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Suspected gunman, accomplice enter pleas in fatal Ala Moana shooting


    Dae Han Moon stood with his attorney during his arraignment today in the shooting death of Steve Feliciano on Christmas night.

A 20-year-old man pleaded not guilty to murder in connection with the deadly shooting at Ala Moana Center Christmas night.

Dae Han Moon, 20, appeared at his arraignment at Circuit Court via closed-circuit video link this morning from the Oahu Community Correctional Center. His attorney, Alen Kaneshiro, entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of Moon.

Moon turned himself in at the Honolulu Police Department’s main headquarters Friday after an Oahu grand jury indicted him for second-degree murder in the shooting death of Steve “Stevie” Feliciano, 20.

Circuit Judge Colette Garibaldi confirmed his bail at $2 million. His trial has been set for the week of March 6.

The shooting occurred at about 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 25 on the fifth floor of Ala Moana Center’s Ewa wing parking structure. Feliciano and some friends allegedly went there to get some marijuana from another person when Moon and his friends arrived in a vehicle.

One of Moon’s friends allegedly started a fight with Feliciano, sparking others to take part in the brawl.

After the altercation, police said Moon returned to his car and retrieved a firearm. He allegedly struck Feliciano with the gun before he fired a gunshot into the back of his head.

Feliciano was transported to Queen’s Medical Center in critical condition and put on life support where he died three days later.

At the time of the shooting, Moon was free on $30,000 bail on charges of auto theft and firearm possession relating to a Dec. 5 incident.

William Kan, who was charged with first-degree hindering prosecution in connection with the shooting, also appeared in court today. His attorney entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of Kan. Police arrested Kan at his Punchbowl home Dec. 28 and released him after he posted $25,000 bail.

Police are still looking for Lance Bermudez, 25, who is wanted for hindering prosecution. Police said Kan and Bermudez threatened a witness to the shooting.

A $500,000 warrant has been issued for Bermudez’ arrest.

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    • There is much more to this story than we have been told. When do we get the full story? Are we seeing more gang activity? Threatening a witness is a serious crime and hints of organized crime activity. What drugs are involved? Where do the gangs originate from and who gives the orders? What is going on out here and why is our life quickly deteriorating with a rash of violent gun incidents. Where is the HPD? Who is in charge? Who is taking responsibility?

      • Of course there’s more to this story than being told to the public. Why should authorities release all their information to the public when the case hasn’t even gone to trial and they could possibly be investigating others (ex. drug suppliers) connected to this case. Our life isn’t “quickly deteriorating” unless you base your opinion on the first 5 minutes of the nightly news. Remember, back in the “good ole days” there wasn’t 24/7 media coverage which often magnifies one’s perception that crime is out of control. The fact is that violent crime was much higher in the 70s and 80s than it is today. Organized crime was also much more prevalent back then. If anything this Moon lowlife is nothing but a hotheaded, low level, henchman for whoever he’s working for. The fact that it happened at Ala Moana adds to the heavy media coverage.

        • No, Mori. You are being way too positive. Gun violence is way up according to stats from HPD. Dangerous out there…

        • Allie, way up from when? I’m talking about the 70s and 80s. and even 90s Look at the UCR (Uniform Crime Report) if you don’t believe me. Crime naturally fluctuates from year to year. It could be up from 5 years ago or 3 years ago but it’s no where near where it was a few decades ago. This is true nationwide.

        • Moon learned from the Best of Bestest. Deny Deny Deny in the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Never wrong/All anointed Barry, etc.

        • allie, guns DON’T kill people, people kill people! If you think gun violence is up, you should visit one of our fine military bases and see how unsafe they are with all those guns around and not to mention bombs and nukes. Please grow up already with your “D” Utopian political myths. Stop telling all the law abiding good people that want to protect you and others what we should or shouldn’t own or do. You don’t like guns then move to North Korea, it’s a 100% gun free zone.

    • What you’re referring to, is called Acne Craters, and is a result of heredity, and a poor diet.

      He obviously is too busy to be worried about eating healthy…

      • Kind of late now but he needs to see a Dermatologist or plastic surgeon pronto. Could it be that he turned to a life of crime mainly because of his bad facial acne scars left him the bu tt end of jokes while going through school?

        • I know everyone is different but speaking from experience I can tell you that acne that severe can indeed make one become depressed and angry. I can’t say how it effected his life but I’m sure it didn’t help. When I was in my mid-teens I had even worse acne than him. Probably the worst in my school. Though I turned out fine, I do remember how much I hated it. I’m not making any kind of excuse for his behavior though.

        • I don’t see kids with as bad acne as before. There are more options nowadays to prevent such bad acne. I guess his parents didn’t notice/care or whatever.

  • Right, not guilty. Mr. Moon should team up with OJ to find the real killers. They aren’t at a golf course; OJ already investigated a bunch of them. Maybe Moon can investigate a prison; allegedly you can find a few there.

  • Is that all there is to this story? A bunch of guys went to buy some recreational weed and maybe argued about the price which led to the confrontation and killing? Or is there a more sinister scenario? Big business of gangs buying/selling weed? Lots of speculation but authorities are mum and it’s been almost two weeks.

    • If your more sinister scenario is true then there could be a reason why authorities aren’t releasing all the information they have to the public. It could jeopardize whatever cases they’re working on. Of course I’m speculating too but it makes sense.

    • A dope dealers worst nightmare, legalized marijuana! LOL
      Just wait till the dispensaries open up. Dope dealers will actually need to find jobs for the first time in their lives! It happened in California too, all the dope dealers left the state, there was no money for them to make, some actually started to buy legal weed and sell it in Mexico since the quality was better than the $h!t they had back home! LOL

  • Wow, the same judge Garibaldi that gave him a “break” to serve only 5 years instead of a longer sentence for other previous crimes he committed. Served from 2011-2016, gets out and kills. No more breaks…

    • The way the courts work in the one party state is they offer sweetheart plea-bargain deal if he immediately fills out the voter registration card and bubbles in “D” for his political affiliation.

  • Should of kept running enjoying your vacation on the run. Won’t be any more vacations for him even after us tax payers spend about 3 million on his room and board for the rest of his stay in your new hotel.

  • Not guilty, huh? Even though you were missing for days before turning yourself in? Even though there are eyewitnesses that saw you as the shooter and can identify you by name? Even though an accomplice was charged with threatening a witness and another is being sought for the same charge? Good luck with that.

  • He’s a murderer, he executed that kid. Let’s see how tough he is now without his gun, my bet is he’s already crying himself to sleep in his jail cell. His life is over.

  • Wish we could know more about what went down that night and why. As far as HPD, they will never talk about organized crime and gang activity as it makes them look bad and they
    do not like that. A big change from the 1970 – 1990’s when there was a lot of information about local organized crime groups and the Yakuza and other criminal groups that were operating here and running things.
    I suppose this was largely because of Federal involvement but in the years since, HPD has been very much mum on what has been going on in terms of the various organized
    criminal groups and factions except the ocassional shooting or gambling den robbery that occurs from time to time that indicate the existence of some kind of turf war
    that is going on. Sure wish we had some real and legitimate reporting by the news media in this town but the drive by media that exist now can barely rewrite the stuff they
    get off the wire or internet let alone do any real reporting.
    I suppose this kind of stuff is bad for business and tourism so nobody wants to take about it. So if you don’t talk about it, it does not exist. You know, the three monkey philosophy.
    No see, No hear, No speak.

    • I don’t remember reporting back in the 70s-90s as that was before my time but you have to admit organized crime activity, at least visible murders is way down from their heyday in the 70s and 80s. I’d suspect other activity is down as well though I believe it still exists.

  • humans using the gun and/or assault rifles and pulling the trigger to kill and injure another human is wrong. Criminals will always have there day in court with best lawyers (liars) money can buy. Defense lawyers prostituting themselves for criminals for lots and lots of money to get them free.

  • If this thug isn’t an American citizen, deport his worthless okole. he guy looks like a lifetime taxpayer funded jailbird !! Where are his PARENTS ???? He’s 20 years old, not 21 !!

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