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Trump unleashes Twitter attack against congressional critic


    President-elect Donald Trump speaks with reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York.

NEW YORK >> Donald Trump tore into civil rights legend John Lewis for questioning the legitimacy of the Republican billionaire’s White House victory, intensifying a feud with the black congressman days before the national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and as the first African-American president prepares to leave office.

Trump tweeted today that Lewis, D-Ga., “should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results.”

The incoming president added: “All talk, talk, talk – no action or results. Sad!”

Lewis, among the most revered leaders of the civil rights movement, suffered a skull fracture during the march in Selma, Alabama, more than a half-century ago and has devoted his life to promoting equal rights for African-Americans.

For many African-Americans the contrast between this inauguration and Barack Obama’s first one, in 2009, was striking.

The 16-term congressman said Friday that he would not attend Trump’s swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol this coming Friday, and that it would be the first time he had skipped an inauguration since joining Congress three decades ago.

“You know, I believe in forgiveness. I believe in trying to work with people. It will be hard. It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis said in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” that is set to air Sunday.

“I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton,” Lewis said.

Lewis’ spokeswoman, Brenda Jones, declined to respond to Trump and said the lawmaker’s “opinion speaks for itself.”

“We as a nation do need to know whether a foreign government influenced our election,” she said.

U.S. intelligence agencies have said Russia meddled in the election to help Trump win. After spending weeks challenging that assessment, Trump finally accepted that the Russians were behind the election-year hacking of Democrats. But he also emphasized that “there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines.”

Democrat Clinton received 2.9 million more votes than Trump but lost the Electoral College vote.

Lewis’ Democratic colleagues quickly came to his defense.

“Let us remember that many have tried to silence repjohnlewis over the years. All have failed,” tweeted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

“John Lewis is an American hero,” Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., said in a tweet directed at Trump. “You’re a fake billionaire who won’t release his taxes. Put down Twitter and get serious about governing.”

Trump continues to use Twitter to attack his adversaries, just as he did throughout the campaign.

Trump’s assertion that Lewis’ district is “falling apart” and “crime infested” is hard to prove.

Georgia’s 5th Congressional District includes the Atlanta metro region, which has a large African-American population. The district is considered one of the nation’s fastest growing areas, but its crime and poverty rates are higher than the national average.

The area also covers part of the upscale Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead, along with the headquarters for Fortune 500 companies such Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines, the Georgia Institute of Technology, several historically black colleges and universities and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the world’s busiest.

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  • Lewis, unlike Trump, is a real American hero. He is one of the last living leaders of the important civil rights movement. Trump is all about serving his brand and himself. He is so anti-American in so many ways.

    • Looks to me like the AP wizard who wrote this fable stepped all over his t a l l y w h a c k e r :

      One the one hand: Trump’s assertion that Lewis’ district is “falling apart” and “crime infested” is hard to prove.

      But regarding Lewis’ district, heis forced to admit in the very NEXT paragraph: Georgia’s 5th Congressional District includes the Atlanta metro region, which has a large African-American population… its crime and poverty rates are higher than the national average.

      What’s so hard to prove, eh? You just admitted it.

      Watching sour grapes loser/liberals – – very much including our drive by “news” media – – unravel is more fun than a cast iron bulldog door stop, albeit less useful.

      Only 7,890 minutes left until we get a REAL president who does NOT hate America: Go Trump Go!

      • We libs aren’t losers. It’s the Trumpsters that will be the losers and I’ll have to put up with their whining in 7 or 8 months when their idol starts to self-destruct. As some people referred to a former local politician, Trump is only for Trump

        • Gove it up, Sandy.

          Thos is right.

          Trump won. He won. He won. Yippee!

          Now he can do anything… anything he wants, because he won.

          And anyone who criticizes anything he does is a loser and a hater.

          All hail the great and perfect and powerful Trump.

          He won and he’s rich. Nothing else matters.

          Oh, and all hail the magnificent Putin and fantastic Russian KGB. They’re strong winner’s too.

          Donald and Vladimir, what a classy classy team. Trust me, they won big league!

          #MAGA? (Make America Grovel Again?)



        • Join us NanakuliBoss. We won and so We don’t have to worry about truth, facts, rules.

          Trump is a winner and his critics are losers. That’s all that matters.

          It’s so simple, so classy, don’t know how I missed it for so long. It must be Obummerrs fault. When you’re on our side, everything is Obama’s fault. That’s a fact… because Trump says it is.

          6 more days until Trump proclaims America is Great Again!

          Another win for the winners.

          Get ready all you LOOOOSERS, for the next 8 years, Trump is going to keep tweeting his big beautiful clasdy truth down your throats until you stop whinning about rules and laws and facts that don’t matter anymore.

          #MAGA? (Make America Gag Again?)

        • The Dems are the bigots for blaming racism on Trump just because he is strong enough to tell the truth about “the Mexicans and the Blacks.”

          Libs whine about BLM and slavery when Trump had nothing to do with that. Ancient history.

          So what if Trump is white and got rich off the labor and sweat of other men (often minorities he refused to pay). Suckers.

          Sure, this is how slaveholders got rich, but Trump and those white men are patriots and “makers” who practically built the country all by themselves.

          Well actually, they sat in the shade sipping cool drinks, but they still managed to make America Great all by themselves.

          Then all those coloreds “takers” invaded and started making radical demands – like citizenship, and equal rights, voting and getting paid for their work. Well millions didn’t so much invade as allow themselves to be forcibly abducted. So what if they labored for 450 years without pay? They had lifetime employment had free shacks to live in even without any education. After so many generations they still want to take and take and take.

          Trump and his followers are not bigots, no matter what you say. We are winners because he is s winner aand winners can’t be bigots.

      • Lol. When I read that I just thought to myself how hypocritical these “news” reporters are. If this was a team effort don’t they have an editor to proofread what they wrote? No wonders the libs are falling apart.

      • FAKE NEWS since what you posted doesn’t actually give us their rankings, for all we know it could be slightly above average or WAY over average…It matters because Trump tweeted, “…which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested)…” What exactly is “crime infested” and “falling apart”? More info is needed on the exact stats to make an assumption…#MAGA

      • I think I will. Already the Donald has the lowest approval ratings of any new president. We shall see where it goes from here. Hopefully there won’t be some war or a disaster (like 9/11) to boost his approval ratings. Sadly this tends to happen when republicans are in charge.

        But if this can be avoided, it will be fun to see him come up with a better health care system. Hopefully he will just end up pushing a single pay system. He may just do it.

        • The polls also said that Hillary was going to win by a landslide. You still believe these manufactured polls? 90% of those a polled must have come from Cali and NY almost like the “popular votes”

        • Actually Windward, I tend to believe polls if they are legitimate. But actually a polls is just a snapshot in time and can soon be obsolete when new propaganda comes out.

          You seem to imply that a person living in California or New York are somehow inferior to those who live in say Alabama? I wonder which state takes more from the federal gov.?

        • @bootsie
          You do realize there’s a huge population decrepency between CA and Alabama right?

          You finally admitted that polls are just the result of political propaganda and not an actual representation of the people.

        • Yes, it’s strange how disasters automatically raise any leader’s approval ratings. George W Bush’s ratings went way up immediately after 9/11, even though he hadn’t done anything yet about it. (And not to blame him for 9/11 either, which is what Trump would do.)

          Trump is such a narcissistic sociopath, he might even encourage another 9/11 just to raise his stature. (And of course, he wouldn’t blame himself for letting it happen on his watch.)

    • Agree. Our supposed leader of our country using social media to lash out. He might as well use the “sticks and stones blah blah” line. Same thing. Nice choice Trump supporters.

      • But he did win.

        Trump is a big classy winner who does what it takes to win!

        Lying, cheating, insulting, disrespect, bullying… no problem.

        The Donald is not afraid to roll up his shirt sleeves and to get down in the muck if that’s what it takes. And he’ll keep doing it.

        Why? Because he’s a winner.

        And because after a long hard day’s work bullying people and insulting any critics, he gets to head home for a nice warm shower. That’s why.

        Oh, and then Trump gets to send out angry tweets in the middle of the night and then get up and do it all again.

        That’s what winners do.

        Losers just whine about little things like the dignity of the office, corruption, treason, crashing the economy, taking life-saving medical care from millions of Americans. Pathetic. Sad!

        6 more days!

        • You’re right, sadly.

          Anyone with a functioning brain who reads Mr. Trump’s Twitter feed can see that he’s profoundly mentally ill. He’s sick. No 70 year-old President-Elect of the United States lashes out in these juvenile and ridiculous rants. He’s like a spoiled 13 year-old brat who never grew up.

          Every single person who voted for Trump should be ashamed of themselves.

        • Winners in anything do not stay up at night having kiddie feuds with anyone who “disrespects” them. Can you imagine LeBron James staying up nights insulting voters who don’t give him the MVP every year? Can you imagine Meryl Streep holding rallies across the country vowing to repeal the Academy whenever she doesn’t win an Oscar? No. If they did, they wouldn’t have the time and energy to continue being good at what they do, and the public would think they were being petty.

          Can you imagine Pres. Obama staying up nights tweeting whenever an ldiot pushes that ridiculous birther theory? No. He’s too classy for that.

  • Trump says all talk talk talk and no action….but the only action I have some from my incoming president is twitter attacks ! Is this what our country is coming to ?

        • Nice one, lespark. Very nice.

          We know Trump is already draining the swamp just by saying he is. And that’s all that matters, right, what Trump says?

          Trump is going to be POTUS and (as he declared himself) he won in a LANDSLIDE!

          Trump has also declared that be bas a mandate, so that makes him a winner with a mandate.

          Let the fools keep denying it.
          They’ve been wrong, and he’s been right Every. Single. Time. KA-BOOM!

          Trump won so big that he is invincible and unaccountable. Only fools and losers would deny it. So Sad!

      • Or he dies in office either due to his lack of stamina or an assassination. I think this could be a real possibility. You are not wise when you push the intelligence community around. He may be right in his criticism of them, but it could have deadly results.

        • What intelligence community. All Obama lackeys. Bad intel. Benghazi, Russia, China, Iran,Iraq, ISIS, North Korea, Yemen etc. All these people will be out of a job.

        • Right again, lespark.

          Trump should just eliminate the NSA, CIA and FBI for crossing him, “You’re fired!”

          And Trump should put Rick Perry in charge of eliminating the IRS and the Departments of Education, Energy, Environment, Housing and… and… the other one.

          Who needs those Obama-loving pinheads? Trump can run those agencies all by himself from the White House just like he’ll run all of his own businesses.

          The intelligence services are embarrasing losers. Sad!

    • Yes I agree.
      I voted for PE Trump because Dem/Lib PC went out into the trash…a very good thing!
      Unfiltered Twitter/FB overrides #FAKEnews…great thing!
      @realDonaldTrump (19.8 M Twitter Followers) #MAGA

      • Trump has led the birther fake news for eight years against President Obama. Lies and distortions are his stock in trade, and will continue into his hideous and corrupt Presidency. Trump questioned the legitimacy of President Obama with his lies of the birther movement. Trump is a hypocrite and will be Liar in Chief in a few days

        • Please do by all means rattle on some more, even unto your heart’s content.

          Your whining is a marvelous lullaby, at once soothing and hilarious.

          And just think, you’ll have eight years to perfect your tremulous, tearful cyber-voice.

        • Actually Thos, it is you republicans who will have two years to perform. If the stock market rises to 25,000, unemployment falls to under 4% and there is continual growth, you will have passed. But if the market falls to under 15,000, unemployment rises towards 10% and the economy restricts, guess who will be facing problems?

          Also, Don’t count on 8 years. Lots can happen including dying in office, or being impeached. Don’t forget, it is now you republicans who will have to perform and can no longer just blame Obama. Good luck.

        • Liberal Clinton backers started the birthing rumors and Hillary’s campaign against Obama ran with it.

        • IRT Windward: You are correct, but does that mean that Trump was too gullible in believing the Fake News or he knew it was Fake News and ran with it anyways? Was Trump behaving like the politician that he says he want and just giving the masses what they wanted to hear? Either way it worked brilliantly…#MAGA

        • Boots writes “Don’t forget, it is now you republicans who will have to perform and can no longer just blame Obama. Good luck.”…….hmmm that doesn’t make sense, O’s been in office for eight years now and Dems are still blaming Bush for everything

        • Yes, some Clinton backer first mentioned the birther theory, to see if that could put doubt about Obama in voters’ minds. But the Clinton campaign never pushed it because they respected their voter base for having the intelligence to know what is real and what is fake news.

          The one smart thing Trump did was to figure out that there is a significant percentage of people who have the right to vote but who aren’t able to distinguish reality from fake news. There are also those who know what fake news is, but choose to follow it for some deranged reason. Added up, those people got Trump’s voter base fairly close to Clinton’s. The Russians did the rest.

    • I will give the Donald 2 years, by then he will either be dead, impeached, or disabled. You are crazy when you mess with the intelligence community and as the Donald is not in that great of health, the presidency takes a lot out of a person, he may just not survive. His Corruption will probably be the ultimate downfall and lead to his impeachment. Time will tell Sarge, Make America Corrupt again. lol

  • Seems like Trump spends all day thinking of stuff to tweet early in the morning and picks a new target each time to shoot back at who dissed him that day. With the responsibilities that he will be in charge of in just a week, his thumbs will probably fall off after trying to tweet attack all of his critics in order to soothe his humongous ego.

  • Trump, the thin-skinned, petulant, vindictive child will spend half his time responding to his critics, because he is so insecure. His ego is so fragile he feels compelled to defend himself against every perceived slight. It’s actually quite sad, but more sad for all of us.

    • Neither skinut nor krusha – – nor any of the other never-trumpities – – have the first clue who they are [obscene gerund redacted] with.

      That is why they continue to underestimate him.

      And, like the legendary (if fictional) NYC olive oil importer Vito (later “Don”) Corleone (nee Andolini when still back in Corsica), President Elect Trump just LOVES being underestimated by these pretentious mental midgets.

      • You have a point. I would not be surprised if he succeeds in pushing a single pay health system. Just as it took an anti commie republican to open up trade with china, it may take a republican businessman who probably has to pay big bucks for health dare for his employees to transfer this to government.

      • Trump just behaves like an erratic obnoxious greedy power crazed narcissisti, but in reality he’s “crazy like a fox”.

        Trump is light years ahead of you losers.

        And how did Trump get to be so rich and powerful and brilliant?
        Was it from all those trips to Russia he has taken?
        Was it from all the things he has learned from his 3 wives and many adulterous, relationships?
        Was it from his spectacular bankruptcies?
        Was it from his genius at stiffing and suing his workers and customers?
        Was it from his deep study of the laws surrounding birth certificates and presidential illegitimacy?
        Was from how broadly he has educated himself about muslims and Kenyans and anchor babies and mexican rapists and “the blacks”?

        Just what exactly has allowed Donald Trump to rise so far above the petty concerns of the ignorant masses?

        Maybe Thos knows.

        (Personally, I think it could be his bathing habits…)

        #MAGA? (Make America take Golden-showers Again?)

  • I just love how President Trump SHUTS down people how are full of B$. These people need to GIVE IT UP and understand that he is our president and its time to get behind him for the greater good of the USA.

    • I would not call it shutting down people. It’s more like inflaming the divide in our country. If he is unable to bring the country together we all suffer.

        • I think for the most part… yes. We can argue the achievements and shortcomings but I think history will be kind to Obama. As to Trump only time will tell. But in my opinion constantly playing on Twitter is not helping.

    • Wazdat – Congressman Lewis had his skull fractured; was bitten by police dogs; and was beaten to a pump in civil rights protests. You think that a blowhard like Donald Trump is going to shut him down?

      Grow up.

    • “…he is our president and its time to get behind him for the greater good of the USA.”

      Exactly, Wazdat.

      Who really cares if Trump is obnoxious and rude and secretive and unethical? He’s a winner who does what it takes to win, so get behind him or face his wrath. Losers.

      Who cares that Trump has had 3 wives, and admits to being a serial adulterer and sex offebder, and likes it when classy Russian women urinate on him? He’s rich and powerful and unaccountable.

      Strong winners like Trump get whatever they want from soft weaklings and losers. That’s the way the real world works, so grow up and get behind Trump’s greatness.

      • “Who really cares if Trump is obnoxious and rude and secretive and unethical? He’s a winner who does what it takes to win, so get behind him or face his wrath. Losers.”

        Are you….O–K?

        • Trump’s power is so intoxocating, I feel great, yippee!

          I’ve gone to the dark side. Total luxury and class. Total luxury. No taxes.

          Don’t fight it. Just bow down to our lovely leader’s beautiful strength and his angry tweets.

          It may feel kind of gross at first, but soon you won’t care… about anything.

          Try it. You’ll like it?

    • Absolutely correct.

      Lewis. What a loser.

      While Lewis was fighting for civil rights and getting his head bashed by racist police, Trump was brave enough to live in the prep-school bubble paid for by his slum lord father.

      When loser Lewis was grieving the murder of his friend Martin Luther King, Jr, Trump was wise enough to be partying it up in the ivy league.

      When loser Lewis was entering politics in the face of white supremacy in Georgia, Trump was courageous enough participate in cocaine fuelled sex shows at Studio 54 in New York.

      When loser Lewis was fighting to help his community succeed in the face on institutionalized racism and the legacy of four centuries of slavery and Jim Crow Apartheid by the state of Georgia, Trump was strong enough to succeed in enriching himself by repeatedly stiffing and suing the people who worked for him around the country.

      Anyone can see that Trump is a winner married to a nude model, and John Lewis is a pathetic loser stupid enough to get dirty lickings. Only other losers can’t see this. Sad.

      Thos, Keoni, Maluna and the other brave Trump defenders know this. Big league. Trust me.

      #MAGA? (Make America like Georgia Again?)

        • What sarcasm?

          I am now just another proud winner. Go Team Deplorable!

          I have seem the power of the Dark Side.

          As Trump’s top advisor and senior White House counselor, Steve Bannon, recently said, “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they (liberals) get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing,”

          Bannon must be right because Trump won. Winning is what matters.

          Come join Trump, Bannon and the rest of us on the Dark Side of the Force. Power. Might makes right.

          Liberals are weak LOOOOSERS. Pathetic. Sad.

        • Why are all these Dumbocrats whining about Putin stealing the election and controlling Trump with blackmail and Rex ‘honorary Russian’ Tillerson? What’s wrong with Russia being so close to Trump and his key advisors? This is a good thing. Trump said so, it must be true.

          Trump’s top advisor and senior White House counselor, Steve Bannon, has also helped me to recognize the power of Putin and Glory of Russis. As Bannon recently said, “I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

          6 more days until Trump and Bannon brings down the American establishment just like comrad Vladimir Lenin did. Big league revolution. Big league.

          #MAGA? (Make America into a Graveyard Again?)


        • One of the benefits of a Trump win is that it brings out the limited creative talents of people like dannoboy. His weak invective and limited grasp are certainly laughable.

        • DPK, you can attack Trump all you want but you just don’t get it.

          Shillary lost. Get over it and stop whining.

          Trump wpn. Big time mandate.

  • Goooooooo Get em Donald! “All Talk and No Action”! This is what I mean when I speak about “Term Limits”. These Career Politicians; ie John Lewis, who have grown so old in Politics,(soon to be 77) and have become soooo comfortable with being re-elected time and time again, will eventually lose all sense of reality. However,I do credit his “Civil Rights” movement,but that is in the past.Time for some fresh minds….and Term Limits.

    • How is old Trump? He will be in office 8 more years? 78 years old in his last year…Does age still have something to do with it? Maybe we should listen to you and not let someone so old be President…However, I do give him credit for his great business dealings, but that is in the past…We should put term limits on ALL politicians…MAGA

    • I toooootally agree Moooooiiiii Leeeeeee.

      I used to think Oooooobummmer was a good President because he is a good man who loves America, is a caring father and faithful husband who worked hard to help working families, the sick, the poor, and future generations. What a LOOOOSER.

      I want to thank all the Trump supporters out there who have helped me see the truth that the truth doesn’t matter anymore. That’s the only truth that matters anymore, and truth that Trump won. He’s going to be President. Yipeeee!

      Trump can do and say anything and is always right because he is a winner. Big league winner. And he’s rich. And is married to a nude model. And losers don’t have that.

      Trump is a winner who can do no wrong. Ever. He boasted he could shoot people in public and not lose votes. He was right, and winners always are right.

      Trump bragged about being able to fondle women and grab then by their private parts “because I’m a star.” He was right again. He can get away with sexual assault because he’s rich and powerful. Just more evidence that he’s a strong winner.

      Trump is a big classy winner who has won the biggest classiest contest in the world – POTUS. Take that Dems! Ka-booom!

      Oh, and Trump has a huuuge twitter following. He even tweets like a winner.

      Trump has more lawsuits than the other top 10 real estate developers combined. So he wins that contest too. He crushes his opponents. Crushes them completely.

      Do we want a President who is s winner who does what it takes or a loser who plays by the rules? Get real libbies.

      Anyone who criticizes a winner like Trump, for any reason, is a pathetic loser. Sad.

      #MAGA? (Make America Godzilla Again?)

      • “Big league winner. And he’s rich. And is married to a nude model. And losers don’t have that.”

        Right! But if someone marries a nude model with STD, then they are LOOOOOOSER!”

        #MAIA! (Make America Itchy Again!)

    • GOOOOOO AID Moi. Get close to the TV on 1/20 so you can catch some of that Viagra induced goo aid. Keonigohan will try to make it DC to get sprinkled with some goo aid. It might also be Golden Goo Aid a special concoction for that day. Enjoy.

  • Regarding:
    “‘We as a nation do need to know whether a foreign government influenced our election,’ she said.”

    If Hillary was elected… foreign governments would have her in their pocket.

    Do you really believe NO-Bama’s decisions weren’t influenced by foreign governments or more so, “religions” (muslims) ???

      • Boots whines about our lack of facts and specifics.

        If Trump doesn’t need facts to win, then why do we need them?

        Here’s the ONLY fact that matters to me and other Trump supporters: Trump won without resorting to truth. Pinhead facts are for professor Odumber and other pathetic Dems and Libs and despetate losers who have to live by rules made for the ordinary people. Weaklongs. Sad.

  • Lewis doing what he does best, protesting. He’s had more sit-ins (and now sit-outs) than any member of congress. Its a free country. But his antics do little more than fan the flames of divide.

  • America got itself a president that perfectly meshes with the times. Nothing wrong with that. But maybe, just maybe, Mr. Trump will dispense with the lashing out at people through a medium best left for the people he supposedly loathes: celebrities, and social media personalities…oh wait.

    • Trump being smart and tactical in the business world…I would think that he says what his supporters want to hear on Twitter… The smart move would be to actually keep his true thoughts in his inner circle, less information about his true beliefs the better…So, do we know if Twitter is the real Trump or just a reflection of his supporters, or is it just to rile up the liberals and force them into misstep???…#MAGA

      • I’m trying to figure out what “smart” and “tactical” mean to you. Mr. Trump has failed at almost every business venture he ever started. It’s a very long list of failure.

        • He can spell his name correctly most of the time and cross the street by himself…Smart and Tactical…It could be a possible explanation for his actions that seem to go against what he said years and years ago…#MAGA

  • our entire congressional delegation should NOT participate in the inauguration of this bigot, homophobic, xenophobic, religious intolerant, intellectually dull, uncurious, arrogant man. they, like other congressional leaders, should BOYCOTT the inauguration and show their constituents that they will not normalize the hatred spewed by this PEOTUS.

    in the new trump world where words are MEANINGLESS actions speak louder than words.

    the voting public will take notice.

  • Mr. Trump’s transition so far has been a failure. They’ve hired just over 200 of the 4,100 people who start work on January 21. But rather than work on his transition, he stays up lashing out at people on Twitter, and goofing around with Don King.

    He’s a psychotic. Everyone should be able to see that by now. He is unfit for the office.

    • You liberal LOOOPSERS just don’t get it.

      Trump is not concerned with governance, or following the rules, or fairness, or even basic decency. That’s for losers like Obummmmer.

      Trump is about winning, and power, and glory, and being classy – and about being the classiest, most glorious, most winningest President ever.

      It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about winning and losing, and about how strong winners are always right and pathitic losers are always wrong.

      I had a hard time seeing this because sneaky Obama confused me with all his pompous integrity and constant efgorts to help other people and sa e the planet and do the right thing. What a fool. Honesty and caring have just made America weak. That won’t happen with Trump. Count on it.

      Winners are successful, winners are always right. Winners get special treatment. Winners don’t have to play by the rules. Winners dont have to respect our care about anyone else, except maybe other winners. That’s why Putin and Trump are going to be so close friends, so very very close.

      Losers are failures and critics are just whiners spewing Fake News. As Trump said this week, they are “garbage… disgusting”.

      Its really very simple.

      Big time simple.

      It’s so easy to just come over into the darkness where might makes right and that’s all that matters.

      #MAGA? (Make America Gloomy-and-dark Again?)

    • Klastri, you are unfit to criticize Donald Trump. Unless you can prove that you are all you say you are it’s time for you to acquiesce and stop making a fool of yourself. For the last six months I’ve tried to mend your nefarious ways to no avail.

      • I totally agree, lespark. Give it up and come to the dark side and be a winner. Otherwise you’ll be just another loser whining about Shillary and Obummer and truth and justice. Pathetic.

        Its easy once you let go and accept this. Take lesparks classy advice. He’s a winner.

        Our ranks are growing. I know this because Trump tweeted it strict into my brain and he’s always right.

        Winning is all that matters.

        6 more days!

  • Well, be careful if outside influence is able to damage the credibility of a person what’s make the naysayer from not getting the same treatments?

    • LocalCitizen is right. Lewis’ opinions are patheitic. Equal rights? Really? What a loaer.

      What about winning, and about classy winning opinions?

      Trump’s winning opinions so classy and strong that they have even beaten truth and decency. What other candidate is strong enough to do that?

      You Dems might as well forget about your whimpy elitist ideals of “justice” and “fairness” because Trump’s strong winning opinions are crushing them. Big time.

      Can you feel the Greatness? It’s almost here. Yipee!

  • Hi Congressman John Lewis– lifelong politician. Don’t think he ever held a job outside of civil rights and politics (one in the same.). Don’t get me wrong, Civil Rights movement a landmark movement that set the tone for Women’s Liberation and LGBT Movements. But Congressman Lewis playing right into President elect Trump’s hand. The more the political insiders, the lifelong politicians, attack Trump, the stronger Trump gets. Trump loves the attention and knows how to keep the spotlight. Trump knows how to hold an audience. One of the reasons Trump won was the African-American community did not turnout for Clinton. Time for Congressman Lewis to gather the Black Caucus and get to work.

  • Trump needs to stay off twitter and focus on the nation’s problems. His actions makes him look like a elementary schoolyard bully, his youngest son is probably more mature-like than him. Stop it, Donald, no no…

    • Stop denying Trump’s genius. He may have less maturity than an 8yo, but he won. He won. He won. Yipee!

      Winners don’t have to grow up, so get used to it.

      Trump’s obnoxious immaturity and disregard for the rules just underscores his greatness.

      Lib losers refuse to accept this and just keep whining about right and wrong.

      Wa-wa;wa, boo-hoo.. Pathetic crybabies. So Sad!

      6 more days to Greatness!

  • I am sure he knows his poll numbers are spiralling down, down, down…. and that his sane Republican advisors have told him to stop the childish/vindictive tweeting, but yet he persists. Scary lack of self-control

  • I respect Rep Lewis for his actions during the civil rights struggles in the past. But that doesn’t give him a free pass to take a pot shot at the result of a election that was conducted fairly. As an elected representative, he needs to support the republic (we are not a democracy. His opinion just adds more fuel to the low informed person who thinks somehow Trump and the Russian/Wikileaks hacked/stole the election. As for Trump, he needs to stop knee-jerk tweeting every time someone says something outrageous (Yes, I think Lewis comment was outrageous).

    • “…low informed person who thinks somehow Trump and the Russian/Wikileaks hacked/stole the election…”

      So true. I can’t believe the entire uninformed, out of touch intelligence community came to this bogus conclusion.

      Trump is so much smarter than all those CIA, FBI, NSA pinheads. Putin told him t
      Russia didn’t sway the election and Trump trusts Putin, so I trust Putin. We should all trust Putin. Anyone who disputes Vladimir Putin is a low-information loser. Trump by-passed the lame-sream media tweeted this straight into our brains. Tweet.

      Trump is going to shut down these pathetic “intelligence” agencies and outsource to the KGB. Save money, cut taxes and shrink the government. Droppin’ the hammer. Boom!

      Can’t you feel the beautiful Greatness coming closer and closer to America?

      • Intelligence agencies make mistakes. They don’t always deal with absolutes but also use probabilities. Remember the intelligence agencies thought Saddam Hussein had mobile WMD factories on trucks? They even included drawings of what the trucks could look like inside? And yes, the top of all of these federal agencies are all about politics. Not the guys and gals in the field but those who use sit at the top.

  • To have fair, unbiased, and non-inflammatory reporting, AP should use the same types of
    headlines when telling both sides of the story.

    Since the AP had used: “Democratic Rep. Lewis: Trump not a ‘legitimate president,’
    this headline should be: “PE Trump: Lewis should spend more time on fixing district.”

    This article also brings in issues such as race and civil rights, which have nothing to do with the conflict between the two men. Lewis is saying Trump has not been legitimately elected because of the Russian interference. Trump responds by saying Lewis should spend less time criticizing and more time doing Congressional work.

    • You are over-thinking this. Suspiciously like a Dem would do.

      It’s not that complicated.

      Trump won. Trump is rich. Trump is a winner.

      Lewis has refused to bow down to Trump’s beautiful victory, Trump’s classy greatness, and Trump’s luxurious brilliance. This makes Lewis a pathetic loser.

      Winners are always right and Losers are always wrong. That’s the reason why winners win and losers lose. Simple. Elegant. Indisputable.

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