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Hawaii rolled out aloha for Apollo 13 astronauts


    President Richard Nixon appears with the crew of the Apollo 13 moon mission at Hickam Air Force Base in April 1970. In post-mission ceremonies in Hawaii, Nixon presented crewmembers Fred Haise, left, Jim Lovell and John Swigert with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


    Apollo 13, launched on April 11, 1970, encountered a mid-flight emergency two days later when a fault in the electrical system on one of the oxygen tanks generated an explosion that caused both oxygen tanks to fail and also to a loss of electrical power. The crew shut down the Command Module and used the Lunar Module as a “lifeboat” during a knuckle-biting return trip to Earth. This is the damaged service module from the Apollo 13.

Hawaii gave the Apollo 13 astronauts a warm welcome in 1970 when an emergency caused them to land in the Pacific instead of the Caribbean 47 years ago this week. Read more

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