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Michelle Obama tells Oprah that 2016 election ‘was painful’


    First lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey had a discussion on Trailblazing the Path for the Next Generation of Women during the June 14 White House Summit on the United State of Women in Washington. Mrs. Obama sat down in The White House with Winfrey for a White House interview that was broadcast on CBS Monday.

WASHINGTON >> First lady Michelle Obama tells Oprah Winfrey that this past election was “painful,” but says she and her husband will support President-elect Donald Trump’s ongoing transition to the White House and beyond because it’s “what’s best for the country.”

Mrs. Obama sat down with Winfrey at the White House for an hour-long special that was broadcast Monday on CBS.

Michelle Obama was a vocal supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton during the campaign, one she told Winfrey “was challenging for me as a citizen to watch and experience.”

“It was painful,” she added.

The first lady touched on her emotional remarks on the campaign trail following the revelation of Trump’s graphic and predatory comments about women in a 2005 recording. Obama told a New Hampshire crowd in October that Trump’s remarks about grabbing women had shaken her “to the core.”

“A lot of people have been shaken to their core and still are,” she told Winfrey. “They are still feeling the reverberations of that kind of caustic language.”

Still, Mrs. Obama says she and the president are supporting Trump’s transition because “no matter how we felt going into it, it is important for the health of this nation that we support the commander in chief.”

“It wasn’t done when my husband took office, but we’re going high, and this is what’s best for the country,” she said, a reference to her comments during the campaign that when opponents go “low,” Democrats should take the high road.

Some congressional leaders refused to support her husband when he took office, Mrs. Obama said, adding that the strategy was “good for politics, but it wasn’t good for the country.”

As for her own political future, Mrs. Obama says she won’t run for public office.

“People don’t really understand how hard this is,” she said. “It’s not something that you cavalierly just sort of ask a family to do again.”

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  • It was painful having your husband in office for 8 years. His main contribution was dividing this country. Glad he will be gone soon. Also, she says they will support Trump, so far Obama’s actions do not show it.

        • Yes it is your opinion but like most so called conservatives is just plain wrong. Are you that young that you didn’t see the divide that affected this country during the Vietnam war? Or the republican stealing of the 2000 election? Or the divide under that republican hero G W Bush? You really think the divide won’t worsen under the Donald when socialism for the rich becomes the rule of the day?

        • Does Michelle know how bad the inner Cities of Chicago feels at this stage of Barry’s reign? Wine, Dine, Golf, etc. while your home City has thousands of shootings and deaths related to gun violence. Let’s see Barry and Michelle live in the inner city, have the kids attend them sad public schools, etc.

        • Our son of Hawaii who could not make it out for Pearl’s 75th is now here on a boondoggle vacay. History will remember Obama as a charismatic, first black president, but will also recognize how poor of a federal manager he was. With so many federal agency scandals (VA, OPM, EPA, Affordable Care act and others) he has to be one of the worst managers ever. Even the robust economy is more about Congress slowing and stopping his initiatives than anything the administration did. Sadly the Obama legacy is the Trump presidency, a dubious honor at best. Small wonder “the election was painful”.

        • Bum, What truth? the constant stream of lies and distortions coming from people like you, Breitbart News, Tea Party, Alt-Right fanatics, White Supremacist racists, and Bible thumping Christian zealots.

      • What? I’m not seeing it…by the way where is the anointed one? I guess he has nothing to say re: terroristic activity in Germany, asasination of Turkish ambassador, etc.

        • What would you have him say? Don’t worry, the Donald will be president soon enough and he will tweet terrorists to death. 🙂

      • Allie, where do you live. Obama wants to release a gitmo detainee next to you so you can take care of him. Who knows, this might be the romance you crave.

    • Poor nalogirl, no Obama did not divide the country. Country was already divided. It will only get more divided under the Donald as income inequality grows. But unlike the previous republican president, Obama has lots to be proud of such as the stock market is now around 20,000 instead of being under 7000. I will give the Donald credit if in 4 years the market is around 40,000 however if it is around 10,000, well ……

      I also appreciate the fact that Obama has largely stayed away from war. This is one area where I think the Donald might also be good. Still, will he be able to resist the call for war? Time will tell.

      How has Obama’s actions not supported the President elect? Can you be specific? Actually I think Obama has helped the Donald a lot.

      • What? How do you tink BLM came out to be? man, if Barry did what he’d said he do BLM would be non existent! Barry, Jesse, Al, Fredericka, etc. all played the Race game before the facts came out of crime scenes! Gawd, safe these non-believers as they do not know how to tink. Pigs in a blanket fire em like bacon. Hands up, Don’t shoot, was all LIES produced by Libertards/Democrats and their Pied Pipers!

        • IRT Pocho: So 100% of the shootings are justified officer shootings? You have the evidence for all of the shootings? I agree that they jumped the gun on many if not 99% of the shootings but if even 1% is not justified then your statement can’t be correct…#MAGA

        • lol, how did BLM came about? Ever hear of the cell phone and the ability to take pictures and video on the spot? These things gave blacks and other minorities tools to fight back when something bad happens. Cops run the very real chance of being busted when they act in a thuggish way.

        • IRT jusris: Thank you for understanding my point. No where did I say 100% police shootings are justified. Bro, you reading things that I’m not even pointing out. Barry and company played the Race card not knowing the facts, BINGO!

        • without facts but playing the Race Card only created more Racial divide than what it really needed to be. Why play the Race Card when it’s not even facts? The POTUS is a RACITSTS! If I had a son he’d be … . Come on I don’t hear the POTUS saying if I had a son he’d be that cop. And those Baltimore officials who convicted police officers in their mind and planted those false convictions are just as bad. BIASED people, bigots! stereotyping cops! False hope for the poor like the Democrats who ran the poor people to the ground in many ways

        • IRT Pocho: Was Obama lying when he said his son would have looked like Trayvon??? He didn’t say his son would BE Trayvon just like your point that he didn’t say his son would BE a Police Officer…You know all black people don’t behave the same yet you infer that if Obamas son LOOKED like Trayvon he must act like Trayvon…Just like how you judge ALL Poluve Iffucers the same I bet…#MAGA

        • IRT Pocho: Was Obama lying when he said his son would have looked like Trayvon??? He didn’t say his son would BE Trayvon just like your point that he didn’t say his son would BE a Police Officer…You know all black people don’t behave the same yet you infer that if Obamas son LOOKED like Trayvon he must act like Trayvon…Just like how you judge ALL Police Officers the same I bet…#MAGA

        • IRT jusris. True true, lol. Guess he looked 3/4’s of Barry’s son if he had a son. And it is why it was considered to be a Race Card played by none other than the POTUS himself.

        • IRT Pocho: But HOW do we know he played it as a race card, or are we guessing? Is it just US who are perceiving it as the Race card or did he truly mea. It to be the Race card…Why was he using it? Was he trying to connect us to the fact that it could be anyone if our sons? #MAGA

        • It is what it is! Isn’t that the probable incident that started BlM. Barry should have stayed clear of the problem in the 1st place. Even the cockroaches came out: Jesse and Al and Fredericka,etc.

          That’s it took for the racists to come out to up their ego’s with the black community. Barry did SQUAT for his State’s inner cities.

      • Boots,

        Seriously now, do you think future historians will regard President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize as well deserved? Now granted, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and especially Syria weren’t the toilet bowls in 2009 that they are now, but what has Hawaii’s native son done to measurably promote peace and non-violence on this planet during his two terms? Please note, we’re not including the United State’s domestic tranquility (which you implicitly agree hasn’t IMPROVED either).

        For what it’s worth, I think the Nobel Prize Committee probably bought wholesale Obama’s promise of “Hope and Change.” And yes, I certainly believe America’s historic election of a black man as POTUS weighed heavily in their selection.

        • I thought for sure that we would be going to war with Iran there. But Obama hammered out an agreement that kept this country from wasting its resources. Iran would not be easy to defeat. Obama is far from perfect but he is a lot more perfect than past presidents we have had. I will miss him. I just hope the Donald doesn’t fall for the military industrial complex. This country just cannot afford to waste its resources on continual war.

      • The thing about Boots is that he speaks the unvarnished truth. Nalo has lived in an illusion. But she and others are soon to realize the terrible mistake they have made putting in a man this unready. Watch your wallets…his rich advisors are out to rip the middle class.

        • Trump is going to make America great again, try to be happy. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

        • You tell em nalogirl, my d!ck gets hard just thinking about how GREAT Trump will make America…Merry Christmas and any other Christian Holidays I might have missed…#MAGA

      • boots…in case you missed this….

        Ouch! Hillary Clinton LOST MORE ELECTORS Than Any US Politician in Last 100 Years

        Jim Hoft Dec 20th, 2016 9:57 am 156 Comments

        Democrats were hoping yesterday’s Electoral Vote would end with electors rejecting Republican Donald Trump in droves.

        It didn’t work out that way.
        in fact Hillary Clinton lost more electors than Donald J. Trump.

        Trump lost two electors: One to Ron Paul and one to Governor John Kasich.
        Hillary Clinton lost Five electors.

        The Final Count:
        8 Clinton defectors
        4 WA (successful)
        1 HI (successful)
        1 MN (attempted)
        1 ME (attempted)
        1 CO (attempted)

        2 Trump defectors
        TX (successful)

        In fact Hillary Clinton lost more electors than any politician in the last 100 years.
        Not since 1912 has a candidate lost more electors.

      • IRt Vector: I don’t think that is true…It appears that the country is more 33.3% anti-Trumper, 33.3% Trumpers, 66.6% Somewhere in the Middle and just want to move America forward, Trump is good and bad, Obama is good and bad, Clinton is good and bad, My wife is good and bad, and on and on and on…There is no sides to pick…#MAGA

        • Hillary has 2.8 million more, or 2% more of the popular vote than Trump. Trump has won the Divided States, and not a United States. He has divided the country, and is now reaping what he and the Republican Alt-Right have sown

    • lol, yes the liberals and moderates lost. But the country has hardly been taken back by the working class. Enjoy your minimum wage jobs as the country takes a step backwards.

      • IRT Boots: I disagree with you, the country has been taken back by the working class…its just that they voted in the rich people to run America…Hopefully their money will trickle down to us working class citizens…#MAGA

    • Serious, I agree! Look at the time stamps on the comments from allie and Boots. Why aren’t they working, it’s the middle of the day on a Tuesday in Hawaii.
      Obviously they are unemployed maybe living off the government dime?

        • @ Vector…did you know this?

          “Ouch! Hillary Clinton LOST MORE ELECTORS Than Any US Politician in Last 100 Years

          Jim Hoft Dec 20th, 2016 9:57 am 156 Comments

          Democrats were hoping yesterday’s Electoral Vote would end with electors rejecting Republican Donald Trump in droves.

          It didn’t work out that way.
          in fact Hillary Clinton lost more electors than Donald J. Trump.

          Trump lost two electors: One to Ron Paul and one to Governor John Kasich.
          Hillary Clinton lost Five electors.

          The Final Count:
          8 Clinton defectors
          4 WA (successful)
          1 HI (successful)
          1 MN (attempted)
          1 ME (attempted)
          1 CO (attempted)

          2 Trump defectors
          TX (successful)

          In fact Hillary Clinton lost more electors than any politician in the last 100 years.
          Not since 1912 has a candidate lost more electors.

        • @ Jusris
          This is where Clint Eastwood looks at you and say..
          ” Go find an empty chair & G_F_¥”

          January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        • IRT Keonigohan: zzzzzz…Now that Trump is officially President your tiresome ignorance is useless, we will UNITE and it’ll be you and your Mommy telling you how smart you are and the right girl will come along so don’t worry…#MAGA

        • @ jusris
          You’re one sick puppy and am so happy you’re on Vector/allie/boots side…go do a “Deliverance”…”Dueling Banjos” remake.

          January 20, 2017 #MAGA

    • Sorry to disappoint you, the country is being taken back by fat cat Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and corporate executives, Chief Executive Officers of the oil and gas industries, military generals who want more spent on the military industrial complex. The working class, middle class, and the poor will get what’s left that trickles down from above.

  • Michelle Obama say “For the first time in my adult lifetime I am proud of my country?”-
    It was during speeches in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin on February 18, 2008.
    “Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.” Dec 2016

    Aside from those two despicable & insulting comments what has MO done in her 8 years as 1st lady?

    • She and her brood went to China to tell the Chinese how to eat, remember?
      Very significant moment in China’s history, I’m sure.
      Sounds like she needs a “safe place’.
      Chicago perhaps?

    • keonigohan, is a really bitter man. Not enough love in his life. Been watching the Hollow Crown” on PBS. It’s about King Richard the Third of England, who was a hunchback and cripple, who felt rejected, was a murderous psychopath whose only goal in life was to be King and have absolute power by any means, and at any cost.

      • You ok?
        Still stewing in the SHOCKING DEVASTATING LANDSLIDE SHELLACKING LOSS that slapped your head silly? Hard to swallow was it? Maybe try washing it down with a jug of KOOLADE & finishing it off with some HUMBLE PIE….your disposition may improve…if not then do what LOSERS do…eat CROW.
        We WON because WeThePeople saw we were just
        about to go off the cliff with this psychotic liberal ideology…WE said enough!
        You LOST…deal with it…hopefully you might get back some sense of sanity…if you had any to begin with.
        CNN/MSM/FAKE NEWS are doing you a disservice…get INFORMED.

        January 20, 2017 #MAGA…a GREAT BEGINNING!5

      • You tell em Keonigohan, this weaka$$ BEeotches need to learn…You loss because you Put CLINTON up against the greatest man on EARTH!!!! Rich White Men will always RULE the earth…Fat a$$should have just stayed home and screwed Billy Boy instead of wasting our TIME, ain’t NO women equal to us MEN…#MAGA

    • Her speech, action and behavior, at this point in time, doesn’t seem to live up to her top notch education, and the other highly descriptive titles of her resume! Is she one and the same person on top of the A list at the initial reign of the Obamas’ legacies ? Why would anyone lowered themselves down to every Tom, Dick and Jane?

      • From the abc article reporting on it “Death rates increased for black men, white men, white women, and slightly for Hispanic men and women. But they did not change for black women.” See it IS a conspiracy!
        but it did go on and say deaths for poor white people has been rising upward.

      • And all those gun-toting white men in the Republican Midwest and South who vociferously support the Second Amendment, also have the highest rate gun violence, domestic abuse, and suicides in America.

  • She is so full of herself. Her husband will go down as one of the worst Presidents in history. Only Jimmy peanut Carter was below him. I agree he won’t vacation here after he has pay his own way.

    • lol, ignore history all you want but Obama will go down as one of the best presidents primarily because he had the town’s idiot preceding him which plunged the country into the grand recession and he is being followed by the town’s butcher who I have no doubt will plunge the country into another grand recession. Prove me wrong republicans, but tax cuts for the rich, will not put American workers back to work.

      • You’re entitled to your opinion as I am mine. IMO, Obama will go down as one of the worse POTUS in history. That is unless you like over regulation, divisive racist language, smug attitude towards less educated working class people, sending more than $1B to Iran, a qualified love of country, off the chart political correctness, etc., etc., etc. Give him credit for helping to limit the recession but then he also ran up more debt that anyone else in history, by a lot. He ended no wars and he gave birth to ISIS. As the leader of the democratic party he cared more about himself causing the party to lose a significant number of congressional and gubernatorial seats. Yes, he was popular among many, probably because he was black, but he had no coattails.

  • “Painful”for you ,but Pure Elation for me! We (the 48%) have been feeling this “Reverberation” stuff for the past 8 years. We have become a Nation of Division. “One side on the Right and One side on the Left”. Ultimately,we become WEAK and confused,when we are Divided!
    As President elect Trump has stated, “We have to come together and Unite as one people”. Bingo! IMUA

    • @jusris
      The terrible upsetting LANDSLIDE DEVASTATING SLAP-IN YO FACE LOSS making you act silly.
      Take a break…you need to calm down.

      January 20, 2017 #MAGA

      • IRT Keonigohan: You are the one refusing to UNITE, same old nonsense, I never was for Clinton…Sore losers are one thing but a gloating winner shows ones lack of self esteem…You won, why the need to gloat??? Mommy still loves you…#MAGA

      • @jusris
        Obviously you are a addict, racist & very troubled individual comparing the content of your posts from the day to the night.
        Seek help..really.

  • In 2008 Mrs. Obama said for the first time in her adult life she is proud of her country. Now in 2016 she says there is little hope for this country. Is she undermining the accomplishments of her husband’s past four years as president.

        • IRT hawaiikone: I did and I perceived it as: anti-Trumpers don’t have HOPE in Trump but we NEED to because you as a parent have to give HOPE to your kids, the more we cry that there is no HOPE in Trump the more the kids will follow our lead…Boom!!!…You mad cause I don’t pick a side…#MAGA

        • If you think I’m going to get into a back and forth with you, let it go. You won’t take a stand about anything, yet pick and jab at the comments of others daily. Michelle makes her position crystal clear. There is no hope. Trump is not an adult. All the filler about “teaching our kids” is merely obvious rhetoric designed to placate the audience. Either you buy into what she’s selling or you don’t. Either you acknowledge Trump as your president, and trust for the best, or you rant on everyday in this forum like bootie and gang. Lukewarm is for taking showers, not taking stands.

        • IRT hawaiikone: Sorry that you get frustrated when someone asks questions, we don’t know it all like you do…I’m interested in why you guys feel the way you do…If you don’t know why that’s okay just move along with the crowd…Try reading my post I agree with the stance that we need to move forward WITH Trump and I think in the end that’s what First Lady was saying…maybe you don’t like people agreeing with you and your like, maybe you like to keep America divided…So sad that you look for confrontations throughout your day…Merry Christmas…#MAGA

        • I sure was mistaken when I thought no one could be as lame as klastri. My bad. klastri, I’m thinking about you. How is your recovery proceeding?

        • So finally you come out with an opinion. Namely that Michelle, in this interview, is stating that we all need to “move forward” with Trump. I don’t see that. When she starts with several “there’s no hopes”, then injects the line about an “adult” in the White house, interspersed with pleasantries about Barry and children, I really don’t see much beyond her saying we need to brace for a pitiful leadership experience. You want to see it another way, that’s your call, but falling back on “you guys”, “you and your like”, and “confrontations”, only reduces your position to the same context you seemingly protest against.
          Oh, and chit chat aside, Merry Christmas to you as well…

        • IRT hawaiikone: you are right brother…I cannot compete with the division that BOTH sides want…Even when I agree with you, you find something to divide US…You WIN Trump won and the Clinton supporters need to leave the country…#MAGA

        • No one can play this out “middle of the road”. That became very clear early on in this election cycle, only intensifying lines that have been drawn for years. That very knowledge led me directly to Gary Johnson, who despite his faults, would have given both sides some desperately overdue breathing room. Obviously it ain’t gonna happen, and we’re stuck with the same old song, just with a new choir.

  • I hate to say it but that statement alone shows what little class Mrs Obama has. The American people voted for Mr Trump and she ungraciously casts doubt on him and the new administration before they they did a thing. What if Mrs Bush did that to her husband in 2008? NO CLASS !!!!!

    • She is just confused because when they go high she is forced to go low should be her slogan she just read it wrong. She and her husband could not drag the old hag Hillary across the finish line in this past election.

      • True, they both were active campaigning for Hillary! Other former POTUS did not participate as much as they did! Unprecedentedly, thus the disappointment, especially to lose! Their party faithful put too much reliance on the left leaning liberal who led them to defeat. His strategy must be scrutinized to realize Why? His left leaning beliefs that intellectuals will lead this Nation for their political agenda! John Podesta who created the Move On Organization is currently who created the organization to deter the impeachment of Bill Clinton now is proposing to create chaos during this transitional period. Using his words, create an “echo chamber”! The demonstrations thus far manifest his ideals!

      • Really and truly, the Obamas probably cared little if Hillary won or lost. They quite explicitly at times admitted they were campaigning to preserve President Barack Obama’s legacy.

        • Hillary is part of Obama’s legacy! After the VP and The Majority Whip, the Secretary of State is in line to be Commander-in-Chief. That Office conduct the Nation business on a global scale. Thus is major part of any President’s legacy?

  • I’ve lost much respect for Michelle Obama. I know she’s biased as should should be in support of her husband but many of her words are over the top. Her comment that implied that GWB didn’t help in the Obama transition into the White House contradicts everything previously reported. In fact, over the past eight years I’ve heard nothing negative coming out of GWB about Obama. I have a feeling that the Obamas will be very critical of Trump in the future. Then her comment that there’s no hope with the new president is ridiculous as well. In fact, Trump was elected on the hope that Obama didn’t deliver on. Remember, Obama made this election a referendum on him. By the outcome he lost.

    • I don’t think she said “there’s no hope with the new president” and just stopped there, I think she kept talking but people aren’t acknowledging the rest of her point…Pick and Choose…We all do it but you RARELY hear anyone admit to doing it…#MAGA

      • What else did she say? I admit I only heard her comment about the current lack of hope. Was her comment about her helping the Trump transition despite the fact that “it wasn’t done when my husband took office” also out of context? For years I only heard that GWB went out his way to not only help the Obamas in transition but I saw him state that he didn’t think a former president should criticize the current one. Did I miss something?

        • Obama not former yet, you missed that one…You are right the First Lady has mentioned several times and has shown friendship with GWB…I felt like the meaning was: anti-Trumpers don’t have HOPE in Trump but we NEED to because, you as a parent have to give HOPE to your kids for the future, the more we cry that there is no HOPE in Trump the more the kids will follow our lead and their future looks hopeless…If I am wrong then so what, the message I received is one that ALL anti-Trumpers should think about…#MAGA

  • Here’s a quiz.
    Who will be paid the most by Goldman Sachs to give a speech?
    A. Barrack Obama
    B. Hillary Clinton
    C. Faith Spotted Eagle
    D. Elmer Fudd
    Thanks for participating.

  • Obama and her husband are responsible for the outcome of the election. Clinton would have been better suggesting she was in control of her own agenda.

  • “Trump’s graphic and predatory comments about women in a 2005 recording….” Oh GIVE ME A BREAK! So he had a private conversation where he told another guy how he grabbed some hottie’s vajayjay. SO F’IN WHAT? You women have made similar, “graphic” and “predatory” comments about men. I guarantee my hairy left nut on that!

  • What is painful is that she, The Incompetent One, and the girls will no longer have taxpayer subsidized vacations at the snap of their finger. The Arrogant One will no longer have Air Force One at his beck and call to fly down to Florida for golf lessons with Tiger Woods’ former coach. Good riddance for the pox that these people have visited upon our (formerly) great country. Jan. 20 can’t get here soon enough.

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