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Isle Republican leader ousted

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Rep. Beth Fukumoto

Republicans in the Hawaii House of Representatives on Wednesday ousted minority leader Rep. Beth Fukumoto over her criticism of President Donald Trump, including calling him a bully at last month’s Women’s March in Honolulu.

Fukumoto, 33, has been described as a rising star in Hawaii’s Republican Party, which holds only six seats in the 76-member Legislature. But Fukumoto is now considering switching over to the Democratic Party following this week’s actions by her Republican colleagues, which would further deplete the party of young leadership.

Fukumoto (R, Mililani-Mililani Mauka-Waipio Acres) said she had been told by a faction of her Republican colleagues that if she didn’t commit to not criticizing Trump for the rest of his term, they would oust her as minority leader.

She said she refused.

“I believe it is our job as Americans and as leaders of this body to criticize power when power is wrong,” she said during Wednesday’s House floor session.

The previous day, during a closed-door session, House Republicans voted 3-2 to remove her from leadership. Voting in favor of the leadership reorganization were Reps. Gene Ward, Bob McDermott and Andria Tupola. Reps. Cynthia Thielen and Fukumoto voted against it and Rep. Lauren Matsumoto abstained.

The leadership changes were made official during Wednesday’s House floor session. Tupola is now minority leader and Ward minority floor leader.

Drama in the House

The decision to oust Fukumoto caused friction on the House floor Wednesday with Matsumoto — who played a critical role in Fukumoto’s ouster by abstaining from the vote during Tuesday’s caucus — walking off the floor before debate began on the issue.

She told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser afterward that she chose to abstain and left the floor session to register her frustration over what she described as constant fighting among Republican House members over who would be the party’s leader.

“My main point of everything is that all we have done is fight for four years and to me that is not productive,” she said.

Matsumoto wouldn’t say whether she had wanted Fukumoto to retain her position.

When the session resumed, Thielen gave an emotional speech about why Fukumoto should remain minority leader.

She said the caucus vote was flawed because House members are not allowed to abstain from a leadership vote and lamented that the Republican Party, which she joined as a freshman at Stanford University in 1951, had been overtaken by people intolerant on social issues.

Thielen noted that she too participated in the Women’s March.

“I proudly spoke at the Women’s March, I proudly marched in the Women’s March — for women’s rights, for equality, for human rights, for tolerance,” she said. “We did that together. Now (Fukumoto) is being punished by three and a half of our members for participating in a democratic process.”

“Let me just tell you a couple of reasons we were marching and speaking at the Women’s March,” she continued.

But before she could say more, McDermott jumped to his feet, interrupting her. “This has nothing to do with the Women’s March. This is a motion on leadership. I don’t see Women’s March anywhere in here and I don’t want to waste my time listening to this,” he said.

House Vice Speaker John Mizuno permitted Thielen to continue.

After speaking of the struggles that women face in gaining equality with men, Thielen praised Fukumoto.

“She is what I hoped the face of the Republican Party would be. … I have been so proud of watching her and seeing her be a leader, not just in Hawaii, but nationally,” Thielen said. “She is intelligent, she is inclusive, she is tolerant — all of the things that I had hoped my Republican Party could go back to because it has been captured by a very right-wing, fundamentalist, narrow-minded group.”

‘Our phones are blowing up’

McDermott said Fukumoto wasn’t being punished for speaking out, but for a “pattern of self-loathing comments directed at Republicans.”

He further elaborated in an interview with the Star-Advertiser that her speech at the Women’s March criticizing Trump triggered the latest dispute.

“You have to understand that as elected Republicans, our phones are blowing up,” said McDermott (R, Ewa Beach-Iroquois Point). “We’re getting emails from constituents and party activists, saying, ‘Why is she your leader?’”

He added: “We all kept quiet, we wanted to settle it in house, we wanted to give her a chance to say, ‘Hey, I made a mistake, I won’t do it again.’ But she didn’t; she says, ‘I’m glad I did it, and I’ll do it again.’”

McDermott suggested that Fukumoto would fit in better with the Democrats.

“The Democrats like having her because she’s very accommodating, she doesn’t critique them, she doesn’t criticize them,” he said. “She criticizes the Republicans, calls us sexist and racist, yet not a peep as the minority leader when Democrats are doing things that are foolish or just way out of line. Not a word.”

Ward also said that Fukumoto’s removal was about her criticism of Trump and not her participation in the Women’s March, per se.

“It goes back to the fight she picked in the convention, which was last year. She opened the scab when she did her speech at the rally,” he said. “We are all for women. We are not against women.”

Opening the scab

In May, when Trump was well on his way to securing the Republican Party nomination for president, Fukumoto told Republicans gathered at the Hawaii State Republican Convention in Waipahu that some of Trump’s statements were sexist and racist and that she didn’t want him to become president. The comments triggered an uproar among the crowd of nearly 300 delegates, including an onslaught of boos and catcalls.

She criticized Trump further during her speech at the Women’s March, saying that it was a challenge to explain to her 8-year-old niece how Trump had become president.

“We explained that sometimes people are bullies, but that you should insist that they treat people with respect. We told her that you always stand up to bullies no matter who they are,” she said. “Then she watched a bully win the presidency of the United States.”

Fukumoto encouraged the crowd to push back against Trump.

“A man won the White House with anger and hate, and our kids watched it happen,” she said. “Now, it’s our jobs to make sure they watch us fight back.”

Switching parties

Fukumoto sent a letter to constituents in her district prior to Wednesday’s floor session telling them that she would like to leave the Republican Party, but said she wanted to get their feedback first.

“This week, Republicans in the state Legislature and in the party leadership sought to censure me for raising concerns about the treatment of women and minorities by politicians in power,” she said in her letter. “They have also insisted that I stop working across the aisle and focus more on partisan politics. For these reasons, I am considering leaving the Republican Party and pursuing membership in the Democratic Party.”

House Majority Leader Scott Saiki suggested that House Democrats are open to it.

Fukumoto’s political moves aren’t going over as well with Hawaii’s Republican Party. Fritz Rohlfing, the party’s chairman, urged her to remain in the party, but said if she decided to switch parties three months after being re-elected, then she should resign her seat in the Legislature.

“Moreover, I echo the sentiments of Congresswoman Pat Saiki when she said: ‘It takes courage to stand up to the political machine that has dominated island politics since statehood,’” Rohlfing said in a statement. “I and tens of thousands of other Hawaii Republicans intend to remain the loyal opposition and keep fighting for a better future for our state.”


Star-Advertiser reporter Kevin Dayton contributed to this report.

157 responses to “Isle Republican leader ousted”

  1. whs1966 says:

    The local Republican party members who ousted her need to ask themselves some questions. First: Is the party so fascist that it cannot brook criticism of its leader? Second: Is their loyalty to the nation and the constitution they have sworn to protect or to trump? Rabid loyalty to the president is what brought Nixon’s henchmen to their ignominious end.

    • marcus says:

      Being so willing to switch parties is proof that she is first and foremost a “career politician”. It has nothing to do with ideology. And by the way; it’s not that hard to be conceived as an “up and coming” republican when you are in such a small pool of fish its easy to make a splash. Let her go….Let her go….

      • bumbai says:

        On the money. Beth is all about Beth…the rest is all posturing and theater. The Republicans should reserve leadership positions for individuals who at least like Republicans.

        • wiliki says:

          Tupola is a good replacement, but Fukumoto has a point.

          Republicans should be able to bear honest criticism of the president. This is a free country.

        • droid says:

          I don’t agree with wiliki on much of anything, but he or she is spot-on here. Should island Republicans be so loyal and devoted to Donald Trump that they refuse to tolerate constructive criticism?!

          That is the type of idolizing worship that led the German people to elevate Adolf Hitler.

        • thos says:

          wiliki says: Tupola is a good replacement

          Have you met her?

          She is

          Exactly what the weenie GOP needs to rise up out of its coffin and say “Arf a mo, Mate. I ain’t ready to call it quits just yet.”

          Prediction: She is going to ELECTRIFY this moribund go along to get along excuse for a political party.

          But HEY.

          Don’t take my word for it.

          You just wait and see.

          You heard it here first.

      • Pirate says:

        No, it’s not. She had a seat that she was able to defend multiple times against democrats.

        The Republican party in Hawaii cannot be the same as the one on the mainland. People in Hawaii have different values and needs. The party needs to adapt to Hawaii’s needs or it’s going to be decimated. They already lost their only seat in the senate.

        The fact that she left shows how messed up the party in Hawaii is.

        • bumbai says:

          When it’s 100% Democrats you guys can tell yourselves whatever you want.

        • CubbyFan says:

          It is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Hawaii….

          Anyway, I voted for her and will again because she got things done on her level. She has zero effect on national politics so who cares if she called the POTUS a bully; possibly an apt description.

          Beth, the Libitarian Party Needs YOU!

          Libitarian all day every day!!!

        • sarge22 says:

          Yup You can’t win as a Republican in Hawaii so might as well say you are a Democrat get elected and see what changes you can make. The last election was not a party election but a vote against the establishment. The two party system is a joke played on the American people and President Trump is proving that. He is doing exactly what he was elected to do and not wasting any time.

        • saywhatyouthink says:

          She should become an independent if she truly wants freedom to speak her mind on partisan issues. The crooked democrats that run this state won’t be any more tolerant of dissent than the republicans.

        • Mr Mililani says:

          She didn’t defend her seat against “democrats”. she defended her seat against Democrat Marilyn Lee. Marilyn Lee’s time had passed years ago and the voters in Mililani wanted a fresh face. Marilyn Lee wasn’t much of an opponent although she did a lot for Mililani over the years as did her husband Sam who represented us before he died. Marilyn Lee just got old and it was wrong to dump her for Fukumoto-Chang but that’ the way it goes in politics. Youth and a pretty face win most of the time. Even The Donald has dumped quite a few wives and has quite a trophy at the moment. How long that will last until she gets a few wrinkles is anybody’s guess.

      • KahinuG says:

        Well some of us don’t like robots, some of us prefer independent thought. It’s a stupid move, like you say “a small pool of fish”… cannibalistic piranhas. Kaialeale comes to mind.

      • Kealaula says:

        Doesn’t the Republican party realize we voted for her in spite of her party, not because of it? Mahalo Ms. Fukumoto for standing up agains the fool President who is trying to taking our country apart, divide us against our allies and french kiss our enemy Russia, destroy the foundations of our nation and pit us against each other while he and his raid our treasure.

        Hold on to your Social Security and Medicare, senior Republicans, because he is coming for them very shortly.

        Good going, Beth.

        • NanakuliBoss says:

          Not only that Kealaula, but trumpf freeze on federal jobs are cutting the throats of thousands of military families that depend on services for special needs and handicap family members. This includes VA. Talk about taking care the servicemen. This from a 4f NAM medical exempt duffus.

      • saveparadise says:

        Her personal opinions are not in good faith with her prior commitments to her party and the voters she represents. This amounts to a grandstand to bring the spotlight on herself for personal interests. Changing parties just proves once a politician always a politician…..for personal interests.

        • sarge22 says:

          Yup You can’t win as a Republican in Hawaii so might as well say you are a Democrat get elected and see what changes you can make. The last election was not a party election but a vote against the establishment. The two party system is a joke played on the American people and President Trump is proving that. He is doing exactly what he was elected to do and not wasting any time.

        • saveparadise says:

          Mornin Sarge, You are correctomundo. Having my buttered popcorn and enjoying the show. Seeing the sad faces and ruffled feathers of the establishment is priceless!

      • medigogo says:

        Quite right. She should focus her energy to local issues and not the President. You can disagree with the President, but no need to fight that front. I didn’t hear her having too much to say about Obama as the president.

      • Mr Mililani says:

        The woman is a snake. She is out for herself and will do whatever she has to when it’s time to step all over anyone to get ahead. She knows that a Republican is Hawaii isn’t going anywhere and the Democrats were planning to run a viable candidate in the next election now that Marilyn Lee has stepped down so that she would probably be “out” the next time around.
        People in Mililani say that she doesn’t even live here. She has a condo in Honolulu and uses her mother’s home in Mililani as her “local” address.

    • hanabatadayz says:

      if i had to work alongside mcdermott and tupola i would leave too..we the democratic party welcome her..hawaii is a democratic state..always has been..always will be..that’s how the ball bounces around here

    • McKinley High says:

      Great that she has the capability to judge issues on merits. Unfortunately, there are others who judgement is based on origin. Even some Republican members in the House and Senate, may not always support POTUS. Based on recent events, I would guess many will question, even laugh, at Trump’s irrational behavior. Many would agree he has difficulties making the transition from CEO to POTUS.


    • allie says:

      Hawaii deserves a strong opposition party. IT has not had one in decades and it does not have one now. As for Ms. Fukumoto, I am all for her integrity and honest critique. I would always vote for her and carry a sign for her. God Bless Representative Thielen for supporting her and telling the truth: The Rohlfing crew is just horrible and the weird, bizarre ideologues that control this dysfunctional party are an embarrassment to us all.

      • Keolu says:

        With the more than 95% democratic legislature what do we get? Proposals for all kinds of tax increases when the state and city is enjoying record tourism and tax collections. It’s never about responsible spending, just keep spending more and ask for higher taxes.

        That’s what the people voted for so I hope they are happy with the result.

      • AdmrVT says:

        They have forgotten who they are supposed to represent. Hawaii’s citizens, not just their party.

        That may the reason they are heading for extinction. They are NOT giving those of us with open minds a reasonable alternative.

        • saywhatyouthink says:

          Democrats don’t represent the people anymore, they represent the unions, developers, monopoly businesses and other special interest groups. But the people keep re-electing them so I guess they don’t mind paying higher GE, gas and property taxes.
          They’re getting pretty much exactly what they deserve from the local democrats who have never met a tax they didn’t like.

    • krusha says:

      Seems like the the GOP party, either you get on the hate wagon or you get off, moderates need not apply. I’m glad Beth finally came to her senses, since she was like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. The type of hate we are seeing with the new Republican party led by their dictator Trump is very scary and has drove away pretty much most of the American public out of their fold. Expect Trump to last maybe a year before he gets run out of Washington by the establishment after they had enough of him trying to destroy our government from the top down.

    • redwallpo says:

      I don’t understand the willingness to just switch parties. Either you believe in the core values of the Republican party or that of the Democratic party. Does this mean she voted for Hillary?

    • allie says:

      agree. Democrats need an opposition party but have invented the joke that our Republican Party is out here. It is controlled by bizarre, twisted ideologues who will never win any major elections. Democrats are very vulnerable to being overthrown because of the misrule of recent years. But this Republican party will never displace them. Our democrats adore this party as it keeps them in office.

      • dtpro1 says:

        Disagree, regardless of party when one joins that means that they should subscribe to the ideals and platform of that party. Lest we forget a few years ago the Democratic Party was coming down hard on some of its members (e.g. State Senator Gabbard) for not adopting all of their tenants. Fukumoto did not respect her party’s values or their leaders and it should not be surprising that she was removed from a leadership position. While Hawaii’s Republican Party remains a disaster, keep in perspective that Hawaii’s Democratic one party state is an anomaly (and unhealthy) when contrasted with the rest of CONUS.

    • cabot17 says:

      Legislators take an oath to be loyal to the Constitution, not to the president.

      • butinski says:

        Exactly! Presidents come and go but the Constitution remains.

      • WestSideTory says:

        If she had issues with his policies, direction she thought he was taking the country, cabinet picks, etc., I would understand, but she doesn’t because like most of SJWs out their its all about their feelings, name calling, temper tantrums, and never about the facts!

    • AhiPoke says:

      Totally agree. Unless the republicans are blind and deaf her criticism of Trump is very accurate. What they are doing is similar to what the democrats have done which is one of the reasons I think they lost the presidency. Now each party has become so intolerant of anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100%. Stupid.

    • kuroiwaj says:

      IRT WHS1966, don’t spread “Fake News” such as “The local Republican party members who ousted her need to ask themselves some questions.” It was the Legislature Minority by a 3 to 2 vote, who ousted Ms Fukumoto. Now, the Hawaii Republican Party Rules Section 107 reads: “SECTION 107. TERMINATION. The membership of any person in the Party shall be terminated immediately if the member: (a) resigns membership, in writing; or (b) loses eligibility to register to vote in Hawaii. Membership may, upon action by the State Committee, be terminated if the member; (c) fails to pay any membership fee or dues established by the State Committee; (d) joins another political party; (e) actively campaigns for any candidate running for election in opposition to any nominee of the Party; or (f) supports or combines with members of another political party so as to deprive the Party and its members of their ability to organize any elective body in which it may have won a majority of the seats by election.”

  2. Pocho says:

    Good riddance!

    • awahana says:

      …to the GOP. First Slom, and now the Hawaii GOP only has 2 1/2 members left. LOL. At this rate, there will be more (R) dogs than humans in the state. Good riddance.

      (R) = bully = POS-US

    • krusha says:

      More good riddance to the GOP. Pretty soon they’ll be extinct in Hawaii politics like the dodo bird.

      • bumbai says:

        Hawaii will become the Dodo bird.

      • Scooter808 says:

        Yeah, and watch Hawaii get nothing from the Republican controlled House, Senate, and POTUS.
        We are gonna reap what we sow.

        • sarge22 says:

          Exactly. President Trump is a businessman who will be cutting the overhead Most of his people have also been successful in business so look out Hawaii the number one welfare state. Button up.

        • NanakuliBoss says:

          Yeah,watch Hawaii get nothing for licking Goo Aid. Yuk. We will do okay.

      • MillionMonkeys says:

        Haha, I think the loco GOP party just made Fukumoto’s decision a lot easier. What kind of ldiot wants to stay in that tiny, out-of-place, dysfunctional party?

        • sarge22 says:

          Yup You can’t win as a Republican in Hawaii so might as well say you are a Democrat get elected and see what changes you can make. The last election was not a party election but a vote against the establishment. The two party system is a joke played on the American people and President Trump is proving that. He is doing exactly what he was elected to do and not wasting any time.

  3. deepdiver311 says:

    and the hawaiian plantation adds another manini as the democatic party sinks further left into the depths of irrelevancy
    e akamai!!
    imua president trump!

  4. keonimay says:

    There is either unity within the Republican Party or there is not.

    There will always be good points & bad points, with our political leadership.

    There are no longer, any perfect candidates, for any political offices these days.

    Even the news media, has not reigned in, its line of questioning. The news media, adds rocket fuel, to any political fire, by feeding questions to political candidates, that will elicit a highly caustic response.

    There are no longer religious values, legal & political ethics, political party alliances, or common decency left within the political domain.

    Voting your conscience, in the past, meant that you told people your political views, but still kept your political alliances.

    Everyone must remember, POTUS Trump is a Republican, and political retaliation springs up, at very vulnerable times.

  5. lokela says:

    Criticize power when power is wrong? It’s just her selfish view with the President. I am glad I did not vote for her. These people haven’t given the President a chance of doing his job. If you think he is not doing a good job then don’t vote for him on his next term.

    • krusha says:

      It’s called not being a sheep. Even politicians in the GOP such as John McCain has been criticizing Trump in public. Kudos to these legislators who have the balls to fight back when you see something wrong and hold those in power accountable. Dictatorships have the tendency to end in disaster for countries if you look as history, and that is exactly what we don’t need right now.

  6. Publicbraddah says:

    Party politics should never take precedence over what’s right. Blind loyalty can and has led to catastrophic events in history. Nazi Germany comes to mind and there are so many others. Do what’s right for the American people, not for any political party. I voted for Beth not because I’m a Republican or Democrat but because I felt she is the best person to represent the people in my district and she hasn’t disappointed.

  7. MichaelG says:

    Good for her in speaking her mind. Just because Trump was elected president, doesn’t make what he said correct. The hallmark of our democracy is the freedom of free speech. Perhaps more republicans like Ms. Fukumoto, would have placed a different republican in the white house. Remember it was Trump who carried on the birther movement until 2016. He also also demeaned Mexicans and said it was okay to grab a women’s genital. MS. Fukumoto is right, how does she explain this her 8 year old niece. You hope your child does not grow up saying these things and bullying others.

    • allie says:

      Agree. Trump is an inept, ignorant showman. I really worry his hatred for America will lead to devastating war. We are on a very reckless course.

      Hawaii’s bizarre Republican Party needs to dissolve. It is useless and lacks any real support. WE need a legitimate opposition party that can garner a broad support.

      • Cricket_Amos says:

        “I really worry his hatred for America”

      • AhiPoke says:

        It’s unfortunate that left-wing democrats like you think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them must “hate America”. So only your opinion matters? Your comments are no better than those stupid republicans who want to oust Fukumoto. This nation seems to have become so divided/intolerant that people will only accept their own point of view. Look at what happened last night in Berkeley when left-wing radicals rioted to stop a right-wing speaker from speaking. What ever happened to freedom of expression?

    • raiderDogs says:

      You prefer to explain to your daughter it correct to slander, take money from bribes as government officials, give out government secrets, lie under oath and to the public about affairs dealing with them, and be not open to other ideas. All of those are what the Democratic party stands for not including violent protest against any other ideas. As far as grabbing a women’s genitals the organizer of the Women’s march wanted to rip out another’s woman who opposed her ideas against Syria law how is that for being tolerate.

  8. ChrisJ says:

    What candidates like Trump and Bernie Sanders have done is “opened the closet” and revealed that the current populous is less interested in partisan loyalty and more about ideology. This may be a refreshing evolution in American politics. While I’m concerned that Trump has legitimized rudeness, racism, narcissism, and bullying, he has certainly “shaken the tree” and revealed some of the weaknesses of our country. I am optimistic that this will allow our younger generation the opportunity to take over the “leadership wheel.”

    • MillionMonkeys says:

      Valid point. I personally know that Trump is an ldiot, but at least his being where he is shows that people want to see and hear something different….even if most of it is alternative facts. The whole country is becoming one big reality show!

  9. wn says:

    In initial article as well as this, the implied message was “may” switch. In my opinion, the decision to switch was already made. In the grand scope of issues the justification resonates well but not credible. The obvious reaction then provides Rep. Fukumoto a means to legitimize her switch. As my late Mom would say, “What they they take me for…damn fool!” Sadly it disappoints those who voted to support her as a GOP representative.

  10. mijoeca says:

    Fukumoto is clearly a RINO. She needs to apologize to the constituents that voted for her, resign and run next time as a democrat. Staying in office now is an insult to the voters that elected her.

  11. Wazdat says:

    Don’t have much faith in our future with these Millennial snowflakes who can’t take opposing views. This lady should get out of politics and move on.

  12. Mythman says:

    Libtards come in several shapes and sizes as a cadre within the Ignorati.

  13. HawaiiCheeseBall says:

    That’s the whole thing with the Hawaii Republican Party, they eat their own. I mean so what that Fukumoto spoke out against Trump. She should have a right to. Democrats criticize democrats and republicans criticize republicans all the time. Its really OK and when you start sanctioning a party member for doing so don’t be surprised when they start contemplating a party switch. The Republican Party of Honolulu needs younger faces. The House of Representatives is the starting point for politicians who want to seek higher office. Its no wonder that the Republicans have trouble fielding candidates for national and state-wide office. In the next election cycle who are they going to run – Duke? Charles? They have no bench. You drive young party members like Fukumoto out thats what you end up with, no bench. Its only a matter of time before Matsumoto leaves as well and all you have left are blow hards and dinosaurs.

    • plainly_the_elder says:

      Nobody drove her out. If you want to play ‘identity’ politics, then you’re in the wrong party. The Repubs dont play off one group against another to divide the people along ethnic and gender lines.
      The real story is that Fukumoto has been in the HR long enough to see where the bread really gets buttered. If you want to get anywhere in Hawaii with real opportunities to enrich yourself with graft and corruption and still have a long career in politics, then you need to be a Democrat.
      Too bad so many brain dead voters and posters on this site don’t see that automatically giving one party your vote is why our taxes are so high, the state and local government is so corrupt, and the country is so divided.

      • seaborn says:

        We see what a train wreck an all Republican White House and Congress is doing, and realize THAT is not what we want.

        • Scooter808 says:

          Another sore loser posting.
          Last time I checked, they are doing more than the last one in 8 years!
          America will no longer be the sensitive politically correct, America last country!

        • bumbai says:

          …and when “we” can elect a president “we” can do something about it. Have a pleasant eight years.

        • beachbum11 says:

          Our train wreck comes from democrats. He ran and said he was a democrat.

        • plainly_the_elder says:

          Watch and learn over the next four years, dummy.

      • AdmrVT says:

        Yup, so we need to add “None of the above” to our ballots and we can have a government with no President or VP, no governor, and pukas in the legislatures — Like Brewster’s Millions.

  14. reamesr1 says:

    Perfect example of what is wrong with mainstream politics ( do as we say not whats right ) and this is NOT only the republican party the same could be said about the democrats. But we don’t have to look too far past the mirror because we somehow reelect these FLAT TIRES.

  15. yhls says:

    Good riddance. Rising star my _ _ s. More like a falling star.

  16. blackmurano says:

    Beth was always a “Democratic troll” in the Republican party. What really made me so upset was when she was literally given a second chance not to criticize our President Donald Trump. She REFUSED!. She was never a Republican supporting our Godly family values which the Democratic party opposed.

    Comparing on what this country had in the White House and what we have now, is like apples and oranges. Barack Hussien Obama was the worst President this country has ever had. He calls himself a Christian, maybe attend Christian church on Sunday, but his action has been totally anti-christian with his support of killing the unborn and perversion marriage (same-sex). Both are sin against the God who formed you in your mother’s womb and unfortunately you do not believe like a good Democrat. He has made reckless deal with IRAN, sneak 40 million dollars in cash on a private plane at night to Iran to pay for the ransom of a American Christian Pastor. When that Pastor was flown to Germany, Obama’s administration told him he had to pay his way home from Germany. If he was a Muslim, undoubtedly,it would have been a different situation. He has refused to support Christian issues at the U.S. Supreme Court. He accepted thousands of Muslim immigrants to this country without strong vetting. He refused to bring the persecuted Christian immigrants from Syria and other middle east countries. This is just a few evil deeds of our Muslim President
    One other thing to consider. Former President Bill Clinton called for ban certain Muslim Immigrants from the middle east. He was applauded by the Democratic congress; Jimmy Carter ban Iranian immigrants because they took over the U.S. Embassy in Iran. Both events, our country airport was normal and no protest. So why is so much hate for President Donald Trump doing the same vetting for the purpose of preventing ISIS from infiltrating the immigrants coming here?
    Beth if your reading this, don’t just think about switching party – DO IT!!. There is no reason for your rant or criticism of Donald Trump. You and the liberal Democrats just plainly hate our current President.
    Finally let me say this about the election of Donald Trump. You, the Democratic party here and on the mainland with its Democratic clone media, are still scratching their head as to why their Democratic secular, progressive atheist Hillary Clinton lost the election. The ultimate reason was Evangelical Christian were praying and went to the poll for Donald Trump. God answered our prayer and had a hand in the victory. Back in 2012, 12 million evangelicals stayed home and not voted. The Rev Frankln Graham visited all 50 States individually to urge Christians to pray and go to the poll and vote. The ultimate victory was prayer. But the Liberal Democrats don’t believe in God so our truth is never considered.
    Good riddence Beth. . .

  17. pgkemp says:

    dumb as dumb does, she screwed herself, oh well…..

  18. yogaman says:

    I’m all for constructive criticism but, “bully”?!!! What is she, a 7 year old???

    The Republican Party in Hawaii needs a revival. Bring back Gov. Lingle to lead us again . If Djou is a true conservative , Man up and bring back this party from the ashes

  19. samidunn says:

    Bad picture of her

  20. udonnome says:

    What a dingbat. You’re Fired!

  21. retire says:

    Politics is emotional, not intellectual, try not to pay too much attention to this sort of political posturing, it is without merit and accomplishes less than nothing.

  22. HOSSANA says:

    Bimbo who can’t take it so she changes parties…yup…she did women’s rights much good showing their lack of character and strength so she runs away to the party that will provide comfort for her……….how sad!!!

  23. caloha says:

    This encapsulates the problem with party politics, especially for the Republicans. They have put party before everything — before country, before their constituents and before sane reasoning. They are only hell bent on retaining power for their party at any cost including their own moral conscience. What once was a great party, has been reduced to a bunch of demagogues not looking out for the best of the people but for only the policies and positions that will keep them elected and in power. so sad. Rep Fukumoto, you are better off without them and if you stick to representing the BEST INTERESTS of your constituents (not your party) you can never go wrong.

  24. honupono says:

    The REpublican Party as it is are narrow minded hateful people.

    • HOSSANA says:

      and the democrats are tax-hungry people who constantly raise taxes and the cost of living in Hawaii and you idiots cont. to vote for these dictatorial idiots representing your district that takes your monies every year to build the rail or some other nonsensical project to line the pockets of their friends……..

    • HOSSANA says:

      and what are the democratic party that continuously taxes and taxes and taxes your pockets to build projects that line the pants of their friends….am i not right….so which is the lesser of two evils………

    • 50skane says:

      So can her conservative minded constituents who voted for her and put her into office as a Republican, demand that she resign? Since she no longer represents the voters who put her into office, seems only fair she resign and not jump the fence to the Democrat side. The Democrat voters in her area did not put her into office.

    • 50skane says:

      Almost forgot to add..who is the violent and hateful people? What just happened out at Berkley campus?

  25. b_ryan says:

    And I thought the rail was dramatic!

  26. Cellodad says:

    I guess it’s kind of like Mike Gabbard in 2007 becoming a Democrat. Then, I guess, Krishna told him he was a Republican again.

  27. headcheese says:

    Republicans eat their own.

  28. rytsuru says:

    This is where fascism begins and democracy ends. No matter your party affiliation, every American citizen is afforded the right to disagree.

  29. JAFO says:

    Beth Fukumoto’s feeling about leaving the GOP was out before the general elections. Her handers knew how to bring her political career along. Get in smaller party for name recognition, hang around for few years, then make the switch to dominant party! She’s not the first to do business this way! Marcus’s post was spot on! I agree on “Let her go”.

  30. HaleiwaJoe says:

    The Reality? She was a poor leader of what passes for the Loyal Opposition. Passive, politically immature and self-serving. If she has any integrity she should resign her seat and let the Governor appoint a Republican replacement.

  31. Bully says:

    The house Republicans voted 3-2 to have her removed. They went from six to five and soon there will be none.

  32. WizardOfMoa says:

    Wow! Kids now days are well informed and politically versed or are they being use as a a venue to substantiate adults preferences? This is with reference to her eight years old niece questionable query of Trump’s presidency. In my day, as an eight year old, we were enjoying our childhood playing and enjoying the natural hills and forest surrounding our plantation camp. Adults were adults and kids were just that kids. Fast forward, what a difference a couple of generations make! Is it any wonder why the world’s inhabitants are on the edge of their seats all the time?

  33. iwanaknow says:

    Pretty face will take her far…

  34. cpit says:

    While the Democratic Party should welcome Rep. Fukumoto into its fold if she believes she can better serve her constituents, it would be regretful if she left the Republican Party. It so badly needs her approach to politics. One need not wonder why the Party has only seven members in the State legislature. Legislators like McDermott are leading it into oblivion.

    • yogaman says:

      The Republican Party has never had an identity in Hawaii that is true to its conservative ideology for as long as I can remember. A republican vote is usually a protest vote against a particular candidate not against the Democratic Part ideology. The Republican Party need to start from scratch and educate voters on the conservative ideology and highlights its benefits to our state and government. The current thought is Republican’s are bunch of racist homophobes that do not respect women and minority rights.

      • AdmrVT says:

        No, it once did when the Big 5 controlled everything before statehood. I remember by dad campaigning for Doc Hill, and the party tried to recruit me to join.

        Glad I stayed independent.

        I will say that both parties have lost their calling, which is to represent the people of Hawaii, not their party.

  35. eEdK says:

    I have for a long time generally aligned with Republican values and agendas. I, also, strongly agree that the State of Hawaii needs a viable party to challenge the Democratic Party dominance which is regrettable. However, I agree with Thielen’s assessment that the Republican Party has taken a reckless swing to the extreme right. As a Mililani Mauka resident, I strongly support Beth’s statements and actions in relationship to Donal Trump’s recent election. Republican’s do need to decide what is their first priority: The interest of the party or the welfare of the country. Donald Trump is clearly unsuited for the role he has assumed and must go – as soon as possible.

    As far as Beth is concerned: it would be a good step if the majority of Republicans could look at the situation for what it really is and support honest dissent within its ranks. Otherwise, Beth and a lot of the rest of us will look for other political affiliations very soon.

    Wake Up Republicans!

  36. paradisetax says:

    I contributed monetarily to her campaign. If she decides to switch to being a Democrat she should return my contribution as soon as possible.

  37. residenttaxpayer says:

    I guess her future will be decided by her constituents when she switches parties….either they will allow her to continue on as a democrat or recall her…..if she was forth coming about switching parties then she should have made the announcement well in advance before the elections that way her constituents could have made an informed decision whether or not they wanted to re-elect her because it now seems she used a bait and switch tactic…..

  38. Speakup says:

    Good for her! I admire her guts! People who gave survived internment camps should not let what’s happening in Washington continue! Wish she were in Washington right now to be the one Reunlican vote beeded to not confirm the Education secy nominee!

  39. Manoahillside says:

    The Aloha spirit does not align with the Republican values. You can count the Republicans on one hand.

  40. AdmrVT says:

    “Moreover, I echo the sentiments of Congresswoman Pat Saiki when she said: ‘It takes courage to stand up to the political machine that has dominated island politics since statehood,’” Rohlfing said in a statement. “I and tens of thousands of other Hawaii Republicans intend to remain the loyal opposition and keep fighting for a better future for our state.”

    WHAT DOES TRUMP LIKE TO SAY? “WRONG WRONG WRONG”? Hawaii Republicans are fighting for a better future for the Republican Party, not the people of the State. Government of the people, by the people, for the peopl, … NOT PARTIES.

  41. fiveo says:

    The Republican Party here exists in name only. Those that hold positions in the party hierarchy and benefit financially are just going thru the motions but for the most
    part are out there “wetting their beaks” wherever they can. The Democrats in the meanwhile hold total power in this state and their various factions are busy fighting over
    the spoils and are corrupt top to bottom which is why life has become more untenable to the average person while those who are well off and or politically connected continue
    to do very well. Our society here will continue to “balkanize” and separate into those doing well and those who struggle to survive and have no future.
    It may indeed be the future societal model for the rest of the world if the globalist elite have their way.

  42. pakeheat says:

    Rep Cynthia Thielen should be ousted too

  43. browniegirl says:

    Interesting – both Ms. Fukumoto and Ms. Thielen were at the rally – as women and as Republicans. Only one got thrown under the bus. First and foremost, they are women. Nice job, you two.

  44. pgkemp says:

    maybe her looks will get her something else………..

  45. aaronavilla says:

    why anyone would even want to be in the same party as gene ward and bob mcdermott is beyond me. best thing that could have happened to her career…

    • blackmurano says:

      A response to aaronavilla: Gene Ward and Bob Mcdermott belongs to the Republican party that supports Godly family values. The Democratic party opposed anything that is Christian. Most people see the Democratic party as anti-Christian. Most especially Bob Mcdermott who was leading the fight against homosexual marriage in the courts. All who supported traditional marriage say a big mahalo for his effort. Governor Ige and the Democratic party with a Democratic appointed court refused to stop the legitimacy of this perversion marriage in Hawaii.
      Obviously Beth does not support our family values, so she would do well to switch to the Democratic party where she can rant all she wants about her hatred for our President Donald Trump.

  46. willman says:

    She has always been a very weak legislator who seems to be over her head in many instances. She is indeed a light weigh legislator.

  47. Tahitigirl55 says:

    What happen to freedom of speech? I voted for Trump but that doesn’t mean that everyone had to. To each their own. I can’t understand how these people can just vote her out. This world is shared between Men and Women. She is entitled to her own opinion. Did she do her job and did she do it well? What is this world coming to. Shame, Shame, Shame on you people who voted her out for her opinion.

  48. BO0o07 says:

    Closet liberal or closet Democrat or both?

  49. nalogirl says:

    Discussing politics with an eight year old? No loss for the republican party.

  50. tploomis says:

    The Hawaii Republican Party insists on committing hara kiri. Fortunately, that is no big loss.

  51. JustBobF says:

    >>> including calling him a bully

    The truth hurts, huh?

  52. jussayin says:

    Sounds like a confused politician. Dems need to learn how to ‘deal’ with Trump not riot against him. Go on his poop list and well … you just end up screaming but not heard.

  53. atilter says:

    it is not uncommon for a member of one group to align themselves with other thoughts and principles – as long as the overall end result is fruitful in a peaceful manner. i dare say that there are a number of democrats who would side with some of the POTUS actions and ideas – especially in the new near term. as the saying goes – all of the people cannot be pleased all of the time. some will always be disappointed….the pendulum will continue to swing!

  54. holyrollerboy says:

    Unfortunate as it seems it is ALL about Beth… I voted for her.. Not any more.. Just another cry baby career politician..

  55. kukaikid says:

    too little to late. if you want to pull it off this late, give up your seat and earn it as a dem in the next election. dt bashed womens rights from the beginning, you’re like flint MI, denial and damage control and suddenly we are supposed to believe that you just now came to some sort of epiphany? lame

  56. Carang_da_buggahz says:

    Fukumoto = RINO

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