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UH football team falls to Michigan 63-3


    Hawaii Warriors quarterback Ikaika Woolsey (11) throws the ball vs the Michigan Wolverines in their game in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the first half.


    Hawaii Warriors quarterback Ikaika Woolsey (11) throws the ball vs the Michigan Wolverines in their game in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the first half.

It was as bad as the Las Vegas oddsmakers predicted it would be. Even 40 points weren’t enough as No. 7-ranked Michigan manhandled the University of Hawaii 63-3 in today’s nonconference football game played before a sellout crowd at The Big House in Ann Arbor, Mich.

It was Hawaii’s second loss of 2016 in as many attempts and Michigan’s first win in its season-opening game. The Rainbow Warriors return to Hawaii for their home opener with Tennessee-Martin next Saturday.

Michigan looked like a national title contender with a team filled with future NFL stars. Starting Wolverines quarterback Wilton Speight overcame an interception on his first play of the game to complete 10 of 13 for 145 yards and three touchdowns. Tailback Chris Evans rushed for 112 yards and two scores on eight carries as Michigan scored on seven consecutive drives and never punted the football. The Wolverines managed 512 yards of total offense while limiting Hawaii to 232.

Ikaika Woolsey played the first half at quarterback for Hawaii and sophomore Dru Brown the second, but neither was particularly effective with each throwing a pick-six. Woolsey hit seven of 13 for 88 yards. Brown countered with a 5-for-10 performance for 63 yards. He also had five carries for 49 yards.

It took awhile for Michigan to get started, but once the Wolverines got untracked, they scored early and often.

Their first scoring drive of the game was a long one against an overmatched Hawaii defense. Twice along the way the Wolverines converted critical third-down plays on the 11-play, 98-yard drive that culminated with a 12-yard touchdown pass from Speight to wideout Perry Grant. Kenny Allen added the extra point to make it 7-0 Michigan with 7:29 left in the first quarter.

After forcing Hawaii to punt for a third time, Michigan began another long drive that resulted in more points for the Wolverines offense. Speight began to find the range and the O-line began to control the line of scrimmage as the run game took over.

Twice on third down, the Wolverines converted, including a 19-yard touchdown pass from Speight to All-American tight end Jake Butt as Allen added the PAT to give Michigan a 14-0 advantage with 1:25 left in the opening period. It ended an 11-play, 68-yard drive.

It was more of the same in the second quarter as Michigan managed another touchdown on a nice mix of run and pass. The six-play, 48-yard drive ended on a 5-yard scoring pass from Speight to wideout Amara Darboh as Allen made the PAT to give the Wolverines a commanding 21-0 lead with 11:21 remaining in the second.

At that point, Speight hit eight of his first 10 passes, including seven in a row, for 116 yards and three touchdowns. Hawaii’s first four drives produced minus 16 yards against a stout Michigan defense that decided to get into the scoring mix on UH’s fifth series of the game.

It ended on a pick-six by Michigan defensive back Delano Hill. He returned Woolsey’s errant pass for 27 yards and a touchdown as Allen added the PAT to make it 28-0 with 10:36 left in the period. Woolsey was only 1-for-5 for 4 yards at this point in the game.

Hawaii fell a yard shy of picking up a first down on the ensuing series and decided to punt. It didn’t take long for the Wolverines to score again as Evans went in from 18 yards out to culminate a seven-play, 66-yard drive. Allen added the PAT to make it 35-0 Michigan with 6:07 left in the first half.

Hawaii finally got something going on a pair of nice pass plays from Woolsey to wideout Marcus Kemp. The first was a 28-yard completion on a first-and-25 play and then another 12-yard grab by Kemp to set up a first-and-10 at the Michigan 32.

Woolsey then found Dylan Collie for 18 yards, but the second 15-yard penalty of the drive against UH forced the Warriors back to the Michigan 30.

Two plays later, Hawaii had a first-and-goal at the Michigan 3, but a bad snap made it second-and-goal from the 7. A sack of Woolsey resulted in a third-down attempt from the 17 with 19 seconds left in the half.

Michigan was called for a penalty to give UH a first down at the Wolverines 8. Two plays later, Woolsey was called for intentional grounding and the half ran out denying Rigo Sanchez a 26-yard field-goal attempt.

Michigan wasted little time extending its five touchdown advantage, needing only three plays to go 68 yards for the score on the opening drive of the second half. The final play was a 43-yard scoring run by Evans, his second touchdown of the game. Ryan Tice added the PAT to make it 42-0 Michigan at the 13:44 mark of the period.

Hawaii made a quarterback change on its opening drive of the half. Brown came in for Woolsey. His first attempt was picked off, but a roughing-the-passer penalty nullified the play, giving the Warriors new life.

Three plays later, Brown threw a pick-six as defensive back Channing Stribling returned the errant throw 51 yards for the score as Allen made the PAT to give the Wolverines a 49-0 advantage with 10:51 left in the quarter.

Hawaii put together a nice drive that ended in futility at the Michigan 27. A fourth-and-1 dive play was snuffed out by the Wolverines, giving the offense another shot at it. Some 10 plays later, the Wolverines scored again, this time on a 4-yard run by Khalid Hill as Tice hit the PAT to make it 56-0 with 18 seconds left in the quarter.

Sanchez gave Hawaii its first points of the game on a career-long 55-yard field goal to cut Michigan’s margin to 56-3 with 12:30 left. Brown put together a couple of nice drives in the second half and the Warriors were finally able to convert that into some points.

Michigan rounded out its scoring on a 5-yard run by Karan Higdon as Tice added the PAT to make it 63-3 with 7:15 left in the game.

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    • Have faith my friend, you’re not a “true fan” if you don’t believe and live in lalaland as those “true believers”. Woolsey lookin good, standing tall in the pocket and rifling passes accurately to his targets…ooops, his targets are wearing different color uniforms.

      • WoW, is Ikaika still the qb in the 3rd quarter? You know what, there will be games when he shines. Just gotta be patient and all. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

        • you know what, it’s a new offense. Ikaika just needs more time and reps. Just be patient and wait and see

        • Rolo needs the team to have reps. playing together. He needs to get the players used to “his” game. The qb is a skilled position so Rolo may feel Ikaika may be the best man to run the team how he wants it. It’s getting the team for the future. Patience people. Rolo is not June Jones

    • Warriors look bad against the Michigan 4th stringers. Season over as far as being taken seriously by anyone. Warriors should win some in their bottom of the barrel conference.

    • Michigan put the 3 and 4 strings in to keep the score down. But the game does have the value of showing Rolo and the world about the real quality of the team.

    • Playing a national chaion contender on their turf was not a good idea. Hawaii made some $$$$ for the beating but the players can’t feel all that confident after a loss like that.

      • UH was made the sacrificial lamb served up for slaughter for they almighty buck. Yes, traveling to Australia and Michigan, getting dooshed and sending players home early for disciplinary problem really helped with recruiting and morale. If things keep going the way they are going, the coach’s new name will be Von Rolo. Better break out the UH kool aid left over from the Chow era.

  • High school vs college. That’s what this game is. Everyone knows UH is going to get kicked around but they will get a good check. ( That’s all that matters)

    • We needed a new QB from day 1, no matter if he can throw or not. Even a blind bat is a better option than Woolsey. UH just wasted two games with a pathetic QB from the past and not grooming a QB for the future.

      • You are exactly right. They should have used one of the younger QB’s as they will be here another year or two but Woolsley, who seems like he’s been here for the past decade, is just a waste no matter what he does from here on in….All this talk about the offensive line is a bunch of crap, also….I said it before last week’s game with California that Cal is a bottom tier team in the Pac 12 with Wash. St. and Oregon State and that the offensive line hasn’t proved anything…….i mean, Cal poured on 51 pts. on Hawaii and Cal is a bottom tier team…..I’m watching the Okla. v. Houston game and either team could score 70 or more pts. on the hapless Rainbows….JUST PATHETIC and EMBARRASSING!! Of course, now people will be criticizing me for being negative etc…but what the heck…..a picture is worth a thousand words……

        • Hey, you’re in good company now. It was lonely for me for over two years as I called for NC to be fired and Woolsey to be replaced. UH needs to exorcize the demons of the “righteous” regime and for Rolo to instill the “right” football philosophy and get some decent recruits regardless of ones ethnicity, religion, or long hair.

        • the key word here is “patience”. I have faith in Rolo, Ikaika will have his day. Juat wait and see

        • you are right. But remember, Warriors are in the bottom of the barrel conference and will win some “games.” It is all a waste of money though and meaningless.

        • Ikaika has the most experience and I feel Rolo knows Ikaika knows how Rolo wants the game to be played. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience people, there’s too many people here who’s spoiled wanting instance success. Patience my friend.

      • What are you talking about? What has Rolo done to show he doesn’t have class? How did Chow show that he had the football smarts? I don’t care if someone has a PH-D. It doesn’t make them any better or smarter than anyone else. Having any kind of degree doesn’t make a person better or smarter than anyone else. All a degree does is show that you can matriculate through courses and write papers. Many smart people out there are a lot smarter than people with degrees.

      • You’re so irritating. Nothing comes from you is ever positive. You’re always putting down UH Athletics. Ok UH has had a tough go for the first two games but this is expected from you quarterback coaches that think you know better.

  • Not saying it was a bad call to end the half but I have never seen a penalty initiated from the booth for intentionally grounding. With that said, if the teams were reversed, and Michigan was in the same position, would that same penalty have been phoned in from the upstairs booth? Probably not.

    • I thought since Harbaugh ran the pistol at SF, it was not a good idea to run on them since he knew how it worked. Smith also comes from a running offense background. Going more to the Run n Shoot earlier might have been better. Live and learn.

  • Ha! When the game started, my next door neighbor and all his buddies were gathered around the the big screen whooping and hollering. It’s been stoney silent ever since. I just found out why. 56 to 0 3rd quarter.

  • There was no doubt Michigan was gonna win but not as dominantly.

    If Chow was still the coach… “fans” would be blaming him and saying he has to go.
    The success of a football teams is 90% dependent on the caliber of the players.
    The coach, any coach, accounts for 10% of a team’s success or failure.

    • Considering that about 90% of the players are leftovers from Chow’s tenure, you just confirmed my point about the cupboard needing to be cleared of marginal players and returning missionaries Chow stocked up on.

  • JJ’s first game against a nationally ranked opponent in 1999 was 67-7 loss to USC. And USC was ONLY a #21 ranked team, too. Hawaii was dominated on both sides of the ball. JJ took away a lot of positives from the game and turned the season in to a 9-4 record and a bowl win. Not saying that Rolo is JJ, but put it all into perspective.

    I wonder if the downers on this board have their expectations founded in reality? DO the downers and naysayers expect Hawaii to be a top 25, nationally ranked team who appears in the national polls every week without exception, and every single year? Or are you a realist and know that Hawaii is in a mid-major conference and does not have the academic let alone the athletic foundation to even be considered to join a Power 5 conference. We should be fortunate that people want to come here to coach or play. We are fortunate that more coaches didn’t leave after a year or two to be poached by bigger named schools.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    • Hawaii is competitive in almost all other sports at their level. Hawaii was highly competitive in football at our level until the “righteous” one rolled through. That’s all most of us want – a competitive, entertaining product with some semblance of chance against major schools every once in a while, like was the case for most of UH football history. Coaches want to come here because we pay well for a mid-major school (except in basketball and football that were ruined by two from Utah). Realistically, there is no reason why UH cannot be a top tier school in the conference they compete in (except for hiring Mormon coaches).

  • So, what’s the point? UH football and these games exist to support lesser sports? With the changing college rules and landscape UH will just keep falling further behind. The playing field is much less level than ten years ago, and it keeps getting worse. There needs to be a serious and honest assessment of thepurpose of UH athletics. We will never be competitive in D-1 football. Maybe we should just focus on a few select sports, men and women volleyball and basketball, baseball and softball. Either way, continuing down the same path is insanity.

  • End it already! Every time new coach, same excuse, first year, second year, rebuilding year, didn’t recruit this player, that player…c’mon, when will the excuses end! They cannot compete Div 1 football, not even in their own conference, which is pretty much the bottom of the barrel!
    Kids are better off going to a mainland college and getting an opportunity! How many transfers from UH to a Div 1 college? Many second, third string, JC transfers go to Hawaii because they don’t get a second look anywhere! And they want to play football! Goal after college, play arena football or overseas a few years to finally realize, that’s all it was. C’mon, reality, wake up, better things to do with the UH program and funds.
    Have faith!? Let’s have faith in the education programs in the UH system, sports, no!
    How much money has UH had to pay off coaches/staff/administartors in the past years because of sports?

  • Shame on whoever arranged to the Warriors playing a top-tier team like Michigan! People should recall how Rolo described the mood of his team when he first met them: down in the dumps; beat up, etc. Today’s game will only reinforce that mood. I hurt for these kids. People should admit that UHM football is not up to competing with the big boys and schedule some games against smaller schools.

  • The boys played with a lot of heart today, particularly the defense. I thought in the past and still think that Woolsey is not a D-1 QB, but he played the best he could. The game plan on the other hand was steeped in mythology. Why Brian Smith and Rolovitch thought they could run all game on the interior of Michigan’s defense ….well lets just say this was not founded on reality.
    Dru Brown is the QB of the future, you could see this while watching his tape when he played for San Mateo collge….the guys got game and pizaz. In my view we should have seen him in the second half of the Calif. game…..
    Had they opened up their game with less run and more shoot with Brown at the helm today, one can only speculate.

  • I still can’t understand why Brian Smith, a former center, is the offensive coordinator. I think he should have been coaching the Hawaii center in todays game.

  • (I still can’t understand why UH still charges all of us students $50 per semester to support this crap. I wouldn’t mind supporting swimming, water polo, track and field, but not this junk. give me back my money.)

  • It was sad but I still saw some positives. You could tell some players would just not give up despite the lopsided score. Playing in an arena with the stands full of yellow jerseys would intimidate anyone along with the long flights they had to take this past week. Instead of tearing these guys down lets support them and their new coach

      • Well said! Give the new coaches and these STUDENT-players a chance. Who would have looked good out there against #7-ranked Michigan, with all of the optimism they have felt with Coach Jim Harbaugh since last year? There were certainly some bright spots and things to make us optimistic about future years and even this season as UH fought until the end. Rigo Sanchez is a great kicker. Ikaika Woolsey did some good things with what he had, as the TV commentators even said; you can’t put the entire first half on his shoulders alone. Dru Brown is young, but seems talented and could anchor very good teams for even 2017 and 2018. It was easy to love them during the Colt Brennan years, but these young men and their coaches did the best they could, and it’s just lousy to dump on them now.

  • I guess the good thing to take from this massacre is that after their return, the players will be a lot more humble about their “awesomeness” (esp the local boys that might have played in dominant local programs) in this one show town, work a lot harder, build up their character, and understand this is a transition season.

  • Lived in many states in the Mainland and watch a lot of Collage football. Lets face it Michigan is one of the Top Dogs in Division 1. For the life of me I do not understand what the University of Hawaii is doing in the Division 1 football league. They cannot compete at that level.

    • Yes Michigan is a top school and a solid football team, but that does not justify that UH should not be a division one football team. They have been a D1 member since 1974. Their last winning season they went 10-4 under Greg Mc Mackin in 2010 and haven’t had a winning season since. Just need the right people in the program to bring it back to its winning days.

    • At one point in time. not too long ago, UH football under June Jones was on an upward trajectoy of winning thei conference championship and played in the Sugar Bowl. Yes, UH lost bad in the Sugarbowl, but still UH had a pretty good team with a strong recruiting pipeline who wanted to play for JJ and UH Then a spat with arrogant, incompetent athletic director Herman Frasier sent JJ packing to coach at SMU and UH football has been in delcine to the point of hitting rock bottom under Chow. Although Rolo has heart, unfortunately I don’t think Rolo has the experience, capability, creds and ‘juice’ to bring UH football back to repectability and healthy profit margins. Posters complain that players are all Chow recruits, however the last recruiting class was Rolo’s. Sorry but Rolo just does not have that juice to get enough blue chip players to play for him and UH. Rolo even had serious problems recruiting assistant coaches to help him. So at one point UH deserved to be in Div 1A and the financial and orher rewards of being on top of that heap. Now UH has sunk so low and time is about run out that UH will be a perputual cellar dwelling loser that like you point out should just get out of div 1A and think about just shutting down the football program and just about every other UH sport except volleyball and basketball.

  • Michigan just wanted to spank UH really bad. And they were successful. Will this ever end for the UH football program. Talk about running up the score, yikes!!!

  • Dru Brown showed some good skills — passing, scrambling, leadership. Woolsey had a nice drive going when we switched to the spread. What killed us was mistakes, mental lapses, avoidable penalties at critical times. Eliminate these, and we could have been more competitive. The switch to the spread showed flexibility and promise. There were some bright spots. Sanchez’s kicking was phenomenal. The receivers were pretty good. Kemp was excellent! Collie, too, was excellent. Ursua looked good. The D 2ndary showed some bright spots. Some are asking, Why schedule teams like Michigan? If they can’t answer this themselves, then they’re not sportsmen. Some are saying we’ve never been successful against the top-tier teams. This is BS. Of course we have. Coach Rolo warned us and the players about the adversity that is sure to come in this rebuilding year. We’ve faced the toughest challenges in our first 2 games. We can all do the math. The coaches and players will learn and grow from this adversity, and they will be stronger down the road. Imua na Koa!

  • Thank you AD Matlin for putting the first year UH football coaches in the shredding machine so you can make your budget and give a raise to your Buddy Basketball Coach. You give him 2 cupcake seasons but put the Football Coach through the grinder.

    • Don’t agree. The more yards gained and time used up by the offense, the less time the opposing team will have for their offense to put points on the board. Also the less time the offense is on the field means the teams defense will wear down faster and that also will increase the opponent points total.

  • Another instance when the “Comments” are more meaningful & realistic than the main article. Just don’t want to see anymore SA articles citing how great an individual player is. They are all mediocre.

  • Tough game to watch for anyone with high expectations. I was surprised that considering Michigan was ‘teeing off” on the QB almost every down, UH didn’t run a screen pass, draw, shovel pass, reverse, etc. Why not? Here’s an idea. Bring in Colt Brennan, give him some fake tattoos to match Ikaika’s arms, and with Colt’s dark sun visor, nobody will even know it’s him. I’ll bet he could pick apart the defense. One other thing, jj could secretly call in the plays. Please UH, make football fun to watch again. More eople will show up, and, you’ll likely win more games.

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