lawyer who will take his ball and go cry to Mommy.

        • sarge22 – You have a remarkable mind. Really. You have fabricated your own reality. Go for it!

        • Did mommy give you a kiss and say it’s not your fault so now you can stay home and play with yourself.

    • At least Mrs Clinton will give you another eight years of a Democrat in the White House to whine about.

      You certainly accomplished a lot with the last eight years of whining! Yes sir!

      • Despite its being ignored by the mainstream media, “Crisis of Character” is already a best-seller, driven by interviews and coverage in conservative outlets with the author relating his distressing experiences while serving in the Clinton White House as a U.S. Secret Service officer.

        • That book has been completely debunked by other Secret Service agents. They have explained that the person writing the book was either not present when he said he was (they actually keep records about that type of thing … surprise!) or he had no access to the spaces that he said he was.

          One big liar. But go for it. It won’t do any good of course, but definitely go for it!

        • Excellent reading. I recommend the best seller to all the Bermie supporters. I’m kind of glad they threw him out. Two faced old timer.

        • Hillary’s America, the latest film from the creators of America: Imagine The World Without Her and 2016: Obama’s America takes audiences on a gripping journey into the secret history of the Democratic Party and the contentious rise of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

          In Hillary’s America, New York Times #1 best-selling author and celebrated filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza reveals the sordid truth about Hillary and the secret history of the Democratic Party. This eye-opening film sheds light on the Democrats’ transition from pro-slavery to pro-enslavement; how Hillary Clinton’s political mentor was, literally, a cold-blooded gangster; and how the Clintons and other Democrats see foreign policy not in terms of national interest, but in terms of personal profit.

  • Yes Hillary is the first woman to get the nomination. How proud we all are of that. She’s also the first person to mishandle classified information to get the nomination.

  • to get an idea of how the female felon got the nomination be sure to watch “hillary’s america” by d’nesh desouza.

    still waiting for the female felon to hold a press conference this year. not being able to control the questions from reporters is the main reason for the female felon avoiding press conferences.

    epstein has collected massive intel from his underage sex slaves used on lolita airlines while transporting major donors to the clinton foundation and to sponsors who paid the clinton speech fees.

    epstein is one of the founders of the clinton foundation, and frequent lolital airline host of the female felon’s serial sexual offender husband.

    no, probably won’t be a press conference for another four months for the female felon.

  • Not only is she the first woman candidate to receive the nomination she is also the first presidential candidate to receive the nomination while being actively investigated by the FBI. Touche! Who are they going to have to nominate to break the next milestone? Possibly a transvestite immigrant felon.

  • So far the DNC has been a spectacle of what not to do in a Convention. The line up of speakers represents a cross section of the nation’s most corrupt politicians. Their lies and insults is a social lesson our children should not have been subjected too.
    Tomorrow, as we move forward, there will be more lies and insults. On Thursday the Greatest Liar in the World will take the podium with more lies and insults. Because, at the end of that Day that is all she can do.
    The only bump she’s going to get out the convention is a bump in the road and a few potholes. She’ll be dodging investigations, leaked emails and tell all revelations all the way to 11/8/2016. The return fire will be frequent and incessant. You have not seen anything yet.

  • Bernies a sellout.. how someone could kiss up to these disgraceful liars is unfathomable. Now we have the most corrupt candidate for president ever.

    • Well, opihi, , I hate to say it but appears we have a few outspoken Hilliary supporters in our midst. Maybe it’s time we give them the deep six.

    • Yes. I was very disappointed in Sanders. He chose his party affiliation over his duty to the nation. Finding politicians able to talk the talk is easy, but finding ones who’ll walk their talk is far harder.

  • Going for Gary Johnson! At least he doesn’t have damaged baggages unlike Trump and Clinton! He can easily manage the trip to the White House with a carry on!

  • So happy, happy, happy. Though a little sad that this historic occasion is marred by the lying, corruption and incompetence. People who point this out are such a downer, like the mean old meanie who said, “Hillary has foreign policy experience like Typhoid Mary had nursing experience”.

    • Someone said that Trump wants to lower or dump the minimum wage.

      I’m listening to a press conference with Trump as I type, in which he states that the minimum wage should and must raise.

      Press conference, you know, that’s what Hildabeest avoids like the plague.

  • This is a bitter victory for feminism, given Hillary’s dishonest, crooked past – is that what it takes for a female to become a presidential nominee?

  • “We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet,” said the female felon.

    while there have been more than 30 other women who won their party’s nomination for president of the united states, the female felon’s statement is true.

    she is “the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet,”

  • Clinton did not WIN historic nomination. It was stolen from Bernie Sanders with the help of top DNC officials, the FBI and the Justice Department.

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