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H-1 freeway reopened after crash that injured 2 people


    This traffic camera image shows the scene of a multiple-vehicle accident on the H-1 freeway this morning.


    This traffic camera image shows the freeway shut down in the Ewa direction after a multiple-vehicle accident this morning.

Honolulu police reopened the H-1 freeway in the Ewa direction near the Waipahu exit after a multiple-vehicle crash that seriously injured 2 people.

Traffic cameras showed the freeway reopening just before 9 a.m., after the vehicles involved in the crash were cleared from the scene.

The accident happened at about 7:30 a.m.

Paramedics took two people, a 48-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman, to a hospital in serious condition, according to Emergency Medical Services. Three people refused treatment.

An EMS report said the man was in a vehicle that overturned on the freeway after being rear-ended. He suffered a neck injury. The woman, who was in the vehicle that rearended the other vehicle, suffered injuries to her face, the report said. Both patients wore seatbelts, EMS said.

Traffic cameras showed the freeway backup extending back to the Moanalua Freeway.

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    • And when the rail breaks down, will that be case for H1 and better roads?

      How would rail make this better? Should drivers abandon their cars on the highway? When rail breaks down, should riders call cabs?

      • When rail is disrupted in rare cases, backup buses are used as is normal practice in major cities. Rail will provide daily relief from horrendous west side traffic congestion.

        • If and a big if, backup buses with drivers are available. Not like they are all just sitting around at the Middle Street Bus Station. It could take hours to find available drivers, get them to the station.

          Rail will provide limited relief for those who decide to ride. Remember, Nei rail cars were designed as tourism cars, lots of space wasting seats. Nothing like the highly efficient Japanese rail system.

          Nei is 10th world at best if rail ever starts.

        • Please stop lying!

          There is no magic fleet of buses on “standby” for when (WHEN!) the train breaks down.

          Why do you insist on lying so much? You’re not fooling anyone, and it obvious that you can’t support this mess of a rail project without resorting to lies.

          Speaking of which… is today the day that you finally have the strength of character to reveal where you live on the mainland and tell us what your connection is to this mess of a rail project?

        • Only for those who had not yet left home for work, could actually take it to where they work.

          Rail is not the Holy Grail for Nei traffic relief.

        • And if the project had choose a feasible technology and not been filled with incompetent and corrupt insiders, it might have been finished already.

          Instead we get YOU, the Baghdad Bob of the rail project.

          Now wouldn’t you feel better if you finally told us where you live on the mainland and reveal how you are connected to this mess of a rail project?

    • Everyone seems to forget the Nei’s decades long track record of willfully failing to maintain infrastructure. From 10th world roads and streets, water and sewer lines breaking/leaking, Honolulu Hale with ceiling water leaks, and the recent Zip Mobile failures. On and on, crumbling infrastructure.

      Rail will be no different. Elevators at stations will go unrepaired for weeks to months. The fabric sales will be in tatters, blowing like a ghost ship’s sails. Rail cars will have graffiti, visible damage. Rail will break down between stations, immediately shutting down the entire line for hours to days.

      It will happen. It is inevitable.

    • Rail was doomed before the first pillar was cast. It will not make any difference in the traffic on the freeway or on the surface streets. It is just another way for the career politicians to line their pockets, and for the contractors to get filthy rich at the expense of every taxpayer and homeowner in Hawaii. 21 stops in 20 miles. You do the math. Of course, you won’t, because you have your rose colored horse blinders on. Sad, that.

  • Idiot drivers strikes again. Just to try and save a minute or two the person who caused this accident possibly physically hurt other people, caused damage to other people’s property and shut down a major freeway during rush hour making hundreds of people late for work. Hope whoever caused this accident will enjoy life without a car for a while. Better yet hopefully they totaled it and don’t have comprehensive insurance so they will be without a vehicle and can’t cause more problems on the road.

      • Wrong. I was going east bound and the backup was unreal. It was literally a parking lot. Most people think eastbound traffic is heavy in the early morning hours and it is but after 8 a.m., traffic going westbound is pretty heavy too. They were only trickling one lane. 3 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, and the obligatory 12 cop cars.

    • I saw a dash cam video that someone posted on Hawaii Reckless Drivers group on Facebook. Looks like a six car accident as a vehicle rear ended the car in front causing a chain reaction in the far left lane.

      • Exactly! Lots of people do that. People drive in the faster lane until the last minute, then try to cut in. You see that on weekends going to Pearlridge where the far right lane goes to the exit, and some stay in the next lane until the Waimalu cut-off, then try to cut in. When they cannot cut in, I’ve seen cars literally stop on the freeway with blinkers on. In the morning heading to town, cars stay in the shoulder lane from Kunia because it is usually faster, then just before the Waikele cut-off, they try to merge back into regular freeway traffic. It happens again at the Waimalu cut-off, and in reverse at the Aiea and Nimitz cut-offs as people in the regular freeway lanes which are now moving faster try to get into the cut-offs at the last minute. Then, there’s the famous one on Moanalua Road right below Buzz’s where traffic crews put up plastic “barriers.” People on Moanalua Road try to cut in at the last minute to take the freeway west cut-off again, sometimes coming to a stop on Moanalua Road if no one lets them in. I guess saving that extra minute or two is crucial.

      • Yes. This is one of the worst sections of the H1 for accidents because there is a lot of high speed merging and the deception of several lanes and good visibility starting with people caught in a slowing lane near an off ramp. What dirivers do not realize is that even a car going 35-45 MPH is dangerous suddenly pulling in front of traffic going 70 MPH and it will lead to a chain reaction of cars braking changing lanes to avoid a car pullling in front of it, but pullling in front of cars speeding or accelerating to change lanes or “beat” the car pulling in.

    • 100% autonomous cars if it happens will not be for decades. Before this they will have to use military grade encryption to prevent being hacked. Imagine a hacker taking over your car, telling you to give them your credit card information or they will crash the vehicle.

      Think it can’t happen? Think again.

  • I hope the both will recover from their injuries. In my opinion, the stretch is prone for speeding. In addition, the extreme right lane has metal drain covers that some vehicles tend the avoid and swerve into the adjacent lane…combine with speeding…inattentive driving…and finally a lack of enforcement can lead to some rather unfortunate consequences.

    • Its not speed that kills, it is how close you are to the car in front of you. Tailgating the car in front will not get you where you are going any faster. I see too many people on the freeways following one car length or less. Many years ago, when I first started driving, the advice was one car length for every 10 MPH of speed.

        • Draft a Mini or Civic? Whatever fuel these clownshows save is lost in higher insurance premiums and collision repair. I think I save more fuel by maintaining a safe distance and not having to stop, then go.

      • I hope you’re not one of the inconsiderates that allow so much distance between the car in front and yourself as to cause more accidents. Too many irate drivers behind you will try to get in front of you as car after car keeps pulling away from you. The correct considerate procedure is to keep up with the traffic flow, not try to be the individual traffic regulator.

        • I maintain my distance and keep up with traffic as well. There is a difference. Wish this were more like Germany. Weaving in and out of traffic like a maniac or being on the bumper of the car in front of you earns you a hefty fine.

        • Hard to crash into what is in front of you if a safe distance is maintained. However, that does not guarantee your safety if the person behind you thinks a safe distance is 1/2 a car length at 55 or 60. Too many people think that is a safe distance to maintain.

    • I hope any innocent drivers who didn’t contribute to the cause of the accident gets better soon. Who cares about the person that caused the accident in the first place. The more they suffer the better chance they will be more careful the next time they hit the road.

      • Accidents happen. That’s why htey call them accidents. If negligence played a role, then let’s let the police sort it out. Sometime people have heart attacks or strokes while driving.

        These are our friends and neighbors out there. Let’s wish them all the best.

        • I really do not consider a rear end collision an accident. Barring mechanical failure, which is highly unlikely being this is an annual safety inspection state. A rear end collision is the result of negligence or recklessness. Calling it what it is and treating it as such will go towards minimizing these types of incidents. Hawaii is in the top 10 for non fatal collisions and we also make the lists of worst drivers.

  • The 27-year old woman was probably talking or texting on her cellphone while going 60+ mph and following the vehicle in front too closely. Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • After watching the video of this incident on HNN I would hope the insurance company of the driver that started the domino effect (and other similar incidents) will review the driver’s cell phone record to discount texting as a contributing factor, and if it is found to be a factor deny covering all claim(s) regarding this incident. Drivers must understand that texting and driving is NO ACCIDENT and YOU suffer the consequences. Making these SELFISH drivers pay financially sends a bigger message and will improve traffic safety for all. My prayers go out to the innocent for a speedy and full recovery.

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