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Rubber bullets and fear: Trump protesters flood streets anew


    A driver’s windshield was damaged after she drove in the area with protesters demonstrating against Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election results, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, in Portland.

PORTLAND, Ore >> From New York to Illinois to California, in red states as well as blue, protesters decrying Donald Trump’s election spent another night overtaking highways, smashing store windows, igniting fires and in at least one city, facing pepper spray and rubber projectiles from police trying to clear the streets.

The demonstrations stretched into a third straight night Thursday and came to a head in Portland, Oregon, where thousands of marchers chanted, “We reject the president-elect!” while some lit firecrackers, sparked small blazes and used rocks and baseball bats to break the glass of businesses and vehicles parked at dealerships.

Officers began pushing back against the crowd that threw glass bottles and a trash can, making 26 arrests and using flash-bang devices and pepper spray to force people to disperse.

In Los Angeles, protests were mostly peaceful, but 185 people were arrested, mostly for blocking streets, Officer Norma Eisenman said. An officer was injured near police headquarters, leading to one arrest, but Eisenman had no details about the circumstances or the injury. The officer was released after treatment.

The persisting protests led Trump himself to fire back, tweeting: “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

His supporters also took to social media to accuse protesters of sour grapes and refusing to respect the democratic process, though there were no significant counterprotests.

In Portland, police termed the protest a riot after some 4,000 people surged into the downtown area. After giving several orders to leave, officers fired rubber baton rounds. It was not clear if anyone was hurt.

In Denver, protesters made their way onto Interstate 25, stopping traffic for about a half-hour. They also briefly shut down highways in Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

In downtown San Francisco, high school students called out “not my president” as they marched, holding signs urging a Trump eviction. They waved rainbow banners and Mexican flags, as bystanders in the heavily Democratic city gave them high-fives.

“As a white, queer person, we need unity with people of color, we need to stand up,” said Claire Bye, a 15-year-old sophomore at Academy High School. “I’m fighting for my rights as an LGBTQ person. I’m fighting for the rights of brown people, black people, Muslim people.”

Nearby in Oakland, a group got into some shoving matches with police and 11 people were arrested. Protesters lit street fires, smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on at least seven businesses.

In New York City and Chicago, large groups gathered outside Trump Tower. In New York, they chanted angry slogans and waved banners bearing anti-Trump messages. Police still stood guard Friday on Fifth Avenue.

“You got everything straight up and down the line,” demonstrator David Thomas said. “You got climate change, you got the Iran deal. You got gay rights, you got mass deportations. Just everything, straight up and down the line, the guy is wrong on every issue.”

In Philadelphia, protesters near City Hall held signs saying, “Not Our President,” ”Trans Against Trump” and “Make America Safe For All.” Officers on bikes blocked traffic for a march that spanned four street lanes and drew parents with children in strollers.

Jeanine Feito, 23, held a sign reading, “Not 1 more deportation.” The Temple University student said she acknowledges Trump as president-elect but does not accept it.

“I’m Cuban-American. My parents are immigrants, and I’m also a woman. These are things Trump doesn’t stand for,” Feito said. “He’s bullied us, discriminated against us, is racist and encourages violence. I think it’s important we stand together and fight against this.”

About 500 people turned out at a protest in Louisville, Kentucky, while hundreds in Baltimore marched to the stadium where the Ravens were playing a football game.

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  • These protesters are scum marching into the asheben of history !!!

    Clinton’s are CORRUPT and only delusional people will deny it and attempt to defend them !!!

    • In Portland Thursday night hundreds of people marched throughout the city as protests turned violent, with people smashing store windows and lighting off firecrackers. Police declared the protests a riot, said there were people with baseball bats in the crowd and told people via loudspeaker to move on.

      These are not protests or demonstrations. They are riots and there is nothing spontaneous about them. For those who have read Dinesh D’Souza’s account of being in the lock up with hardened criminals (STEALING AMERICA: WHAT MY EXPERIENCE WITH CRIMINAL GANGS TAUGHT ME), it was explained to him how riots are planned, financed and executed like a military operation.

      For those who have not read the book, check out:

      What do the Democratic Party and a gang of criminals have in common? Funny you should ask!

      In the fall of 2014, outspoken pundit, author, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza found himself hauled into federal court for improperly donating money to a friend who was running for the Senate.

      D’Souza pleaded guilty, apologized for his offense, and was sentenced to eight months in a state-run confinement center near his home in San Diego. In the facility, he lived among hardened criminals—drug dealers, thieves, gangbangers, rapists, and murderers.

      Previously, D’Souza had seen America through the eyes of a grateful immigrant who came here as a student and became successful by applying and defending conservative principles. Again and again, D’Souza made the case that America is an exceptional nation, fundamentally fair and just.

      D’Souza’s prolonged exposure to the criminal underclass provided an eye-opening education in American realities. In the view of hardened criminals, America is anything but fair and just. Instead, it is a jungle in which various armed gangs face off against one another, with the biggest and most powerful gangs inhabiting the federal government.

      Applying this hardboiled perspective to American politics, D’Souza saw that America is becoming less exceedingly exceptional every day. Indeed, it is in danger of becoming just like India and other corrupt third world nations, run by gangs of kleptocrats. As for American liberalism, it is not a movement of ideas at all; it is but a series of scams and cons aimed at nothing less than stealing the wealth of the American people.

        • The point may be that liberal democrats are increasingly rejecting constitutional law, as Obama increasingly relied on executive orders, not law. If the roles were reversed, the Press would be slashing at Trump. The leaders of these lawless (Clinton & Obama) are abdicating leadership.

    • These are the quarter of a million people whose votes were ignored. I wouldn’t agree with their violence but I can understand their anger. If the Chump is truly to be the POTUS he needs to step up his game and show everyone that he has the ability to honestly address the hate that he promoted. Specifically telling the KKK to go to hell.

      • Trump was elected President in accordance with the Constitution of the United States, which is “the law of the land.” It is clear that the people who are rioting and protesting either do not know that or have no respect for the law.

      • keaukaka, you’re a real joke. “The hate he promoted”, really, shouldn’t the lying witch or Odummy be addressing these scabs of humanity? After all, their Democrat losers.

  • So if you don’t get your way, you whine and cry. What gives you the right to disrupt the rights and destroy the property of other Americans? I guess you people haven’t yet figured out that this is one of the reasons the majority of Americans voted form Trump. Because we are sick and tired of this kind of crap.

        • Clinton also won the Dead Americans Vote, Illegal Immigrant Vote and Multiple Voter vote. Clinton is a cheat and so are you by supporting her. You lost, suck it up.

      • Have you perchance heard of a slim volume titled Constitution of the United States?


        Might give it a try. Explains the checks and balances needed to prevent government tyranny and describes something called the college of electors essential to prevent mob-o-cracy.

        • The people behind these “demonstrations” don’t care about the U.S. Constitution…they want it gone. They want to leech the wealth of this country and destroy the values that have made it great. They want America brought to it’s knees.

          This is a well funded effort by socialists to create a global empire run they them. It is everything that Orwell warned us about. In order for them to succeed they must take down the one country that could oppose them. Creeps like George Soros are the most overt, but there are many, many more. The media has been their tool and Obama a willing ally for 8 years.

          I fear for the safety of President Elect Trump, because these people are truly ruthless and are now desperate. The American people were NOT supposed to wake up until it was too late.

      • But when you compare this “Majority” of losers against the total USA population, they lost under the current rules.

        These whiny, step children need to deal with it. Sorry, time to leave your “Safe Space” and join the real world.

      • You do have to admit it was a very small margin. It was going to be a bad outcome either way. They were both terrible choices with little character. That is why the margin was so small.
        I do believe that people should be able to protest but it is shameful and stupid when they destroy their own cities. WHY? The ones who do that just want an excuse to be violent or loot. It is completely unacceptable. The cops have been pretty understand until the violence starts.

        • My comment is going to moderation??? For what. I said nothing wrong. Talk about no freedom of the press.

      • How many of the 236K votes, separating the two candidates, were ILLEGAL ? That is why we need authentic Identification Card when going to the polls so that only the ones eligible to vote gets to cast their choice. Those who don’t exercise their right to vote have NO right to complain.

    • That’s right. They are more than likely damaging and looting businesses and property owned by Democrats. Trump supporters will only gain from the increase in destruction by these idiots.

      • YES!!! Ironically, one of my good friends back in California, an outspoken massive Democrat had his practically brand new car trashed and 3 windows broken the other night by the rioters. He still posts hatred towards Trump while siding with the rioters on FB! I guess these guys are happy that their personal property is getting trashed as long it’s for a good cause, at least for a good cause in their mind. LMAO

  • soros’s and the female felon’s democrat brown shirts have been activated across america. convoys of buses are now transporting professional protestors to protest locations to initiate protests posing as spontaneous grass roots locals who are ignorant of u.s. presidential election procedures and protesting trump’s election.

    wise and alert americans across the country recognized the dangers of government infected with massive corruption, unfettered hate and demonizing tactics that were used in germany in the 1930s.

    trump was able to build a diverse coalition of compassionate and thoughtful blacks, asians, native americans, whites, jews, christians, buddhists, muslims, straights, gays, women, men and people of all backgrounds. these same intelligent americans rejected the democrats use of the same germany 1930’s hateful rhetoric and attempts at instigating class warfare in america.

    this coalition of diverse americans came together election day, dedicated to remove corruption and hate from american politics.

    it’s time democrats joined other americans who are working to make america great, the great america that legal immigrants dream of being a part of when they apply to legally come to america.

    democrats need to rid themselves of their sociopathic narcissistic arrogance and condescending attitude and help america improve itself for all of its citizens, its guests and its foreign neighbors.

  • Look at the little hooligans who preach tolerance and non-violence. What a nauseating spectacle. Usually where there is a left wing display of immaturity and random violence like this there’s a smooth talking community organizer in the background fanning the flames. Come to think of it community organizer was little Barry Hussein’s only claim to fame when he was elected president. I wonder if there’s a link there?

  • You reap what you sow. I don’t condone the violence and destruction of property, but the protests are the result of all the intolerance spewed by Trump during the campaign. People are afraid and rightly so.

    • Definitely. If my kid was a protester, I would tell him to make sure he doesn’t break laws, don’t get arrested, and do not get violent. Then I would say that I’m very proud that he is paying attention and to channel that same energy into his schoolwork, lol! Taking the violence part out, I’m proud of these kids getting out there and making their feelings known.

      • Making their feelings known? Hardly. Crying and carrying on like whiny, snot nosed step children who just found out their safe space is contaminated.

        America’s weakest generation – Millennials.

        • NanakuliBoss — Looks like there was another violent stabbing in your neighborhood last night per the SA. Wonder if it was any relation to the political riots. If you consider that making Nanakuli Great Again you should move to Cali. You’ll fit in better over there. The Mexican gangs that control the streets and drug turf will welcome you with open arms.

    • They all should be arrested. Damaging other property and causing grid lock to traffic and interfering with other peoples life and jobs is insane and should be punished. Where is Obama and Hillary. Obama is still in charge and yet he does nothing just like the last 8 years. Stop these people now before a war within our country starts.

    • Yup, when you are afraid and rightly so, you go out and burn someone elses property, loot, litter and now you not afraid and rightly so again!! Mazie, calm your minions down!

  • The American people made their choice. Accept it, move on and act like adults. What gives them the right to destroy other people’s property because something didn’t go their way. They are no longer peaceful but are turning violent. If it were my place of business or personal property that was damaged, I hope they will lock up those that are responsible.

  • How does destroying properties and disturbing the flow of our daily lives help these protesters. As I see it they are causing more ills and disturbances to our country with their misguided belief. Neither candidates were given my vote, but I’m glad the President-elect is Trump!

  • Saw on TV those brand new cars windows broken due to the riots….sad……will we have disruption til Jan?……all lives matter….where is the Aloha Spirit?

    • Most of the initiators are Mexicans. Friends in Cali tell me a massive campaign by La Raza has been very vocal in promoting the riots. Mexicans started a race war over there even though they claim it’s only a political war. There probably aren’t many illegal Mexicans here on the islands to stir problems but with Kalifor-nei-a handing out ID’s and DL’s to illegals like there’s no tomorrow, I have a feeling some will make it over to HI cause problems.

  • I like to see people stand up for what they believe in. We have that right here. In other countries, many may just “disappear” after participating in something like this. If I were younger, maybe I would have participated in something like this. But advice for the young people–remember this and vote. Don’t make voting an option. Ask your friends…get them registered. Make your generation one to be reckoned with. Our country needs you. So in 2020, be educated and aware, then VOTE.

  • So………standing up for your rights gives you a free ticket to destroy someone elses property. Busting windows setting fires etc….That’s a lot of garbage. Thinking like that is what’s wrong in this country. Protest and express you opinion is good. Damaging or destroying someone elses property is not.

    • These stupid kids are just tools. Hypocrisy, lying and violence is all the real perpetrators have left. They lost the presidency. Their plan is in tatters and , God willing, Trump survives long enough to do his job he will reveal the whole truth to the American people.

  • a college education once challenged students to read, think and resolve on their own issues that would drive our population towards a better society.

    today’s educational systems are built to indoctrinate rather than educate.

    issues are no longer presented for discussions and resolutions.

    instead, socialist positions are presented to be memorized and regurgitated as if one was attending a madrasa. grades are awarded based on socialist professors’ narrow political views.

    the result of being indoctrinated, as opposed to being educated, is manifested in the ease of which soros and the female felon can activate professional agitators to be bused into communities to pose as locals ignorant of the u.s. constitution and the laws of u.s. elections.

    the reality of the protests are that the professional agitators paid by soros and led by the female felon’s brown shirts are abusing the u.s. constitution to begin their christmas shopping spree.

    • “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

      ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

      This is why so many parents are fighting “Common Core,” and such idiocy as allowing Planned Parenthood to teach “sex education” in kindergarten (actually now law in Hawaii).

      • Yea and the teacher at Hawaii public school have been telling my kids how bad trump is over the past week. Teachers just do your freak in job, my kid can barely write and he gets an A.

        • Maybe you need to help him with his homework. He might have changed it from an F. Kids who struggle in school usually have little or no support at home. Also you being a Chump supporter to me means he is regularly exposed to the vile filth that is spewed from the Chumps mouth. Wave1 I fill sorry for your child.

        • NanakuliBoss — I bet his kid can still write better than you! The @#@% you post sometimes makes me wonder whether you’re on Meth or you’ve never completed the 5th grade.

  • These Lulu Bin Democrats just may bring something new into the picture if this continues…Martial Law! If the Hill had won, would this type of action be going on? If you wanted her in, you shouldn’t have gone golfing that day, you shouldn’t have been kicking and watching your 60″ TV, you shouldn’t have been chasing “Pokeman Go” down the road, you shouldn’t have been worrying about your football picks for the week….You SHOULD have just gone out to the polls and
    with a V, an O and a TED…the Hill may have had her chance in history…but divine intervention changed it otherwise.

    • Agree bet more than half of these freak protesters never voted cause the bs press said Hillary had won two days before the election. Never believe the press and surprised you demos, being so educated, did not do a little more research into the past 25 year old Clinton dynasty

    • That’s the plan here by the Democrats and liberals to cause civil unrest so Obama declares martial law and Trump wouldn’t see the White House because Obama will still be continue to be POTUS.

  • Lol, the protesters in Texas were republicans. This will be a fun 4 years. Now these commentors will have to defend Trump for 4 years. Go get some rest. Trumps face in the White House was like “Oh Sh*t”. Like a dog he will be chained to the WH 24/7. “Lock Him Up”!! Lol,.Secret Service 24/7, no outside private access. No “Trump” busine$$ dealings. 24/7 this person is going to be working for ME. I love this country. Hey, let’s get this RAIL completed with a beautiful AIRPORT STATION. Let’s Make Airports Great Again!

  • Where are the celebrities and minority leaders now? They should be admonishing their minions to stop destroying property, looting, and littering. They are playing their fiddles while Rome burns. The minions are being used.

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