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Trump ‘wrestling’ with how — and whether — to deport 11 million people


    Donald Trump greeted the crowd as he arrived to speak at a campaign rally in Fredericksburg, Va., on Saturday.

Aides to Donald Trump suggested today that the Republican presidential nominee may be reconsidering his campaign promise to round up and deport 11 million people who are in the United States illegally.

His new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, was asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” if Trump still wants a “deportation force” to remove everyone in the country illegally.

“To be determined,” she said.

Trump is “wrestling” with how to remove those in the country illegally, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., an adviser to Trump on immigration matters, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

The aides’ comments appeared to be the latest sign that Trump’s newly installed management team may be trying to broaden his appeal to stem his steady fall in the polls with less than three months until Election Day.

Trump has never explained how he intended to find, detain and deport millions of people, many of whom have built businesses and started families in the U.S., or how he would pay for it even if it passed judicial scrutiny.

He has compared his proposal to “Operation Wetback,” a controversial program carried out in 1954 under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. More than 1 million people were apprehended, mostly from border areas in Texas and California, and sent back to Mexico.

Any easing of Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration — which also includes building a wall along the border with Mexico and temporarily banning Muslim immigrants — could alienate some of his most ardent supporters.

After a year of using harsh rhetoric against Latinos, such as calling Mexican migrants rapists and repeatedly attacking a federal judge as unfair because his family was from Mexico, polls show he faces intense opposition among Latinos.

His campaign thus has moved in recent days to soften his edges and to try to shift attention past the turmoil caused by the shake-up of his top management team last week.

In Charlotte, N.C., Trump announced “regret” that some of his heated comments — he didn’t say which — may have caused personal pain. In Fredericksburg, Va., he said the Republican Party must “do better” to reach out to African American voters.

And in New York City Saturday, Trump told his campaign’s newly named Latino advisory council that he wants to find a “humane and efficient” solution to deal with illegal immigration.

He “did not make a firm commitment” to the group on how deportations would work, Sessions said.

Trump is expected to speak about immigration policy Thursday in Colorado. Conway said he will be more specific on his immigration plan “as the weeks unfold.”

“What he supports is to make sure that we enforce the law, that we are respectful of those Americans who are looking for well-paying jobs and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country,” Conway said.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has called for providing a path to legal status for some of the people in the country illegally.

A bipartisan immigration reform bill that would have boosted border security while providing a path for citizenship passed the Senate in 2013 but died in the Republican-led House.


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  • Trying to bring some sanity to a sinking ship is like re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic. It’s over and just about everybody knows it except The Donald and his lunatic fringe hard-core followers. Now if we could only get rid of Republican Fukumoto Chang here in Mililani, we’d really have something.

    • I am for getting illegals out of this country especially from Mexico, round them all up and have them help build the wall and Mexico pays for them to work, then we deport them and they can reapply the legal way back into this country.

      • I say if they have no criminal record and have a job it would be cheaper to just make them citizens. Just think about. It would be impossible and disastrous, plus who is going to do the gardening, house cleaning, masonry, and picking all the harvests of produce on the Mainland. Lazy legal residents don’t want to do any of that. There are many good hard working honest Mexicans. You are drinking the special Trump Koolaid.

        • Every immigrant needs more infrastructure and that is not cheap: The roads cannot be widened and so we have to build insane structures like the rail or second story highways. I estimate that our infrastructure costs more than $100000 additional per immigrant.

        • Every immigrant needs housing and to build it for them we need more immigrants and then more again, Boss.

        • “plus who is going to do the gardening, house cleaning, masonry, and picking all the harvests of produce on the Mainland”

          I think there is something a little racist about the assumption that this is all that illegals, i.e. mostly Mexicans, do for a living.

        • Illegal immigrants suppress wages for those who are here legaly. This disproportionately effects low skilled labor. If you want to help the poor, help the ones here legaly by enforcing our immigration laws.

        • the hard working honest Mexicans are not honest. when they sneaked into this country illegally, I stick to my comment which is legally true.

    • The “sinking ship” is America because of illegal immigration. How to deport the millions of illegals/ Drive them out on the roads and over the Mexican border guarded by guards with efficient “round-up” devices. Give each of them a bag with food and water and $50.

  • Trump did not create this problem. He was not the Founder of ISIS. He did not promise the blacks and Latinos the promised land. That was Obama waving his big ears in the election of 2008. Trump is not saying give me your poor, your weak while Americans are suffering under 8 years of Obama/Clinton. Surely we do not need 65,000 Syrians with no jobs or prospects to come now. America would sink not from global warming but the load on our fragile economy 20 trillion dollar debt.
    Come November the people will have to decide if Crooked Hillary is capable to do something about what she and Obama created. And, why when they had the opportunity actually made it worse. You know she can’t.
    It is time for a new broom, not some witch riding one. I have all the confidence in Trump to do what’s fair and balanced.

        • My mother has dementia and takes certain pills. So I’ve learned to be patient and compassionate with the mentally challenged. If I took her to the polls, she might even vote for the Donald, too! Hahaha….

    • Someone who needs to comment about an opponent’s ears and call another a witch certainly can’t be trusted to determine what is fair and balanced.

    • LesPark, completely agree with your post. And, on the question of the 11 million illegals in the United States, President Trump must just follow the existing laws and begin the process of deportation, beginning with illegals who have broken and taken advantage of United States laws.

  • Reality time. It’s easy to say “Deport all the illegals,” “Lock up all the bad guys,” “Teachers need to teach,” and “Make America Work Again.” Everyone agrees with those sentiments, and people feel like voting for whoever shouts out those slogans. But to actually do something about it is a whole different thing.

    Trump is a salesman/promoter who knows how to stir up a crowd and get conversation going. That’s ALL he knows. As all the smart people in high places have said, Trump has no CEO skills and he lacks the ability to think things out. The reality is, he’s not fit to be our president.

    • “That’s ALL he knows”


      He has built some very complex successful projects, requiring substantial skills and knowledge.
      Things that if they are not done right they do not get finished or they fall down after they are built.

      He also has experience in rescuing government screw ups, like the Wollman rink screw up.

    • Obama’s deported more illegals than any other recent president, maybe we should just continue to carry out his polices? I don’t mind kicking out illegals, but we have to do it sensibly. I read that when they cracked down in Georgia and Washington (state), a lot of fruit rotted in the fields, because illegals held most of those jobs, and no one else could be found to do the work. Here’s where I got the stats on deportation (not sure you can post links in the comments?). If you want to read the article, google “Obama has deported more immigrants than any other president. Now he’s running up the score.” on fusion dot net. It’s from Jan 2016. “Since coming to office in 2009, Obama’s government has deported more than 2.5 million people—up 23% from the George W. Bush years. More shockingly, Obama is now on pace to deport more people than the sum of all 19 presidents who governed the United States from 1892-2000, according to government data.”

  • Governor John Bel Edwards (D)of Louisiana thanked Trump/Pence for their visit and support. Trump also made a $100,000 donation to the Church they visited.
    Hillary said What difference at this point does it matter.

  • Trump gains ground against Clinton, tracking poll finds
    Donald Trump has gained ground against Hillary Clinton, according to the latest findings from the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times national tracking poll of the presidential race.

    The uptick for Trump follows a broad-based decline in early August and suggests a possible narrowing of the race.

    Trump has regained some of ground he lost after the Democratic National Convention in late July, when he repeatedly criticized the Muslim American parents of a dead U.S. Army captain, and appeared to urge Russia to hack Clinton’s email.

    As of Sunday, the tracking poll showed Trump at 45% and Clinton at 43%, within the survey’s margin of error. Those results are far closer than most other polls, which use different methodology and almost uniformly show Clinton ahead by several points.

    The shift follows a shakeup last week at the top of the Trump campaign after weeks of turmoil. Campaign chairman Paul Manafort was ousted after his past work for pro-Kremlin figures in the Ukraine became a political liability.

    Turnout is a key factor in any election, and the poll also asks if Clinton and Trump supporters plan to vote.

    For the first time in three weeks, more Trump supporters said they planned to vote than Clinton supporters by a slight margin, 83%-82%.

    One week ago, on August 14, 78% of Trump supporters planned to vote compared with 83% of Clinton supporters.

    Separately, the poll also asks voters which candidate they think will win. That question has often shown greater ability to predict election outcomes than asking people who they will vote for, particularly when the election remains months away.

    Clinton continues to lead voter expectations by a large margin, 54%-40%.

    After the Republican National Convention last month, Trump had briefly narrowed the gap on that question, but Clinton rebounded sharply in mid-August and has held that lead.

    Some analysts have suggested that the way the USC/L.A. Times Daybreak poll is weighted has shifted the results a few points in Trump’s favor.

    Every poll weights results to make sure the survey sample matches known demographic facts. They thus are weighted to reflect accurate percentages of men and women or older and younger voters.

    Each poll does that process differently, and until the votes are counted, there’s no way to know for sure which method was right.

    The Daybreak tracking poll uses a different methodology than most election surveys.

    Instead of randomly contacting a different set of people for each survey, it uses a panel of roughly 3,200 eligible voters, selected to be representative of the U.S. electorate. Those people are resurveyed continuously, roughly 300-400 per day.

    As a result, shifts in the candidates’ standings reflect actual people changing their minds as opposed to variations in who responds from one survey to the next.

    Using a 0-100 scale, the poll asks voters to estimate the chance that they will vote for Clinton, Trump or another candidate.

    Each week, the poll has found that about three-quarters of the voters don’t significantly shift their preferences.

  • one way to start is by deporting illegal aliens already convicted for felonies or violent offenses whose sentences are about to expire. rather than releasing them, they should be deported to their nation of record. expenses for their deportation can be charged off to the illegal aliens or by reducing foreign aid to their nations of record.

    next, deport illegal aliens, at the time of convictions for felonies or violent offenses, to their nations of record to serve out their sentences. no reduction of foreign aid to those nations who agree to repatriate their convicts and incarcerate them; reductions in foreign aid to their nations of record if the illegal aliens serve their sentences in the u.s. prison system.

    • St1d, and the Republican control Congress must pass “Kate’s” law and amend the existing legislation by stating that any convicted felon who has been deported and is apprehended in the United States will be confined at Guantanamo, Cuba as illegal alien felons against the United States.

  • Well, this is not a surprise. His poll numbers are uniformly terrible, and his handlers are taking charge of the campaign. Mr. Trump now reads one flip flop after another from the TelePrompTers that he earlier whined about.

    He’s a psychotic. The sewage stain he created lifted his racist, imbecile supporters out of their fetid lives to cheer for a loser. Good riddance to him.

    • Klastri, on what did Trump flip-flop? His new campaign manager was asked if Trump still wants a “deportation force” to remove illegals from the country to which she replied “To be determined.” That in no way says Trump has changed his position on deporting illegal aliens. What remains “to be determined” are the methods for doing so. A deportation force is just one of many methods.

  • Illegal immigrants do the work that no legal resident wants to do. I imagine there are few farmers TRULY seeking to have their cheap labor deported. Also, the cost of groceries will skyrocket if all illegal laborers are deported, and legal workers have to be paid at least minimum wage to tend fields.
    I’ve witnessed no other race of people with the work ethic of Mexicans. On the mainland, drive by a Home Depot in the morning, and witness which workers are scooped up first. You’ll see for yourself the first chosen, and there’s a good reason why, simply witness any job site.
    There’s no way Mexico will pay for, or assist to pay for, a wall on the border. Trump is whack in thinking they will.
    The cost to deport millions of illegal immigrants back to Mexico is ridiculous, in both monetary and labor loss.
    He’s realizing his error about the wall and scope of deporting all the illegal population, though he won’t admit it because of his huge ego. The man speaks before he thinks, I hope, because if he actually thinks up the things he says before he says them, then he really is mentally deficient.
    Trump is definitely NOT worthy of representing the U.S. as President, or any political office.

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