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After intel brief, Trump says hack had no impact on election


    President-elect Donald Trump, left, departed a meeting at the Condé Nast offices at One World Trade Center in New York today.

WASHINGTON >> After a briefing from the nation’s top intelligence officials, President-elect Donald Trump said today he is confident Russians did not affect the outcome of the U.S. presidential election but he didn’t say whether he now accepts the intelligence assessment that Moscow did meddle in the race.

Trump acknowledged in a statement that “Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people” are consistently trying to hack U.S. networks, including the Democratic National Committee’s. But his statement did not include any mention of Russia’s interference in the election aimed at helping him — a conclusion that U.S. intelligence agencies have made with high confidence and presented to him this afternoon.

Trump said “there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines.” However, allegations of Russian interference concern email hacking, not any accusations of tampering with voting machines.

Trump in his statement said that as president he would appoint a team to develop a plan to “aggressively combat and stop cyberattacks.”

Before even seeing the classified intelligence report today, Trump dismissed the assessment and told The New York Times the focus on Russia’s involvement is a “political witch hunt” by adversaries who are embarrassed they lost the election. “They got beaten very badly in the election,” Trump said. “They are very embarrassed about it. To some extent, it’s a witch hunt. They just focus on this.”

The officials — Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey — were prepared to point to multiple motives for Moscow’s alleged meddling. They briefed senior lawmakers this morning. President Barack Obama received a briefing on Thursday.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the intelligence report presented by the officials was “quite a stunning disclosure.”

A declassified version was expected to be released later today, according to one U.S. official, who wasn’t authorized to comment publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Several advisers joined Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence for the intelligence briefing. They included Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., Trump’s choice to head the CIA; incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus; incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn; incoming Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland and Thomas Bossert, Trump’s pick for homeland security adviser.

Since winning the presidency, Trump has repeatedly questioned U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and individual Democrats including Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. Stolen emails contained politically damaging information published by news organizations after the emails were released by WikiLeaks and other anonymously operated websites.

Trump remained dubious about the assertion even on the eve of his intelligence briefing, asking how officials could be “so sure” about the hacking if they had not examined DNC servers.

“What is going on?” he wrote on Twitter.

A senior law enforcement official said the FBI in its investigation had repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the importance of obtaining direct access to servers “only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated.” The official said the FBI had to rely on a “third party” for information, but eventually got access to the material it needed.

The Washington Post, citing anonymous U.S. officials, reported Thursday that intelligence agencies have identified parties who delivered stolen Democratic emails to WikiLeaks. The officials also said there were disparities between efforts to infiltrate Democratic and Republican networks, and said the U.S. intercepted communications in which Russian officials celebrated Trump’s victory. It was not clear which of those details might have been included in the classified report.

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    • A great example of why this country is divided. The liberals just can’t accept being governed by another party. Liberals and Democrats are now the party of “NO”. As in “NO I will not be a part of uniting this once proud country”.

      • Donald is dividing this country between America and Russia. First the Mexicans,then Blacks now he sides with Russian commies? This is so bizarre. I remember these pro trumpf commentors use to call Obama a commie. This is all so bizarre.

        • The Boss is right. Trump is very unpopular now. More and more is coming out about his fraudulent actions and treason.

        • Q: Who’s going to hold him accountable?

          A: Clearly it won’t be the Trumpettes, but beyond that Who knows?

      • How can Trump run this country along with his huge business empire as well. He is in over his head. His hands are in too many deals, he is scattered and cannot focus on anything and deal with any issue with any understanding. We and the country are in big trouble with a President who governs (rules) by tweets, slogans, and insults

      • Democrats are not the party of No. We are the party true to our principles and values of democracy, freedom of speech and press,equal rights and justice for all, and are willing to fight for them, as many Americans have struggled and died for in the past.

      • This issue here is not whether or not liberals can accept a conservative President. The issue, which many Republicans understand, is whether liberals can accept a President who dismisses a foreign nation’s attack on the founding principle of our nation.

        • Bsdetection, how was the hacking of the emails an attack on the founding principle of our nation? There is no doubt an attack on our democracy was being perpetrated, but not by the hackers. It was being perpetrated by those exposed by the hacking, specifically the corrupt and unethical Democratic National Committee conspiring with the Clinton Campaign to help Hillary defeat Sanders in the primary election and Trump in the General election and the collusion between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, the media and the Obama administration to help in the effort.

        • @ Ronin006

          READ the articles, not the titillating headlines you want to see.

          Apparently one careless CNN staffer blurted out part of a debate question draft to Donna Brazile. Brazile then took that tiny bit of info and tried to exaggerate her sense of importance by writing “From time to time I get the questions in advance.”

          There is no indication that the Clinton team actively participated in seeking sneak peeks at the questions. Read the articles.

          Just because Lyin’ Donald told you Hillary is a “felon,” you don’t have to believe it and let it affect your entire world view.

          Please read the article, then reply.

        • “SOME REPUBLICANS — including President-elect Donald Trump — appear to be entirely unconcerned about the strong evidence that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to create uncertainty in the presidential race, or tilt it toward Mr. Trump. Either that, or they are determined to bury the story of an unprecedented intrusion into American democracy by a hostile foreign power. There’s no other way to understand a new set of tweets by Mr. Trump, or the sandbagging by Republican leaders of proposals for a thorough investigation.”—— Washington Post

        • MillionMonkeys, suffering from Three Monkey Syndrome – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. There is a lot that happened within the DNC to help Hillary defeat Sanders in the primary election and Trump in the General election, so why are you focused on what Donna Brazile allegedly did only?

        • @ Ronin006

          “…so why are you focused on what Donna Brazile allegedly did only?”

          Trump fans are presenting Donna Brazile’s stoopid actions as evidence that the Clinton team ran a corrupt campaign. They post a link to an article entitled “Donna Brazile to Clinton camp: Sometimes ‘I get the questions in advance’”

          That’s a clear example of the undereducated being led astray by fake/biased/distorted news and attention-grabbing headlines. I broke the article facts down for the reading-challenged, made the clear point that Brazile was an insignificant player in all that, talks out of her a$$, and at most overheard a few discussion points blurted out by a careless CNN or TVOne staffer.

          Brazile’s weak “revelation” of essentially generic information did not help Clinton prepare for the debates or town halls. There is NO evidence (out of the tens of thousands of hacked emails) that the Clinton campaign deliberately pursued an unfair, unlawful advantage in the debates.

          To hold the Clinton team responsible for Brazile’s stoopidity is like saying a sports team should have their entire season invalidated because one bench player committed a stoopid flagrant foul that did not affect the outcome of a game.

          I invite you to find a better article (not fake news) to back up your claim that the Clinton campaign conspired and colluded with others in an unethical manner. Until then, could you refrain from making that reckless accusation? Agree?

          Repeat: Find real evidence; don’t mention “campaign conspiracy” again until then. Agree?

      • bullfighter, we are not discussing Hillary, the issue is Trump’s love of “strong & smart man Putin. Why is Trump praising and defending Putin’s hacking of our Country and the election. GET REAL

        • You’re not discussing Hillary but it’s clear that’s all they are discussing…They’ll only pick a fight they can win and Hillary proven loser in the election…#MAGA

    • Allie, if there was any attempt to rig the election on anyone’s behalf, the hacking exposed it was being done by a corrupt and unethical DNC conspiring with the Clinton Campaign to help Hillary defeat Sanders in the primary election and Trump in the General election, and it showed the collusion between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, the media and the Obama administration to help in that effort. Your outrage needs to be redirected at the Democratic Party.

    • Seems like Trump talks out of his rear end before he even read the security briefings. That’s pretty much how he’s going to govern for the next 4 years, so we better get used to it.

        • @ NITRO08
          Thank you…WeThePeople Thank you…and yes The Donald..ah P.E.Trump Thanks you.
          And you thought the FAKE NEWS/MSM/MSNBC/CNN polls was on the money…errr up until The night of Nov 8, 2016 anyway.

          January 20 #MAGA ends the 8 year NIGHTMARE you & your party didn’t know was happening.

          Tip for you: you should be worried about your party which is complete & total DISARRAY thanks to O. Good luck.

      • You Republicans have been lying and lying. The fact checkers have found Trump to be lying almost entirely through the campaign. Proven by your past record of fake news, lies and disinformation, the Republicans and the Trump right wing fascist gang have lost all credibility.

        • and it didn’t make a lick of difference what the fact checkers found…it didn’t matter what lies were said …They still VOTED for him and will continue to SUPPORT him NO MATTER WHAT, just ask them…#MAGA

        • If PRESIDENT ELECT Trump was as bad as you say, V, what does THAT say about the fitness of Felony-Shrillary for either the office or even the campaign? How could she possibly have lost if PRESIDENT ELECT Trump is as bad as you say he is?

          I’d give worlds to know.

      • Allie, exactly what ARE the qualifications to be President.
        Please read up on them and I believe you will find he meets the requirements.
        As for the personal reasons to why he is not eligible-those reasons are totally invalid.
        As I do agree with many of your points regarding his psyche, the qualifications listed are indisputable and beyond contestation.

        • IRT Vector: How do you know??? Obama the only one to be President during Twitter…#MAGA


      • @ allie
        Hey Babe…Popular Vote is not in vogue..hasn’t been
        for 240 years or so. You LOST in a LANDSLIDE. We WON in STUNNING FASHION!
        Keep eating CROW until you ready for some HUMBLE pie babe.

        January 20 #MAGA

      • Last I understood, winning the popular vote means nothing if you want to become president. It’s all about the electoral college. Obviously Clinton’s campaign strategy failed…big time!

        TRUMP!!! #MAGA

      • A lesson in civics.

        In the US there is no national popular vote.
        There are 50 state wide popular votes, of which Trump won 30.
        The state-wide votes are normalized and then combined to determine the winner. Trump won this handily and this is what having a mandate means.

    • Donna Brazile, former DNC staffer, was a regular panelist on CNN. She overheard some stuff about the upcoming debate preparations, emailed to the Clinton campaign that they’d be asking about the tainted water in Flint, MI.

      Brazile did not know the actual questions, just the general topic—which ANYONE not brain dead could have guessed. She tried to help, as a lot of people on either side would do. But it was a useless “leak” that Clinton did not actively pursue and it didn’t help her answer questions at all.

      Learn to read, and learn how to recognize fake, distorted news. Otherwise, some fast talking salsesman might pull a fast one on you.

      • Why don’t you compare the question presented at the debate and the question that she gave Clinton? Audibaly and visually it is verbatim. Where are you vetoing this into? I have seen and heard it many times.

        • @ nalogirl & hawaiikone
          Excuse MM aka KnuckleDragger..typical infliction….”liberalism”…not good.

        • @ hawaiikone:

          Thanks for the link. I read this article months ago, and the first thing that stands out is the misleading headline designed to draw more clicks but actually does not represent what’s in the story. Do you know why Democrats have not complained about “media bias” or “rigged debates?” It’s because they are mostly educated readers who can see beyond the eye-catching headline. They easily understand the whole (non-felonious) story, and assume that other readers will also not be mislead.

          @ hawaiikone, nalogirl, Keonigohan: Three suggestions:

          1) Read the article.

          2) Read the article.

          3) R-e-a-d t-h-e a-r-t-i-c-l-e.

        • monkey, if you’re actually trying to defend what this lady was doing, then there’s really no sense in discussing it any further.

        • Here’s a breakdown:

          You can see in Brazile’s email that she has communication issues. She’s not a good writer, for example, in her muddled statement, “Here’s one that worries me about HRC.” Apparently some careless CNN staffer blurted out a partial preview to Brazile, who then carelessly overstates her access to info, emailing the subject heading, “From time to time I get the questions in advance.”

          The 156 released and 1,414 executed are numbers someone must have leaked to Brizile. But she makes up stuff beyond that, for example, miscalculating “That’s 11% of Americans who were sentenced to die, but later exonerated and freed.” The correct percentage is 10%.

          Brazile apparently is a person who talks out of her a$$, probably wanted to show the Clinton campaign and/or the DNC how “valuable” she is. But she didn’t help at all. Clinton’s preparations for the debates were not affected at all by whatever generic information Brazile passed on.

          I have looked around myself, and have found NO evidence that Clinton or her team actively sought to get an unfair peek at the questions. It was Brazile’s doing. Blame her.

        • @ hawaiikone

          Have you read your article yet?

          The most useful part is probably when it criticizes CNN’s habit of hiring partisan “commentators” (on both sides) to troll the round table discussions. That includes Brazile and Corey Lewandowski, who was still getting paid by the Trump campaign, and was still under a non-negative disclosure agreement with the campaign.

          It’s irritating and stomach churning to listen to those biased shills posing as professional commentators. Btw, I’m not a liberal, just trying to be an unbiased citizen.

          I still believe, as I’ve been saying since before the primaries: If you let a fast-talking salesman distract you from the facts, he’ll make meaningless promises, break them, and still have you asking for more.

          Has Trump kept any of his promises? Yes, the answer is NO. Are you asking for more? The answer is….

        • IRT hawaiikone: Read it yourself, sound it out if you have to…It’s not going to change anything…Your constant touting of Fake News has caught up with you…#MAGA

        • If you’re actually trying to defend what this lady was doing, then there’s really no sense in discussing it any further.

        • The undeniable point here remains that this lady obtained an intended question regarding the death penalty, and forwarded it to Clinton. Almost the exact same question was posed the next night, to which Clinton provided a lengthy response. Even Snopes, a well known left leaning fact checking source, rates this as true. Whether or not Brazile effectively aided the campaign, or is a bumbling dolt isn’t the issue, and to try and downplay the incident as meaningless is disingenuous, especially for someone professing an interest in exposing “fake” news.
          I never support outlandish extensions of minuscule snippets of truth, yet I will comment when the snippets themselves are denied.

        • @ hawaiikone

          Try to stop using phrases like “The undeniable point is…” to bolster your pre-conceived notions. It’s okay to support Trump because you like his hairstyle, you enjoyed his reality show, or you admire his way with women; that’s your constitutionally protected right. Just try not to rely on fake news and power words, because they get in the way of clear thinking.

          Did you read the Snopes article correctly and completely, or did you just look at the headline? Was it a fake Snopes article?

          Below are links to three Snopes articles, with helpful summaries and/or notations:

          [An intern (who happened to be wearing clothes resembling a FedEx uniform) was observed handing Clinton an envelope. This was extrapolated by tin hat wearers as proof that Clinton was getting debate questions beforehand. Snopes says: “Fake news”]

          [Whatever input Brazile gave to the Clinton team, it was in the primaries, and did not affect the debates between Clinton and Trump]

          [Fake news, like a broken clock, is maybe correct a couple of times a day. But because it’s wrong all the other times, you cannot come to any meaningful conclusion based on a broken clock or fake/distorted news.]

          Repeat: Brazile, while working as a commentator on CNN, came across a few bits of info leaked by a careless CNN or TVOne staffer, tried to aggrandize her own importance to the Clinton team by writing “From time to time, I get the questions in advance.” In that one leak, the actual question at the debate contained words that were too similar to the notes in Brazile’s email; there’s no denying she did hear or see something. But the helpfulness of that info was minimal or none toward Clinton’s preparations.

          There is ZERO evidence of the Clinton team conspiring to get the questions themselves. There is NO reason to refer to Hillary as a “felon” based on this story. Agree?

          Please present actual evidence supporting your accusation. Let’s seek closure for this “story” which Trump fans keep bringing up over and over.

        • Rather than rehash the obvious, why don’t you simply state that Brazile did absolutely nothing wrong. Simple. I’ll wait.

  • The hack of the Democratic party and its dissemination by Assange and Wiki Leaks simply showed the voters just how corrupt and bad the Democrats were.
    Cannot imagine why the Democrats are all upset about this. They were finally exposed for who they really were and just how little they thought of the electorate.
    If this caused the voters to vote for Trump, then this was for the greater good. John Pedestal and the other party flacks did this to themselves. Can you imagine being so stupid (Pedestal)
    who had the word, password, as his actual password and the Democratic party itself being so lax about cyber security despite being warned about this by the FBI.
    So if they got hacked, it is their fault, not the Russians, Trump or anyone else.

    • So you celebrate an international criminal and liar – Assange, who is wanted on sex assault charges – who stole emails?

      Well, you certainly have your priorities straight. Your mother must be very proud of you for your high moral standing.

        • @ hawaiikone
          KA BOOM!

          ok ok maybe we should ease taking candy from s baby!

          President D. J. Trump coming to a town near EVERYONE on January 20th!!

      • Yes, Klastri, you certainly have your priorities straight – Shoot the messenger and ignore the message. You must be very proud of the Democratic Party corruption and unethical conduct exposed by the hacked emails.

        • The messenger is a criminal who has released United States secrets to our enemies. Can’t you read?

        • Yes, Klastri, I can read. So what if the messenger is an alleged or actual criminal? It does not change the fact that the mesasage delivered was that the Democratic Party was engaged in corrupt and unethical conduct to rig the election in Clinton’s favor.

        • Correction, shoot the messenger if he/she is biased and deliberately chooses which specific parts of the message to deliver.

          Shoot the messenger if it’s an adversary country trying to influence YOUR country’s elections.

          Imagine if anyone had access to the Trump team’s emails, or if they could listen to what was being said at meetings? Ya think they might have a bunch of dirt on Donald J and his buddies?

          Would you be surprised if the Russians released a bunch of compromising emails from the Trump team, once they were done with him?

    • What is Trump hiding in his tax returns? Something very corrupting? Collusion with Putin? Offshore tax havens in the Bahamas? Not paying much in taxes? Bribes from Exxon Mobil, gas, oil, fracking corporations, and those in Russia? Everyone of his cabinet appointments and advisers need to be compelled to release their tax returns?

  • Still in denial of any tampering, and ridiculously deflating on voting machines, which were never mentioned as being hacked. Puppet Master Putin surely is pulling the strings on his pudgy, Presidiot-elect Trump puppet.

  • All’s fair in war and love and politics. We all know for sure now that the Russians changed the outcome of the election. But you can’t expect Trump to step down or openly admit that he won with their help. Just like sports teams who win due to a bad referee call will never admit it.

    So Donald J Trump is our POTUS-elect.

    The most disturbing part is the fact that the Russians, our enemies, celebrated their—er, Trump’s victory. Why would they celebrate that? Scary.

      • Yes it’s almost as disturbing as little Barry freeing up billions of dollars for the Iranian mullahs to use in furtherance of Islamic terrorism. Or the pallets of unmarked and untraceable currency he airlifted to them for ransom.

        • CEI, if you’d done your homework in school, you’d have better reading comprehension and wouldn’t be a slave to the fake news.

          Question: Why did the Russians celebrate Trump’s victory? Please answer without changing the subject.

        • IRT MillionMonkeys: Easy answer…Cause Hillary lost the election and Obama was in Hawaii and on and on…Why ask the Trumpers anything at all, answers will always be the same…Fake News, Fake News and Fake News…#MAGA

        • Well my Simian friend. Surely you remember Waldo presenting Russian FM Lavrov with the red and yellow reset button. Talk about a foreign policy embarrassment. Then there was Barry asking Russian president Medvedev to tell Vlad that he’d have more flexibility after the election. As far as I know neither of those events were fake news. It’s was those a$$ kissing efforts by the Barry administration that led me to believe the Russians were on Waldo’s side. And yes I do believe the Russians hacked the election. But they were never told about the electoral college so they arranged for Waldo to win the popular vote. OOPS!

        • Never told about the Electoral College…HAHAHAHA !!! What they’re Google search was down??? #MAGA

    • Just as we know for sure that Barry al-Hussein was born in Kenya and Hawaii “officials” cooked up a phony birth certificate.

      What’s disturbing to me is that totalitarian governments around the world celebrated Barry’s two victories.

      • Trump finally accepted Obama’s birth certificate. Since Trump accepts it, then it must be true, right CEI? Trump finally accepted the Obama birth certificate, so let it rest. Find another conspiracy theory to cuddle.

      • Evidently humorless klastri and seaborn don’t recognize satire when they see it. Darwin Monkey Man makes the ridiculous and unfounded claim that the Russians changed the election outcome. A quick-witted SA reader not unlike myself makes an equally ridiculous claim to illustrate the absurdity of the original claim.

    • You sound like allie; “scary.” The Russians didn’t want Hillary to win because that would have led to war. If you had been aware of the State Dept. warnings to Russia in the last few months a war was just a matter of time. Therefore the Russians celebrated when Trump won.

      • Who said anything about a war between Russia and the U.S.? There would not be a war, as how would it be handled, ground troops? Aerial attack? Or, go immediately to nukes and forego the middleman?
        No war, just more tension and more restrictions.

  • all the liberals with mental disorders including the press and T.V. news trumps win was legit no doubt about it your just all stunned because you all thought before the election that the felon Hillary would win, get over it. and also trump won the popular vote by at least more than 3 million, you might as well get over that. and stop acting like crybabies because your side lost, grow up.

        • You mean the paid Trumper at the airport…Paid to sway attention away from Russia Hacking story…Trump did promise a BIG shake up today…#MAGA

        • And now we have jusris openly flaunting his/her libby creds proudly while making ludicrous accusations. You’ll fit quite nicely in with the “sky is falling” crowd around here..

        • You’re the one that’s implied, 3 times at least, that the Florida airport shooter might be a paid Trump supporter. Not me. Somehow that leads me to suspect your previously clamed political neutrality isn’t actually an honest self assessment..

        • There you go spreading that FAKE News that Trumpers like to repeat…Florida shooter connected to Trump, LIES, where’s your LINKS to this??? #MAGA

  • The PE can’t see beyond the tip of his nose because his ego gets in the way. The election’s long over, you won. Now, just accept the fact that Russia did hack U.S. networks and remains a threat to the free world. Get over your man crush with Putin, who got what he wanted on Nov. 8. And listen to what our intelligence agencies are trying to get through your thick skull.

    Man up, and be a leader!

  • Mr. Trump must be turning many different shades of orange at this point. This is yet another swipe at his overwhelming wonderfulness, and we can all expect a weekend of Twitter insanity in response.

    He is a psychotic and a danger to the United States.

    • klastri your all mixed up nerobama was psychotic and put the US in danger and Hillary would have got us into a world war which would make her more psychotic than him, thank god for trump now American’s can all sleep better at night

    • I wonder if Trump ever stops and thinks about WHY the Russians helped him win the election….

      His first theory of course would be that “I’m such a great handsome leader that the Russians worship me, want to bow down to me, and hope that I’ll let them serve our great country (#MAGA)!”

      About a year after they’ve taken over the once-proud USA and have made us their slaves, he might then think, “Wait, have I been a doofus all this time?”

      And when the Russians are all done with him and have him bent over the stocks for all the Russian kids to kick and throw rotten food at, he might finally say…. “—DOH!”

  • there is solid evidence to link obama to interfering with israeli elections, sending money directly to netenyahu’s opposition. obama and hillary had a direct hand in dismantling lybia’s government leading to the murder of qadaffi.

    there is no evidence of russia tampering with the u.s. elections other than gaining access to a political party’s computer system and accessing its files.

    there is no evidence of russia or ris rats compromising election machines, accounting or results.

    clinton lost the election because of her careless handling of classified information and the arrogance of her spaghetti les team.

    • So let me get this straight ….. you, from your basement in Hawaii, know more about the Russian election interference than the CIA does?

      Exactly! What could make more sense than that? Yes sir, you have certainly proven that case beyond a reasonable doubt! Exactly!

      • Silly goose. Homes in Hawaii don’t have basements.

        Now, let me take a moment to address the real subject: Progressive democrats instinctively know their followers are some of the most gullible ill-informed people on the planet. That’s what makes it so easy to sell the climate change hoax or the belief that democrats look out for the little guy. The latest one is the whole Russian hacking fantasy. Democrat lemmings must not be allowed to learn of the real reason Trump shellacked Waldo. If that knowledge spreads then the whole house of cards collapses. Waldo was the most unqualified candidate to run for president since Barry al-Hussein. And clear thinking intelligent voters were well aware of that fact.

        • I think it’s fair to say that both Hillary and Donald were the two most unqualified and disliked candidates ever to run for the presidency. Either way it went, we come out losers. Now we just have to make the most of the next four years, and hope Congress can rein in Trump every time he steps close to the edge. Buckle up, we’re in for a wild ride.

        • Mine does. It’s built into a rock bluff on Maui. Quite a place!

          Maybe just once, sooner or later, you’ll write something truthful.

          Trump is already a laughingstock worldwide. He’s going to find out very quickly what can happen when he criticizes the collective US intelligence community. They have unlimited access to reporters and large egos. That’s a bad combination for Trump.

          Plus, he’s a psychotic.

        • Hey, Klastri, I’d like to know more about your bluff house with a basement — an area below ground level, on the side of a cliff. Interesting.

        • IRT klastri: Sounds like we have a genuine 1%’r on our hands. Good for you, sounds like you won life’s lottery. The very wealthy and the layabouts have done quite well under stock market/food stamp Barry. As for the rest of us who live paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth and one illness away from poverty, well, we suffer in silence. Us 9 to 5’rs, raising a family working 2 or 3 jobs paying our taxes have been left behind by Barry’s fundamental transformation. But we’re not angry or bitter or spend a lot of time on the pity pot. For 8 years we have supported Barry al-Hussein waiting for his economic genius to trickle down. The fact that it never did is okay with me as long as the rich are living comfortably and illegals have free health care.

    • further the f.b.i. never had direct access to the democrat party computers and drives that democrats claim were hacked by russians. although the f.b.i. stressed the need to personally inspect the computers and hard drives the democrat party instead hired a private computer security firm, crowdstrike, that conducted the limited search and turned its findings over the the f.b.i.

      however, obama and clinton directly interfered with lybia’s government causing the overthrow and murder of qadaffi that resulted in isis becoming a major islamic terrorist threat. and obama sent u.s. funds to an israeli group opposed to netenyahu.

  • hacking and wiki leaks that the press and t.v. media put out was not much of a reason for Hillary losing, only making more white voters to vote as the news media says. the real reason Hillary lost based on true facts, remember 15 or 20 years ago a man by the name of farakhan had a million man march of blacks, well 1 or 2 weeks before the election farakahn came out and said they will not back Hillary, so over 1 million black voters did not vote for her, the reason her and nerobama was behind the dismantling and the overthrow of Libya which also led to the hanging of kadaffi who was a close friend and ally to farakahn who blames Hillary and nerobama for the killing of his good friend. in 2012 nerobama had 15 million black voters who voted for him in 2016 Hillary had only 14 million black voters that voted for her, the million or more black voters of who did not vote at all were farkahns black American voters. that’s where she lost the election if she would have had those million or more black voters she would have won, but because she and nerobama celebrated the death of kadaffi, farkahn close friend farakahn was mad at Hillary and nerobama for what they did to his good friend kadaffi, and there you are America why Hillary lost, true facts no lies or innuendos.

  • Didn’t Trump say he had “inside information” about who did the hacks and he was going to reveal that info on Tuesday or Wednesday? Well it’s Friday and where’s that info? The truth is he didn’t have jack $het and it’s just another lie from the pathological liar PEOTUS…..

    • Facts will get you nowhere…How dare you take what Trump said literally…You need the secret decoder ring that the Trumpers have to know when he is supposed to be taken seriously and when it’s just a joke…Way above your pay scale…#MAGA

  • The Russians have been hacking us for years, but only now it’s a big issue. The DEMS. Are just trying to delegitimize Trump’s presidential win, it is time to put on your big boy pants except the fact that you lost and move on. The Russians had nothing to do with the outcome. Obama, Hilliar and the whole Democratic party lost this one on their own.

  • Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation.

    Yes! According to Jim Clapper He’s RIGHT Again! There was No Tampering with Our Election Machines. And the “Email Hacking May or May not have altered the elections,we have no proof of that”…..end of Story Guys!

    From my point of view? With all of this happening, with the Democratic Party, DNC, The Obama administration. They are all in Total Fear and Panic! They don’t know what else to do,thus creating the Hacking theory..So ask yourself whatever happened with China’s Hacking ,back in 2014 and 2015? Where was all of the Outrage from the Obama Admin and the Democrats back then……. Nothing! It Blew over!
    Yep get ready. After being sworn into office, PE Trump will unravel and EXPOSE all the Shenanigans: Corruption, Lying , Money for Bribes/Hostages/Money Laundering that’s been going on for the past 8 years!
    I say to our ever so loyal Liberal friends. Hang on to your Seat Belt! A New Sheriff is in town and he WILL Drain The Swamp!

    • I think the Hacking is not a theory any more. Even Trump seems to acknowledge it. But he says it didn’t effect the elections. We won’t know how many people changed their votes of the release of the e-mail information and the FBI release of a still yet to be investigation. Two days before the election, the FBI says there was nothing new in the e-mails. A rebuttal that came too late.
      We just have to wait to see if Trump will make good on his bold promises. One thing he is good at is financial pressure. I wait for him to tax all our US companies who do business outside of our country then import their goods back under USA names.
      Hard to find Made in USA products anymore.

    • That’s it exactly Moi Lee, Clapper stated they did not tamper with election machines.
      These people are hysterical, and I love watching the liberal crack up.
      Carry on.

  • Typical Trump – dismissing the intelligence agencies’ report before he even knew the facts. Also, his contention that the outcome of the election was not effected is a complete fabrication. The intelligence agencies did not say that they outcome was not affected by the hacking. They didn’t even consider whether the election was affected or not.

    Trump’s frightening inability to process information of to understand intelligence reports will endanger the US. It’s not hard to imagine a national security situation where Trump, as in the case of Russian hacking, completely misunderstands the information that is given to him, draws a conclusion unsupported by the best evidence, and starts a war.

  • Let’s see:biased media polls-debunked, Russian hacking-overblown, electoral college rouges-a laffer,seems income taxes will be the hail Mary pass. Fail again.

  • No stated evidence of hacking . . . . . more OBAMA bull. A sad president’s desperate attempt to enhance his pathetic legacy.

    C’mon, Barry, explain the Benghazi debacle. How can any American support you following that incident? Your lack of leadership was anti-American.
    It disgusts me that I once believed in Hawaiian Barry.

  • dumpy is clearly lying and wrong. the report stated that it had made no assessment whether the hacking and other things Russia did influenced the election. the report stated that Russia did hack and posted false stories about Hillary but none on dumpy and based on these facts, it clearly shows that Russia was TRYING to influence the election in dumpys favor. so how can he conclude that it had no effect? does he not understand English or is he trying to tell outright lies again.

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