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Trump says cause of white-black tension is ‘lack of spirit’


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the Shale Insight Conference today in Pittsburgh.

WASHINGTON » Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today diagnosed “a lack of spirit” and “unity” as the cause of increasing tension between black and white Americans.

“It just seems that there’s a lack of spirit between the white and the black,” Trump said in a phone interview on Fox News. “What’s going on between police and others is getting worse.

“There has to be a unity message somehow that has to get out and it starts with leadership,” Trump said.

Trump was responding to protests and violence in North Carolina, where the governor declared a state of emergency Wednesday after police in Charlotte shot and killed a black man named Keith Lamont Scott.

Echoing a spokesman’s statement Wednesday night, Trump on Thursday said he was “was really referring to Chicago” when he called Wednesday for wider use of the policing tactic known as stop-and-frisk.

“New York City was incredible, the way that worked, so I think that could be one step you could do,” Trump said about stop-and-frisk Wednesday in Ohio at a taping of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, according to a network transcript.

Asked Thursday to describe the tactic to Fox News viewers, Trump said it allowed police to stop people they suspect of having guns and take them away.

Police are “proactive, and if they see a person possibly with a gun or they think may have a gun, they will see the person and they’ll look and they’ll take the gun away,” Trump said. “The local police, they know who has a gun who shouldn’t be having a gun.”

Trump has accused Clinton of seeking to eliminate Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms. Clinton doesn’t propose that but does advocate for tighter gun laws to curb violence.

Trump has credited former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of his top supporters, for using stop-and-frisk to bring down crime. The practice continued when Michael Bloomberg, who is the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP, was mayor.

In 2013, a U.S. district judge ruled that stop-and-frisk unlawfully targeted minorities. Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, described the program Wednesday as an “abysmal failure” and “code for racial profiling.”

The current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat backing presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, was elected in 2013 on a call to curtail the practice and improve relationships between police and minorities.

Trump is struggling to gain any traction versus Clinton among black voters ahead of November’s election.

The candidates are locked in a tight battle in the overall race. As he swung through Ohio on Wednesday to discuss policing and minority issues, the RealClearPolitics poll average showed him with a 2.5 percentage point lead in the critical state. Nationally, Clinton has a 1.5 percentage point lead in the site’s poll average.

Trump and Clinton have also responded to the police killing of a black man named Terence Crutcher last week in Tulsa, Okla., in a shooting that was caught on video.

“This young officer, I don’t know what she was thinking, but I’m very very troubled by that,” Trump said Wednesday at New Spirit Revival Center, a largely black church in Cleveland. “Did she get scared, was she choking, what happened?”

Clinton said Wednesday in Florida that while not all facts are known yet in either the Tulsa or Charlotte killings, “we do know that we have two more names to add to a long list of African-Americans killed by police officers. It’s unbearable. And it needs to become intolerable.”


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  • It’s impossible to imagine anyone less fit for public office than Donald Trump. His ignorance of history, domestic affairs and foreign affairs is remarkable.

    Plus Trump is a psychotic. There’s that too.

  • “Lack or spirit” and “unity.” Meaningless sales pitch from a man whose proposed policies are all about separation. His followers do not particularly care about unity, correct?

    Trump fans don’t really want unity, do they? Maybe just enough political correctness and rhetoric to get him elected, right? Once the Donald is in, racial profiling, torture, and a bunch of other reactionary stuff will be in, correct?

      • Here’s my solution: Let’s repeat the Second Amendment. which only really pertained to militias, and remove guns from our society, like in Great Britain, the rest of Europe, Australia, and Japan.

        I listen to the BBC; Great Britain is worried about knife crimes, we are worried about guns. I would rather have their problems, I think.

  • Do you really believe that ole Hillary will help the blacks? It’ll be the same ole, same ole with nothing changing. What the heck, they’ve got nothing to lose by taking a chance with Trump.

    • The question is who will help people in general? Hillary or the Donald. Obviously Hillary will help people a lot more because republicans generally give us economic meltdowns. Just remember the previous republican president gave us two economic recessions with the second one being the worst recession since the great depression.

    • hiLIARy sides with the blacks over the Police…just to get their votes..for now.
      Pundits are saying if The Donald gets 16% of the Black votes the election is over and President Trump will “Make America Great Again”!

  • The man lives in a multi-dollar castle, as does his entire family, in the sky. What does he know about this purported and touted spirit he seeks. Unlike, Michael Bloomberg who I have seen many times on the subway or even on a city Bus, via conscription of race and class, Mr. Trump separates himself from the general public–period.

    I have lived and owned (113th n Manhattan Ave) a place in NYC for over 16 years, and ask New Yorker about how the city feels about him–in short, he is a joke from the vantage of both its citizenry and business community.

    • Ike, dream on. How’s your lean to in Iwilei Homeless Shelter. Don’t forget to pick up your poop.
      Trump is the candidate who does public rallies attended by thousands of supporters. Hilliary does hers in front of bussed in high school kids in climate controlled venues lest her make up starts running.

      • Les, we live in worlds so different it wouldn’t even do it justice by making a comparison. You exhibit, everyday, someone who by a generous guesstimation may have a year or so of community college. I have terminal degrees (look it up, as I’m quite certain you don’t know what that refers to) in two academic disciplines from a an institution that it is frequently thought of, and ranked as one of the best in the world. You reside, best I can tell, in some relative’s basement, I have lived not only in the greatest places on earth- Hawai’i and NYC, but also worked and lived in São Paulo, BR, London and Hong Kong. Your incoherent ranting, that lacks simultaneously any moderation, objectivity or intellectual insight, basically precludes you from any real relationship and thus, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you rely on the more transactional dynamic of procuring affection, e.g you pay for it. I on the other hand, have been married to a beautiful and successful physician for over twenty years with three daughters in college.

        As for money, it’s clear you got none, so I’ll refrain from even going there and stop from humiliating and embarrassing you even further…..

        • Ike – you seem to be a liar. People that are wealthy and successful don’t take the bait and try to prove the truth of their statements to strangers on the internet. They know what they have and they don’t feel the need to prove themselves by enumerating all the attributes they think they have. Also, it is unlikely you could have acquired two graduate degrees, much less terminal ones, when you don’t know the difference between “e.g.” and “i.e.” and your post is rife with run-on and incomplete sentences. P.S. I don’t think “conscription” means what you think it means. LOL. Nice try though.

        • One, most of my writing is while on a train, using an iPhone, so I do apologize for grammatical errors in advance–I’m not writing to publish for the Atlantic.

          Two, you’re wrong on several fronts. The abbreviation e.g. means for example, in lieu of other words, in the sentence above, both would have been correct.

          Three, a MBA is a terminal degree for many subjects in business school and the LL.M is a post doctorate in law, and the equivalent of a terminal degree in law.

        • Drunkpile, most of us occasionally toot our own horns, it can be a healthy antidote for false humility. Sometimes though, we’re treated to an entire symphony…

        • Dear Ikefromeli – oh please say you will be with us for awhile in this (often) septic tank of comments. Your words are like a trade wind breeze to those of us like Klastri , Million Monkeys, Boots and ….. me. As we say … GEEEEV UM

        • Klastri: so what makes him so “smart”, besides your cheerleading and his huge ego? What makes him such a great writer, his cutting and pasting? I find great humor in both of your vainglorious postings. Keep it up!

        • Ike, I think you are confusing education with righteousness. Of course, you do seem a just and compassionate person while Les shows none.

        • You must be young, very young. I remember the sixties and I remember integration under Eisenhower. Racial tensions did not erupt with Obama. But racial discrimination is far less acceptable today, especially when Police are involved.

        • Boots…I was there then..scary…now it feels like the 60’s again except worse…under a BLACK potus who threw gasoline on the fire even. Imagine that..a RACIST BLACK potus.

        • Sorry Keonigohan, gas was thrown on the fire by you republicans who promised on day one to fight Obama every step of the way. Why you are so tolerant of police shooting blacks is beyond me but that is really little different from Orwell’s Oceania. This needs to be stopped Now!

        • Boots…
          “..gas was thrown on the fire by you republicans who promised on day one to fight Obama every step of the way.”
          You didn’t know about the Cambridge incident? Hence the Beer Summit.
          I wait to get the FACTS before I say anything…so I’m not “tolerant of police shooting blacks”.
          Get it?

      • So, lespark and Keonigohan, President Obama giving a speech at America’s first national museum dedicated to African-American history and culture in Washington, D.C. this week is “sad and pathetic,” and proof of “Racial tensions ERUPTED with O…get it?”, in your words?

  • “It just seems that there’s a lack of spirit between the white and the black,” Trump said . Well all over the world there are tensions between black and other races, like in LA the tension is even greater between black and hispanics and the Korean stores in black neighborhoods have been victimized by blacks in the past. There is more reason for these tensions than “lack of spirit”. The poor economical success of blacks and consequently high crime rate comes to mind.

  • “Asked Thursday to describe the tactic to Fox News viewers, Trump said it allowed police to stop people they suspect of having guns and take them away.”

    What the hell is the Donald proposing? Hasn’t he ever heard of the second amendment? Hate to tell you this Donald but the second amendment applies to everyone, not just whites. Remember what did Clint said?

      • Does it matter? I thought the Donald supported the second amendment. If he is going to allow cops to stop anyone they want and take their guns, well that does not sound like supporting the second amendment to me.

    • Boots….

      June 2016… “The US Supreme Court has supported the ruling that evidence collected during an illegal police stop can be used in court. The decision is feared to have a “disproportionate” effect on people of color.

      In a 5-3 decision, Supreme Court judges ruled that if police detain anyone without cause and then find an outstanding warrant, the stop and search are legal. If something incriminating is found on that person, the search is admissible in court.”

  • Read Eugene Robinson in today’s Washington Post — “In American, Gun Rights Are For Whites Only”


  • I, too, sing America.

    I am the darker brother.
    They send me to eat in the kitchen
    When company comes,
    But I laugh,
    And eat well,
    And grow strong.

    I’ll be at the table
    When company comes.
    Nobody’ll dare
    Say to me,
    “Eat in the kitchen,”

    They’ll see how beautiful I am
    And be ashamed—

    I, too, am America.

    L. Hughes

  • The cause of black and white tension rest with the leader on top. President Barrack OBAMA. He is doing his part to make matters worst. He is a poor leader who is self centered and arrogant. He will soon be out of office and not vacationing in Hawaii. We look forward to new leadership.

      • Klastri, you and Ike have a problem. Btw haven’t heard from keaukaha. It will be an interesting debate come Monday. But no sense watching. You know who’s going to win.
        Just remember one thing. What has Crooked Hilliary done for Hawaii? Nothing. Trump employs hundreds of Hawaiians and supports our economy.

        • Trump does not employ hundreds of Hawaiians or support our economy. This is from the Trump International Hotel & Tower website: “Trump International Hotel & Tower® Waikiki Beach Walk® is not owned, developed or sold by Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization or any of their affiliates. Irongate Azrep BW LLC, the owner and developer of the property, uses the “Trump” name and mark under license from Trump Marks Waikiki LLC, which license may be terminated or revoked according to its terms.”

    • Have you seen what one of Trump’s regional managers said? Sure, she got fired; but, this just shows the problem in this country. It is really unbelievable:

      I vacationed in Virginia once—it was probably in the early 1990s. At a gas station, a young woman told be they don’t have problems with black people around there, “they know their place.” I was flabbergasted, put what I was going to buy back, and left. Today, I am not as shy and would have said something back. Why did this come up? I don’t know; maybe it was around the time of the L.A. Riots, that would be 1992.

      So, Rodney King is an example. And not, the police are not only beating people up, but killing them. Not just black people, but even mentally retarded. I wonder if it is worse today because there are so many guns on the streets, that the police academies are training them to be more like a military force than neighborhood patrol persons. I don’t know, just musing.

    • And as the endless debating over which candidate is the biggest liar continues, Gary Johnson remains muzzled. An ongoing “smh” summer for undecided voters everywhere.

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