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Madonna on Trump: ‘We have gone as low as we can go’


    Madonna poses at the World premiere of the film “The Beatles, Eight Days a Week” in London in September.

NEW YORK >> Madonna, an outspoken critic of President-elect Donald Trump, is trying to put a positive spin on his Friday inauguration.

“He’s actually doing us a great service, because we have gone as low as we can go,” she said Thursday night. “We can only go up from here, so what are we going to do? We have two choices, destruction and creation. I chose creation.”

The superstar, dressed in all black and wearing a shirt that read “Feminist,” spoke at the Brooklyn Museum with artist Marilyn Minter about art in a time of protest, among other things, in a discussion moderated by author and poet Elizabeth Alexander, who performed a work at the first inauguration of President Barack Obama.

A clip of author James Baldwin, an inspiration of Madonna’s, played before the talk, as did her 2013 short film “Secret Revolution,” dedicated to people whose rights have been abused and denied.

On the eve of Trump becoming president, both Madonna and Minter vowed to lead protests against him, including attending Saturday’s Women’s March in Washington.

“This is the most frightened I’ve ever been,” Minter said. “The most qualified candidate who ever ran was defeated by the most unqualified candidate who ever ran, and it’s all because of misogyny.”

Madonna said that while she was “horrified” Trump won the election over Hillary Clinton, she now believes it was necessary.

“I do believe that Trump was elected for a reason, to show us how lazy and un-unified and lackadaisical and taking for granted we’ve become of our freedom and the rights that we have as Americans,” Madonna said. “I feel like people forgot what was written in the Constitution.”

She added: “They always say it’s darkest before the dawn and I feel this had to happen to bring people together, so let’s get this party started.”

It wasn’t all political talk. Madonna talked about her early days in New York, hanging with artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, and how her kids are not the least bit impressed with her iconic career.

“They want nothing to do with it,” she said. “I always say with my kids, every day is a small crucifixion.”

Madonna also explained why she considers herself a feminist.

“I believe that women have the right to be treated with the same human rights as men,” she said. “I feel like we are still very far behind.

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    • She’s no different than modern day so called entertainers. Look at Britney, Kanye, Chris Brown, Kardashians and many more. Idolized by undisciplined youth today. Bad role models. May as well worship Charlie Sheen too.

      So funny the kettle calling the pot black. This is the original ‘material girl.’ Don’t see her pledging her wealth to a needy cause.

      • she wasn’t all that back then and very less so today. And now using these type of comments to get her name used in print to keep it out here for people to see.

    • back in the day, the music biz needed singers who could dance due to MTV’s music videos. Remember? She was a lead dancer in a modern dance troupe. Andy was a practicing Catholic, who went to mass daily. His last painting he was working on was his silly pop version of the last supper by the great Da Vinci. It was a feminist who tried to kill him. Keith was a subway graffiti spray painter.

    • Well, you have to admit she is right about the country being about as low as it can go… but thankfully that president is gone and as of today we have a new president… so yes, there is only one way to go… UP… LOL LOL LOL

  • Wish these high paid, spoiled entertainers would just stick to what they do; entertain. If Madonna or other celebs don’t like Trump and US, please leave. It’s really time to heal and move on. As the say, the game is over … it is what it is.

      • Good morning to the organism typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.
        I didn’t make this up. You are what you say you are.

      • Vector’s commnet is simply not true. She is a product, as apparently is he, of the Micky Mouse Age of “the arts”. You know, wherein stuff made by disney for kids morphed into Hollywood of today – where we are all pandered to. Pre Disney Hollywood sold cigarettes and booze liberally using films, like Hollywood film noir. They they realized they could sell anything and they started to sell Power. Maui was slightly wrong when he said political power comes out of the barrel of a gun – it comes off the screen of a HWood movie. Russian cinema is far superior when it comes to appearing to be real, even the propaganda films. It is the Creator who creates Reality, not a puppet of Hwood like the person the AP quotes because the AP is a handmaiden to Disneyworld reality itself.

  • I remember thinking that when tricky dick was impeched and, sadly enough, allowed to stay out of jail.
    Then we had addled ronnie raygun who turned us into a debtor nation, committed perjusry to save his friends, was responsible for over 300 troops getting murdered in Lebonon, committing treason by trying to establish an independent funding source for the execitive branch which is expressly forbidden in the Constitution, not to mention his DOJ scandals, Iran?Contra and arming of the Taliban.
    Then we hgpt the perjurer inchief who after 6 years of denying he had any records or memory’s of iran/contra was proveb to have kept a contemporanios diary but then pardoned every one of the other crooks who would have testified to get a lighter sentence.
    Next was the twit who allowed the biggest terrorist attack in history after blowing off warning by accusing the briefer of just trying to cover his a.., then used the result of his ineptitude to start an illegal war in the mideast we will be paying for in dollars, lost respect and pain of casulties for decades.
    Now we have a flim flam artist who is a proven thief ( refusing to pay bills and using lawyers to scam small businesses).
    It seems that every time we think we have hit bottom the repub’s manage to find a even bigger scum bucket to foist upon the world with their money, media and political hacks ( i.e. comey fbi) not to mention bought and paid for judiciary.
    So alas I fear that Madonna is wrong the depths of perfidity, vileness, amorality and just plaimn criminaility in the rethuglican party knows no bottom.

  • The Like a Virgin, Material Girl, rich and snobby has been singer is claiming that this is as low as we can go? What were her standards again? She doesn’t seem like a reliable source.

  • Can’t seem to understand the reason people protesting Trump’s inauguration! Will it stop him from becoming our next president! Didn’t we go through the correct procedure electing him? The more people go against Trump’s the more I look forward to his presidency. Will he be replaced by sheer numbers of people protesting his election? Of course not. Let’s move on and see what’s in store for us instead of having negative speculations before our president-elect is in office!

  • wow. this website has really stooped to its lowest level…..we are now writing stories about one person who didn’t vote for trump. that in itself is a joke. to go further, that one person happens to be a celebrity…why does anyone care about what a celebrity thinks about politics? i’m about to remove the advertiser’s bookmark from my computer…i don’t care if you voted for trump or hillary…at least start practicing good journalism

  • Since she previously said she was ashamed to be an American then she should leave and go to another country instead and while she’s at it,take those two other airheads Cher and Rosie O’Donnell …

    • Well, if the last refuge of feminism is “the arts” the rest of the world is safe. Rather than using a person who sees the world through rats eyes, the AP could work at getting itself out of the gutter. Fat chance. The artists she cites as friends and models were what the tide washed up after abstract expressionism’s heroes aged.

  • I don’t think anyone can go lower than Madonna. A couple of weeks ago she apparently shaved her pubic area into an anti-Trump tattoo in protest of the election.
    I’m thinking that was more a walking billboard promotion on her part than a protest since she knew half the men in New York would get to see it personally over the next few weeks.

  • God she looks hideous these days! This isn’t TMZ! SA please, if you’re going to post click-bait at least use some attractive model, not this hideous beast!

  • The Queen of immorality has spoken. This trash bag should stick to things that made her money and stay out of politics. Her IQ probably equates to a cucumber
    and she presents herself as a Bimbo. Perhaps she will have a concert to raise money for Hilary Clinton’s defense fund ?

    • The funniest thing about Madonna is when she did that Super Bowl thing in that skimpy and totally unappealing outfit and a really bad song. My, then, ten year old daughter said she was ripping Lady Gaga off. Slam to both of them.

  • Actually Madonna, have you looked in the mirror lately? America is a lot better off than you, you Madonna have reached lower depths than America ever will.

  • that’s a ironic comment, the most qualified candidate got beat by the most unqualified. the way i see it and so did most of america, the crooked politician got exposed and beat by the american public who is fed up with politics as usual.

    even claims that clinton won the popular vote are misleading. trump knew he couldn’t take a liberal state like california so like a wise business person he redirected his resources and we saw how that paid off.

    not counting california as i read, he really did win the rest of the country popular vote. we need that kind of leadership that has been lacking in washington even before obama.

    too bad our own state leaders can’t learn from him. maybe we’ll get lucky and some common sense will trickle down to our own state leaders.

    • Everyone of you Chumpsters are exactly like him. This is one persons opinion which is every Americans right to express themselves. You lash out at criticism with the drop of a dime. We now have a POTUS who can only truly express himself through tweets. He is so pitiful that he needs all of you to fight his battles.

  • Alright… all those who CARE about what celebrities think about our political system… Raise your hand.

    Hey.. wasn’t she one of the clowns who said they’ll leave the country if Trump is elected?
    Guess.. where she is today ???

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