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Trump selects Conway for White House counselor position


    Kellyanne Conway, Trump-Pence campaign manager, was seen prior to a Dec. 1 forum at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass. Conway is headed to the White House, where she’ll serve as counselor to the president.

WASHINGTON >> President-elect Donald Trump has named close adviser Kellyanne Conway as his White House counselor, elevating the woman who led his campaign to victory to a senior West Wing position.

Conway, who took over as campaign manager in the summer, has been one of Trump’s most visible advisers, making frequent television appearances on his behalf. She has a strong rapport with the president-elect and was seen as a positive influence on his often chaotic campaign.

“She is a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and has amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message,” Trump said in a statement today announcing the position.

In tapping Conway for the senior White House role, Trump is creating another power center in the West Wing. He’s already named outgoing Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus as his chief of staff and conservative media executive Steve Bannon as a senior adviser. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner will also be an influential adviser, though his exact role is still to be determined.

Internal rivalries have long been a hallmark of Trump’s businesses and campaign as well as his transition team. Conway and Priebus have been at odds over some major decisions, including who should serve as Trump’s secretary of state. He ultimately chose Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson.

Conway irritated some Trump aides with her outspoken opposition to the prospect of the president-elect picking Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, to head the State Department. She panned the idea in public, though she said she had also made her feelings known to Trump privately.

Conway, a longtime Republican pollster, considered not joining the White House staff and turned down offers to serve in a communications role. She also expressed a desire to help Trump set up an outside political organization to promote his agenda.

Conway said today that she was “humbled and honored to play a role in helping transform the movement he has led into a real agenda of action and results.”

Transition officials said announcements on other White House positions could come by the end of the week.

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    • She is a snake Trump is adding to the cesspool of Alt-Right Tea Party Republicans. Trump is doing an excellent job of filling the swamp in Washington with the same Republicans who have been there for years, and now adding more of the fascist Tea Party types to his cabinet and administration. Trump love for tyrants and mass murderer’s like Putin, Assad, and Erdogan of Turkey, reveal what kind of person he is and the kiND of people he will have in government. Our democracy and Republic is being undermined and subverted from within by the President Elect and his advisers, Administration, and his supporters.

      • and yet…‘Trump Whisperer,’ Will Be Counselor to President Donald J. Trump!
        January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        ps…the sooner you get over your DEVASTATING LANDSLIDE SHELLACKING LOSS the better for you.

        • Keonigohan you have been conned or self deceived by the Trump, Steve Bannon, Breitbart, Tea Party, White Supremacist & Nationalist,KKK Propaganda Disinformation Machine

        • What devastating landslide loss. Hillary had 2.9 million popular votes than Trump, or 2% more than Trump. Now Trump and all you Trump worshippers have to figure out how to unite America again, after you have done such a wonderful job of turning half of the voting populace against you

        • @ vector
          Get over yourself.
          Popular Vote DOES NOT COUNT….you LOST. Been that way for 240 years.
          PE Trump can only try to unite…takes 2.
          Your party is in complete DISARRAY so you already have huge problems to worry about.
          If you’re going to be a problem get out of the way for those who want to come to unite…

          ps…if California was not involved in the election Trump would have won the Popular Vote as well…read up on why we have the Electoral Vote…you might see the bigger picture.

  • PHONEY. Like almost all his appointees- during the campaign and hey all didn’t like or had doubts about trump. Also if I remember Conway stated she did not want a position cause she wanted to consentrate on raising her children. Also always doesn’t not answer questions but end up answering with negative inquiry of the demo or Clinton. All of them(guliane, Gingrich, pence etc) does the same and I might say Fox Newscasters does the same.

    • Since the SA left out her answer about her deciding to take a job at the WH:
      It will allow her time to still be a mother, especially since she doesn’t golf or have a mistress. I really like this woman. She tells it like it is, she voiced her opposition to Romney because.Trump supporteres were calling and emailing her their dislike of him because of what he has said about Trump during the campaign. She is the person that will keep Trump on track by giving him feedback that comes directly from the public. I am looking forward to the next four years.

      • Kellyanne is like Trump, an absentee parent. Trump did not raise his kids, his divorced wife raised them. His wife Melania and his young son are props to be paraded to make him look like a good caring father. His son Baron on Election looked like he was bewildered at what was happening, and did not show much ethusiasm for his father Trump. Baron probably knows a lot more about the real Trump than any of us can ever know

    • You have to remember Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch,p the tycoon of his media Empire, which has done it’s fair share of hacking. World News, under Rupert had even hacked into the accounts of the Royal Family, and also was found to be colluding with British Prime Minister David Cameron to rig the elections. I would not be surprised Rupert Murdoch, and his World News were supplying Wiki leaks with the hacks, along with Putin’s KGB, and military cyber warfare units

      • Okay, Rupert Murdock is also owner of the Wall Street Journel. That can explain why Trump is appointing so many Wall Street Billionaires and CEOS to his cabinet, who worked for many years with Goldman Sachs, like Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Adviser, Steve Mnuchin, Goldman Sachs Executive, as Secretary of the Treasury

  • She is the ultimate spin doctor for Trump and has proved it during the entire campaign. Trump is going to need her now more than ever after he takes office next month to explain away all the stuff Trump will do.

  • Her highest qualification is her ability to appear on television and, with a straight face and in spite of video evidence, deny that Trump has said the racist, misogynist, or profoundly ignorant things that expose, over and over again, how unqualified and how unprepared he is for the office that he’s about to assume.

  • Interesting how the self-proclaimed pro-women democratic party, the Clinton campaign and her supporters will never celebrate this lady’s accomplishments. Hypocrites? Personally, I was not very impressed by her during the campaign but the outcome and the credit that Trump gave her would indicate that she is a lot smarter than the people who ran Hillary’s campaign.

  • Excellent Choice! During the Campaign ,she was not only President Elect Trump’s Campaign Mgr,but also served as an Adviser! AND at the same time playing a critical roll as ” The Equalizer” . Reeling in President Trump whenever he strays off point or becomes too Rash ( Or Realistic) for the Liberals to handle! Haaaaaaaaaaa! For Me?
    I like the Straight -up, Never Back-Down,Tell it Like it is President! This is True Leadership!

    In reality,Kellyanne Conway has accomplished more than a few women,including John Podesta could ever Dream Of! With that in Mind? why isn’t the MSM,giving her the Props she deserves? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Looking at President Trump’s choices regarding his staff and Cabinet picks? I starting to Breath a little easier. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ! Breath-in ,Breath-Out! There…

    Off Grid:
    I telling you folks!
    The Libs are in Disarray and Denial. And acting like children! The Daily Mail ( or,Go To Drudge Report) has a story, how Crazy these people really are!
    Heading reads:”Screaming Lawyer Chases Down Ivanka Trump on Jet Blue”. The Libs has stooped down to an “All Time Low” stooping down to Harassing and threatening The First Lady of the United States Of America? Really? I mean isn’t there a Law protecting the First Lady? Let’s see if they try that again, after President Elect Trump is Sworn in……let’s see. IMUA!

    • I agree that the treatment that Ivanka and her family and the rest of the Trump family have been harassed and the media seems to think its okay. My goodness, her children were there too. No class. BTW : Melania is the First Lady, Ivanka will be filling in for her until Baron finishes at school.

      • Indeed Nalogirl! The question is,why isn’t the DOJ pursuing these cases and these Violent people? such as……
        1.”Organized Violent Protesting” at Trump’s Rally?
        Remember seeing a Trump supporter being punched and kicked in the head because he was Trump supported?
        ……Not a Peep out of this administration or the DOJ?

        2. Life Threatening threats to the electors? Again Not a Peep?

        3. Life threats against FL Melania Trump ? Again Not a Peep? I mean the lists goes on and on!

        But, I say again But! If the situation was reversed,where as Hillary was the Victor in the president race? And these were Trump’s People? All hell would break lose!

        • You git that right Moi. The hypocrisy by the Clinton supporters is disgraceful. I thought that the media said they would change their biased reporting since they were outed by Wikileaks? No, the MSM still thinks that the American people are ignorant. I can’t see how anyone can actually say that the way the incoming President and his family has been down played and disregarded. I give Ivank credit f

        • The New York Times provided an excellent example of bias when they printed a front page story about how a little boy had a nightmare about PE Trump winning. No exemplary journalism here.

    • Luv yoy reference to John Podesta who was Hillary’s debacle campaign manager, whose emails to Huma Abedin was the leaked by WiliLeaks that did Hillary’s. Loser cannot believe Podesta did her in. He was the father that sired the Move on organization that opposed Bill’s impeachment. Since then with funding from the Open Society Foundation instigated the demonstrations against the president-elect. Blame the George Soros for funding John Podesta instead the Russian. Look inward for the loss! Hillary’s loss to Barry and now to Trump. Success story??????

    • @MoiLee, you can look for Ivanka and her family here. They were on their way to Hawaii according to KITV and KHON2 news. Should be here by now, somewhere.

  • A very rare and amazing individual, who is a team player, believes in conservative values and wants to make America great again. She will help to keep President Trump on his path to success. The PE has made great choices for his administration, which gives us encouragement after all the Obama years of disappointment and poor decision making.

    • Conservative values like slavery, the vote for white men only, the Christian KKK values of lynching blacks, and segregating them, persecuting minority groups and races. Those are the Conservative values of which you speak

  • Another excellent selection by Trump. The feminists should be cheering Trump’s selection. Here is a successful woman who ran Donald’s campaign and against all odds won the election. This in sharp contrast to Waldo Clinton who would have been selling real estate in a polyester pant suit driving a ’92 Dodge were it not for her husband.

  • Conway is very qualified for the job. I have watched her during the campaign and always found her to be straight talking and very articulate in presenting Trump to the american
    public. Trump continues to do a very good job in selecting who he wants in his cabinet and to be his closet advisors.

    • O’s appointments were a lot of Money Donor pay-for-play buggahs hence the WORST POTUS/administration in American history.

      January 20, 2017 #MAGA

    • Dear Lord, please bless Trump as he becomes President of the United States. Bless our country and help us all in making America Great Again! Amen and Merry Christmas!

  • I’m sorry, but I’m finding that many blonde women look like her. Even the ladies on CNN and commercials. I must be racist. They all look alike to me. Like Barbie.

  • She is the very first female presidential campaign manager in the history of our country and she did an AMAZING job. Haters are gonna hate unless she was on THEIR side. Understandable. I’d be jealous too.

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