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Clinton aide Abedin dumps husband Weiner over new scandal


    Huma Abedin, alongside her husband, then-New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, spoke during a July 2013 news conference in New York.


    Huma Abedin, aide to democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, attended a rally in Staten Island, New York on April 17. Abedin said today that she is separating from her husband, Anthony Weiner, after the former congressman was accused in yet another sexting scandal.

NEW YORK » Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is done playing the good wife to Anthony Weiner, announcing today she is leaving the serially sexting ex-congressman after he was accused of sending raunchy photos and messages to yet another woman.

Abedin, who as vice chair of Clinton’s campaign is destined for big things if the Democrat is elected president, stayed with Weiner after a sexting scandal led him to resign from Congress in 2011 and after a new outbreak of online misbehavior wrecked his bid for New York mayor in 2013. She didn’t leave even when a recent documentary blew up tense moments in their marriage to big-screen proportions.

But today, she effectively declared she had had enough.

“After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband,” she said in a statement issued by the campaign. “Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life.”

The New York Post published photos late Sunday that it said Weiner had sent last year to a woman identified only as a “40-something divorcee” who lives in the West and supports Republican Donald Trump. The photos included two close-ups of Weiner’s bulging underpants.

In one of the pictures, Weiner is lying on a bed with his toddler son while texting the woman, according to the Post. The tabloid also ran sexually suggestive messages that it said the two exchanged.

Weiner told the Post that he and the woman “have been friends for some time.”

“She has asked me not to comment except to say that our conversations were private, often included pictures of her nieces and nephews and my son and were always appropriate,” the 51-year-old Democrat told the newspaper.

Weiner didn’t return a call, text or email from The Associated Press. He deleted his Twitter account today.

The Post didn’t say how it obtained the photographs and messages.

Abedin, 40, is a longtime Clinton aide and confidante who is often referred to as the candidate’s second daughter.

Trump immediately seized on the aide’s marital split to accuse Clinton of “bad judgment.” He suggested that Weiner might have compromised national security, but offered no evidence to support the allegation.

“I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information,” Trump said in a statement. “Who knows what he learned and who he told?”

Abedin has been under scrutiny during the probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. Federal prosecutors declined to file charges in the investigation, but FBI Director James Comey said Clinton and her aides had been “extremely careless” in their handling of classified information.

Abedin began working for the former first lady as a White House intern and became a trusted aide as Clinton won a seat in the Senate representing New York in 2000, ran for president in 2008 and served as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state. Former President Bill Clinton officiated when Abedin and Weiner married in 2010.

The marriage would provide years of fodder for political commentators, armchair psychologists and spouses all over America who wondered: How could she stay with him?

Abedin was pregnant with the couple’s son, Jordan, when a photo of a man’s bulging underpants appeared on Weiner’s Twitter account in 2011. After initially claiming his account was hacked, Weiner acknowledged inappropriate online communication with several women.

Two years later, Abedin was all in for her husband’s mayoral bid, raising money, appearing on the campaign trail and participating in interviews in which the couple talked about rebuilding their trust and marriage. Then a new series of sexually explicit pictures and messages emerged, and Weiner was forced to acknowledge he kept sexting after he had resigned from Congress.

Still, Abedin said, “I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him, and … we are moving forward.”

Voters weren’t ready to forgive, however. Weiner lost the Democratic primary.

Weiner has since remained in the public eye, commenting on politics on cable news shows. “Weiner,” the documentary offering a cringe-inducing inside view of his mayoral campaign and its unraveling, played in theaters earlier this year and is set to air on Showtime this fall.

He recently refused to answer when asked whether he was still sexting, telling The New York Times Magazine in an interview published Aug. 16: “I’m not going to go down the path of talking about any of that.”

Some psychology experts, while cautioning they haven’t treated him, suggested his behavior smacks of extreme impulsiveness, compulsion or addiction.

“Impulsivity is something that a lot of people really struggle with,” said Jeannette Stern, a New York therapist. While there are various approaches people can try to change such behavior, she noted, “they have to really be willing to stop.”

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      • Mistake #1 in life, getting married. There is absolutely nothing for a man to gain from marriage…nothing! Well, maybe guys that are broke working minimum wage jobs or ex-prisoners.

        • Dragoninwater, you are right. The best advice to give people contemplating marriage is to stay single and raise their kids the same way.

        • Then don’t! Who would want you with your attitude?? No woman with any self esteem that’s for sure!

        • aomohoa, don’t get all emotional and upset, nothing personal, just advice for all those poor saps that get taken to the cleaners.

          I get gold diggers half my age chasing me all the time. Again, I have nothing to gain from marriage unless my girlfriends’ have equal wealth and assets. As a general guideline, most men have nothing to gain either. Only thing useful marriage is for is to transfer assets and wealth to the other spouse all 100% tax free. There no other reason to marry, not even to have children. Love has nothing to do with marriage, since marriage is nothing but a legal contract to tie funds and assets into joint ownership, nothing more than a business transaction and it should be abolished since it’s used in Hollywood almost everyday by the wealthy and for movie stars to transfer assets from one party to the next all 100% tax free.

    • We can guess that she’s not listening to Hillary’s “Stand by your man” advice. Bill Clinton have had his share of head jobs from interrns and other women and Hillary stood by him even after he went on TV to proclaim that he “did not have sex with that woman.” So much for someone who claims to be a feminist–when her husband stood up all over her, she stood by him instead of standing up for herself.

      • The difference was that Bill, despite his behavior like Wiener, became Pres of the United States. If Bill’s political career washed up early after becoming Governor of Arkansas and failed to become President, Hillary would have split her marriage with Bill long ago. Watch the stand up routine of Chris Rock about Hillary and Bill Clinton. What he said was incredibly funny but appears to have truth that if Hillary cannot scratch and satisfy all the itches of a hornay Bill, he will look elsewhere.

  • Marriage should be considered a union between two people vows to respect and keep holy their lives together. When the sanctity of marriage is absent the likelihood of failures are bound to happen. Sincere sympathy for all concerns.

  • About time Huma! You GO Girl!
    Sexual addiction can be cured ,in regards to Anthony Weiner’s case.
    And Yes! That goes for Bill Clinton too! Both suffered from similar sexual problems. Unlike Mr. Weiners, sextexts, picture taking escapades, Bill’s insatiable sexual appetite was actual engagement with unsuspecting White House Interns and women in general!
    Counseling,drugs and therapy can help in dealing with this problem. ONLY if you are able to recognize the problem & the will to help yourself!

    Always liked Huma Abedin,felt sorry for her during the first Weiner Scandal.Only time will…..Heal.

    • Weiner, Bill Clinton, Trump. All with some sexual issues, nobody disagrees on that. We can have fun talking about what weirdos they are, but let’s keep politics out of it. Weiner’s a threat to himself and his family, NOT to national security.

    • No it can’t be treated and there is NO healing after the revelaition of such episodes! There is always resentment and no moving on! People go from one person to another to another. Male and female! When the excitement dies with one, there is another prey for the predator, man or woman! The only drugs available in Honolulu are ven more sexually aggravating oriental drugs that Chinese women use effectively, numbing the brains of thinking men! Tongat ali! Ginseng, damiana! Having been at the receiving end, I know about this! And what’s her name is soon going to reap what she sowed.! It is all about the money and who can be blackmailed into leeching the most money!

  • Shame the article didn’t go into how these pictures and text was obtained. Obviously someone had broke into Weiner’s email account? This should be a bigger concern than his adolescent behavior. The next account that might be hacked might be yours.

  • It’s interesting that the Trump supporters here criticize Mr. Weiner, but not Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump os on his third wife, largely because – rather than texting – he was having actual sex with a long list of strangers who were not his wife at the time. And bragging about it publicly.

    • To be fair we must mention Bubba’s escapades.
      Consensual affairs; Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Myra Belle “Sally” Miller,
      Allegations of unwanted s_xual encounters; Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley.
      Update: Must include a reference to Clinton’s post-presidential travels on aircraft owned by convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. Gawker reported that flight logs show that Clinton, among others, traveled through Africa in 2002 on a jet with “an actress in softcore p0rn movies whose name appears in Epstein’s address book under an entry for ‘massages.’” Chauntae Davies, the actress, declined to discuss why she was on the flight. Clinton has not commented.

    • At least he’s open about it. As for Bill Clinton he went on national TV and lied about his tryst with the intern who wore the blue dress with his DNA. I am sure Hillary has learned a lot from Bill on how and what to say so people can take your side, both are trained lawyers and what do all lawyers do? They will defend their client or cause no matter how guilty their client or &stupid their cause is so as to get some sympathy. The sad thing about that is this country is full of Grubber subjects who will eat every words the Clintons say.

  • Sad for the son who has to bear the burden of scandalous acts of his Dad if you could call him that. Of course his Mother has to bear the negative publicity generated by her spouse, if you could call him that? Karma or Kismet that their roads should cross and part?

    • Sons at whatever age are completely broken men after such revelations! Especially when they are older! They feel very betrayed by their role model! It is VERY selfish of the men who do. These dirty things!! And betray their families. Sometimes they are egged on by their birth families who may not like their choice of wife or husband and are racist if the spouse is not of their culture/race! These people are creating heavy karma for themselves! So are the colleagues who are enablers!

  • Not one single thought about his wife and son, while he indulged his sick urges AGAIN. They suffer the embarrassment they didn’t deserve. That’s really pathetic.

  • Huma, you have waited too long. Get this guy out of your life and protect you child at all cost. Nothing more important than ones children. Dump this moron.

  • I don’t care about the sex life of either Wiener or Huma Abedin. However, I do care very much that Hillary Clinton’s chief policy advisor and go-to-girl has a mother still living in Iran and maintains contact with Iranian radical groups. Do we really want an Iranian mole inside the White House and shaping our Middle East policy?

    • Exactly what “Iranian radical groups” is Ms. Abedin communicating with? The correct answer is she isn’t doing that, but the right wing nut case fringe is throwing anything in reach against Mrs. Clinton to see if something can damage her. All lies.

      “I love the poorly educated!” Go Trump!

      • When (Huma) Abedin was two years old, the family moved to Jidda, Saudi Arabia, where, with the backing of Abdullah Omar Nasseef, then the president of King Abdulaziz University, her father founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a think tank, and became the first editor of its Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, which stated its mission as “shedding light” on minority Muslim communities around the world in the hope of “securing the legitimate rights of these communities.”

        It turns out the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is an Abedin family business. Huma was an assistant editor there between 1996 and 2008. Her brother, Hassan, 45, is a book-review editor at the Journal and was a fellow at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, where Nasseef is chairman of the board of trustees. Huma’s sister, Heba, 26, is an assistant editor at the Journal.

      • Klastri, Ken Conklin’s comment is written in plain English and says Ms. Abedin’s mother still lives in Iran and has contact with Iranian radical groups. Do you get that? It is Mrs. Abedin and not Ms. Huma Abedin. What were you saying about poorly educated?

  • I found it amusing that The New York Post found it necessary to report that the “40-something divorcee” who lives “out West” is a supporter of Donald Trump. How does the Post know that and what does it add to the story? The Post should have reported that the real perp, DEMOCRAT Anthony Weiner, is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

    • How, exactly, is this different from Mr. Trump, who is on his third wife – largely because of serial adultery? He would often brag about the long list of sexual partners he had who were not his wife at the time.

      • Klastri, the point I was making is that it should not matter which political candidate the woman supports. My comment about who Weiner supports is to show the hypocrisy of media reporting. Surely someone with your intelligence should understand that.

        • Intelligence from Klastri!? LMAO. Ronin006 you made my day as I almost spilled my noon drink laughing! Just wait till she comes out of the woodwork and calls you and everyone else an imbecile the minute she disagrees with your comment.

  • It is a very serious addiction. Once a man has been turned on to it, there is no stopping it. I know! I’m a casualty of it. Usually it is the owman who entices the man into it, with what eems like innocnt friendly banter, like” Can people see if I’m wearing underwear or not?” Or, “I’ll come and bendover and show you how to use your computer!” And then the man can’t think about anything else. It goes on in meeting, around sick wives etc. Once the woman has enough evidence, it becomes a way to go after the man, his wife, etc. etc. But once they’ve got their prey, it doesn’t go away! When men have long gaps of time and even with raging sexual marriages, the ment will turn to other sources. The phone sex people have long known how profitable such a biz. Is! You will watch it play out in Honolul Higher ed, very soon! Just watch who will get her just rewards very soon!

  • What a goof. Guess he felt left out with Huma running all over the place with her boss. Still I think he’s getting the short end of the stick – no pun intended – after all, Bill Clinton engaged in similar behavior (not as creepy but certainly violent) and it enhanced his status with democrats everywhere.

  • He chooses to embarrass his wife, include his son in some of his sicko pictures, and is stupid enough to continue texting when he got caught in the past doing the same thing. Let’s get this straight – he is NOT a man. No man would do this to his wife and family. He is not person with an illness or a problem, this is who he is, this is how he chooses to live. He has no excuses. He is a dirt bag pervert, nothing more.

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