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China says Trump’s Taiwan comments cause ‘serious concern’


    President-elect Donald Trump, left, spoke during a “USA Thank You” tour event in Cincinatti on Dec. 1, and Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, delivered a speech during National Day celebrations in Taipei, Taiwan,, Oct. 10.

BEIJING >> China said Monday that it had “serious concern” about President-elect Donald Trump’s most recent comments about Taiwan, and warned that any changes to how America deals with the self-governing island could damage diplomatic ties between Washington and Beijing.

China’s comments came a day after Trump said in a television interview that he didn’t feel “bound by a one-China policy.”

Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said that established policy is the “political foundation” of any diplomatic relationship between China and the U.S., and that any damage to it could render cooperation “out of the question.”

“We urge the new U.S. leader and government to fully understand the seriousness of the Taiwan issue, and to continue to stick to the one-China policy,” Geng said.

Since recognizing the People’s Republic of China in 1979, the U.S. has adhered to the one-China policy, recognizing Beijing as the capital of China and maintaining only unofficial relations with Taiwan. American law, however, requires the U.S. to ensure that Taiwan has the means to defend itself and to treat all threats to the island as matters of serious concern.

China split from Taiwan amid civil war in 1949 and continues to regard the island as a breakaway province to be reunified with the mainland, by force if necessary.

Geng’s comments are the strongest public condemnation China has made of Trump’s criticisms of current American policy toward Taiwan.

Beijing was already angered by Trump’s Dec. 2 phone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, the first time an American president or president-elect has publicly spoken to a Taiwanese leader in nearly four decades. China considers any reference to a separate Taiwanese head of state to be a grave insult.

Trump followed the call with two tweets accusing China of manipulating its currency, unfairly taxing American imports and provoking tensions in the South China Sea.

Over the weekend, he told “Fox News Sunday” that he wouldn’t feel “bound by a one-China policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade.”

Trump said his call with Tsai was “very nice” and strictly meant to congratulate him on his winning the presidential election.

“Why should some other nation be able to say I can’t take a call?” he said. “I think it actually would’ve been very disrespectful, to be honest with you, not taking it.”

Hours after the interview aired, China’s Communist Party-controlled Global Times published a Chinese-language editorial headlined: “Trump, please listen clearly: ‘One China’ cannot be traded.”

“China needs to launch a resolute struggle with him,” the editorial said. “Only after he’s hit some obstacles and truly understands that China and the rest of the world are not to be bullied will he gain some perception.”

“Many people might be surprised at how the new U.S. leader is truly a ‘businessman’ through-and-through,” the paper said, referring to Trump’s suggestion of using the one-China policy as a bargaining chip. “But in the field of diplomacy, he is as ignorant as a child.”

The Global Times, which is published by the party mouthpiece People’s Daily, often runs commentaries that target nationalistic sentiment with provocative language.

Chinese officials have been more restrained so far. They may be still trying to learn how to make their positions clear to Trump without feeding a vicious cycle of insults and heightened tensions, said Dali Yang, a political science professor at the University of Chicago.

However, Trump’s suggestion that he could negotiate on Taiwan likely went too far for China, Yang said.

“He expected for China to bargain again for the one-China position, perhaps by giving up something on trade or something of that nature,” Yang said. “This is actually the foundation of the U.S.-China relationship, rather than something to be bargained over.”

Associated Press researchers Yu Bing and Liu Zheng contributed to this report.

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  • Great. Let China guess what type of Leader Trump be. It’s about time China think about consequences for expansionism and it’s military build up. Under Barry, China had no fear and did what they wanted to do.

    • Concur!

      That said, perhaps we should consider cutting the PRC some slack.

      Like the Democrat Party now still smarting over the overwhelming electoral college defeat of Felony-Shrillary – – and by implication, wholesale rejection of the full spectrum foreign policy debacle authored by the current occupant of the White Hose – – Beijing heavy hitters have been rocked back on their heels.

      They are not used to dealing with a skilled, highly focused negotiator and are reacting badly to his several provocative thrusts. Worse, they haven’t got a read on him yet and cannot anticipate what he will do next, ergo they are torn between using carrot or stick.

      In short President Elect Trump has them exactly where he wants them – – he is teeing them up for a long drive down the fairway of international horse trading.

      So let us give our Chinese brethren a bit of breathing room, not take their current reflexive spasm too seriously and let them come back to their senses. Truth be told they need us a lot more than we need them and this is the ace PEOTUS is holding.

    • China has no fear of the United States. If China wants to, the country could recall its trillion dollar loan to the U.S., and cease production on U.S. products. America would tank. Most businesses in the U.S. today rely on China-made products, as most companies outsource their manufacturing to China. It would take a long time and tons of money to create the facilities and pay workers to do the same manufacturing in the U.S., and would also bring with it much air and water pollution.
      China does manufacturing for all countries around the globe. They’d take a hit by halting production of U.S. products, but would still thrive from business with the rest of the globe. China has the upper hand with providing loans and production for the U.S.

      • How little you know of world economics. China is an export driven economy. Take away all their exports to the USA and the western world, their factories shut down. Worker’s out of a job. Western world countries are the only ones capable of buying enough of their goods to keep factories humming.

        Nothing the Chinese bureaucracy fears more than out of work citizens who would challenge the government.

        You also forget the USA is self sufficient in oil. We can control our own market and supplies. China cannot.

        • BINGO! like TheDonald mentioned many times, China’s making a killing taking away our manufacturing jobs and exporting back to the US. Think about it,”smh”, because of the money China’s making off of the US they expanded militarily building that man-made island near the P.I.’s. It’s not hard to figure out the US gives Chinese jobs/wealth and they use it to militarily expand it’s reach in whatever ways that comes with it.

        • “But in the field of diplomacy, he is as ignorant as a child”. So true. The GOP Congress needs to save the POTASS azz.

        • I took part in raising a couple of kids, Never underestimate a child. Depending on parental guidance, peers, etc. they do the right things and TheDonald is brand new to this so Countries need to walk on eggshells or possibly getting on the wrong side of the new kid on the block. He’s a business MAN! which is GREAT! China’s making a ton of cash off of the US.

        • you know what. Like TheDonald been saying China is a CHEAT, if I’m not mistaken. IMO, we gave them the jobs and probably some intellectual knowledge manufacturing goods. China is GREAT in copying intellectual propeties of goods with knockoffs. I’d bet China relies exporting to the US than any other country to make money and it’ll be some time before the rest of the World are consumers as the US is.

          If China were to follow in Japan’s footsteps manufacturing quality goods on the cheap, YIKES! the US be in deep manure. I remember the days when Made in Japan goods was joke in which I view Chinese goods today in Retail Stores. Until they deliver quality goods let the Chinese sell cheap goods to their Asian neighbors, I don’t need CHEAP Chinese parts that breaks in a year or less. Chinese goods are cheap because it is cheap, you get what you pay for. And the problem is the US lost jobs because of imports, the US needs to tax the Chinese imports here in the States. Stop distributing cheap Chinese Junk which have bad quality and longevity control. Chinese Junk breaks down quickly and it creates another product to take it’s place, imo. You buy Chinese cheap goods, the bugga broke then you buy another cheapo giving the Chinese work to build/manufacture another replacement. No make sense, need to make America Great, American Made quality goods!

      • If China wants to, the country could recall its trillion dollar loan to the U.S., and cease production on U.S. products. America would tank.

        Well for one thing you are technically correct: the PRC could indeed commit financial suicide by suddenly calling in all its loans . . . thereby kissing goodbye to the lucrative ROI that prompted them to make these investments in the first place.

        As for production of hard goods, please recall President Elect Trump (!!!) has made it a goal to bring back exactly that kind of work to the USA to reconstitute the domestic manufacturing base we once had, but carelessly let slip away through poorly thought out and poorly negotiated ‘free trade’ deals. Remember the prescient warning from Ross Perot a quarter century ago when he spoke of “that great sucking sound we will hear when American jobs depart to take up residence in foreign countries”?

        Another factor in play is that the PRC is now losing much of ITS manufacturing base to countries with even cheaper labor and surging primary industries like steel, e.g. India. And the PRC’s formerly stratospheric GDP growth rate has severely tumbled in recent years leaving them quite anxiety ridden.

        Bottom line: PRC needs USA a great deal more than the latter needs the former and PEOTUS is playing that ace to TRUMP the negotiations.

      • No doubt China can cause great damage to the United States. The Donald will soon find that it is a bit different when you stiff a country than say a supplier. But hopefully the republican party will soon put a muzzle on him. After all it was under republicns THAT CHINA was opened up.

        • No doubt China can cause great damage to the United States

          In similar fashion the now extinct USSR could have caused great damage to the USA with a first strike.

          The reason the USSR did not is the same reason the PRC will not: it is called deterrence aka mutually assured destruction.

          Each recognize(d) they would have to absorb unacceptable levels of damage by attempting to damage us with a preemptive strike and, being rational, decide(d) not to do so.

          Bottom line: PRC needs USA far more than the latter needs the former and a skilled negotiator knows he is holding that ace he can play to TRUMP the opposition.

        • I agree. China is an enormous growing power.

          Their influence is growing. We help that by encouraging them to act more independently. For eg, by rejecting the TPP, we’re encouraging China to set up its own rules of foreign trade.

      • The progressives wanted a global economy and were perfectly willing to sacrifice American jobs, standards in income and general security to achieve their goals. I’m American and I want security for our jobs, fair pay to do those jobs and a secure environment to raise my kids in.

        I think that if we concentrate on technology, and education in this country we can drive out most of the Chinese junk goods out of our market.

        Libitarian Every Day All Day!

        • lol, actually both parties have been supporting trade agreements and the global economy over the years. But tell me chubby, how do you think security for your job is going to be obtained? About the only job that has security is probably a state or City government job and even that might be questionable.

      • It would hurt China more. The status quo is a losing situation for the U.S. We no longer can (or should) continue to export wealth out of the U.S. Hopefully Trump will turn it around.

    • This probably will give China incentive to conduct that military option with Taiwan that they have been planning for decades. Trump is not even in office yet, and there’s already serious concerns for the welfare of this planet under his regime.

      • Do you have the first clue how complex and difficult even a small scale amphibious invasion would be. Amphibious warfare is THE most challenging task any Navy/Army/Marine team can undertake, one fraught with risk.

        In this case you are talking about a Normandy-scale invasion across the Taiwan Strait.

        Have you ever heard of that organization of combatant warships, submarines and war planes known as The United States Seventh Fleet that holds sway west of the ‘chop line’ at 160° East Longitude, hmmm?

        [ BTW the term ‘chop’ is slang for ‘change in operational’ chain of command for a ship or formation of ships moving from one fleet commander to another ]

      • .. and return this planet back to the stone ages…

        Oh dear. Someone has stayed up beyond his beddie bye time and needs to quit bothering ADULTS, get into his jammes, drink milk, eat a warm cookie and retire to his bed room for some much needed rest.

        More evidence as if any were needed of the petulant reaction by the supporters of Felony-Shrillary to her humiliating loss to an outsider few had ever heard of. Never all THAT stable to begin with, these doomed supporters of the sour grape persuasion have been driven utterly bonkers. Although one must admit it was indeed a very short drive.

  • The PRC trying to strong arm the President-elect, interesting, very astute negotiators who had their way with a weak president for 8 years. Problem is the President-elect doesn’t get intimidated, and he is used to dealing with hard nosed people. America is back China, and you better get used to it.

      • Chest thumping and puffING by a bunch of retired “old men” who never intend or even get off their lounge chair if a conflict started. Trumpf another 70+ old geezer who would have no problem sending young Americans to conflict. Trumpf a man who never ate K rations or MRE’s, but knows more then many Generals or the failure ,Sen.John McCain. Trumpf fail. YOUR FIRED!!

        • Nana, the art of negotiations takes a savvy that Obama and his Progressive cronies have no ability for, not military force. You have fallen into the MSM’s false news that the PE only wants to start a war with China, negotiation, especially with a skilled negotiator, something we haven’t had in a while, can avert conflict and not encourage it. You’re going to see America be a world leader again, and not just another country, nothing special, like Obama has made us.

  • Taiwan is thefe own country. Don’t make me get Tiger Fist on you! I’ve worked with ghe Chinese Gov before. Stop being greedy. Many if not all countries outside of China consider Taiwan to be its own country. Chona was very helpful to the US fight against terror and I will never forget that and will return the same favor if ever requested as best as I can.

    Egg Rolls!!

  • Hopefully the republican party will soon put a muzzle on the Donald. But this is what you get when a clown who throws tradition out the door ends up being president. The Donald will soon learn that dealing with independent countries is far different than stiffing one’s employees and suppliers. China will not be bullied. They may give a little but in the end, they will come out on top.

    • So he’ll throw what tradition out the door Boots? Standing around with his hands in his pockets while the US is being taken advantage of? China coming out on top all these years is the result of our leadership being weak and allowing them to.

      • From not reducing his tax returns and not removing himself from his many conflicts of interests, take your pick. Just how is the US being taken advantaged of? Can you be specific? Also how has China come out on top all these years? Can you give some concrete examples or is this just something you heard on Rush? Fact is China is a major country and the US no longer has world domination over everything. The American empire is not all powerful. Wishing for the past will not deliver anything.

        • “Just how is the US being taken advantaged of? Can you be specific? Also how has China come out on top all these years?”

          Boots – Just take a look at our trade deficit. And no the info isn’t from Rush, it’s a .gov website from the census bureau. The trade deficit has increased every year since the beginning of NAFTA (Bill Clinton’s little pet). I know you’re intelligent enough to figure out why, or at least I hope you are.

          Trump’s taxes do not concern me. If he broke any laws the IRS would have locked him up a long time ago. His business interests? He’s going to have a press conference about that subject in the near future to announce that he will no longer manage it. He’s already severed all of his business dealings with Saudi Arabia (Donors to the Clinton Foundation), a country that blends Sharia law with their government. A country where women are treated like dogs while gays and lesbians get beheaded. Do you think the Clinton’s accepting millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia is ethical? I personally find it very hypocritical for a husband and wife team of two liberal Democrats to accept financial donations from a country where a wife isn’t allowed to drive a car and has to walk behind her husband in public.

          Boots – Both Hillary & Trump were two unfavorable candidates to begin with. But the majority of people in 30 out of 50 states were courageous enough to choose to change direction with an imperfect vessel rather than stay on the same course. A lot of people lost jobs who are on welfare and food stamps now. They want to work but their jobs with the skill-set they have went to other countries. Those are the people that Hillary didn’t connect with during her campaign. Those are the very people that NAFTA affected. All we can do now is hope for the best. Hope that his business experience will truly help our economy and hope that the people who he surrounds himself with knows what they’re doing. Hope that all Americans will benefit.

        • latenightroach, so you are saying that the United States should never have developed trade with China? Please think before you answer. If you trade with a country, there will be less chance of going to war with them. Would you prefer that we go to war with China instead of trading with them? NAFTA was also the pet of republicans in congress I believe besides a few democrats. Trade while it has had its bad points, has in the final analysis reduced extreme poverty in the world.

          The Donald’s taxes should concern you. He is the first president/Candidate since befforeNixon not to release his tax returns. I doubt any future candidate will bother releasing their tax returns. So you think the Donald is going to have a press conference and everything will be honky Dorky? Sorry, but the Donald is skating on very thin ice. He is actually going against the constitution. Presidents are not supposed to accept bribes. (gifts) But the Donald will be making tons of money off his hotels charging full rates to diplomats who wish to gain favors from the Donald. Yes no problem with this. lol

          Saudi Arabia, need I remind you is an ally. I doubt very much that he has severed all of his ties with them. Do you have a link? Even if he has, does not mean they are for good? Do you think we should bomb them instead? Actually, I think a case can probably be made to bomb them due to 9/11 but hay, that good republican thought it made more sense to bomb Afghanistan. I don’t know where you are coming from but you realize I hope that oil is very important to the United States and that is why Saudi has so much power. Way to cut this power is to become vegetarian and drive an electric car if you have solar panels. I assume you have done this?

          Bill and Hillary Clinton are hardly liberal. They are centrist democrats.

        • Pocho, Bill and Hillary Clinton are angles when compared to the Donald who does nothing but lie. The coward has just put off his meeting where he was going to explain how he was going to explain avoiding conflicts of interest. How gullible Trump voters are.

    • Hopefully the republican party will soon put a muzzle on the Donald.

      Hold your breath until that happens.

      Purple becomes you.

      China will not be bullied. … they will come out on top.

      Your faith in what is putatively YOUR own country is under-f r i g g i n g-whelming. We can thank our lucky stars such spineless folk were not in charge of our national defense 75 years ago.

    • “China will not be bullied” – especially when the current POTUS has demonstrated no backbone when drawing his imaginary red line in the sand in Syria.

    • LOL … you’re an 1diot. Trump has been dealing with China, Russia and 20 other countries for the last 30 years in business. Do you really think you know better? China will accept whatever Trump decides to do, just like they accept the fact that the US sells billions in weapon to Taiwan every year. Why? Because they have no other option to do anything else. A trade war or sanctions will hurt them more than the US. They cannot hope to survive a real war with the US either so their options are limited to not cooperating on the NK issue, which is already the case and no cooperation with the UN security council.
      Russia is the only country that could challenge the US militarily. China has sooooo many people, any disruption in their economy would put the government at great risk of being overthrown. They fear this outcome more than anything else. The Taiwanese will be ready and more than happy to take over when they fall.

    • I don’t care about his Taxes. GE did not pay a single red cent the first year the President they paid for was in office. Look it up it’s public record. GE is far bigger than Trump Inc.

    • Ready, after Jan.20, trumpf can do anything he wants. Why not keep his taxes secret? Actually he will keep everything secret and just keep fooling the trumpies. They will never admit it because they would admit being the fool. It will be us calling him and his fools out. As you can see, he’s the most divisive president concerning his own party.

      • #Soreloser. Did you miss the NYT releasing Donald Trumps taxes, and without his consent?
        Tell me something Nana? Have you ever ran a business?Probably not.
        Ok then! This applies to everyone doing their taxes…including Boots!
        When doing your Taxes,do you look for the MOST DEDUCTIONS or do you look to pay more taxes?If you like paying more “Taxes”,then who’s “The Fool”? C’mon Brah! Everybody does the SAME THING including you.

        • At the end of my tax forms I usually pay taxes. What is considered “my fair share”. So when I rant about taxes, I have skin in the game. The don, well I think not. Don’t go throwing corporate tax and business adjustment tax,etc.etc. if he really wants to bring the USA together, then show your cards.

        • Hey Boss…you still read the Times!?!?! hahahaha!!!! Didn’t they rededicate themselves to reporting honestly?!?!?! hhahahha!!!! I don’t think they’re relevant anymore.

      • Listen to yourself. I’m embarrassed for you. Where have you been for the past 8 years, living in a cave? Fool. Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

  • Biting the hand that feeds him? Interesting to read:

    A Newsweek investigation has found that in at least two of Trump’s last three construction projects, Trump opted to purchase his steel and aluminum from Chinese manufacturers rather than United States corporations based in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

      • My point is once Trump takes office he can’t have it both ways. Unless he’s nothing more than a BS’ing hypocrite (among his other qualities). My hope is he will invest in U.S. industries as he says everyone else should.

        It’s still an interesting read, but not, of course, for blind loyalists. I try to look at Trump more objectively.

      • What if it was the Fake News who told you that Newsweek was the Fake News but your Fake News was the real Fake News and they just told you that Newsweek was the Fake News to throw you off of their Fake News, and if enough people believe the real Fake News that Newsweek is the Fake News then those people could spread the Fake News that Newsweek is the Fake News and we would never know that the real Fake News was really your Real News…#MAGA

  • Who cares what China thinks about President Trump,when it comes to Taiwan! Americans should be offended,when we have a country ;ie China. Having the audacity of telling our POTUS, President Elect Trump what he can and what he cannot do……in this case taking a congratulatory call form Taiwan. Talk about over reacting! lol

    So why? Because……
    China is worried! We finally we have a Real Leader who takes No Baloney, or Plastic Banana nonsense………..they are worried!

    “As if China has been the Stellar country of the world”.Right?

    “Fast Forward” China’s Arm has been spreading not,only in the Pacific ,but world wide.

    It’s like being caught with your fingers in the Cookie Jar,such as:”Strong Arming” Taiwan, Manipulating and devaluing their currency,Oh yeah,let’s not forget they also want to replace the world Currency(US Dollar) and replace it with the Yuan….moving along..increased taxes on American goods entering their country,Building a military base in the South China Sea, obstructing safe & free trade passage through the China Sea…….. and NO body (Obama) does anything about it?
    This has gone on for too long and by looking the other way has not helped & now they feel as if, anything and everything in the China Sea belongs to China………… and now,we have to bow down to them?

  • Trump is very publicly defending American interests and that drives progressives absolutely crazy. They are much more comfortable with Barry Hussein apologizing for America on foreign shores and opening the borders to those who will never assimilate. This kind of aberrant behavior from progressives has been going on for a long time and it shows no sign of tapering off. Most progressives are members of the blame America first crowd. Like spoiled rich kids who who hold their parents in contempt they miss no opportunity to tear down the country (not government) and it’s founding principles. Years ago progressives openly sided with the murderous regime of Josef Stalin and more recently Fidel Castro. Their support of totalitarian style government and rejection of individual freedoms i.e. the 1st and 2nd amendments tells us who they really are. So expect more irrational panties in a wad behavior from these people as Trump defends his country and it’s citizens and actually gets things done instead of rabble rousing for 8 years like little Barry.

  • Screw China. By shifting manufacturing jobs to China, the U.S. and the global economy have given China badly needed dollars that it has used to build up it’s military. The result has been a predictable rise in it’s aggression and expansionist ambitions. Their recent purchase of a former Ukrainian Aircraft Carrier is proof positive that they are no longer content to control their own people (and Tibet). They have never made it a secret of their intentions to use force, if necessary, to “reunify” China by returning Taiwan to Chinese rule. Our own Neville Chamberlain-wanna be obama has avoided conflict at all costs and I feel he is directly to blame for the genesis of ISIS and Putin’s audacious invasion of Crimea. obama has proven over and over and over again that, while his rhetoric is tough-sounding, he has NOTHING to back it up with. Dictators sense weakness when all they are met with is appeasement. No serious student of history can claim otherwise.

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